[ARCADE] Supermodel x64 0.3a 29/11/2022

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[ARCADE] Supermodel x64 0.3a 29/11/2022

Nowa wersja testowa emulatora arcade maszynek SEGA MODEL III. Wrzucam od czasu, do czasu nowe wersje tego świetnego emulatora, ale zazwyczaj ich nie opisuje, czekając aż Bart Trznadlowski w końcu obwieści kolejną odsłonę swojego programu, ciekawe czy się kiedykolwiek doczekamy - w końcu od ostatnie pełnej wersji Supermodel 0.2a dzieli nas już bagatelka, 11 lat:)

Ski Champ (Sega, 1998)


Commit: db455ba5c1c5a47a9f0a7de46680377f13f663e5 // SuperModel db455ba
Author: toxieainc Date:   Tue Nov 8 08:11:14 2022 +0100

  • add undefd codepath for correct use of the 18bit DAC path (which seems to be     triggered for all games) the volume correction to bring the data back into a valid range is not     really needed in practice though, only Daytona2 seems to need it, and also     only extremely rarely, so lets just live with a tiny bit of clamping for  that game then while add it, make some formatting similar to MAME, and add one comment     regarding a most likely wrong recent MAME change

Commit: 153c5100090f982b9dad76b71ed8d52207f41b8e // SuperModel 153c510
Author: Ian Curtis Date:   Sat Nov 26 12:58:07 2022 +0000

  •     Fix uniform location.

Commit: 7513cc769a9fb386c8b5d61ef5e0056869550acd
Author: Matthew Daniels Date:   Fri Nov 25 23:02:37 2022 +0000

  •     Update Model3.cpp
  •     whitespace

Commit: 6a392f2cc9f0b11f049be097f633549f540c6fa3
Author: gm-matthew Date:   Fri Nov 25 22:44:22 2022 +0000

  • Add comment

Commit: 916d3d3af138cb1287e9d121399a58a41d2fae75
Author: gm-matthew Date:   Tue Nov 22 02:02:10 2022 +0000

  • whitespace

Commit: 2063303a4d981c7d8f15cd38e59fce3214a3421b
Author: gm-matthew Date:   Tue Nov 22 01:43:38 2022 +0000

  • Wait until IRQ2 is acknowledged before starting IRQ40 sequence. Fixes Ski     Champ hanging at FBI screen when region set to USA

Author: gm-matthew Date:   Sun Nov 20 01:27:50 2022 +0000 // SuperModel 79a2414

  • Incomplete texture headers uploaded via FIFO are now discarded. Ski Champ     sends one more 32-bit word via DMA than it should which was causing     Supermodel to erroneously intepret the extra word as another texture

Commit: acc7161ca5545a592d5b4145b2b5bacfc7b08f73
Author: ToBul Date:   Sun Nov 13 03:16:45 2022 +0000 

[Makefile.Win32] $MSYSTEM check never fails. 'make clean' from Win command shell doesn't fully clean, condition always  true.

Author: Ian Curtis Date:   Wed Nov 9 18:56:15 2022 +0000 // SuperModel 5f30614c4

  •     FIx shaders failing to build on apple h/w

Commit: fe36b07702187057dcf2b899b84bc8f54fb3cfdf
Author: Ian Curtis
Date:   Tue Nov 8 10:35:05 2022 +0000

  •     Update makefile

Commit: e47258c61d0d5ce47330c311c8ebd03a9026a9f6
Author: Ian Curtis
Date:   Mon Nov 7 23:52:44 2022 +0000

  • Remove some left over depreciated opengl functions. They were basically    no-op anyway with shader path.

Commit: 9348fd852d33999db53a0d79f9f2075ef6c33174
Author: Ian Curtis
Date:   Mon Nov 7 21:33:08 2022 +0000

  •     Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/trzy/Supermodel

Commit: 40c8259130dd4edda1b2a3fb2c866d40821249d0
Author: Ian Curtis
Date:   Mon Nov 7 21:33:01 2022 +0000

  • Rewrite the whole project for GL4+. I figured if we removed the limitation     of a legacy rendering API we could improve things a bit. With GL4+ we can do    unsigned integer math in the shaders. This allows us to upload a direct copy    of the real3d texture sheet, and texture directly from this memory given the    x/y pos and type. This massively simplifies the binding and invalidation    code. Also the crazy corner cases will work because it essentially works the    same way as the original hardware.
  • The standard triangle render requires gl 4.1 core, so should work on mac.     The quad renderer runs on 4.5 core. The legacy renderer should still work,     and when enabled a regular opengl context will be created, which allows     functions marked depreciated in the core profiles to still work. This will    only work in windows/linux I think. Apple doesn't support this.
  •  A GL 4.1 GPU is now the min required spec. Sorry if you have an OLDER gpu.
  • GL 4.1 is over 12 years old now.
  •  This is a big update so I apologise in advance if I accidently broke   something :]

Commit: 4c727abdc84e5c9eb56b3a178c2dd473d7581725
Author: toxieainc
Date:   Thu Nov 3 11:49:35 2022 +0100

  • change all INT16 mixing/intermediate clamping to floats
  • also fixes 3 bugs: 1) mpeg right channel volume was always using the left     channel volume, too 2) too high MusicVolume setting was not clamped to     0..200 3) too high SoundVolume setting was not clamped to 0..200

