[AMIGA] Winuae 3.2.2 beta 3

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[AMIGA] Winuae 3.2.2 beta 3

Nowa wersja testowe emulatora AMIGI - WinUAE.

Winuae 3.2.2 Beta 3 / 16/12/2015

  • Debugger thought slow ram was IO region if ECS Agnus.
  • CDTV-CR mode CD led didn't flash when reading data, only when playing audio.
  • Fixed linestate array buffer underrun if mode was interlaced. Most common side-effect was blanked screen in interlaced modes, especially in fields or fields+ mode, if build was full optimized.
→ NOWSZY [AMIGA] Winuae 3.2.2 beta 4

Winuae 3.2.2 Beta 4 / 21/12/2015

Beta 4: (Final tomorrow if nothing too bad reported)

  • Serial emulation didn't flush transmit buffer, it was possible last few characters remained in buffer. (This was the last remaining bug I wanted to fix, was difficult to duplicate)
  • AVIOutput hang if sound emulation was idle. (Sound was autoswitched off)
  • Added hidden (no overlays) touch mouse and joystick support. Only enabled when touch panel is detected, Game Ports panel mouse driver is not active and Windows mouse is not selected. Multi-touch supported. Located in bottom half of screen, left side is always mouse, right side is always joystick. First basic implementation. Nothing is configurable. Tested only with Wisky 7.85 Windows tablet. (Most of this was already done weeks ago)
  • Sending input event externally (via uae-configuration for example) that goes to inactive Amiga-side port
→ [AMIGA] Winuae 3.2.2 beta 2

Winuae 3.2.2 Beta 2 / 13/12/2015

  • SASI/SASI (CHS) options were not visible in GUI when listing SASI controllers.
  • No MIDI out devices detected, 64-bit only.
  • AVIOutput with "capture before filtering": width is now always divisible by 16 and height is divisible by two.
  • Added config file only optional AVIOutput position and offset parameters: recording_width and recording_height, (resolution of video) and recording_x and recording_y, offset from top/left of Amiga display. If offsets are not set or negative, Amiga display is automatically centered. Only available in "capture before filtering" mode. GUI setting may be added later.
  • Windowed mode bottom bar CPU state didn't show PPC state if x86 and PPC CPU expansion was active at the same time.
  • Phoenix Board SCSI emulation added.

Phoenix Board SCSI:

  • Autoconfig, 5380 SCSI chip.
  • Very simple design, PIO SCSI, software handshake. (No "fake DMA").
  • Boot ROM version J added, pbscsi.device 3.1. ("Phoenix Board SCSI J 29/7/92")
→ [AMIGA] Winuae 3.2.2 beta 1

Winuae 3.2.2 Beta 1 / 10/12/2015

  • 68020+ BFFFO instruction's result value must be calculated from full offset (was offset AND 31), even when effective address is data register.
  • When loading config with joystick that is not available, switch to keyboard layout that was previously selected or none, not layout A. Set layout A in default.uae if you want old behavior.
  • If IPL rises during interrupt exception processing, new interrupt exception should start immediately when previous one was about to execute first instruction. Previously one instruction was always executed before new instruction exception processing started.
  • Per-monitor high DPI update still caused repeated GUI window closing/opening.
  • Slirp code had undefined C (unsigned <= 0 comparisons, in WinUAE only), probably accidentally worked when using older compiler. Caused slirp thread to use 100% CPU time continuously.
  • Keyboard names are now listed in Input panel device list. (Replaces "HID Keyboard Device" or similar generic name)
  • AGA FMODE register was reset to original value if state was restored and then display parameters changed (for example window was resized) and program didn't update FMODE for example in copper list. (3.1.0b10)
  • AGA subpixel bitplane delay emulation rewritten. (Fire and Ice CD32 config screen jitter, Banshee flickering vertical line)
  • Fixed wrong free call in function that creates zipped debugging log files.
  • Renamed log file zip file name. includes now 64-bit identifier and version number.
  • Added Windows build number to log version string.
  • Filter reserved USB HID usage IDs, not just vendor reserved IDs.
  • Changed HID RawInput handling, never unregister raw input, use rawinput device change events to detect device insertions/removals instead of generic change support that also includes other types of media changes. This update also works around odd Windows 10 (10586 only?) rawinput side-effect where device handle can change after RegisterRawInputDevices() call. Raw input device change notification support is Vista or later only.
  • Updated built-in HRTmon to 2.36
  • Clip out of bounds RTG coordinates instead of rejecting graphics operation completely.
  • SSE2 rounding mode should match FPU rounding mode. (3.2.0b16)

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