[Arcade] Romcenter 4 beta 11 RC1.1

[2] @ środa, 13 Grudnia 2017 00:48CET

[Arcade] Romcenter 4 beta 11 RC1.1

RomCenter sprawdza, czy posiadana przez nas wersja jest w porządku, czy też znowu natrafiliśmy na uszkodzony plik, co wcale do rzadkości nienależy. Pozwala zarządzać kolekcją dla emulatorów platform takich jak: AAE Alpha Build 87, Capcom Play System 3 Emulator v1.0a, Commodore - 64 (20061106), Commodore - Amiga (20081218)_CM, Commodore - Amiga (Numbered) (20081218)_CM, CPS-1 20081018, CPS-2 20081018, DSP v0.9, FBA v0.2.96.99, M1 v0.7.8a6, Nebula v2.25b, Neo-Geo 20081018, Nintendo - Game Boy (20081015), Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (20080614), Nintendo - Nintendo 64 (20080521), Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System (20080712) (CM), Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System (20081015), RAINE v0.50.15, Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis (20080228), Sega Master System - Sega Mark III (20081003_CM), SEGA Model 2 Emulator v0.7, WinKawaks v1.59, ZiNc v1.1


RomCenter 4.0.0.beta 11 RELEASE CANDIDATE #1.1


  • #45 attempt to fix 'the underlying provider failed on open'
  • #62 demul dat import
  • #60 Some roms not imported when filtering dat
  • 'string truncation' exception when importing files with long extension
  • index in collection change event is not valid
  • sequence contains no matching element
  • 'An entry with the same key already exists' crash when refreshing path
  • '1g1r' or 'keeppcl' checkboxes not disabled when needed
  • current filter not always loaded when updating db
  • double dat loading when using filter
  • incorrect dat xml line in error msg
  • filter not reset when re-opening it
  • wrong newline char in dialog msg
  • crash when no treenodes after pb in loading
  • Prevent double click on create db buttons
  • default filter applied even when no filter checked
  • Set default filename to save dialog, replace wrong dialog on emul exe selection.
  • Missing yellow status
  • Error loading datafiles with trailing spaces
→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Romcenter 4 beta 11 RC3

RomCenter 4.0.0.rc3

What's new:

  • Add fds plugin
  • Add pcengine plugin
  • Improve A7800 plugin
  • Improve lynx plugin
  • Improve gbx plugin
  • Improve genesis plugin
  • Improve snes plugin
  • Add exception handler to some commands
  • Add games info menu (linked to planetemu and arcadeitalia web sites)
  • Add restart when language is changed
  • Add internationalization and add french translation
  • Use 'release' configuration for building
  • Clean up code
  • Fix db tab not saved after an update or a cleanup
  • Fix update db: database path changing when dat selected
  • Fix #93: random crc with lynx plugin
  • Fix #97: samples status not set
  • Fix crash when changing tab before previous was loaded
  • Fix crash when closing non existant db
  • Fix db error when canceling, improve cancelation when removing/renaming
  • Fix dir not found bug
  • Fix fb alpha dat import with rom of crc 0 (no dump)
  • Fix gui message loop when db is not valid
  • Fix incorrect chd extension
  • Fix interface less responsive when fixing a lot of files
  • Fix msg 'rdt not found' when leaving rc
  • Fix properties folder buttons not implemented
  • Fix troubles with empty folders
  • Fix validation not always done when creating db
  • Fix view not refreshed when removing comment
  • Fix error when logging an early crash
  • Trunc files data before adding to db
  • Improve db connection pool managment
  • Improve play game selection
  • Stop displaying errors once cancelled
→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Romcenter 4 beta 11 RC2

RomCenter 4.0.0.rc2

I've made a lot of improvments in this version and long lasting problems have been fixed.
Database connection issues should be solved now. Import and operations speed are also back to normal.
Files and roms browsing are also faster and don't freeze anymore.
No more freezes also during long fixing operations. Interface now keeps responding at any time.I also did intensive tests with files having readonly flag set. This is now all working fine. Enjoy this version and keep reporting bugs and crashes reports to fix befo re the final release. I will now concentrate on isolating text strings for internationalization.

You can report issues
directly here.


  • Improve database connexion handler. This should fix locked files problems.
  • Improve master detail navigation
  • improve crash mail infos
  • Improve matching selection when moving from files to games.
  • Improve unhandled exception logs
  • Update year to 2018
  • Add new versioning scheme. This fix loosing settings when upgrading.
  • Catch unmanaged plugin exception
  • Clean up cancel operation
  • Disable context menu when not applicable (delete missing rom, fix green...)


