[AMIGA] Winuae 2.7.1 beta 11

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[AMIGA] Winuae 2.7.1 beta 11

Kolejna beta WinUAE, emulatora całej rodziny komputerów AMIGA, i bezsprzecznie najbardziej profesjonalnego wśród udawaczy tego sprzętu. 

Amiga WinUAE:Street Cat (a.k.a. Bad Cat):U.S. Gold Ltd.:Rainbow Arts Software GmbH:1988:
Street Cat (a.k.a. Bad Cat) (U.S. Gold Ltd., 1988)

WinUAE 2.7.1 beta 11 [18/03/14]

  • Borderblank + bordersprite caused border glitches in some situations.
  • CDTV front panel buttons' default state after reset should be enabled, not disabled.
  • Added new double options to non-lace modes. Not really useful, maybe be moved somewhere else later..
  • 68040 MOVE16 write access error stack frame is now correct.
  • Editing non-existing new style real harddrive config entry opened hardfile properties dialog.
  • Separate filter options for native and RTG modes. Currently only following settings are RTG compatible: Direct3D shader filters (no software filter support and never will be), masks, overlays, scanlines.
  • New automatic resolution option was unreliable in some situations.
  • Do not detect modes with VTOTAL=350 or less as scandoubled to fix Super72 halved height.
  • tablet.library emulation, totally untested, do not enable.
  • After long field to short field change last line still showed old background color(s) if line had any background color changes before field mode was changed.
  • Master floppy write protection config option was not loaded from config. (wrong config entry name..)
  • Disk emulation multirevolution support was unstable, disk revolution data stream change was not always bit perfect.
  • Added Super Card Pro (scp) image file support. (Don't ask me if images don't work, I didn't implement it originally)
  • Added support for raw dumps from Softpres Capture Tool and KryoFlux using new capslib v0.5.

Yes, above two changes in same beta is only a strange coincidence. Note that both are raw dumps which can't be confirmed easily, don't bother me if there are compatibility problems.

FPU improvements (Mostly low level stuff that only makes difference if unimplemented checkbox is not ticked, much more important for Previous emulator, NextStep OS requires FPU and uses it heavily):

  • 6888x any FPU instruction (except FSAVE/FRESTORE) causes null state to idle state transition but 68040+ conditional FPU instructions won't affect null state.
  • 68040 unimplemented FPU instruction emulation was broken, FSAVE exception frame was not emulated, 68040.library emulation code needs it for proper operation.
  • 68040/060 FPU FMOVECR is now unimplemented instruction.
  • 68040/060 unimplemented packed-decimal data type exception is now emulated.
  • 68060 FMOVEM.X with dynamic list now causes unimplemented effective address exception.
  • 68060 F<op>.X #imm,FPn and F<op>.P #imm,FPn now causes unimplemented effective address exception.
  • 68060 FMOVEM.L #imm,<more than 1 control register> now causes unimplemented effective address exception.
  • FMOVEM.X with dynamic list and -(An) and (An)+ effective address overrides static/dynamic post/pred state. (for example FMOVEM.X Dn,-(An) uses pre-decrement even if mode bits are set to dynamic post-increment)
  • All FPU FPSR register (overflow, div by zero etc..) status bits emulated. (May not be fully reliable)
  • 6888x Packed-Decimal Real k-factor support fully implemented. (May still have rounding bugs)

This should complete emulation all FPU features except arithmetic exceptions (that no one seems to use)


→ NOWSZY [AMIGA] Winuae 2.8.0 beta 19 RC2

WinUAE 2.8.0 beta 19 [30/04/14]

  • Increased space for UAE boot ROM extension resident module structures, it was too small and overflowed (causing boot crash) if too many UAE resident module expansions were enabled simultaneously.
  • Windows specific configuration defaults were not set if config was command line or double click loaded (missed in b17 fix)
  • AROS ROM updated.

Winuae 64 bits differences (authors comment):

  • No JIT, can support up to 2.5G of Z3 address space (any AOS supported combination of Z3 fast, Z3 chip and RTG total can be 2.5G), possibly slightly faster because x64 has more registers (big and fast L1 caches can hide it).



