[gba] mGBA 0.7 beta 1

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[gba] mGBA 0.7 beta 1

mGBA to emulator Nintendo GameBoy Advance autorstwa Jeffreya Pfau napisany w C, więc powinien w miarę dobrze radzić sobie również na słabszych platformach. Nowa wersja, jak wspomina autor, to zestaw poprawek, które mają poprawić stabilność i kompatybilność aplikacji z emulowaną konsolą.

Dla chcących śledzić na bieżąco rozwój tego emulatora dobrą wiadomością będzie informacja, iż projekt ma swoje "nocne" kompilacje - binarki znajdziecie tutaj

 mGBA 0.7 beta 1 24/09/2018

A new release of mGBA, version 0.6.3, is available. This version is a bugfix release to address some major audio and video regressions that snuck into 0.6.2. As such, all users of 0.6.2 are encouraged to update, especially if they are playing Game Boy games.

This time around the biggest areas of change are not new features, but rather significant improvements in existing areas. Please focus on these while testing and report any and all bugs on GitHub or email [email protected].

  • Game Boy audio has been revamped. It may not sound correct in many cases and narrowing down which cases are reliably broken will help fix them.
  • New Game Boy peripherals are supported, including the Camera, Printer, and Super Game Boy. Additionally, several new mappers have partial support.
  • Debugging tools are improved, including a map viewer, conditional breakpoints, and symbol loading.
  • There are now translations for Italian and French that are not well reviewed and partially incomplete.
  • Switch support is brand new and very young. It’s very likely to be full of bugs.

The following changes were made between 0.6.3 and 0.7 beta 1:


  • ELF support
  • Game Boy Camera support
  • Qt: Set default Game Boy colors
  • Game Boy Printer support
  • Super Game Boy support
  • Customizable autofire speed
  • Ability to set default Game Boy model
  • Map viewer
  • Automatic cheat loading and saving
  • GameShark and Action Replay button support
  • AGBPrint support
  • Debugger: Conditional breakpoints and watchpoints
  • Ability to select GB/GBC/SGB BIOS on console ports
  • Optional automatic state saving/loading
  • Access to ur0 and uma0 partitions on the Vita
  • Partial support for MBC6, MMM01, TAMA and HuC-1 GB mappers
  • GBA: ARMIPS/A22i-style and ELF symbol table support
  • Initial Switch port


  • GB Audio: Make audio unsigned with bias (fixes #749)
  • GB Serialize: Fix audio state loading
  • GB Video: Fix dot clock timing being slightly wrong
  • Qt: Fix GL display when loading a game from CLI (fixes #843)
  • ARM: Fix MSR when T bit is set
  • GB Serialize: Fix game title check
  • GB: Revamp IRQ handling based on new information
  • GBA Video: Don’t mask out high bits of BLDY (fixes #899)
  • GB Video: Fix loading states while in mode 3
  • GBA DMA: Fix invalid DMA reads (fixes #142)
  • GBA Video: Add delay when enabling BGs (fixes #744, #752)
  • GB Timer: Minor accuracy improvements
  • GB Audio: Clock frame events on DIV
  • GBA Timer: Fix timers sometimes being late (fixes #1012)
  • GBA Hardware: Fix RTC overriding light sensor (fixes #1069)
  • GBA Savedata: Fix savedata modified time updating when read-only
  • GB Video: Fix enabling window when LY > WY (fixes #409)
  • GBA Video: Start timing mid-scanline when skipping BIOS
  • Core: Fix audio sync breaking when interrupted
  • Qt: Improve FPS timer stability
  • GBA Serialize: Fix loading channel 3 volume (fixes #1107)
  • GBA SIO: Fix unconnected SIOCNT for multi mode (fixes #1105)
  • GBA BIOS: Fix BitUnPack final byte
  • GB I/O: DMA register is R/W
  • GB Video: Fix SCX timing
  • GBA Video: Improve sprite cycle counting (fixes #1126)
  • GB, GBA Savedata: Fix savestate loading overwriting saves on reset
  • GBA Video: Make layer disabling work consistently
  • GB: Fix IRQ disabling on the same T-cycle as an assert
  • Core: Fix ordering events when scheduling during events
  • GBA: Reset WAITCNT properly
  • GBA Serialize: Fix loading states in Hblank
  • PSP2: Fix more issues causing poor audio
  • GBA Memory: Fix Vast Fame support (taizou) (fixes #1170)
  • GB, GBA Savedata: Fix unmasking savedata crash
  • GBA DMA: Fix temporal sorting of DMAs of different priorities
  • FFmpeg: Fix encoding audio/video queue issues
  • GB Serialize: Fix IRQ pending/EI pending confusion
  • GB MBC: Improve multicart detection heuristic (fixes #117)
  • GB Audio: Fix channel 3 reset value
  • GB Audio: Fix channel 4 initial LFSR
  • GB, GBA Video: Don’t call finishFrame twice in thread proxy
  • GB Audio: Fix channel 1, 2 and 4 reset timing
  • Util: Fix wrapping edge cases in RingFIFO


