[Amiga] DevWinFellow alpha v0.5.2 build 966

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[Amiga] DevWinFellow alpha v0.5.2 build 966

Kolejne zmiany repozytoryjne w Windowsowym porcie emulatora Fellow - jednego z najstarszych programów, dzięki którym możemy powrócić do dawnych hitów na Amigę 500.

Zmiany o tyle ciekawe, że zapowiadają pojawienie się w najbliższym czasie nowej wersji tego emulatora - wersja, którą wrzucam w żadnym wypadku nie należy traktować jako pełnowartościowe 0.5.2, nawet ze względu na brak zmian w dokumentacji (LateX dla okienkowca do zło;)).

Amiga WinFellow:Wings of Fury II:Brøderbund Software, Inc.:Brøderbund Software, Inc.:1990:
Wings of Fury (Brøderbund Software, Inc., 1990)

WinFellow Dev[SVN 966]

Author: peschau | Date: 9 października 2013 07:32:25

  • Removed statefile entries in the menu.

WinFellow Dev[SVN 965]

Author: carfesh | Date: 7 października 2013 13:51:13

  • version number increased to 0.5.2 as preparation for new release
  • documentation update
NOWSZY [Amiga] WinFellow x86 i x64 v0.5.11 RC1 21/03/24

WinFellow v0.5.11 Release Candidate 1 Pre-release  21/03/2024

This is a public release candidate build of WinFellow v0.5.11. Compared to the earlier version 0.5.10, the following changes are included in this build:

New features

  •  the default display driver was changed from DirectDraw to Direct3D 11, where supported
  •  implemented support for keyboard-initiated reset in Amiga Forever

Bug Fixes

  •  improved logging in case of failure to initialize Direct3d graphics driver
  •  fix several issues related to creating, loading, applying and saving configuration files
  •  fix potential memory leaks
  •  implement more failure checks for Direct3D initialization
  •  fix crash to desktop when using an emulated joystick in Amiga Forever

Maintenance updates

  •  code refactoring
  •  added sound driver interface and classes
  •  redesign filesystem wrapper and logging
  •  upgrade to cpp20
  •  removed a Windows XP specific workaround from the filesystem module
  •  reformatted the project using a uniform clang-format configuration
NOWSZY [Amiga] WinFellow x86 i x64 v0.5.9 RC1
Flight Of Intruder (1990, Spectrum HoloByte)

WinFellow v0.5.9 RC1 04/09/19

This is a release candidate build of WinFellow. Compared to the earlier version 0.5.8, the following changes are included in this build:

System requirement changes

  • support for Windows XP and Vista has been removed; version 0.5.8 will be the last WinFellow release to support Windows XP or Windows Vista. This enables us to take advantage of enhancements in the toolset used during development and testing.

New features

  • implemented a new menu option to allow configuration of the emulation pause behavior when the window focus is lost/emulation is running in the background
  • the floppy read-only state can now be adjusted on the fly, without having to restart the emulator

Bug Fixes

  • when using alt-tab to switch to different windows, the tab keypress is no longer passed on to the emulation session
  • mouse events via RetroPlatform are being received again
  • fixed minor heap corruption in RetroPlatform initialization code
  • fix a repeated error message during loading of presets when encrypted ROMs are searched and no keyfile is present

Maintenance updates

  • zlib was updated to version 1.2.11
  • xDMS was updated to version 1.3.2
  • Visual Studio 2022 and the Windows 11 SDK are used
  • RetroPlatform include has been updated
NOWSZY [Amiga] WinFellow x86 i x64 Alpha v0.5.8 RC1

WinFellow v0.5.8 release candidate 1

This is a public release candidate build of WinFellow v0.5.8. Compared to the earlier version 0.5.7, the following changes are included in this build:

New features

  • support for RDB hardfiles was implemented; while creating a new hardfile from the WinFellow GUI still creates "plain" hardfiles, a Rigid Disk Block can be created using tools like HD Toolbox
    – the default naming scheme for filesystem devices has been changed from DHx: to FSx: to avoid naming conflicts with existing RDB hardfiles
  • a 64 bit build is now provided; the NSIS installer will install either the 32 or 64 bit version depending on the operating system that is used

Bug fixes

  • improved handling of hardware interrupts and blitter delays; fixes freezes that could occur during installation of Workbench in earlier 0.5.x versions
  • fix wrong selection of render function after return from menu when application did not write to bplcon0 every frame; fixes garbled graphics in a Legend cracktro when returning from menu
  • replaced alternating patterns for unmapped memory with proper random numbers
  • CLR reads before write; fixes loading of Outrun and a fast-mem test in Last Ninja 2
  • improve delay caused by logging in screen-mode enumeration (could amount to many seconds with multiple screens)
  • running in an environment with very slow graphics framerate, like a VM, could cause a deadlock; set wait time after event reset to avoid race condition
  • fix an issue where screenshots would occasionally not be taken in Direct3D graphics mode; this may also have impacted the ability to use Amiga Forever's clipping editor
  • fix an issue where applying a new model preset would leave multiple blitter radio buttons selected

