[FRONTEND] Mednaffe v0.9.2

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[FRONTEND] Mednaffe v0.9.2

Jeszcze jeden news z kręgu wielbicieli Mednafen - ukazał się nowy Mednaffe - nakładka dla  multiemulatora, który sam w sobie jest raczej mało przyjazny w konfiguracji.  Powiem szczerze, że first-look ma bardzo dobry - pozwala skonfigurować multiemulator szybko i bezboleśnie.

Mednaffe GUI - całkiem sprytny frontend dla Mednafenu

mednaffe 0.9.2  30/11/2021


  • Added support for gamepad navigation through game list.
  • Fix Gen/MD 6-buttons controller input mapping.
  • [Windows] Fix issues when non-ASCII characters are used in paths.
  • [Windows] Add an option to allow larger fonts for game list.
  • [Windows] Add dark variants for themes.
  • [Windows] Fix failure to find configuration inside bin/ or lib/ folders (patch by mayawarrier).
  • [Linux] Fix joystick support on 32 bits (patch by not-a-user).
  • [Linux] Flatpak is available on Flathub (thanks to GabMus and hfiguiere for the help).

mednaffe 0.9.1  03/Feb/2021

  • [Windows] Show correct icons in window buttons.
  • [Windows] Changed Windows10 theme in order to fix most issues.
  • [Windows] Add support for the guide button (XInput devices).
  • [Linux] Lower version requirement of Autoconf to 2.69.

Mednaffe 0.9.0 28/Jan/2021

  • Complete rewrite, dropping support for GTK2 and Windows XP.
  • Almost all input options are included now.
  • Added pce_fast and snes_faust modules.
  • Added an option to show screenshots.
  • Added the ability to send custom commands to emulator.
  • Added a bios check widget.
  • [Windows] Added an option to change themes.
  • New logo & cosmetic changes.
→ [FRONTEND] Mednaffe v0.8.8

Mednaffe 0.8.8 1 / May / 2018

  • [Windows] Fixed left trigger not working using XInput controllers (Thanks to Pcegames for report and testing).
  • [Windows] Fix to accept up/right D-Pad inputs in controller setup on some conditions (Thanks to SatoXa for report and testing).
  • [Linux] Use the 'MEDNAFEN_HOME' environment variable when it is set (Patch by denisfa).
  • Some minor fixes.
→ [FRONTEND] Mednaffe v0.8.7

Mednaffe 0.8.7 25 / Mar / 2018

  • Update to work with 1.xx.x versions of mednafen emulator.  (This release drops support for 0.9.xx versions).
  • Now Pce GE CD bios can be setted (Thanks to Pcegames for reporting).
  • Honor environment CFLAGS in configure script (Thanks to akien-mga for patch).
  • Support compilation under *BSD OS'es. (Thanks to PaddyMac for report and testing).

Mednaffe 0.8.6 29 / Jul / 2017:

  • Add checks to avoid access array out of bounds (It cause a segfault when configuring some keys)
→ [FRONTEND] Mednaffe v0.8.5

Mednaffe 0.8.5  14 / Feb / 2017

  • Check properly version of mednafen emulator (It fails when used spanish locale on Linux).
  • Fixed Saturn bios setup.
  • Add expansion cart option for Saturn.
→ [FRONTEND] Mednaffe v0.8.4

Mednaffe 0.8.4 i21 / Jan / 2017

  • Added support for new settings added by mednafen 0.9.41 (Obviously, it needs this version or higher to work).
→ [FRONTEND] Mednaffe v0.8.3

Mednaffe 0.8.3 19 / Nov / 2016

  • Added support for Sega Saturn (It needs or higher of mednafen emulator).
  • [Linux] Fix stack smashing when compiling with '-fstack-protector' caused by buffer overflow (Thanks to 'not-a-user' for report it).
→ [FRONTEND] Mednaffe v0.8.1

Mednaffe 0.8.1  21 / Feb / 2016

  • [Windows] Fix xbox 360 controller detection on some conditions.
→ [FRONTEND] Mednaffe v0.8

Mednaffe 0.8 24/Jul/2015

  • [Windows] Support for XInput devices.
  • Support for key assignments to (some) mednafen functions.
  • Added deadzones for analog axis (Thanks to tapcio for report it).
  • New tab with text widgets in order to read logs.
  • Added the ability to select an mednafen executable if it is not found in path.
  • [Windows] 'video.disable_composition' option added.
  • ]Windows] Missing sound driver options added.
  • [Linux] Rewrite the error handling process.
  • [Linux] Fix (mostly) deprecated functions.
  • Better alingment between widgets.
  • Minor cosmetic changes.


Mednaffe 0.8 02 / May / 2015

  • Controller setup for systems (keyboard and gamepads)
  • Static build for Windows (standalone executable to avoid GTK+ runtime dependency)
  • Descriptive error messages on Windows.
  • Added new settings until 0.9.36
  • Mednafen version is detected properly now on Linux.
  • Fixed freezing while executing emulator under some conditions on Linux.
  • Fix to handle spaces in paths on Windows.
  • Spins disregarding values fixed.
  • More minor fixes.

Note: This version will need 0.9.36 (or above) of mednafen emulator.

→ [FRONTEND] Mednaffe v0.6
Mednaffe - jeszcze jedna nakładka dla multiemulatora MEDNAFEN pozwalająca przedrzeć się przez jego ustawienia.

Mednaffe 0.6,  10 December 2013

  • A message error is showed when mednafen gives an error.
  • Descriptive error messages via '-remote' option (Only on Linux).
  • Gui options have been moved to Edit->Preferences menu.
  • Now you can choose which systems are showed. (Thanks to Shinra for the suggestion)
  • Now Mednaffe can resize down to 768x516. (Thanks to StarrySky for report it)
  • Added an option to remember window size.
  • Add support to filter ccd files from CloneCd images.
  • Add a desktop file and icons to install on Linux.
  • Some minor fixes.


→ [FRONTEND] Mednaffe v0.5
Mednaffe - jeszcze jedna nakładka dla multiemulatora MEDNAFEN pozwalająca przedrzeć się przez jego ustawienia.

16/ September/ 2013

Mednaffe 0.5 is released with the following changes:

  • Support for 0.9.31/32-WIP added.
  • Added an option to search files recursively. (Thanks to Shoegazer for the suggestion)
  • Improve performance when filling list (x20 speed up).
  • List options (filters, sort direction) are saved now.
  • Fix 'Open' buttons signals on Windows.
  • Now Mednaffe restore after minimize on Windows.
  • Fix Windows icon (hopefully)

30 / August / 2013

  • Mednaffe 0.4 is released with the following changes:
  • Mednaffe has been rewritten from scratch in C language.


24 / October / 2010

  • Mednaffe 0.3 is released with the following changes:
  • New: Qt version for Linux.
  • Rewrite 'Scanlines' component for better understanding.
  • Rewrite 'Resolution' and 'Scale' components for better usability.
  • Now Mednaffe remember his position on the screen


22 / August / 2010

  • Mednaffe 0.2 is released with the following changes:
  • Fixed: Values by default are shown now.
  • Fixed: Size of sound buffer in Linux.
  • Minor cosmetics changes.


12 / August / 2010

  • Mednaffe 0.1 is released. It's an alpha version.
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