[AMIGA] Winuae 2.8.1 beta 5

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[AMIGA] Winuae 2.8.1 beta 5

Niezłe tempo prac narzucił sobie Toni - kolejna wersja testowa  WinUAE, emulatora całej rodziny komputerów AMIGA;)

WinUAE 2.8.1 beta 5 [4/06/14]

  • Relative path improvement broke CDFS CD mounting in some configurations.
  • Ungrab (b4) event didn't disable mouse capture when it was activated in fullscreen modes.
  • VPOS LOF bit toggles (if interlace) exactly 2 cycles before first refresh slot. Logic analyzer tested.
  • Copper vblank strobe also stopped the copper if DMA was disabled and second strobe register was accessed previously. Broke in 280b1. (Sequential / Andromeda first screen)
  • More accurate BPL1DAT emulation. (Glitches appeared in Sequential / Andromeda magnet part's left border when one pixel gap in Rink a Dink / Lemon rotozoomer part white border was fixed)
  • 8-bit split (odd/even) roms didn't load if merged parent was missing.



→ NOWSZY [AMIGA] Winuae 2.8.1 beta 8 RC5
Amiga WinUAE:Ghostbusters II:Activision, Inc.:Foursfield:1989:
Ghostbusters II (Activision, Inc., 1989)

WinUAE 2.8.1 beta 8  [16/06/14]

Beta 8: (Really the final, in 1-2 days)

  • Tweaked 68020 reading from non-existing memory behavior. (AROS ROM boot hang)
  • Added *.a500, *.a600, *.a1200 and *.a4000 extensions to ROM dialog file name filter.
  • AVIOutput didn't use (slow) reads from VRAM even when it should have been used it, resulting in tiny non-scaled video output if "capture before filtering" was not ticked and resolution was large enough.
  • AROS ROM updated.


→ NOWSZY [AMIGA] Winuae 2.8.1 beta 7 RC4

WinUAE 2.8.1 beta 6 [7/06/14]

Beta 7: (Hopefully final beta)

  • Yet another BPLxDAT update. If BPL1DAT is written when sprite is already active and no planes enabled in BPLCON0, "sprites visible 1 lores pixel before first bitplane pixel" feature is not active. Previous update was not correct and broke some other demos. (Real fix for Rink A Dink / Lemon extra pixel in rotozoomer part)
  • 68000 CE with 8x (or higher) clock multiplier was really fast (270b4)
  • AROS ROM updated.


→ NOWSZY [AMIGA] Winuae 2.8.1 beta 6 RC3

WinUAE 2.8.1 beta 6 [7/06/14]

RC3 and hopefully nearly final

  • b2 HAM update was incomplete and broken, nr_color_changes check was not fully working. (b2)
  • Display panel missing translations added (autoresolution and brightness/contrast/gamma)
  • Some file operations (zipped files, possibly something else too) didn't support recently introduced relative ".." path part update.
  • Copper emulation state was not fully reset when restoring state file, in some situations copper may have modified restored custom register in next cycle after state was restored.



→ [AMIGA] Winuae 2.8.1 beta 4

WinUAE 2.8.1 beta 4 [31/05/14]

  • New relative path mode worked badly under Windows XP, possibly up to Windows 7 without SP1.
  • "Toggle between mouse grabbed and un-grabbed" input event has not done anything at all for ages (if ever).
  • "Switch between audio interpolation methods" input event probably has never done anything at all, probably totally useless (custom events works as well) but at least it works now..
  • 2.8.0 translation dlls are accepted now.


