[FRONTEND] MetroMed 0.2

[1] @ Czwartek, 15 Czerwca 2017 00:35CET

[FRONTEND] MetroMed 0.2

SpeedVicio podobnie jak autor MedAdvCFG postanowił wzbogacić swój frontend MedGUI w wersji reborn dla multiemulatora Mednafen o nowy moduł, a w zasadzie samodzielny i mocno uproszczony odpalacz gier, który korzystająć z danych zgromadzonych przez MedGUI, po kliknięciu w okładkę, odpala dany tytuł. Cóż, ostatnio po paru chwilach spędzonych z MedGUI wolałbym aby SpeedVicio np. dodał multipath dla defaultowej ścieżki dla posczególnych emulowanych maszyn, a tryb prosty... do cholery, kto potrzebuje trybu uproszczonego;)?

MetroMed Beta 02

  • Fixed a bug with scrolling page with cd image file
  • Fixed aspect ratio of cover art
→ [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.056

MedGui Reborn Beta v0.056

  • (UCI) Added clickable hyperlink
  • (UCI) Added notification when a user type your nick
  • (UCI) Added MyIP to main window (double click on label to send MyIP on IRC channell)
  • Added "auto-connection at start" button to auto connect a instance of Mednafen game to a remote Net Play Host
  • Fixed any random crash on prescanned roms
  • Improved a bit the GUI behavior
  • Re-enable .bin support for Sega Megadrive/Genesis rom (BUG: the bios console file are detected as Genesis/Megadrive Rom)
  • Fixed a small bug on DATs scan roms
  • Added "update for only DATs file" (press refresh/reload button in "general tab")
  • Added favourite Net Play Host combo list
  • Added a check to Net Play Host to verify if the selected server is available or not (green label are open, red label are closed)
  • Rewrite auto setting of controller on port 1/2
  • Added "ignore option" to disable auto setting controller on port 1/2
  • Changed "Favourite button" (Press Again to Return to previous System)
  • Added in link tabs, How-To hyperlink
  • Updated NoIntro Dats

MedGui Reborn Beta v0.055

  • Fixed any bug in command line parameters passed by MedGui
  • Improved management settings of the controller in multitap mode
  • Added a target button in "General Tab" to point to directory file
  • Added "Ultra Crappy IRC" client, a small, buggied, limited, shitty IRC client (It uses the dll created by KoBE)
  • Updated NoIntro Dats
→ [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.054

MedGui Reborn Beta v0.054

  • Added a Mednafen Key Assignments form, the button is located on "Various" tab of MedGuiR advanced setting
  • Improved boxart loading
  • On main "Link" tab in rom finder added any flag to find rom by name an region (it's a bullshit but can be useful in which case you have any bad rom dump in your collections to be retrieved)
  • Added PD (Public Domain) filter on region rom filter
  • Update NoIntro Dats
  • Any bug fix
→ [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.053

MedGui Reborn Beta v0.053

  • Fixed a problem with the erroneous detection of .bin file for psx and pcfx system
  • Fixed a bug with resized form and coloumns that in particular situations made the main form too small
  • Fixed a bug in detection of real NoIntro rom name for zipped file
  • Finally found and fixed the bug that displayed twice selection window for iso selector


→ [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.052 rev 1

MedGui Reborn Beta v0.052 r1

  • Added per-config manager
  • Added filter option in per-config file


→ [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.052
Multi Mednafen:MedGui:GUI

MedGui Reborn Beta v0.052

  • Removed physical cd selector
  • Added support for per-game configuration override files from Mednafen 0.9.38-UNSTABLE
  • Optimized reading parameters for specific consoles and games
  • Updated No-Intro database


→ [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.051

MedGui Reborn Beta v0.051

  • Changed "Resize Columns" option in "Resize Columns and Grid" (now you can resize the main form to the width of the columns).
  • Added a check to prevent errors when a resource or folder not be determined.
  • Updated No-Intro database
  • Update Mednafen - Server to v0.52 (thanks to doru2 for compiled it).
→ [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.050

MedGui Reborn Beta v0.050

  • Added new options from Mednafen
  • Re-enabled .bin extension for Megadrive/Genesis rom file
  • Various bugfix from v0.049
→ [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.049e

MedGui Reborn Beta v0.049e

  • Added new options from Mednafen (except psx.input.port*)
  • Modified Custom Palette Maker, now support BGP, OBP0, and OBP1 colors
  • Fixed a bug with compressed archive with more then one file inside


→ [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.049d

MedGui Reborn Beta v0.049d

  • Reset button to maximize the main window form(it helps to improve the display of the games list with several entrances)
  • Added a feature that automatically sets the load of the gui in maximized or normal mode
  • Added the ability to filter the games automatically for name, version, status or system
  • Fixed the automatic deletion of the converted audio files in the audio section utilities
  • Modified aesthetically window for selecting the types of image files cd
  • Fixed the verification of the presence of Daemon tools on windows xp
  • Fixed a small problem in case sensitive verification of file extension
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the emulation start on physical cd o virtual cd drive
  • Any other small bug fix
  • Update all NoIntro dat to the last version


→ [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.049c

MedGui Reborn Beta v0.049c

  • Fixed a problem in Mednafen configurations saving when opening a new instance of the emulation
  • Added/changed per console icon for all console (GB / GBC / NGP / NGPC / WSWAN / WSWANC / PCE / PCECD / SNES / FDS)
  • Fixed a problem that occurred in some versions of win xp when forced updating GUI
  •  Restored an old version of SOX converter which offered support to the files in flac format


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