[Atari] Steem SSE 4.1.1 R6 06/11/2021

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[Atari] Steem SSE 4.1.1 R6 06/11/2021

Pojawiła się kolejna wersja testowa STEEM'a SSE skrót, który  należy rozwijać jako ST Enhanced Emulator Sensei Software Edition - przynajmniej tak pisze jego twórca. Tak czy siak to Steem SSE, nie ważne jak go nazwać, jest jednym z ciekawszych emulatorów maszynek ze stajni Tramiela.

Steem Beta 4.1.1 R6 06 November 2021

  • Fix VSync running amok on mixed low/medium resolution programs at double frequencies

Steem Beta 4.1.1 R5 24 October 2021

  • Debug builds are now named SteemDebug... for clarity.
  • Fix screenshot in stretch display (thx Cogweasel)
  • Fix links to Microsoft runtimes in manual (not my fault)

Steem Beta 4.1.1 R4 09 October 2021

  • Safer video rendering
  • Fix need option Hacks to run a CTR image
  • CPU-friendlier loops inside polling threads (Windows)
  • Linux builds compatible with Ubuntu 20.04 (previous v4.1.1 releases needed 21.04)
  • Fix no icons in taskbar (Linux)
  • Shortcut to XSteem and icon (Linux)

Steem Beta 4.1.1 R3 04 September 2021

  • Fix stack overflow on TOS option page (superb R2 bug) 04 September 2021
  • Fix emulation freeze after some program-initiated resets (Auto053/Erebus TOS 1.0)
  • More checks for the presence of plugins (disk images, archives)
  • Lot of Disk Image database typo fixes (disk manager/F9)
  • Fix MIDI output option (again)

Steem Beta 4.1.1 R2 (Windows-only) (unstable builds) 22 Augustus 2021

  • Debug builds are now named SteemD... because the debugger is only part of them.
  • Fix quicker joystick reading in 6301 emu for USB controllers
  • GUI glitches on loading a config/snapshot
  • Emulation thread: fix freezes when changing ST Video options live (not the first time I claim that!)
  • Misc. fixes

Steem Beta 4.1.1  R1 02 Augustus 2021

  • Ugly GUI bug in I/O ports options, output to file (Windows)
  • ACSI add dummies for commands $07 and $1A
  • Misc. fixes

Steem Beta 4.1.1  R0 16 July 2021

  • Initial release, full of bugs
NOWSZY [Atari] Steem SSE 4.1.1 R12 13/03/2022

Steem Beta 4.1.1 R12 13 March 2022

  • Fix joystick port dongles (bug v4.1.0 R0); for Cricket Captain, the emulation never worked so it has been replaced with patches
NOWSZY [Atari] Steem SSE 4.1.1 R11 05/03/2022

Steem Beta 4.1.1 R11 5 March 2022

  • Fix R10 bugs

Steem Beta 4.1.1 R10 5 March 2022

  • Bugfix ArchiveAccess extracts wrong file if too many in archive
  • Bugfix zip files unrecognized in Linux 64 builds
  • Bugfix STW disks don't appear in disk manager in Linux builds
  • Misc. fixes

Steem Beta 4.1.1 R9 5 February 2022

Old Towers (Andy Noble, 2021). Must have! Ze strony autora
  • Bugfixes in floppy disk MFM emulation
  • Misc. stability fixes

Steem Beta 4.1.1 R8 19 December 2021

  • Wrong data on DMA writes handled by pasti.dll
  • Vertical sync interrupt timing on STF wakeup 1 (64bit)

Steem Beta 4.1.1 R7 11 November 2021

  • Change handling of PC serial I/O (untested)
  • Step sounds when drive empty, led if 'Hacks' not checked
  • 64bit builds-only bugs: 1bit delay for 6301 serial interface (demo Froggies), high resolution rasters (demo Time Slices)
  • Fix bug in loading snapshots that could lead to undefined behaviour
  • Little GUI glitches


→ [Atari] Steem SSE 4.1.1 Beta x86

Steem 4.1.1 Beta 1/05/2021

  • ???
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