→ [AMIGA] Winuae 2.8.1 beta 3
Amiga WinUAE:Damocles: Mercenary II (a.k.a. Mercenary II: Sword of Damocles):Novagen Software Ltd:Novagen Software Ltd:Mar, 1990:
Damocles: Mercenary II (a.k.a. Mercenary II: Sword of Damocles) (Novagen Software Ltd, Mar, 1990)

WinUAE 2.8.1 beta 3 [29/05/14]

  • Do not show "hpos = 256!?" error dialog if something writes very bad values to programmed display mode registers.
  • "Magic mouse" now stays disabled unless there is at least one open Intuition Screen.
  • If relative path mode, support also relative paths that point outside of winuae root directory.
  • BPLCON2 KILLEHB bit still required AGA instead of ECS Denise. This was supposed to be fixed in 1.4.5. (But no one cares, pre-AGA it was only meant for genlock stuff)
  • Removed "Unimplemented error" dialog if directory filesystem returns unhandled/unknown win32 disk error codes, adds log message, returns ERROR_OBJECT_NOT_AROUND. (Most common causes are network filesystem problems, file/directory errors due security problems etc, no new missing errors reported for long time)
  • On the fly (not using GUI) switching from Automatic resize filter to another filter mode may have incorrectly changed window size in some situations.


→ [AMIGA] Winuae 2.8.1 beta 2

WinUAE 2.8.1 beta 2 [21/05/14]

  • Quickstart GUI disk eject button was unreliable.
  • HAM mode right border in some situations (Uridium 2 title screeen in some filter modes), also restored proper operation (got broken long time ago) of original "fast mode" if HAM scanline does not have any color register changes.
  • CIA update (which I forgot to mention in b1 changelog) improved, was not fully compatible if CPU was faster than 68000, do not trigger CIA interrupt while CPU is accessing any CIA register (not 100% confirmed but seems to be true), this also made b1 CPU mode switching unreliable.
  • Reduced diskready (motor rotating at full speed) activation time by small amount, fixes Critical Mass / Parallax.
  • Disk inserted (if replacing existing disk) and disk ready bit setting time is now more "random", now delay time counts scanlines, previously it counted vblanks (=disk was always inserted at vblank)
  • Removed 270b16 Windows 8.1 mouse bug workaround, bug seems to be fixed.


→ [AMIGA] Winuae 2.8.1 beta 1

WinUAE 2.8.1 beta 1 [14/05/14]

  • Audio DMA CPU wait hack (that tries to prevent missing samples if program has CPU timed audio DMA wait) improved, now compatible with programs that really need delay after DMA switch off (for example switches DMA off, then clears interrupt request, and then finally waits for audio interrupt).
  • CPU on the fly mode changes were unreliable (2.8.0b15)
  • Fixed some GUI strings that didn't support translation.
  • .ccd CD images didn't automatically load from archive if file was not in archive root.
  • Disk insert after emulation has been started may have internally set disk as write protected even if disk image is write enabled. (broken since GUI "?" button was added)
  • Added DMA channel support to memwatch points. Add DMA channel name (or more than one) at the end of debugger w command line, for example COP, BLT (or BLTA if you only want A channel reads) and so on.. No parameter = CPU accesses only.
  • Null filter didn't check display bounds, fixes possible DirectDraw mode crash when display size changes.
  • Directory filesystem ACTION SET FILE SIZE will now fail if target file size is >= 2G. (Prevents accidental truncation if program does not support large files)
  • Added directory filesystem MorphOS compatible 64-bit file size packets: ACTION_SEEK64, ACTION_SET_FILE_SIZE64, ACTION_LOCK_RECORD64, ACTION_FREE_RECORD64, ACTION_EXAMINE_OBJECT64, ACTION_EXAMINE_NEXT64, ACTION_EXAMINE_FH64 and ACTION_EXAMINE_ALL ED_SIZE64. (OS4 packets were implemented long time ago)
  • AGA and reading non-existing or write-only custom registers work differently than on A500, don't use new more A500 compatible method added in 2.8.0 with AGA configurations. (This is far from accurate)
  • Mouse device autoswitching was unreliable if rawinput was not supported or was disabled.
  • If Quickstart mode and sound filter is set to A500 or A1200 emulated or always on: automatically match it with selected config.
  • DMA debugger now shows CPU and DMA 32-bit chip ram accesses, previously data was truncated to 16-bits. 64-bit DMA is stil truncated to 32-bit.


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