Maintenance updates

  • project files were updated to Visual Studio 2019 using the toolset v141_xp
  • the February 2010 DirectX SDK dependency was eliminated
  • IPF Access API files were updated to the latest version, and support for it was enabled in 64 bit builds
NOWSZY [Amiga] DevWinFellow alpha v0.5.2.x build 991
Amiga WinFellow:Jumpin' Jackson (a.k.a. Jumping Jackson):Infogrames Europe SA:1990:
Jumpin' Jackson (a.k.a. Jumping Jackson) (Infogrames Europe SA, 1990)

WinFellow Dev[SVN 991]

Author: carfesh | Date: 5 grudnia 2013 14:02:33

  • support for scanlines in Amiga Forever
  • fix for toggling from 2x to 1x in automatic clipping mode

WinFellow Dev[SVN 990]

Author: carfesh | Date: 5 grudnia 2013 09:34:34

  • removed workaround that adapts super-hires values upon initializing RetroPlatform graphics, as it is unneeded/causes issues today
NOWSZY [Amiga] DevWinFellow alpha v0.5.2.x build 989

WinFellow Dev[SVN 989]

Author: carfesh | Date: 4 grudnia 2013 10:32:09

  • fixed an intermittent failure to obtain a screenshot depending on the return value of GDI function GetDC
NOWSZY [Amiga] DevWinFellow alpha v0.5.2.x build 988

WinFellow Dev[SVN 988]

Author: carfesh | Date: 2 grudnia 2013 17:21:57

  • Cloanto header update
  • documentation update

WinFellow Dev[SVN 987]

Author: carfesh | Date: 2 grudnia 2013 16:54:25

  • rewrote 2x scaling in Amiga Forever mode to scale via DirectX instead of draw module
  • implemented screenshot/live preview function for Amiga Forever
  • code cleanup/refactoring after 2x mode change
NOWSZY [Amiga] DevWinFellow alpha v0.5.2.x build 986

WinFellow Dev[SVN 986]

Author: carfesh | Date: 16 listopada 2013 11:08:08

  • support for encrypted extended ROM images

WinFellow Dev[SVN 985]

Author: carfesh | Date: 16 listopada 2013 09:20:37

  • extended ROM basebank is now being calculated
  • fixed crash when loading 256kB extended ROM

WinFellow Dev[SVN 984]

Author: carfesh | Date: 16 listopada 2013 08:47:03

  • corrected a typo in the manual

WinFellow Dev[SVN 983]

Author: carfesh | Date: 16 listopada 2013 08:45:05

  • implemented extended ROM support
NOWSZY [Amiga] DevWinFellow alpha v0.5.2.x build 982

WinFellow Dev[SVN 982]

Author: carfesh | Date: 3 listopada 2013 12:49:07

  • implemented keyboard-initiated reset
  • fix for RetroPlatform escape key notification issue on first start
  • fill byte for ROM area with bootstrap ROM changed to 0xff

WinFellow Dev[SVN 981]

Author: carfesh | Date: 2 listopada 2013 10:40:18

  • bugfix: after starting from the A1000 bootstrap ROM, changing to another ROM was not possible a soft reset will now re-map the bootstrap and make the WCS writable
NOWSZY [Amiga] DevWinFellow alpha v0.5.2.x build 980
Amiga WinFellow:Chaos in Andromeda - Eyes of the Eagle:On-line:1991:
Chaos in Andromeda - Eyes of the Eagle (On-line, 1991)

WinFellow Dev[SVN 980]

Author: carfesh | Date: 27 października 2013 13:50:17

  • bugfix for writable control store - write functions now properly used and write protection enabled when done

WinFellow Dev[SVN 979]

Author: carfesh | Date: 27 października 2013 12:58:43

  • fix for CRC detection without AF encryption
  • restored Kickstart write functions for WCS

WinFellow Dev[SVN 978]

Author: carfesh | Date: 27 października 2013 12:03:44

  • support for Amiga 1000 bootstrap ROM and writable control store implemented

WinFellow Dev[SVN 976]

Author: carfesh | Date: 25 października 2013 16:07:25

  • fix for FPS counter to be properly placed within a clipped RetroPlatform session (32 bit only for now)
  • fix for compiler warning in RetroPlatform code
  • documentation update regarding recent CPU code fixes
NOWSZY [Amiga] DevWinFellow alpha v0.5.2.x build 975

WinFellow Dev[SVN 975]

Author: carfesh Date: 24 października 2013 14:45:56

  • made RetroPlatformGetMode inline, hopefully speeding up the frequent queries to it (end of frame handler)
  • fixed compiler warnings in floppy formatting code
  • fixed a crash to the desktop when creating a floppy image without specifying a full path
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