Commit: 121f81c7429b18d5085ce2d3b2a7b9e045c39c72
Author: Bart Trzynadlowski
Date:   Wed Nov 2 15:38:52 2022 -0700

  •     68K now uses run-time hooks for IRQ and instruction hook callbacks

Commit: 33c04ce3458515508f661e92745f6ee031c44dd0
Author: Bart Trzynadlowski
Date:   Sat Oct 29 11:44:34 2022 -0700

  • Games.xml: Added re-dumped magtruck and retained old ROM set with patch (mgtrkbad) for users who fail to obtain newest MAME ROMs

Commit: b2e5a200daf9588616715f2279c5d3bd37832e09
Author: Ian Curtis
Date:   Mon Oct 17 09:34:11 2022 +0100

  • Fix build for linux (just missing header)

Commit: f0872cc99821695a54c570e3a0ef890cdbb9400a
Author: Ian Curtis
Date:   Sun Oct 16 21:03:41 2022 +0100

  • Upgrade the glsl shader class a bit. Add a const char* comparitor so we can use a map with a simple "string" key. Fine to use when performance is not  critical.

Commit: 6fbf9383357ce4e76ce5a5336389cf6e3b586fb6
Author: Ian Curtis
Date:   Sun Oct 16 20:45:40 2022 +0100

  •    Add a proper git ignore file .. And fix the legacy renderer to build with  new visual studio (2019)

Commit: e644751f016d38cf7ed3a1dfedf2cf018661787d
Author: toxieainc
Date:   Fri Oct 7 09:01:45 2022 +0200

Virtua Fighter 3 (Revision C) (1996, Sega)
  • after clarifications, minor cleanup
  • remove 2 dupe function calls, where ProcessLos should actually be rather costly
  • Fix new 3D engine texture2DLod function missing error on Linux/MESA. MESA requires needed extensions to be explicitly declared in code otherwise it will not enable them.

Commit: aae58edd62711f2a84470e40c7cc2e1bec8aa406
Author: toxieainc
Date:   Mon Oct 3 04:47:39 2022 +0200

  • change one more place with potential aliasing issue
  • address review
  • address review and move bit casts to new header

Commit: dda6d4cf955fdcfa1434a1b0dc9a8560a9e71939
Author: Bart Trzynadlowski
Date:   Tue Aug 20 18:33:33 2022 -0700

  • Added some options to default Supermodel.ini that otherwise are not documented anywhere because README.txt is out of date
  • Optimize quad rendering by replacing the double
  • fix missing version GLSL compiler warnings on startup

Commit: e06788e76891ed29bc60fd6d7c3ef086bd25fbf3
Author: ToBul
Date:   Sun Aug 14 11:10:13 2022 +0100

  • Fix SUPERMODEL_DEBUGGER build. - Ian
  • As requested by Bart; Ian's last SourceForge commit. Also, purely to appease my OCD, a change I forgot on my last 'Games.xml' PR that really shouldn't bother me as much as it does.

Commit: d4633a868d7362e4775c4f42e22e6aecd34e6e84
Author: toxieainc
Date:   Mon Aug 8 09:18:59 2022 +0200

  • equivalent optimizations, NFC

Commit: d60feab2ca7739b59de602e55729bf7ef958ab58
Author: trzy
Date:   Mon Jul 18 13:00:27 2022 -0700

  • Fix some errors, fix some performance warnings, and some simple (but effective) optimizations
  • check for __GNUC__ instead of just assuming it
  • Games.xml: Align ROM names with MAME.
  • Minor and inconsequential change. Makes manual ROM building 'slightly'
  • easier when using latest MAME ROM set (currently 0.245).
  • slightly optimize DrawTileLine (less branches/logic)
  • optimize ReadRegister, as localtime (at least on MSVC/Windows) is significantly showing up in profiling (e.g. in SW Trilogy)
  • caches localtime until time changes (i.e. limits calls to 1/sec)
  • use intrinsics for endian swap
  • fix a real error (m68kdasm) and some harmless performance warnings and use modern headers
  • fix some real errors (Model3,InputSystem), minor errors (SCSP,SDL/Main) an some performance warnings

r888 Revision: 888 Author: dukeeeey Date: środa, 29 czerwca 2022 16:05:29

  • Fix build with SUPERMODEL_DEBUGGER enabled. Probably last commit as source has moved to git.
→ [ARCADE] Supermodel x64 0.3a SVN887

Revision 887

Author: dukeeeey | Date: niedziela, 19 czerwca 2022 18:15:54

  • njz3: Fix sound volume with new quadrophonic audio code

Revision 886

Author: dukeeeey | Date: wtorek, 14 czerwca 2022 23:24:43

  • values must be signed, to handle negative numbers, my bad

Revision 885

Author: dukeeeey | Date: wtorek, 14 czerwca 2022 20:14:06

  • minor fix

Revision 884

Author: trzy | Date: niedziela, 12 czerwca 2022 19:51:57

  • Added configurable refresh rate. Default is 60 but -true-hz on the command line enables 57.524 Hz mode, which some players report making Spikeout and the timing of combos in VF3 more authentic. The config key is RefreshRate and is specified as a floating point value. Should the desire arise, arbitrary refresh rates can be set in Supermodel.ini using this key but almost no validation of the value is performed. Thanks to forum user trap15 for the original code and PonMi for advocating for this patch to be included.

