[FRONTEND] MedAdvCFG v0.4.0r41

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[FRONTEND] MedAdvCFG v0.4.0r41

Jeszcze jeden bardzo prosty i chyba najbardziej intuicyjny frontend MedAdvCFG dla multiemulatora Mednafen. Mały pliczek a pozwala nam ustawić wszystko paroma kliknięciami.

v0.4.0-r41 03-06-2018 5:20PM

  • Fixed reference to removed control in Basic Mode
  • Resized game selection form in Basic Mode slightly
  • Game ID is now displayed in Basic Mode for PSX System Core

v0.4.0-r40 03-06-2018 4:34PM

  • Added support for Sega Saturn Racing Controller (MK-80107)
  • Added support for Sega Saturn Mission Stick (MK-80104)
  • Added support for Sega Saturn Dual Mission Stick (MK-80104)
  • Added support for Sega Saturn Virtua Gun/Stunner (MK-80113)
  • Added support for Sega Saturn NetLink US Keyboard (MK-80120)
  • Added support for Sega Saturn 89-Key JP Keyboard (HSS-0129)
  • Added '0.9.x.x Mode' - Prevents 1.x parameters from being passed to cmdline. Automatically activates when a known 0.9.x.x version is detected.
  • Various code optimizations

v0.4.2-r50 02-05-2019 7:05AM

  • Fixed bug introduced in r49. NES SysCore doesn’t support ‘forcemono’ option
  • Various Code Optimizations

v0.4.1-r49 01-28-2019 11:46PM

  • Fixed bug in command line to kill process on Quit.
  • Unchecked options now passes 0 in most instances.
  • Added support for 1.22.1-unstable-win64/win32
  • Various Code Optimizations

v0.4.1-r48 01-27-2019 8:45PM

  • Added blend/blend_rg video deinterlacers
  • Added support for 1.21.2-unstable-win64/win32
  • Added support for 1.22.0-unstable-win64/win32
  • Updated BitCoin Address
  • Various Code Optimizations

v0.4.1-r47 03-26-2018 7:05PM

  • Added Hotkey hints for F9/Screenshot & F8/Open Tray
  • You must F8/Open Tray before you F6/Swap Disc
  • Added 2x Fast Forward Speed option
  • Various Code optimizations

v0.4.1-r46 03-26-2018 12:35AM

  • Resized main form slightly
  • Readded Region checkboxes
  • NTSC-U Auto selected if ROM is detected in one of the NTSC-U verified rom sets (GoodTools/NoIntro/Redump)
  • NTSC-J and PAL are auto selected based on System Bios. (So is NTSC-U)
  • Added Hotkey hints for Swap Disc/ROM & Fast Forward
  • Window Title is now uniform across all forms
  • Forms should now be unloaded when switching between Basic and Advanced mode, instead of hidden. Prevents ghost MedAdvCFG.exe
  • File Name Cleanup improvements for cover search
  • Basic Mode now uses hardcoded untrusted_fip_check = 0
  • Various Code Optimizations

v0.4.1-r45 03-20-2018 5:58PM

  • Fixed bug in passing -netplay.localplayers values > 1
  • Added Fast Forward Toggle option
  • Added Fast Forward No Sound option
  • Added Fast Forward No Throttle option
  • Added support for 1.21.1-unstable-win64/win32
  • Resized Twitch icon
  • Various code optimizations

v0.4.1-r44 03-12-2018 12:09PM

  • Desktop Composition is now saved/loaded with settings
  • Autosave/load State is now saved/loaded with settings
  • Disc Tray/Cart ejected is now saved/loaded with settings
  • Saving in Advanced Mode no longer forgets Basic Mode Folder setting
  • HQ2X is now the hardcoded Video Scaler in Basic Mode.
  • Frameskip is now set to enabled for Basic Mode.
  • BIOS & ROM Sanity is now set to disabled for Basic Mode.

v0.4.0-r43 03-11-2018 11:13AM

  • Added option to autosave/load game state
  • Added option to disable Desktop composition
  • Renamed some controls to more accurately reflect the parameter they control
  • 'Number of Players' control renamed to netplay.localplayers. Also passes that parameter in addition to setting the 'Controller' to specified type and plugged in for specified number of players
  • Horizontal Overscan renamed to h_overscan and now also works for Sega Saturn SysCore
  • Added Twitch icon and link
  • Updated roadmap
  • Various code optimizations

v0.4.0-r42 03-09-2018 8:49AM

  • Region is now autodetected based on BIOS, Defaults to NTSC-U if using unknown BIOS.
  • Regions added to bios.dat
  • Added option to boot SysCore with Disc Tray/Cart Ejected
  • Clicking 'Mode -> Advanced' from the 'Game Info' screen of Basic Mode now actually returns you to Advanced Mode.
  • Various Code Optimizations
→ [FRONTEND] MedAdvCFG v0.4.0r39
MedADVCfg Frontend - reklama dźwignią zarobku:P

v0.4.0-r39 02-26-2018 12:14AM

  • Condensed bios.dat names slightly
  • Added missing entry to psx-usa-id.dat
  • Resized main form slightly
  • Reorganized main form controls
  • Removed Region checkboxes
  • Added support for 1.21.0-unstable-win64/win32
  • Added fps.autoenable (Show FPS)
  • Added video.fs.display
  • Removed 'Overlay' video driver option
  • Fixed bug in passing Sega Saturn region to cmdline
  • Scanlines and Custom Params are now loaded with settings
  • Various code optimizations

v0.3.3-r38 09-10-2017 12:17PM

  • (Mednafen.dat update. No code changes required)
  • Added support for Mednafen v0.9.46.0-win64/win32
  • Added support for Mednafen v0.9.47.0-win64/win32

v0.3.3-r38 06-10-2017 07:22PM

  • (Mednafen.dat update. No code changes required)
  • Added support for Mednafen v0.9.45.1-win64/win32

v0.3.3-r38 06-04-2017 02:30AM

  • (Mednafen.dat update. No code changes required)
  • Added support for Mednafen v0.9.45.0-win64/win32
→ [FRONTEND] MedAdvCFG v0.3.2r38
MedADVCfg Frontend - reklama dźwignią zarobku:P

v0.3.3-r38 02-26-2017 11:32PM

  • Added support for Mednafen v0.9.43.0-win64/win32
  • Goat Scanlines/Progressive controls are now functional
  • Added Horizontal Overscan (PSX)
  • Basic Mode now saves settings when games are listed.
  • Various code optimizations

v0.3.3-r37 02-12-2017 12:26PM

  • Changed main font to Arial
  • Added TurboGrafx-16 Controller support
  • Added PC-FX Bios support (untested)
  • Various code optimizations

v0.3.3-r36 02-11-2017 11:44AM

  • Goat Mask control is now functional
  • Verifying NES with GoodTools
  • FileNameCleanup for Cover Search cleans gba/gbc/gb/ccd roms
  • Better handling of first instance of cover/rom search
  • Updated roadmap.txt
  • Various Code Optimizations
→ [FRONTEND] MedAdvCFG v0.3.2r35

v0.3.3-r35 02-10-2017 1:09PM

  • Added snes_faust SysCore support
  • Added controllers for Sega Genesis/MegaDrive
  • Added GOAT Shader + Options
  • Various Code Optimizations
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