  • GBA Timer: Use global cycles for timers
  • GBA: Extend oddly-sized ROMs to full address space (fixes #722)
  • All: Make FIXED_ROM_BUFFER an option instead of 3DS-only
  • Qt: Redo GameController into multiple classes
  • Test: Restructure test suite into multiple executables
  • Python: Integrate tests from cinema test suite
  • Util: Don’t build crc32 if the function already exists
  • GBA: Implement display start DMAs
  • Qt: Prevent window from being created off-screen
  • Qt: Add option to disable FPS display
  • GBA: Improve multiboot image detection
  • GB MBC: Remove erroneous bank 0 wrapping
  • GBA Cheats: Allow multiple ROM patches in the same slot
  • GB: Skip BIOS option now works
  • Libretro: Add frameskip option
  • GBA Memory: 64 MiB GBA Video cartridge support
  • PSP2: Use system enter key by default
  • 3DS: Remove deprecated CSND interface
  • Qt: Options to mess around with layer placement
  • GBA Savedata: Remove ability to disable realistic timing
  • Qt: Add load alternate save option
  • GB Audio: Improved audio quality
  • GB, GBA Audio: Increase max audio volume
  • GB: Fix VRAM/palette locking (fixes #1109)
  • GB Video: Darken colors in GBA mode
  • FFmpeg: Support libswresample (fixes #1120, Bug 123)
  • FFmpeg: Support lossless h.264 encoding
  • Feature: Added loading savestates from command line
  • Qt: Allow pausing game at load (fixes #1129)
  • Wii: Move audio handling to callbacks (fixes #803)
  • Qt: Clean up FPS target UI (fixes #436)
  • Core: Remove broken option for whether rewinding restores save games
  • FFmpeg: Support lossless VP9 encoding
  • mGUI: Add fast forward toggle
NOWSZY [gba] mGBA 0.8 beta 1
Spyro Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy (a.k.a. Spyro: Fusion) (Vivendi Universal Games, Inc., Jun 01, 2004)

mGBA 0.8 beta 1 Oct 20, 2019

Some notable new features of mGBA 0.8 include:

  • A high-resolution hardware renderer for enhanced GBA graphics
  • Discord Rich Presence support
  • BattleChip Gate emulation

There are also several smaller features, some incomplete features, new debugger capabilities, and more. While mGBA 0.8 beta 1 is relatively well tested for a beta, I encourage heavy testing before deeming this a stable release, while I work on the last few features. The final release of mGBA 0.8.0 will hopefully be within the next few weeks.

The following changes were made between 0.7.3 and 0.8 beta 1:


  • Improved logging configuration
  • One-Player BattleChip/Progress/Beast Link Gate support
  • Add Game Boy Color palettes for original Game Boy games
  • Debugger: Add unary operators and memory dereferencing
  • GB: Expose platform information to CLI debugger
  • Support Discord Rich Presence
  • Debugger: Add tracing to file
  • Enhanced map viewer, supporting bitmapped GBA modes and more displayed info
  • OpenGL renderer with high-resolution upscaling support
  • Experimental high level “XQ” audio for most GBA games
  • Interframe blending for games that use flicker effects
  • Frame inspector for dissecting and debugging rendering
  • Switch: Option to use built-in brightness sensor for Boktai
  • Ports: Ability to enable or disable all SGB features (closes #1205)
  • Ports: Ability to crop SGB borders off screen (closes #1204)
  • Cheats: Add support for loading Libretro-style cht files
  • GBA Cheats: Add support for loading EZ Flash-style cht files
  • Support for unlicensed Wisdom Tree Game Boy mapper
  • Qt: Add export button for tile view (closes #1507)
  • Qt: Add recent game list clearing (closes #1380)
  • GB: Yanking gamepak now supported
  • Qt: Memory range dumping (closes #1298)