Revision 883

Author: dukeeeey | Date: czwartek, 9 czerwca 2022 23:10:39

  • njz3: Proper quadrophonic audio support. Need 4+ speakers to take advantage otherwise down mixed to stereo.

Revision 882

Author: trzy | Date: piątek, 1 kwietnia 2022 01:09:32

  • Added default values for PortIn, PortOut, and AddressOut

Revision 881

Author: dukeeeey | Date: niedziela, 6 lutego 2022 18:32:44

  • fix: explicit specialization requires 'template <>'

Revision 880

Author: trzy | Date: sobota, 5 lutego 2022 07:44:53

  • Bitmap size field in the BITMAPV4HEADER was not being set correctly (the image viewers I've been using are unaffected by this but it ought to be corrected)

Revision 879

Author: trzy | Date: sobota, 5 lutego 2022 01:52:34

  • When dumping textures, two T1RGB5 texture maps are written: with and without contour processing. Contour processing can be disabled per-polygon and some textures intended to be used without contour processing contain pixels with T=1 that are clearly not supposed to be transparent. We now output textures_t1rgb5_contour.bmp and textures_t1rgb5_opaque.bmp.

Revision 878

Author: trzy | Date: środa, 2 lutego 2022 00:15:06

  • Added a -dump-textures option (config key DumpTextures) that writes texture BMP files, one for each known format (12 in all currently)
→ [ARCADE] Supermodel 0.3a SVN877

Revision 877

Author: gm-matthew | Date: niedziela, 23 stycznia 2022 16:32:53

  • Adjust the number of PowerPC cycles executed per frame to assume 57.524 Hz refresh rate
  • Fighting Vipers 2 attract mode no longer requires 100+ MHz to run smoothly
  • Supermodel itself still runs at 60 Hz

Revision 876

Author: dukeeeey | Date: niedziela, 2 stycznia 2022 13:48:09

  • Double buffer the line of sight values. Should allow the correct values to be returned if GPU threading is enabled.

Revision 875

Magical Truck Adventure (Sega, 1998)

Author: gm-matthew | Date: środa, 29 grudnia 2021 14:18:20

  • Fixing Magical Truck Adventure bad ROM dump which was causing attract mode to stop rendering

Revision 874

Author: dukeeeey | Date: niedziela, 19 grudnia 2021 18:48:38

  • methods should be marked as noexcept because they cannot throw

Revision 873

Author: dukeeeey | Date: sobota, 18 grudnia 2021 00:58:20

  • white space.

Revision 872

Author: dukeeeey | Date: sobota, 18 grudnia 2021 00:57:12

  • Better document real3d registers

Revision 871

Author: gm-matthew | Date: sobota, 18 grudnia 2021 00:36:54

  • Clear all Real3D DMA registers on reset; uninitialized values were causing issues with MSVC debug builds

Revision 870

Author: gm-matthew | Date: środa, 15 grudnia 2021 15:47:41

  • Another header include fix

Revision 869

Author: gm-matthew | Date: środa, 15 grudnia 2021 14:55:27

  • Include required header files in Model3GraphicsState.h - fixes potential build errors in GCC

Revision 868

Author: gm-matthew | Date: środa, 1 grudnia 2021 00:01:37

  • Increase MIDI FIFO buffer size for SCSP; should prevent FIFO overflows
  • Also use similar macro for DSB FIFO buffer


  • PowerPC IRQ line deassertion
  • DMA only fires interrupts when required
  • PowerPC no longer clears its own IRQ line
  • it is now cleared by the IRQ controller when there are no more pending interrupts. Not all games clear DMA interrupts so it was necessary to tweak the 53C810 SCSI controller and the Real3D DMA interface to only fire interrupts if a certain register is correctly set. 53C810 has the documented DIEN (DMA Interrupt Enable) register
  • vReal3D DMA seems to use the low bit of the dmaConfig register.
  • Also I removed the net IRQ as no games seem to actually use it.


  • Getting rid of most of the includes from Supermodel.h each file now explicitly includes the header files it needs.


  • Shared RAM on simulated netboard is now double-buffered
  • Spikeout Final Edition no longer requires a hack to work

Revision 864

Author: gm-matthew | Date: niedziela, 31 października 2021 01:00:49

  • New JTAG patch for Sega Rally 2; linked mode now fully working.
  • Few other minor changes

Revision 863

Author: gm-matthew | Date: środa, 27 października 2021 00:47:24

  • Increase size of DSB2 FIFO buffer; fixes Sega Rally 2 music occasionally not switching or fading out

Revision 862

Author: gm-matthew | Date: poniedziałek, 10 maja 2021 01:22:18

  • Non-linked games no longer falsely list the net board under extra hardware

Revision 861

Author: gm-matthew | Date: niedziela, 9 maja 2021 20:12:40

  • Fix 16-bit variables not displaying correctly in Z80 debugger (at least in MSVC builds)

Revision 860

Author: gm-matthew | Date: wtorek, 20 kwietnia 2021 00:15:50

  • Fix netboard resets and detection of simulated netboard linking to itself

Revision 859

Author: gm-matthew | Date: środa, 14 kwietnia 2021 03:20:45

  • Adding simulated netboard; all linked games except Sega Rally 2 working at full speed.