→ NOWSZY [AMIGA] Winuae 2.8.0 beta 18 RC1
Amiga WinUAE:Human Killing Machine:GO!:Tiertex Ltd.:1989:
Human Killing Machine (GO!, 1989)

WinUAE 2.8.0 beta 18 [25/04/14]

  • 0xFFFF was not returned when reading write-only or non-existing custom register and previous cycle was idle cycle. Not exactly 100% correct but more compatible with programs that accidentally read wrong custom registers.
  • Cirrus Logic emulation had some useless logging enabled.
  • Added GUI option to enable/disable new automatic programmed mode resolution selection to Display panel, enabled by default. (For example if you want to use superhires all the time and use filter panel to scale the display back to correct aspect ratio)
  • Unexpanded A1200 also reads last fetched opcode word when accessing non-existing memory, similar to unexpanded A500. (more compatible and cycle-exact only)
  • Last possible displayable line was incorrectly drawn in border color in some situations when short field mode was active.


→ NOWSZY [AMIGA] Winuae 2.8.0 beta 17

WinUAE 2.8.0 beta 17 [24/04/14]

  • Debugger breakpoints work again. (b14)
  • Full CPUSHA/CPUSHL/CPUSHP disassembly implemented.
  • Integer scale mode compatibility improved with programmed display modes.
  • Integer scale mode changes Filter panel zoom slider range to -99 to 99 and is used to adjust integer scaling calculation. For example -10 means if next largest scaling factor is selected even if display height is 10% too big to fit normally. (This was implemented already but it didn't work properly)
  • Fixed fill_line() top/bottom background line drawing buffer overflow in some programmed modes.
  • Some programmed modes had single short background colored line in left horizontal blanking area.
  • Command line (or icon doubleclick) loaded config didn't reset previously loaded config (default.uae, if it existed)
  • Emulated more Fat Gary address regions that are unmapped (CIA is same as Gayle, upper 32k in clock space and Gary register space are unmapped, 0xdf0000-0xdf7fff is also unmapped)
  • Emulate Fat Gary invalid address space access timeout if Gary timeout bit is set, first 50 timeouts are always logged. To prevent last moment stupid bugs or bug reports, delay is not yet enabled


→ NOWSZY [AMIGA] Winuae 2.8.0 beta 16

WinUAE 2.8.0 beta 16 [17/04/14]


  • Borderblank blanked sprites incorrectly in some situations (b11, Roots AGA)
  • SPRxDATx/SPRxPOS copper write/Denise internal sprite timing should now fully match real hardware.
  • Ancient (and recently non-working) Superfrog flashing intro bee hack removed, properly emulated now.
  • gfx_filter_keep_autoscale_aspect and gfx_filter_keep_aspect config entry change was not detected when using using uae-configuration.
  • Last used AVI codec was not restored from registry if ICGetState() returned zero size data block.


→ NOWSZY [AMIGA] Winuae 2.8.0 beta 15
Amiga WinUAE:Hybris:Discovery Software International, Inc.:Cope-com:1988:
Hybris (Discovery Software International, Inc., 1988)

WinUAE 2.8.0 beta 15 [13/04/14]

  • Finally bumped version to 2.8.0. This isn't small 2.7.0 update (Should have been done since b6 or so..)
  • FPU register negative zero transformed to positive zero when it was written to or read from memory in extended FP format (FMOVE.X FPx,<ea> or FMOVE.X <ea>,FPx or FMOVEM). No one should care as usual.
  • When loading FPU register from memory in extended format, normalize any "unnormal" zero. (non-zero exponent but zero mantissa part). Motorola FPUs do this automatically, x86 FPU does not seem to like them. (Another mostly Next specific update)
  • Programmed mode autoresolution should now work with strange modes like highgfx.
  • Only allow CPU mode changes between instructions, previously change sometimes happened mid-instruction (during instruction internal memory read/write) which wasn't safe.
  • Small tweak to recent sprite update (Hybris)
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