[cpc] Caprice Forever Beta 18.10 26/10/18

[1] @ !!! Sobota, 27 Października 2018 20:20 CET [27-10-2018 19:15 CET]

Caprice forever jest kontynuacja emulatora Caprice autorstwa Ulrich Doewic, w forever nad zmianami czuwa Frédéric Coste. Kto zna Caprice, czy  to z dawnych lat, czy też odświeżoną wersję 32bit, do kolejnego poru nie trzeba przekonywać, a inni... to Ci, którzy używają WinApe;)

Feud (Binary Design, 1987)

Beta Release 18.10, 26 October 2018

  • Fix disk drive motor command (CPC'Crack 3 disk detection);
  • Fix Z80 bad instructions disassembly;
  • Add Code explorer using Pasmo assembler;
  • Fix FDC problem with Read Track command;
  • Fix problem with tape motor stop;
  • Add support for Multiface 2;
  • Save screenshots in PNG format;
  • Save/Restore device settings;
  • Fix CRTC regression with Pinball Dreams;
  • Fix minor bugs.
→ NOWSZY [cpc] Caprice Forever Beta 19.7 07/07/19
Jackal (1986, Konami)

Beta Release 19.7, 7 July 2019

  • Update overall GUI;
  • Free CPU resources;
  • Fix CRTC1 display with "Post Scriptum" demo;
  • Fix FDC problem when using ProCopy;
  • Fix 4M RAM addressing issues;
  • Add files manager for direct operations with Windows;
  • Fix minor bugs.
→ NOWSZY [cpc] Caprice Forever Beta 19.3 19/03/19
CPCScramble (2019, PuzCPC). Idealny port Scramble z maszyn Arcade.

Beta Release 19.3, 19 March 2019

  • Fix FDC read failure detection;
  • Fix FDC regression to load MegaBlasters;
  • Upgrade Graphics Explorer GUI;
  • Improve Memory Editor;
  • Preliminary CT-RAW image disk read;
  • Add 4M RAM expansion;
  • Add Digiblaster audio channel;
  • Fix minor bugs.
→ [cpc] Caprice Forever Beta 18.7 04/07/18

Beta Release 18.7, XX July 2018

  • Fix Z80 instructions display;
  • Fix theme display at first launch;
  • Fix minor bugs.
→ [cpc] Caprice Forever Beta 18.6 6/02/18
ThunderBlade (a.k.a. Thunder Blade) (U.S. Gold Ltd., 1988)

Beta Release 18.6, 2 June 2018

  • Fix CRTC regression with "iMPdraw";
  • Fix VDU regression with "ThunderBlade";
  • Improve CRTC type 1 emulation;
  • Add VDU V-HOLD adjust for correct iMPdraw display;
  • Fix minor bugs.
→ [cpc] Caprice Forever Beta 18.4 7/04/18

Beta Release 18.4, 7 April 2018

  • Fix CRTC regression with "Turrican" but involving issues with "iMPdraw";
  • Add Audio Speaker and PlayCity  Line OUT or Internal option;
  • Add Audio PlayCity invert channels option;
  • Fix FDC regression to load "The Real Ghostbusters";
  • Add Graphics explorer and Tile editor;
  • Drop ROM file for testing purposes;
  • Fix minor bugs.
→ [cpc] Caprice Forever Beta 17.11 17/11/17
Sorcery (Amsoft, Virgin Games, Ltd., 1985)

Beta Release 17.11, 17 November 2017

  • Fix FDC engine to pass most of Kevin Thacker's New 'acid' tests:
    • write sector with wrong cylinder;
    • write sector with bad cylinder;
  • Fix FDC engine to pass old Kevin Thacker's 'acid' tests for Amstrad CPC 6128 only;
  • Load disk and tape images inside ZIP from menu;
  • Update fullscreen dialog windows;
  • Add AMX Mouse simulation;
  • Improve support of second joystick;
  • Add display option to reduce text during pause;
  • Add dialogs GUI skin customization;
  • Fix minor bugs.
→ [cpc] Caprice Forever Beta 17.5 17/05/17

Beta Release 17.5, 19 May 2017

  • Add cheat script keywords;
  • Fix FastFDC crashes when trying to read multi-sided disk image;
  • Play CSW tape images;
  • Convert WAV to CSW tape images (see Hints);
  • Fix game controller detection issues (Xbox 360);
  • Fix FDC write sector issues;
  • Fix FDC read sector regression (Dimension6);
  • Use "Keep original aspect ratio" option for fullscreen display;
  • Add PlayCity audio channels;
  • Fix minor bugs.
→ [cpc] Caprice Forever beta 17/03/17

Beta Release 17.3, 17 March 2017

  • Preliminary SNR session playback;
  • Insert Caprice32 FDC engine as fast FDC;
  • Add support for DualShock 4 wireless controller;
  • Preliminary text rendering for DMP2160 Dot Matrix Printer;
  • Add scripts to help entering cheat modes;
  • Add keyboard clash phenomenon ("Ghosts" keys);
  • Add CPC 664 french machine (different hardware keyboard than UK);
  • Add recent disk images list;
  • Add favourite disk images list;
  • Add display option to keep fullscreen for next session;
  • Use custom patterns for scanlines (see Hints);
  • Add option to never update disk images;
  • Fix minor bugs.
→ [cpc] Caprice Forever 0.30 beta 19/12/16
The Last Mission (Opera Soft S.A., 1987) - klasyczny ośmiobitowy wyciskacz łez - zabiją Cię za wcześnie i zaczynasz od zera:)

Beta release 0.30, 19 December 2016

  • Fix FDC engine to pass most of Kevin Thacker's 'acid' tests;
  • Add option to cold reset at real speed (see Hints);
  • Load disk and tape images from ZIP archive file;
  • Add disk menu to manually update and reload disk image;
  • Add popup menu for direct disk drive function access;
  • Fix Tape to load "The Last Mission";
  • Fix minor bugs.

Beta release 0.29, 14 October 2016

  • Fix lightgun regressions;
  • Update tape auto playing;
  • Fix FDC Bad CRC faulty behaviour;
  • Fix FDC regression (Anneau de Zengara);
  • Fix command line parameters;
  • Add some more command line parameters;
  • Restore disk sides flipping to read multi-sided disk images;
  • DirectX becomes default graphics renderer;
  • Add spanish machines;
  • Update disk autorun behavior;
  • Fix IPF decoding (KickOff2);
  • Fix minor bugs.



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