Revision 858

Author: gm-matthew | Date: poniedziałek, 22 marca 2021 02:08:45

  • Corrected alignment issues with netboard RAM; send/receive parameters no longer need to be manipulated to work correctly. Fixes bugs including Scud Race linked car orientation.

Revision 857

Author: dukeeeey | Date: poniedziałek, 15 marca 2021 16:55:39

  • Add some async network methods. Async send copies to an internal buffer and sends in another thread so doesn't block at all. Added CheckDataAvailable method to the TCPReceive class. Can check or wait for data without blocking.

Revision 856

Author: sheridan | Date: sobota, 13 marca 2021 09:17:11

  • DSB2 clock speed from 4MHz to 11MHz.


→ [ARCADE] Supermodel 0.3a SVN845

Revision 845

Author: sheridan | Date: wtorek, 5 stycznia 2021 15:24:57

  • The controls of bass/getbass games were no longer good, following recent rom set name changes in Games.xml.

Revision 844

Author: sheridan | Date: wtorek, 5 stycznia 2021 15:23:24

Corrected game set names & game titles (Brian Troha)

  • New clones
    • Sega Bass Fishing Deluxe (USA) (Brian Troha)
    • Dirt Devils (USA, Revision A) (Brian Troha)

This will match future Mame 0.228 changes.
Please Check/Edit carefully all your rom set because there are many changes (e.g. set name). Thinking of delete or rename your nvram, or restart from the start.

Revision 843

Author: sheridan | Date: środa, 30 grudnia 2020 18:14:14

  • Added rumble skipad in Ski Champ game.
    • This is only a simulation (cmd are interpreted), not an emulation because we lack informations on the game itself and its driveboard (does it have dedicated cpu/rom ?).

Revision 842

Author: sheridan | Date: środa, 30 grudnia 2020 17:38:13

  • Service menu activated in swtrilgyp.
    Note: The "feedback stick test" always failed (change cab type DX to SD if needed).

Revision 841

Author: sheridan | Date: środa, 30 grudnia 2020 17:05:25

  • Add -O3 optimization option for OSX and Linux.
  • Revert netboard to disable by default.

Revision 840

Author: sheridan | Date: poniedziałek, 28 grudnia 2020 17:22:12

  • Suppressed net board console output (using debug logging now)
  • Added GPL headers to net board source files

Revision 839

Author: sheridan | Date: niedziela, 27 grudnia 2020 14:14:37

  • Star Wars Trilogy untextured Death Star surface bug in gcc builds was caused by Ofast (thanks to rokfpoewrkcpoqwkcp for discovering this). Using -O3 now.
  • Net board enabled by default.

Revision 838

Author: sheridan | Date: piątek, 25 grudnia 2020 09:29:18

  • Updated rules file.

Revision 837

Author: sheridan | Date: czwartek, 24 grudnia 2020 11:20:26

  • Introducing a special release build target with SVN version stamping.

Revision 836

Author: sheridan | Date: poniedziałek, 21 grudnia 2020 16:39:15

  • Magical Truck Adventure rom patch to unlock region. (enter service menu, then Start P1, Start P1, Service, Start P1, Service, Test)

Revision 835

Author: dukeeeey | Date: niedziela, 20 grudnia 2020 19:17:34

  • wide-bg option to stretch the background tile layer when wide-screen mode is enabled - Daro Land

Revision 834

Author: sheridan | Date: wtorek, 1 grudnia 2020 08:35:52

  • Change the duration of constant force effect in SDL2 to correct daytona games

Revision 833

Author: sheridan | Date: piątek, 6 listopada 2020 10:24:16

  • Makefiles update

Revision 832

Author: sheridan | Date: sobota, 24 października 2020 11:12:54

  • Star Wars Trilogy lever feedback activated

Revision 831

Author: sheridan | Date: środa, 21 października 2020 10:19:51

  • Force Feeback for Linux

Revision 830

Author: dukeeeey | Date: sobota, 19 września 2020 16:45:51

  • hopefully fix building on linux

Revision 829

Author: sheridan | Date: sobota, 19 września 2020 09:54:26

  • Added Screenshot feature (ALT+S).
→ [ARCADE] Supermodel 0.3a SVN828

Revision 828

Author: sheridan | Date: środa, 16 września 2020 09:03:03

  • Remove using namespace from headers.

Revision 827

Author: dukeeeey | Date: wtorek, 15 września 2020 10:51:23

  • fix compiling with visual studio

Revision 826

Author: dukeeeey | Date: poniedziałek, 14 września 2020 22:01:52

  • fix missing polys with quad renderer

Revision 825

Author: sheridan | Date: poniedziałek, 14 września 2020 09:01:54

  • Balance initial value set to "0" rather than "false". "False" is interpreted as 0 when decoded as a float, so there will be no effect here, but this expresses the intended logic better.

