[PS3] Short Waves 0.0.2

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[PS3] Short Waves 0.0.2

Nie tylko RPCS3 pracuje nad emulatorem konsoli SONY PS3, pojawiają się powoli też inne projekty, które być może za jakiś czas pozwolą nam zaemulować tę konsolę na podobnym poziomie jak pcsx2 udaje PS2. Projekt Short Wave autorstwa InoriRus jest kolejną roboczą próbą zmierzenia się z tą maszynką, według zapewnień nie bazuje on na rozwiązaniach z RPCS3 i pozwala na odpalanie testowych aplikacji - InoriRus przewiduje, że pełna emulacja lub emulacja pozwalająca udźwignąć komercyjne tytuły, to jeszcze przynajmniej 3 lata developingu.

Short Waves Emulator Version 0.0.2 (20.01.2014)

  • 64-bit version is temporarily removed.
  • Fixed output image
  • psgl added


→ [PS3] Short Waves 0.0.1
PS3 Short Wave:multiple_context.ppu.elf
Short Wave - multiple_context.ppu.elf
PS3 Short Wave:multiple_context.ppu.elf
Short Wave - multiple_context.ppu.elf

Short Waves Emulator Version 0.0.1 (30.12.2013)

  • System requirements: Recommended 4-core processor and DirectX 9.0 compatible video card, Windows XP or Vista 32-bit. Version for 64-bit Seven have not tested this (laptop burned), and therefore can not start.
  • Prior to launching commercial games are far (two or three years). Do not expect miracles. While you can run only small homebrew application.
  • The project started in October 2012 I originally wanted to open the resources of one game, but all turned out to be encrypted content (or packed), and to reveal the encryption algorithm, I needed a debugger processor Cell. I downloaded the source RPCS3, rebuilt the code and run, the program took off with an error, unable to do anything. Me is terribly upset, and I decided to build its amusement park. RPCS3 To draft this emulator has nothing, not borrowed any code. Everything is written from scratch based on my own research. Currently implemented emulation PPU, SPU and RSX. Nearly all instructions. Vertex and pixel shaders are broadcast directly - from a binary code binary code RSX in DirectX, without intermediate representation in the form of source code. There cache textures, surfaces and shaders. All calls to the OS caught and executed natively, that is an official firmware to work is not necessary. Dynamic recompilation PPU and SPU will not. Already implemented static recompilation PPU: generated file on c + +, which is compiled and collected offline dll being loaded and executed, replacing the script interpreter. Recompilation is not restricted to simple blocks, but branching, and function calls. Instructions for use will be recompiled later.
    Emulator has no GUI. Path to the emulated elf and all the settings specified in the configuration file sw_emu.ini, which must be located in a folder with the emulator.
  • corresponding buttons on the keyboard and gamepad hard-coded in the code, and a configuration file, you can not change until. VK_LEFT = LEFT = DOWN VK_DOWN VK_RIGHT = RIGHT UP = VK_UP VK_END START = '3' = R3 '8' = L3 = VK_DELETE SELECT 'A' SQUARE = 'S' CROSS = 'D' = CIRCLE 'W' TRIANGLE = '0 '= R1 '1' = L1 '9' R2 = '2' = L2 'F' = ANALOG_LEFT 'H' RIGHT = 'T' = ANALOG_UP 'G' = ANALOG_DOWN 'J' = ANALOG_LEFT 'L' = ANALOG_RIGHT 'I' = ANALOG_UP 'K' = ANALOG_DOWN pressing the ESC program emulated signal is sent REQUEST_EXITGAME - Force the game or power off on a real console. Source emulator yet closed. If you have questions, please contact: [see postal address of the author in the readme] Author asks everyone to take part in the testing and to inform him if a problem occurs: I would like to get feedback on possible errors in the work. For example, today found that psgl tests do not work on all video cards.


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