[AMIGA] FS-UAE Version 2.9.0 Dev

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[AMIGA] FS-UAE Version 2.9.0 Dev

Nowa seria testowa emulatora FSUAE Frode Solheima. Aplikacji bazującej na kodzie pozostałych emulatorów z rodziny UAE, a tak naprawdę i w zasadzie bardzo przyjemnego połączenie pythoona z WinUAE.

Changes in FS-UAE 2.9.0dev:

  • Fix mouse input on Windows with raw keyboard input enabled.
  • Alt+F4 and Cmd+Q will no longer quit FS-UAE (in full keyboard emulation mode).
  • Use raw input on Windows again (allows grabbing of Windows keys, etc).
  • New option raw_input = 0 will disable use of raw input for keyboard.
  • Fixed loading shaders from fs-uae.dat.
  • Updated Xbox 360 configs for Linux.
  • Updated emulation core from WinUAE 3300b2.

Changes in FS-UAE Launcher 2.9.0dev:

  • New option whdload_boot_dir must be used to enable an old feature, previously it was enabled by the presence of Hard Drives/WHDLoad.
  • Removed some debug code left by accident (causing rating variants to fail).
  • Make game scanner more forgiving if parent game uuid is not found.
  • Fixed problem where rating could be reset for first loaded game/variant.
  • New experimental option: relative_temp_feature.

Changes in FS-UAE Arcade 2.9.0dev:

  • Allow mouse to be used to activate the close button.
  • Show mouse cursor briefly when moving the mouse.
  • Added stretch / keep aspect toggle button to top right menu.
  • Added V-Sync toggle button to top right menu.
  • Ability to see and change variant before starting the game.
  • Make menu rendering conformant to FS-UAE style.
  • More transition animations.
  • New cover rendering for non-portrait covers.
  • Use –platform= to start with a given platform filter, e.g. –platform=cd32.
  • Variant sort order fixed to be same as in FS-UAE Launcher.
  • Fixed arrow keys for FS-UAE Arcade on MacOS.
  • Reversed position of platform and publisher names.

This first development version in the 2.9.x series includes all changes from the 2.8.x stable series up until now, and I’ve also started merging in updates from WinUAE. Please also download updated plugins if you use CAPSImg and/or QEMU-UAE.

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