Revision 824

Author: sheridan | Date: poniedziałek, 14 września 2020 08:59:38

  • Fixed a longstanding bug that caused stereo channels to be flipped incorrectly.
  • This was due to the initial audio buffer write position being aligned to the middle of a 4 byte (2 byte left, 2 byte right) audio sample.
  • In multi-threaded mode, some sort of race condition caused this alignment to be fixed until audio playback was temporarily paused (via pausing, loading a state, etc.)
  • Audio playback should now be fixed and work consistently in all cases.

Revision 823

Author: dukeeeey | Date: wtorek, 8 września 2020 11:10:24

  • Clip scroll fog to viewport, instead of filling entire screen. Fixes fog bug in Daytona credits.

Revision 822

Author: dukeeeey | Date: poniedziałek, 7 września 2020 18:25:18

  • Update scroll fog logic. Should fix the credits in virtua fighter and daytona that have fogging applied to the background layer and shouldn't.

Revision 821

Author: sheridan | Date: piątek, 4 września 2020 07:48:41

  • Add missing library from previous windows makefile update.
  • NEW_FRAME_TIMING build option was removed because it was no longer used.

Revision 820

Author: sheridan | Date: czwartek, 3 września 2020 08:27:57

  • Windows makefile update

Revision 819

Author: sheridan | Date: poniedziałek, 31 sierpnia 2020 11:28:35

  • Reworked logging system to support output to multiple outputs: files, stdout, stderr, and syslog (OutputDebugString on Windows, syslog on other systems).
  • Added ordinal logging level: all, debug, info, error. Compiling with DEBUG defined is no longer necessary for debug logging. Be careful when logging debug level because it produces copious output.
  • Fixed -enter-debugger options when compiled with SUPERMODEL_DEBUGGER.
  • Command line parse errors no longer ignored; Supermodel will now exit.

Revision 818

Author: sheridan | Date: środa, 26 sierpnia 2020 18:14:54

  • Rename command line SCSP option to -legacy-scsp and -new-scsp

Revision 817

Author: sheridan | Date: środa, 26 sierpnia 2020 18:05:23

  • Correct the returned value from previous getbass patch
  • There was a strange side effect on Ocean Hunter game

Revision 818

Author: sheridan | Date: środa, 26 sierpnia 2020 18:14:54

  • Rename command line SCSP option to -legacy-scsp and -new-scsp

Revision 817

Author: sheridan | Date: środa, 26 sierpnia 2020 18:05:23

  • Correct the returned value from previous getbass patch
  • There was a strange side effect on Ocean Hunter game

Revision 816

Author: sheridan | Date: wtorek, 25 sierpnia 2020 10:48:25

  • Getbass related
  • Game now boots in game
  • Add missing analog input and buttons

Revision 815

Author: sheridan | Date: poniedziałek, 24 sierpnia 2020 12:09:01

  • Small oversight in the new SCSP code

Revision 814

Author: dukeeeey | Date: sobota, 22 sierpnia 2020 22:41:47

  • Various SCSP improvements and code cleanup:
    • Ported MAME's implementation
    • Corrected FM sound for songs in VF3 that use it
    • Music tempo now closer to real hardware thanks to emulating two SCSP chips.
    • Add LegacySoundDSP config option for games with SCSP DSP glitches (ex. engine noises in Sega Rally 2, and loud garbage on Bahn's stage in Fighting Vipers 2)
    • Renamed SysFPS to "SoundClock" (since raising this appears to adjust the sound frequency).(Submitted by Paul Prosser)

Revision 813

Author: sheridan | Date: sobota, 22 sierpnia 2020 11:03:53

  • New ecap crc rom + rom patch

Revision 812

Author: sheridan | Date: sobota, 22 sierpnia 2020 11:00:13

  • Low level z80 core bug
  • Discovered when looking at lemans ffb board (real Model3 rom, not Model2 stcc one)
  • This could affect other ffb board and/or scud race DSB1 sound board
  • However I didn't notice any bad things