Emulation fixes:

  • GB: Fix using boot ROM with MMM01 games
  • GB Audio: Only reset channel 3 sample in DMG mode
  • GB Audio: Sample inactive channels (fixes #1455, mgba.io/i/1456)
  • GB Audio: Fix channel 4 volume (fixes #1529)
  • GB I/O: Filter IE top bits properly (fixes #1329)
  • GB Memory: Better emulate 0xFEA0 region on DMG, MGB and AGB
  • GB Video: Delay LYC STAT check (fixes #1331)
  • GB Video: Fix window being enabled mid-scanline (fixes #1328)
  • GB Video: Fix mode 0 window edge case (fixes #1519)
  • GB Video: Fix color scaling in AGB mode
  • GBA: All IRQs have 7 cycle delay (fixes #539, mgba.io/i/1208)
  • GBA: Reset now reloads multiboot ROMs
  • GBA BIOS: Fix multiboot entry point (fixes Magic Floor)

Other fixes:

  • Core: Improved lockstep driver reliability (Le Hoang Quyen)
  • FFmpeg: Drain recording buffers
  • GB: Fix reading ROM immediately after unmapping BIOS
  • GB SIO: Fix lockstep failing games aren’t reloaded
  • GBA Cheats: Fix value incrementing in CB slide codes (fixes #1501)
  • Libretro: Fix crash changing allowing opposing directions (hhromic)
  • Qt: Fix some Qt display driver race conditions
  • Qt: Fix menu bar staying hidden in full screen (fixes #317)
  • Qt: Only show emulator restart warning once per settings saving
  • Qt: Fix LibraryController initialization (fixes #1324)
  • Shaders: Fix gba-color shader resolution (fixes #1435)
  • Switch: Fix audio when video rate desyncs (fixes #1532)


  • CMake: Don’t use libzip on embedded platforms (fixes #1527)
  • Core: Add keysRead callback
  • Core: Create game-related paths if they don’t exist (fixes #1446)
  • Core: Add more memory search ops (closes #1510)
  • Debugger: Make tracing compatible with breakpoints/watchpoints
  • Debugger: Print breakpoint/watchpoint number when inserting
  • Feature: Switch from ImageMagick to FFmpeg for GIF generation
  • FFmpeg: Support audio-only recording
  • GB Memory: Support running from blocked memory
  • GBA BIOS: Add timings for HLE BIOS math functions (fixes #1396)
  • GBA BIOS: Fix clobbered registers in CpuSet (fixes #1531)
  • GBA Savedata: EEPROM performance fixes
  • GBA Savedata: Automatically map 1Mbit Flash files as 1Mbit Flash
  • Debugger: Add breakpoint and watchpoint listing
  • LR35902: Support PC-relative opcode decoding
  • mGUI: Remember name and position of last loaded game
  • OpenGL: Only resize textures when needed
  • Qt: Don’t unload ROM immediately if it crashes
  • Qt: Support switching webcams
  • Qt: Cap window size on start to monitor size
  • Qt: Open a message box for Qt frontend errors
  • Qt: Increase maximum magnifications and scaling
  • Qt: Add native FPS button to settings view
  • Qt: Improve sync code
  • Qt: Add option to pause on minimizing window (closes #1379)
  • Qt: Scale pixel color values to full range (fixes #1511)
  • Qt: Remove What’s This icon from dialogs
  • Qt: Printer quality of life improvements (fixes #1540)
  • Qt: Add copy and QoL improvements to graphic views (closes #1541)
  • Qt: Show list of all sprites in sprite view
  • Qt: Add option for disabling OSD messages
  • Qt, OpenGL: Disable integer scaling for dimensions that don’t fit
  • Switch: Dynamic display resizing
  • Switch: Support file associations
  • Vita: L2/R2 and L3/R3 can now be mapped on PSTV (fixes #1292)
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