[c64] Micro64 1.00.2018.03.14 Build 717

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[c64] Micro64 1.00.2018.03.14 Build 717

Nowy devBuild emulatora  Benjamina Rosseaux, aplikacja typu "cycle exact", czyli o wysokim stopniu odwzorowania pracy orginalnej maszynki, o niesamowicie rozwiniętym zestawie modyfikacji obrazu, które potrafią z LCD zrobić porządne CRT, a nawet wzbogacić obraz o wirtualne odbicia, to naprawdę bardzo udany udawacz Commodore C64.

Nie ma róży bez kolców.... emulator ma dość spore wymagania od platformy, na której jest uruchomiony.

Cobra (Ocean Software Ltd., 1986)

Micro64 1.00.2018.03.15 Build 717 SVN revision: 3064

Date: 15. March 2018 Time: 02:06 UTC

  • Removed option for X264 for the video capture feature, primarily because it has a video<->audio desync sync issue. And the MJPG option uses the libturbojpeg now, when it is installed on a system for faster JPEG encoding, otherwise micro64 will use its own slower JPEG encoder implementation.
NOWSZY [c64] Micro64 1.00.2018.03.16 Build 719

Micro64 1.00.2018.03.16 Build 719 SVN revision: 3107

Date: 16. March 2018 Time: 23:11 UTC

  • Rewrote window size change detection code
  • Improved PAL emulation (it uses mip-mapping and anisotropic filtering now, if it is supported by the hardware, which can minimize also the moire effects)

Micro64 Version: 1.00.2018.03.16 Build 718 SVN revision: 3105

Date: 16. March 2018 Time: 19:16 UTC

  • Replaced my old regular expression engine BRRE with my newer regular expression engine FLRE at the NEMO network monitor.
  • [Crash-fix] Readded micro64.stg file check, what I mistakenly deleted with the old SDL 1.x support code removal.
→ [c64] Micro64 1.00.2018.03.14 Build 716
Katakis (Rainbow Arts Software GmbH, 1988)

Micro64 Version: 1.00.2018.03.14 Build 716 SVN revision: 3051

Date: 14. March 2018 Time: 04:10 UTC

  • Dropped 32-bit Linux and MacOS(X) builds, because i build only the Win32, Win64 and 64-bit Linux binaries directly under Windows 10 now (with the Windows Linux Subsystem), where the 32-bit Linux and MacOSX targets would be problematic now.
    • If there are any willing binary build maintainers somewhere for these 32-bit Linux and MacOS builds, contact me and you'll get SVN access if you can promise to keep the SVN content under lock and key. But from my own side, there will be no more 32-bit Linux and MacOS binary files, because the effort will be too much for me in the long run for to make builds for these minority targets.
  • Dropped SDL 1.x builds, so that it's SDL 2.x only now.
  • Support for Sam's Journey cartridge
    • eeprom file must be named CRTname-without-ext]-eeprom.bin" or "[CRTname-without-ext].eeprom"
  • Otherwise too many private changes and fixes since the last public build
→ [c64] Micro64 1.00.2013.05.11 Build 714
The Great Giana Sisters (Rainbow Arts Software GmbH, 1987)

Micro64 Version: 1.00.2013.05.11 Build 714 SVN revision: 2972 

Date: 11. May 2013 Time: 18:41 UTC

  • Various VIA6522 emulation tweaks (but shift register emulation is still a bit incorrect)
  • Fixed dead lock bug in the high-tap-count SINC resampler SSE consolve inline assembler routine in the SID emulation.
  • Various another small fixes.
  • Added black frame insertion feature for >=100Hz monitors. (Untested, because I myself have no such monitor)
  • Added BMP screenshot function, the BMP screenshot files will be stored under ~/.micro64/screenshots/ on linux and MacOSX systems and under <SystemDrive>:Users<User>AppDataRoamingmicro64screenshots on NT-based Windows systems. And the keyboard shortcut for screenshots is Alt+S
  • Added AVI video capturing function with own Open-DML AVI writer and I420 encoder routines, the AVI video files will be stored under ~/.micro64/videos/ on linux and MacOSX systems and under <SystemDrive>:Users<User>AppDataRoamingmicro64videos on NT-based Windows systems. And for this function is no keyboard shortcut, just the menu point in the main menu, for to avoid miss-started video captures.
  • Made the source code compatible with Borland Delphi XE4 just for me for to work with the newer Delphi IDE on micro64, so the public releasebinaries were, are and will be still in future compiled with FreePascal. :-)



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