Revision 811

Author: dukeeeey | Date: sobota, 1 sierpnia 2020 11:02:04

  • Remove some debug code

Revision 810

Author: dukeeeey | Date: piątek, 31 lipca 2020 21:18:51

  • Update glew version

Revision 809

Author: dukeeeey | Date: poniedziałek, 27 lipca 2020 12:28:48

  • build fixes for mac

Revision 808

Author: sheridan | Date: poniedziałek, 27 lipca 2020 11:02:07

  • skichamp rom patch: prevent driveboard error at boot

Revision 807

Author: sheridan | Date: piątek, 3 lipca 2020 11:15:08

  • Linux build compatibility changes

Revision 806

Author: sheridan | Date: piątek, 3 lipca 2020 11:08:03

  • Update makefiles

Revision 805

Author: dukeeeey | Date: środa, 1 lipca 2020 19:51:21

  • silence a few casting warnings

Revision 804

Author: sheridan | Date: środa, 1 lipca 2020 17:56:21

  • Netboard related: Define a new hardware line in games.xml

Revision 803

Author: sheridan | Date: środa, 17 czerwca 2020 18:31:22

  • _rotl() replacement

Revision 802

Author: dukeeeey | Date: środa, 17 czerwca 2020 17:11:58

  • Only try and make a connection if we have enabled EmulateNet

Revision 801

Author: dukeeeey | Date: środa, 17 czerwca 2020 13:41:41

  • Fix corrupted memory in network mode

Revision 800

Author: dukeeeey | Date: wtorek, 16 czerwca 2020 14:01:13

  • remove old files

Revision 799

Author: dukeeeey | Date: wtorek, 16 czerwca 2020 13:55:38

  • Replace network code with new tcp implementation

Revision 798

Author: dukeeeey | Date: sobota, 13 czerwca 2020 21:46:12

  • Add SDLnetworking + some basic tcp classes

Revision 797

Author: dukeeeey | Date: piątek, 12 czerwca 2020 19:33:21

  • cache variable, without it is unusably slow in debug mode

Revision 796

Author: dukeeeey | Date: środa, 10 czerwca 2020 11:12:34

  • add missing file

Revision 795

Author: dukeeeey | Date: poniedziałek, 8 czerwca 2020 16:27:37

  • update vs project files

Revision 794

Author: dukeeeey | Date: poniedziałek, 8 czerwca 2020 12:14:03

  • fix output values

Revision 793

Author: dukeeeey | Date: poniedziałek, 11 maja 2020 11:05:46

  • The translator map seems to work with paletted colour values too, and the result is not clamped. Colours are passed to the GPU as unsigned bytes to multiplying by 16 will overflow, so we do the logic in the shader. If we passed floats we could skip the shader logic.

Revision 792

Author: dukeeeey | Date: czwartek, 7 maja 2020 21:34:22

  • When the translator map is enabled the colour values seem to use 4 bits, 0-16. Why not 0-31 I don't know. Anyway virtua on is overflowing these values for some of the smoke effects. For us the numbers were wrapping around. Clamping is enough to fix this. (Thanks model123)

Revision 791

Author: sheridan | Date: piątek, 24 kwietnia 2020 09:04:41

  • custom resolution bug fix

Revision 790

Author: sheridan | Date: niedziela, 19 kwietnia 2020 10:34:58

  • SDL1 to SDL2 internal changes

Revision 789

Author: dukeeeey | Date: środa, 22 stycznia 2020 19:44:30

  • remove files

Revision 788

Author: sheridan | Date: środa, 22 stycznia 2020 18:36:22

Revision 787

Author: dukeeeey | Date: sobota, 4 stycznia 2020 19:15:30

  • tweak value so the map indicator still works at the start of spikeout
→ [ARCADE] Supermodel 0.3a SVN786
Harley-Davidson (1997, Sega)

Revision 786

Author: dukeeeey | Date: sobota, 4 stycznia 2020 14:48:14

  • Sutherland-Hodgeman clipping only works for planar primitives. Scud is rendering non planar quads and this breaks our algorithm a little when using the quad renderer. Stretching the near plane a few % is enough to fix it.

Revision 785

Author: dukeeeey | Date: sobota, 4 stycznia 2020 14:45:55

  • Only need to clip against 4 planes for poly culling

Revision 784

Author: dukeeeey | Date: piątek, 27 grudnia 2019 22:36:46

  • Fix the sky in harley in first person mode where pixels in the sky are culled when they shouldn't be with the quad renderer. Basically we were running out of precision in a rare corner case. Doing the maths with double precision and casting back to float was enough to fix the issue.

Revision 783

Author: dukeeeey | Date: wtorek, 10 grudnia 2019 12:40:39

  • To calculate the mipmap value the opengl needs to calculate the difference in the texture coordinates between adjacent pixels. If there are no adjacent pixels the hw may need to spawn invisible fragments outside of the visible polygon. Our algorithm was culling these out so the mipamp calculation failed for edge pixels. Anyway this fixes quad rendering looking broken with the latest nvidia drivers.

Revision 782

Author: dukeeeey | Date: piątek, 15 listopada 2019 21:00:25

  • Really should cull against 5 frustum planes.
→ [ARCADE] Supermodel 0.3a SVN781

Revision 781

Author: dukeeeey | Date: piątek, 8 listopada 2019 21:36:11

  • Stretch the time the ping_pong bit flips a bit to bump writes into correct frame. Otherwise they end up getting written at like 99.8% of the frame and overlapping with the next.

Revision 780

Author: dukeeeey | Date: piątek, 8 listopada 2019 20:38:20

  • Optimise Games.xml (Krom)

Revision 779

Author: dukeeeey | Date: czwartek, 7 listopada 2019 21:29:17

  • Thanks to our anonymous contributor who managed to patch a model 3 game and run it on real h/w, we were able to obtain some timing values we had been long been missing for correct emulation. The h/w polls something called the ping_pong bit at start-up to sync the GPU with the CPU. Unfortunately we didn't have the correct values and just manually used some per game hacks to get games to run. This mostly worked, but some games were writing more or less frames than they should have been for a given time period. When the ping_pong bit flips at 66% of the frame time, games were writing data for a new frame, which meant writes were often straddling 2 separate frames. We aren't 100% sure if IRQ2 or the ping_pong bit is vblank.
→ [ARCADE] Supermodel 0.3a SVN778
The Ocean Hunter (1998, Sega)

Revision 778

Author: dukeeeey | Date: sobota, 2 listopada 2019 21:11:48

  • Ocean hunter in the middle of the game is passing a few matrices with FLT_MAX inside them, which blows apart our near/far calculation. The hardware must have some method to sanitize the near/far for instance if you render something extremely close to the origin you will also blow apart any near/far calc.