  • freeze when browsing items
  • operations slower than in previous release
  • operations with readonly files. All internal tests use now readonly files.
  • delay when leaving settings dialog.
  • out of memories and locks up on long fix operations
  • some empty folders not removed after operations
  • 'rom not found' when importing roms in a file with duplicated roms in merge mode.
  • #74: rc crash
  • #86: path not in legal form when settings emulators path
  • context menu in files and fileroms
  • gui not disabled when loading db
  • importing dat with long description
  • incorrect list of selected items when fixing
  • load tab loop when exception during loading
  • path sometimes need refresh after fix
  • range selection bug
  • right click selection in fileroms
→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Romcenter 4 beta 11 RC1.2

RomCenter 4.0.0.beta 11 RELEASE CANDIDATE #1.2

  • Here is a quick fix for the “operating system directive CreateFile failed” and “The underlying provider failed on Open” errors. Big thank to bslenul for debugging that.
→ [Arcade] Romcenter 4 beta 11 RC1

RomCenter 4.0.0.beta 11 RELEASE CANDIDATE #1

  • Add ‘file not found’ error handler with some corrupted files
  • Add ‘send log’ dialog
  • Add Hyperspin dat support
  • Add about dialog
  • Add db creation by dropping exe
  • Add multi db files drag & drop capabilities to open multiple db at once
  • Add exception handler to allow corrupted roms deletion
  • Add links buttons group in ribbon
  • Add more filtering regions
  • Add multithreaded rom files import (not supported for db using plugins)
  • Add new context menus
  • Add plugin detection from dat content
  • Add support for dat with text lines before xml tag
  • Improve exceptions handler when creating db
  • Improve memory managment with filters
  • Improve new files creation during removing fileroms
  • Improve startup dataview
  • Improve zip exception detection
  • Upgrade libraries to their latest versions
  • Stay on path after reloading it.
  • Attempt to fix dat with bad structure when importing.
Issues fixed:
  • #24: When creating a new file, automatically fill the database filename from dat file
  • #28: System.OutOfMemoryException
  • #31: Saving window location, size and state on close should work differently
  • #32 Please put « Open existing », « New DB » and « Update » as buttons in the main toolbar
  • #34 Add keyboard shortcuts
  • #35 Closing a database tab should not always activate the Welcome tab
  • #37: Process cannot access the firle because it is being used by another process.
  • #40 Nes-Header-Problems
  • #44 Can’t open Recalbox dat files
  • #46 Confirmation message when closing database looks odd
  • #47 Open Existing Database dialog shows *.rdt twice
  • #48 « Cleanup Database » menu entry not fully selected
  • #49 « Add to quick-access toolbar » context menu option does not work as expected
  • #51 Create new mame database: default db save location wrong
  • #52 mame.xml not deleted after extraction
  • #57 Filtering regions: NONE == ALL?
  • #58 Error during MAMEUI64 0.190 db creation
  • Attempt to Fix locked db.
  • Check newdb/updatedb fields validation when displaying backstage
  • Clean up dat and db default folders
  • Clean up options dialog
  • Enable parent/clone relation option for mame
  • Fix 7z infinite retry
  • Fix bad status after renaming unknown files
  • Fix constraint violation when updating db
  • Fix crc identification when no file size in dat
  • Fix deletion of corrupted roms
  • Fix empty 7z archive not found
  • Fix empty archive identified as corrupted
  • Fix emul name init when creating db from an exe
  • Fix file status not refreshed wihen corrupted roms deleted
  • Fix fileroms cases not working
  • Fix memory leaks
  • Fix multiple identical files when roms have multiple errors
  • Fix object not found when moving files in error
  • Fix out of memory error on 7z
  • Fix refresh always reload files with some plugin
  • Fix regions filter for mame roms
  • Fix release not working if keep all selected
  • Fix right click not selecting items
  • Fix roms in folder always refreshed when using a plugin
  • Fix save window position/size
  • Fix single files not removed when renaming
  • Fix slow operations when selecting lot of files
  • Fix unique rom warning when deleting corrupted roms
  • Fix unneeded games loading before reloading paths.
  • Fix useless db reloading after changing some settings
  • Fix useless filtering when no filter set
  • Fix zip exception not catched
  • Fix zip not deleted on a renamefile
  • General code cleanup
  • Prevent two unhandled error dialog at the same time
  • Remove unused icons
  • Reset dat filter when change src dat
  • Set compression level default to 3 (normal)
  • Switch to main window when ‘create dat’ process starts
→ [Arcade] Romcenter 4 beta 11

