[AMIGA] FS-UAE Version 2.1.30 Dev

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[AMIGA] FS-UAE Version 2.1.30 Dev

Kolejna deweloperska wersji emulatora Amigi "FS-UAE" Frode Solheima, który bazuje na kodzie pozostałych emulatorów UAE (Unusable Amiga Emulator). Najważniejszą cechą FS-UAE w stosunku do pozostałych emulatorów jest wieloportowość, dodatkowo świetnie rozwiązany mechanizm wyświetlania obrazu i wygodny launcher, który dozbrojony w bazę gier potrafi uwolnić nas od ręcznego wybierania poszczególnych obrazów dyskietek, osoby lubiące grę poprzez sieć znajdą w FSUAE specjalny moduł, który umożliwia tego typu rozgrywkę. Jedyny minus to, w porównaniu do wymagań WinUAE, spory wzrost zapotrzebowania na moc komputera hosta.

Predator (Activision, Inc., 1989)

FS-UAE 2.1.29dev Posted on 2013-02-24

  • Fixed a bug with notification replacing earlier notifications of the same type.
  • F12 + w to toggle warp mode (no frame limit, no audio).
  • F12 + m to mute the sound (was implemented in 2.1.28).
  • F12 + comma to decrease the volume.
  • F12 + period to increase the volume.
  • Updated translations: fi [GoingDown], sr [Milanchez].
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: sr [Milanchez].

FS-UAE 2.1.28dev Released Posted on 2013-02-24

  • For directory hard drives, save file attributes in .uaem files (permissions, timestamp, file note).
  • Fix for directory hard drives so correct case is reported back to the Amiga when the Amiga opens a file with another case than what’s stored.
  • Report local time for files in directory hard drive.
  • Use re-entrant / thread-safe variants of time functions.
  • Reverted the scanline function to its older / simpler behavior, use the shader “scanlines-nonlinear” instead.
  • New shaders included: scanlines-classic (same as scanline CPU filter), and scanlines-nonlinear (a scanline filter which varies with pixel intensity and also introduces some pixel blending).
  • Text cache texture size is now 2048×2048 (was 1024×1024).
  • For automatic directory hard drive volume label, only use the part before an opening parenthesis (if it exists).
  • New options to configure what screenshots to save and where to save them.
  • A bit more compact naming of screenshots, and reset sub-minute counter for each minute (makes sorted names always cronological even with large number of screenshots).
  • Can now bind keys to action_screenshot, notification replaces previous notification (of same type).
  • Lua scripts can be used to read/write Amiga memory, position the output video rectangle, change shader (experimental feature).
  • Support /dev/tty as the serial output [Jason S. McMullan].
  • Patch for Linux CD ioctl support [Jason S. McMullan].
  • Removed a some useless stubs printed to stdout, removed several printf statements logging stuff to stdout.
  • Updated translations: fi [GoingDown], cs [spajdr].
  • (Launcher) Make sure the nickname is a valid IRC nickname (net play).
  • (Launcher) Fixed problem where .fs-uae configurations could in some cases disappear from the configuration list when refreshing the online database.
  • (Launcher) Fixed a bug where config name was saved in config file if based on a config from online database.
  • (Launcher) Automatically set screenshots_output_prefix based on floppy name.
  • (Launcher) If A500 kickstart is not found on startup, look for Amiga Forever in default location and add kickstarts to database if found (Windows).
  • (Launcher) Add Amiga Forever shared documents directory to search path.
  • (Launcher) Index files in .rp9 archives, contained disk images can be used with the online database (when match is found).
  • (Launcher) Support file comments for WHDLoad slave files when using the online database, comments are stored in .uaem files. Fixes Embryo.
  • (Launcher) Allowing selecting .lha files as hard drives.
  • (Launcher) Fixed an issue with selecting Amiga 1000 (2.1.26).
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: cs [spajdr].

Changes in FS-UAE 2.1.27dev:

  • Added lua (sandboxed), (possibly) to be used as a scripting engine.
  • Added freetype as a build dependency, will be used for truetype fonts.
  • Some changes to the build system, fs-uae binary now linked in root dir.
  • Updated translations: fi [GoingDown].
  • (Launcher) Index content in .lha files if lhafile python module is found (implemented earlier, but not announced).
  • (Launcher) Added lhafile module to Windows / OS X binary distributions.
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: it [Speedvicio], pl [grimi], de [nexusle], fi [GoingDown].