Revision 777

Author: dukeeeey | Date: niedziela, 28 lipca 2019 14:14:13

  • skip invalid culling nodes

Revision 776

Author: dukeeeey | Date: piątek, 26 lipca 2019 18:39:58

  • A culling node must follow immediately after a viewport.

Revision 775

Author: dukeeeey | Date: piątek, 22 lutego 2019 02:00:41

  • Fix possible negative pointer arithmetic which was causing the music to wrap around.

Revision 774

Author: dukeeeey | Date: czwartek, 21 lutego 2019 15:57:57

  • Update makefiles

Revision 773

Author: dukeeeey | Date: czwartek, 21 lutego 2019 15:56:25

  • Previous mpeg audio code worked for me in debug mode, but the release build had some serious corruption issues when being built in visual studio. Replaced the old spaghetti code with a more modern implementation.

Revision 772

Author: sheridan | Date: wtorek, 19 lutego 2019 10:24:31

  • Disabled Alt-O (dump timings) and Alt-U (dump input state) when SUPERMODEL_DEBUGGER not defined
  • Option '-print-inputs' works again if no ROM set specified

Revision 771

Author: sheridan | Date: czwartek, 7 lutego 2019 07:32:46

  • Restore Sega Rally 2 music in some practice stages

Revision 770

Author: sheridan | Date: wtorek, 5 lutego 2019 11:30:50

  • Fixed MPEG music looping glitch.

Revision 769

Author: sheridan | Date: wtorek, 5 lutego 2019 11:03:50

  • Refactor code from previous svn768 (Note: break old savestate compatibility)

Revision 768

Author: dukeeeey | Date: piątek, 1 lutego 2019 22:02:02

  • Fix the audio in sega rally2. The game has packed separate tracks into the left and right audio channels. Selecting the correct track fixes the garbled mess. (Spindizzi)

Revision 767

Author: dukeeeey | Date: czwartek, 24 stycznia 2019 20:11:26

  • Fix shader. Why this worked on my nvidia card .. I'm not sure.

Revision 766

Author: dukeeeey | Date: poniedziałek, 21 stycznia 2019 15:30:42

  • Composite the alpha layers at the end of rendering. To do this we need to mask the alpha pixels with the opaque pixels from the next priority layer. Fixes some overlapping shadows in vf3tb that have different priority layers. I assume that was a game bug, but it works on the real h/w.

Revision 765

Author: sheridan | Date: niedziela, 20 stycznia 2019 09:02:01

  • Added support for specifying multiple sections simultaneously in INI files, e.g., [ daytona2, dayto2pe ]
  • Forgetfulness in 763

Revision 764

Author: dukeeeey | Date: środa, 16 stycznia 2019 02:07:56

  • Technically backface culling should cull polys when the dot product = 0, since when it equals 0 the polys is perpendicular to the camera and thus invisible. When you complete sega rally2 (if you can get that far lol) the champagne is invisible. The reason is because all the face normals are 0. So when multiplied by the model matrix they are still 0 and get culled. Tweaking the condition to only cull polys when greater than 0 fixes this, and allows these 'bad' polys to render as they do on the model3.

Revision 763

Author: sheridan | Date: niedziela, 13 stycznia 2019 17:20:19

  • Inputs can now be configured on a per-game basis

Revision 762

Author: sheridan | Date: niedziela, 13 stycznia 2019 17:00:37

  • PCI bridge can be specified in Games.xml for games that use a different version than expected based on stepping. No more hard-coded exceptions.
  • Real3D PCI ID can be specified in Games.xml for exceptions that require it.
  • Real3D status bit timing specified in Games.xml for exceptions that require it.
→ [ARCADE] Supermodel 0.3a SVN761


Fighting Vipers 2 (Japan, Revision A) (1998, Sega)

Revision 761

Author: dukeeeey | Date: poniedziałek, 7 stycznia 2019 00:48:34

  • timing fix for srally2x (Spindizzi)

Revision 760

Author: dukeeeey | Date: poniedziałek, 7 stycznia 2019 00:43:27

  • Updates games.xml for new prototype games (Spindizzi)

Revision 759

Author: dukeeeey | Date: sobota, 8 grudnia 2018 21:01:37

  • remove commands that do nothing

Revision 758

Author: dukeeeey | Date: sobota, 8 grudnia 2018 20:55:26

  • clear scissored out areas

Revision 757

Author: dukeeeey | Date: wtorek, 27 listopada 2018 21:43:27

  • Optimise depth calculation for quad shader.

Revision 756

Author: dukeeeey | Date: niedziela, 11 listopada 2018 21:48:49

  • Update Games.xml for games that were recently dumped

Revision 755

Author: dukeeeey | Date: niedziela, 28 października 2018 19:30:04

Revision 754

Author: dukeeeey | Date: wtorek, 23 października 2018 02:16:23

  • Fade out microtextures with higher textures LODs. Fixes incorrectly applied microtextures in LA machineguns.