RomCenter 4.0.0.beta 11


  • New filters features when creating or updating games database
    • Filter is now available for all dat and exe
    • When you select an exe (mame.exe, raine.exe) as datafile and open the filter dialog, roms list are now extracted and parsed.
    • Roms countries can now be extracted from game description.
    • Add new zealand and yougoslav countries
    • Add 'keepall' checkbox
    • Add 'Tosec convention' naming for filtering
  • New captions in status bar
    • Add merge status
    • Add plugin name
    • Hide emul name in startup view 'send a beer' button
  • Reload files when plugin changed. This is needed if the new dat use a different plugin.
  • Merge updatedb and newdb dialog
    • This allow to change db filename when doing a simple update.
    • Old db filter settings are used when updating
  • Speed up games filtering
  • Speed up rom import and add progress bar
  • Add rompath availability check
  • Add different devices icons in treeview
    • network/usb/hdd/cdrom devices
    • device found / not found
    • upgrade ribbon to v5
  • Finished options dialog
    • Add pause dos
    • Add dialog confirmation options
    • Clean up
  • Use a new busy indicator on views and filter
  • Code clean up
    • Upgrade packages
    • Major refactoring
    • Fix build warning
    • Remove unused components
    • Upgrade db engine. This fix some memory errors.


  • Sometimes duplicated files in view
  • Disable '1g1r' and 'keep parent clones' options when no clones
  • Filter not always saved
  • '*.dat' files not showing in update file dialog
  • '*.xml' files not showing in file selection dialog
  • Treeview not refreshed after adding samplepath
  • 'Null reference' error with invalid dat
  • Error dialog with 'access denied' files
  • Change shutdown order. This fix a closing view problem.
  • Change views creation order. This fix random exception.


→ [Arcade] Romcenter 4 beta 10.1

RomCenter 4.0.0.beta 10.1

  • Version 10.1 is a hotfix for version 10. It fixes the update dialog still showing after the update.

What's new

  • You can now select the regions you want to keep before importing a dat (USA, EUR, JAP...). This is mostly used with 'no-intro' dat.
  • Dat filter features are now disabled if dat doesn't use them (nodump, bios...).
  • When selecting a dat for import, db file name and path is automatically set
  • Drag and drop a dat file in the main window to open the 'create db' view. Paths are automatically filled.
  • Old romcenter 2.5 dat format can be imported

Full changes

  • New:
    • Regions filter (no-intro dat): regions order, keep parent/clone relation, 1G1R, 1GxR
    • Disable filters if not used in dat
    • Rc2 dat support
    • Activate window when displaying a message dialog
    • Allow db on remote share (no unc)
    • #17 Create db: Auto set destination filename (default to dat folder)
    • Improve errors messages during operations
    • Improve newdb validation and default paths
    • Improve unhandled exceptions messages
    • Handle multiple erros in operations
    • Add usefull links to startup page
    • Add dat drag and drop to import dat
    • #25 Select rom path after adding it
    • #3 Error when rc installed on a network (unc not supported)
  • Fix:
    • #18 Can't select more than 1500 items
    • Crash when root folder is unknown when showing files dialogs
    • #27 Improve 'path too long' dialog
    • #36 update message still displayed after update
→ [Arcade] Romcenter 4 beta 8 released
RomCenter Beta:GUI

RomCenter 4.0.0.beta 8

  • Add Play game feature
  • Add hints on why a game won't start.
  • Add raine dat import
  • Add dat import from mame 0.70 to 0.161
  • Upgrade database engine
  • Dat import optimization
  • Add import of not-corrupted rom in corrupted file
  • Display template db version at startup
  • Fix AES bios roms wrongly merged with neogeo bios.
  • Fix troubles with games with 2 chd (2spicy)
  • Fix dat import when gameyear is too long (FB Alpha)
  • Fix crash when removing empty folders in 7z
  • Fix loosing view focus when clicking ribbon buttons
  • Fix memory leak when closing databases
  • Fix moving chd to folders
  • Fix rom unreferenced when detected as corrupted
  • Fix files in error not testable
  • Fix null reference when getting selection
  • Fix neogeo filter when importing from mame
→ [Arcade] Romcenter 4 beta 7.2 released
RomCenter Beta:GUI

RomCenter 4.0.0.beta7.2

  • Fix folder in status 'Wrong path' not moved
  • Use an 'n/a' status for files and roms if import is crashing
  • Change way to identify roms without crc/sha1 (samples/nodump) to prevent false identification with filtered mame dat.
  • Fix files date/size not updated when removing file.
  • Fix crash when deleting an unknown rom
  • Fix samples not identified in some cases
  • Fix folder content not always fully loaded
  • Fix crash during folder refresh
  • Fix 'import folder' cancel request not cleared
  • Fix crash if a problem appears during a folder import
  • Fix wrong identification with roms with no crc/sha1
  • Speed up the start of 'test zip' operation when roms are manually selected (not selecting a whole path). This will be extended to other operations later.
→ [Arcade] Romcenter 4 beta 7.1 released
RomCenter Beta:GUI

RomCenter 4.0.0.beta7.1 Jul 01, 2016 7:17 pm

  • Fix bug when dat contains crc shorter than 8 char
  • Fix checked filters checkbox by default when importing mame dat
  • Fix chd and bios status when in sample split mode

Note: the romcenter log file is located in C:ProgramDataromcenter.


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