FS-UAE 2.1.26dev Released Posted on 2013-02-08

  • Implemented options hard_drive_x_priority.
  • Renamed FS-UAE.log to FS-UAE.log.txt for easier upload to EAB.
  • Better method to override directories (e.g. base_dir), old ones deprecated.
  • Added translations: cs [spajdr], fi [GoingDown].
  • Updated translations: it [Speedvicio].
  • (Launcher) Added refresh button to update list of connected joysticks.
  • (Launcher) Added support for the recently added A3000 FS-UAE Amiga model.
  • (Launcher) Improved memory widgets, you now see the current default value.
  • (Launcher) A new simple ADF & HDF Creator dialog is included.
  • (Launcher) Display name first, then directory in media selectors.
  • (Launcher) Fixed a bug where you could get an error message about missing kickstart after just having imported kickstarts and tried to start the emulation.
  • (Launcher) Do not expose database username/password in FS-UAE logs.
  • (Launcher) Added main menu button, moved scan and settings to this menu.
  • (Launcher) Also add menu entries to application menu on OS X.
  • (Launcher) Moved custom options and custom settings to new dialog accessible from the new menu.
  • (Launcher) Moved kickstart import to new kickstart import dialog, removed the “setup” / wizard tab.
  • (Launcher) New “kickstarts are missing” notification in the top tab area.
  • (Launcher) Marked some additional text for translation.
  • (Launcher) Added new about dialog.
  • (Launcher) Database: Game variants can specify that an empty HD or a HD with Workbench must be added to the system.
  • (Launcher) Preselect variant with personal rating = 5, or else highest rated game variant when selecting a game from the database.
  • (Launcher) Respect new base_dir override.
  • (Launcher) Updated GUI layout in several places, minor improvements here and there.
  • (Launcher) Added translations: cs [spajdr], fi [GoingDown].

FS-UAE 2.1.25dev Released Posted on 2013-02-03

  • Fixed startup when running under OS X (2.1.24).

FS-UAE 2.1.24dev Released Posted on 2013-02-02

  • Screenshot function also saves a screenshot of the OpenGL frame buffer.
  • Support some RetroArch extensions to the XML shader spec, as a result, the CRT-interlaced-halation shader works now.
  • Fixed zoom modes and viewport correction when disabling line doubling or using low_resolution option.
  • Warn if OpenGL renderer is “GDI Generic” (no real driver installed).
  • Fixed problem loading state when using directory hard drives on case sensitive file systems.
  • Don’t warn (with LEDs) about missed frames / repeated frames when this is normal (host frame rate != Amiga frame rate).
  • Blank sync leds a few seconds after startup until the statistics have settled.
  • New option fade_out_duration (miliseconds).
  • Updated translations: fr [Foul], de [nexusle], pl [grimi].
  • (Launcher) Fixed problem initializing joystick device list on Windows.
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: fr [Foul], de [nexusle].

FS-UAE 2.1.23dev Released Posted on 2013-01-28

  • New option save_states can be used to disable the save state feature.
  • Marked several warning messages for translation.
  • Updated translations: de [nexusle].
  • (Launcher) Disable the save state feature in cases were it is known to not work (with temporarily created hard drives).
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: de [nexusle].

Changes in FS-UAE 2.1.22dev:

  • Fixed a missing bit in the UTF-8 decoding (for text rendering).
  • Fixed a potential crash due to an uninitialized variable (2.1.21).
  • Generated source files were by mistake not updated.

Changes in FS-UAE 2.1.21dev:

  • Added A3000 model (68030 + FPU, 2 MB chip + 8 MB fast, KS 3.1)
  • New aliases for theme overlays (power_led, df0_led, etc).
  • Theme coordinate system can be defined with theme_width, theme_height.
  • Old overlay option is deprecated, new overlay types available.
  • Audio led flashes red on buffer underruns, turns off when the Amiga is not outputting audio data.
  • New theme_zoom option (preferred over viewport for theme purposes).
  • Updated translations: pl [grimi].
  • (Launcher) Updated translations: pl [grimi].

FS-UAE 2.1.20dev Released Posted on 2013-01-26

  • Implemented bsdsocket_library support for Windows.
  • New LED/overlays: CDTV/32 memory access, vsync, fps, audio.
  • Flicker CD LED instead of HD LED when CDFS is used.
  • New modes for LED / overlays (overlays can have several states).
  • Improved scanline renderer (but also more resource hungry..), may become optional or rewritten as a GPU shader.
  • Fixed bug selecting joystick port mode for port > 0 (2.1.19).
  • Fixed stuttering in RTG modes (2.1.19).
  • Fixed scanline rendering on bigendian computers (PPC).
  • Clear video buffer on target_graphics_buffer_update, e.g. when display mode switches from PAL to NTSC. Fixes garbled graphics on bottom of display.
  • Allow theme config to overwrite (default) values set by Launcher.
  • (Launcher) Removed unnused dependency on Python Imaging (PIL).


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