Revision 753

Author: dukeeeey | Date: poniedziałek, 22 października 2018 23:59:01

  • debug code should be disabled

Revision 752

Author: dukeeeey | Date: piątek, 19 października 2018 22:59:46

  • Smooth texture repeat makes no sense for alpha/contour textures with pixel dilate. HW seems to treat them as non smooth anyway. Also implement some line of sight stuff, used by Scud. Really need to check the threading/synchronisation of the register reads but it basically works.

Revision 751

Author: dukeeeey | Date: czwartek, 18 października 2018 11:42:51

  • return correct PCI ID

Revision 750

Author: dukeeeey | Date: czwartek, 18 października 2018 00:36:33

  • fix debugging code

Revision 749

Author: dukeeeey | Date: niedziela, 14 października 2018 12:05:24

  • fix copy paste error :]

Revision 748

Author: dukeeeey | Date: sobota, 13 października 2018 15:29:45

  • Correctly emulate the real3d pro-1000 texture modes in our shader.

Revision 747

Author: dukeeeey | Date: niedziela, 7 października 2018 21:31:55

  • Revert some patches (Spindizzi)

Revision 746

Author: dukeeeey | Date: poniedziałek, 1 października 2018 19:42:45

  • Update makefile

Revision 745

Author: dukeeeey | Date: środa, 19 września 2018 22:43:41

  • Both lemans24 and dirt devils are rendering some totally transparent objects as the first model in each viewport. The HW seems to skip these entirely, and including them breaks our near/far plane calculations leading to Z fighting.

Revision 744

Author: dukeeeey | Date: wtorek, 18 września 2018 23:46:38

  • Tweak the ratio for the near plane. Fixes missing text on the map indicator at the start of spikeout. The vertices are 0.003 units apart so a tonne of precision is required at the near plane to not depth test out.

Revision 743

Author: dukeeeey | Date: wtorek, 18 września 2018 23:20:15

  • remove debug code

Revision 742

Author: dukeeeey | Date: niedziela, 16 września 2018 10:43:13

  • avoid double matrix load

Revision 741

Author: dukeeeey | Date: piątek, 14 września 2018 22:31:34

  • updated command line help

Revision 740

Author: dukeeeey | Date: czwartek, 13 września 2018 14:50:34

  • Quad rendering engine. Set QuadRendering = 1 in the ini file to use, or -quad-rendering at the end of the command line to use.
→ [ARCADE] Supermodel 0.3a SVN739

Revision 739

Author: dukeeeey | Date: niedziela, 2 września 2018 23:36:24

  • Sega bass fishing is starting some off the meshes with a shared vertex. Without having a previous vertex to share with, the values were just uninitialised and junk. The hardware itself seems to hold the value from the previous mesh, and sega bass fishing relies on this undefined behaviour to function correctly. Storing the cached vertices as member variables instead of locally to the function means it holds the values from the last mesh, and uses those values instead of random garbage.

Revision 738

Author: dukeeeey | Date: czwartek, 9 sierpnia 2018 23:57:51

  • remove dead variable

Revision 737

Author: dukeeeey | Date: poniedziałek, 9 lipca 2018 10:06:06

  • Use correct PCI IDs (Harry Tuttle)

Revision 736

Author: dukeeeey | Date: czwartek, 5 lipca 2018 00:15:44

  • add crosshair effect (Harry Tuttle)

Revision 735

Author: dukeeeey | Date: poniedziałek, 18 czerwca 2018 12:24:46

  • fix cast, and remove extra ; that had snuck into the shaders

Revision 734

Author: dukeeeey | Date: niedziela, 17 czerwca 2018 13:30:01

  • Opaque polys definitely depth test with less than or equal. Virtua striker is drawing co-planar polys for the bar gfx

Revision 733

Author: dukeeeey | Date: sobota, 16 czerwca 2018 23:31:29

  • Draw transparent polys to separate layers and composite at the end. This solves a tonne of transparency errors we had been battling with for a long time. The model3 is strange in the fact it only supports a max of two translucent overlapped polys. They are not blended into the frame normally. Doing this means the topmost translucent polys only are visible in the scene, the equivalent of doing a depth pass first, but without the added cost.

Revision 732

Author: dukeeeey | Date: wtorek, 29 maja 2018 16:54:23

  • forgot parentheses

Revision 731

Author: dukeeeey | Date: poniedziałek, 28 maja 2018 14:55:13

Revision 730

Author: dukeeeey | Date: poniedziałek, 28 maja 2018 13:59:48

  • optimise hash function and parse out transparency layer select bit

Revision 729

Author: dukeeeey | Date: czwartek, 24 maja 2018 22:19:54

  • select correct bit ..

Revision 728

Author: dukeeeey | Date: czwartek, 24 maja 2018 22:13:15

  • Parse out TranslucencyPatternSelect

Revision 727

Author: trzy | Date: niedziela, 6 maja 2018 20:52:23

  • Fixed Makefiles for non-MSYS builds. Unfortunately had to revert a lot of the automated configuration that Harry had inserted. Users will again need to hand-edit Makefile.Win32 for their configuration. Verbose warnings (-Wall) have been restored.

Revision 726

Author: dukeeeey | Date: czwartek, 3 maja 2018 20:37:49

  • Parse siblings after children. It's the only way to get Daytona water fall to look correct without h/w poly sorting.
wstecz30/11/2022 22:52
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Supermodel 0.3a-git-5f30614 Win64-t2e.pl.zip
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