[NGPC] NeoGPC 1.1.x SVN18

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[NGPC] NeoGPC 1.1.x SVN18

Nowa, repozytoryjna wersja emulatora  NeoGPC ,  autorstwa Luke Arntson. Emulator pozwala nam pobawić się grami z przenośnej konsoli NeoGeo Pocket Color (emulacja wersji b&w być może pojawi się w nim w przyszłości).

Jakoż, że reportowano problemy pod XP, wersja skompilowana pod VS2010.

NeoGPC 1.1.x[SVN 18]

Author: [email protected] Date: 15 listopada 2013 00:06:35

  • Start of emulating the real bios.
NeoGeo Pocket:Color:Dark Arms: Beast Buster 1999:SNK Corporation of America:Noise Factory:Nov, 1999:
Dark Arms: Beast Buster 1999 (SNK Corporation of America, Nov, 1999)

NeoGPC 1.1.x[SVN 20]

Author: [email protected] | Date: 30 listopada 2013 04:58:01

  • Some minor fixes, started experimenting with real reads/writes to 0x4000 to start supporting the bios. Next up will be Z80 debugging to figure out what the BIOS is waiting for.

NeoGPC 1.1.x[SVN 19]

Author: [email protected] | Date: 19 listopada 2013 04:57:14

  • Getting the bios closer to where it needs to be.
→ [NGPC] NeoGPC 1.1.x SVN17
NeoGeo Pocket:Color:NGPC:NeoGPC:Crush Roller:SNK Corporation of America:ADK Corporation:1999:
Crush Roller (SNK Corporation of America, 1999)

NeoGPC 1.1.x[SVN 17]

Author: [email protected] | Date: 13 listopada 2013 04:10:24

  • Getting the first of the memory resource working. Also removing some redundancies on old files that have no meaning anymore.

NeoGPC 1.1.x[SVN 16]

Author: [email protected] | Date: 12 listopada 2013 22:35:08

  • Fixed step-over, fixed high-CPU usage, moved all tlcs900h debugger behavior over to our debugger code, gave paused emu cpu-cooldown. Initial work on graphical debugger.


→ [NGPC] NeoGPC 1.1 Test build
NeoGeo Pocket:Color:NGPC:NeoGPC:Dive Alert:SNK Corporation:Sacnoth:Aug 19, 1999:
Dive Alert (SNK Corporation, Aug 19, 1999)


1.1.0 - TLCS900h Debugger initial state

  • The TLCS900h debugger is in a semi-working state, so I thought I'd release something.
  • Breakpoints, stepping into opcodes, watching registers, etc. all seem to be working fine.
  •  Lots of improvement to be made, but its starting to come together.

NeoGPC Revision[SVN 15]

Author: [email protected] | Date: 9 listopada 2013 21:05:18

  • Added version to NeoGPC.

NeoGPC Revision[SVN 14]

Author: [email protected] | Date: 9 listopada 2013 20:37:05

  • The debugger is mostly working. I could not get step over to work right, FCEU sets a breakpoint after a CALL and removes it on impact. I also added basic steps for the next parts of the debugger, including VRAM and table watchers, as well as a memory editor.


→ [NGPC] NeoGPC 1.0.x SVN13
NeoGeo Pocket:Color:NGPC:NeoGPC:Fatal Fury: First Contact:SNK of America:SNK Corporation:May, 1999:
Fatal Fury: First Contact (SNK of America, May, 1999)

NeoGPC [SVN 13]


Author: [email protected] Date: 8 listopada 2013 05:51:48

  • Now with tlcs900h debugger power, and z80 status is in there.


→ [NGPC] NeoGPC 1.0.x SVN12

NeoGPC [SVN 12]

Author: [email protected] Date: 6 listopada 2013 04:50:55

  • Debugger now works. If you have the debugger open while you load a rom, it starts paused. You can step and resume, see the registers, etc. The vertical scrollbar does not work yet, and the breakpoints seem broken so I'll need to investigate that.
→ [NGPC] NeoGPC 1.0.x SVN11
NeoGeo Pocket:Color:NGPC:NeoGPC:Delta Warp:SNK:Prototype
Delta Warp (SNK, Prototype)

NeoGPC [SVN 11]

Author: [email protected] Date: 30 października 2013 05:00:02

  • Switching box to fceu style
→ [NGPC] NeoGPC 1.0.x SVN10
Magical Drop Pocket (Data East Corp, 1999)

NeoGPC [SVN 10]

Author: [email protected] | Date: 16 września 2013 01:51:56

  • Latest build, now with a full disassembler.

NeoGPC [SVN 9]

Author: [email protected] | Date: 3 września 2013 06:09:06

  • Modifying the debugger slightly. Still more work to do, but this seems to be a step in the right direction.
→ [NGPC] NeoGPC 1.0.x SVN8
Metal Slug 2nd Mission (SNK of America, 22.05.2000)

NeoGPC [SVN 8]

Author: [email protected] Date: 5 czerwca 2013 06:30:38

  • Lots of updates. Still working on the debugger.
    • Modified: /trunk/src/core/neogpc.cpp
    • Modified: /trunk/src/core/neogpc.h
    • Modified: /trunk/src/cpu/tlcs900h.h
    • Modified: /trunk/src/cpu/tlcs900hdebugger.cpp
    • Modified: /trunk/src/cpu/tlcs900hdebugger.h
    • Modified: /trunk/src/win32/NeoGPC.rc
    • Modified: /trunk/src/win32/main.cpp
    • Modified: /trunk/src/win32/video_directx.cpp
    • Modified: /trunk/src/win32/windebugger.h
→ [NGPC] NeoGPC 1.0.x SVN7
Evolution - Eternal Dungeon (SEGA Corporation, 2000)

NeoGPC [SVN 7]

Author: [email protected] | Date: 15 maja 2013 07:23:00

  • Beginning of disassembler in place. VERY slow at the moment, speed increase will be next, then accuracy and proper opcode decoding.

NeoGPC [SVN 6]

Author: [email protected] | Date: 11 maja 2013 06:09:48

  • Debugger partially working now. GUI drives add/remove/step, need to add actual input reading + listbox controls + opcode analyzer.

NeoGPC [SVN 5]

Author: [email protected] | Date: 12 marca 2013 06:27:58

  • More TLCS900h debugging, started windebugger.h
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