[Multi]DevMESS 0.154.x SVN32510

[1] @ Piątek, 3 Października 2014 16:28CET

[Multi]DevMESS 0.154.x SVN32510

Co jakiś czas będę publikował nowe deweloperskie binarki projektu MESS, natomiast BobBudowniczy będzie się starał na bieżąco śledzić zmiany w changelogu tego obok MAME największego projektu emulacyjnego. Oprócz binarki udostępniam także resztę plików z folderu MESS. Warto pamiętać, że przed pierwszym odpaleniem emulatora należy wygenerować plik z ustawieniami .ini komendą mess.exe - cc lub mess64.exe -cc

Zmiana, wygenerowanie wersji testowej generuje następny dokument. Od wersji 0.154 zmieniam nazewnictwo - jakoż, że MameDev ostatnio rezygnuje z wersji pośrednich emulatora, kolejne wersje developerskie będą opisywane numerem następnym, spodziewanej wersji.



  • 32510 vc4000: added ram to the softlist entries which need it [Fabio Priuli] 2014-10-03 14:48:45
    • (previously all games had RAM even if the real cart did not contain any), and fixed a brown paper bag bug from last night. nw.

      Changed: vc4000.xml, slot.c, slot.c, rom.c

      4 files changed, 27 insertions, 14 deletions

  • (MESS) converted arcadia and vc4000 to use slot devices for [Fabio Priuli] 2014-10-02 22:07:31
  • (MESS) fix building with official windows tools (nw) [smf] 2014-10-02 18:26:47
    • Compiling src/emu/bus/chanf/rom.c... src/emu/bus/chanf/rom.c: In member function 'UINT8 chanf_rom_device::common_read_2102(UINT32)': src/emu/bus/chanf/rom.c:144:23: error: suggest parentheses around arithmetic in operand of '|' [-Werror=parentheses] return (m_latch[0] & 0x7f | (m_data0 << 7)); ^ cc1plus.exe: all warnings being treated as errors makefile:932: recipe for target 'obj/windows/emu/bus/chanf/rom.o' failed

      Changed: rom.c

      1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions

  • Amiga: Add an initial software list for some Amiga driver disks [Dirk Best] 2014-10-02 15:48:49

    Changed: amiga_hardware.xml, amiga.c

    2 files changed, 145 insertions, 0 deletions




  • Amiga: Fix expansion slot device initialization [Dirk Best] 2014-10-02 15:34:32

    Changed: zorro.c, zorro.h

    2 files changed, 13 insertions, 3 deletions

  • Amiga: Connect Zorro interrupts in the Amiga 500 drivers and [Dirk Best] 2014-10-02 14:52:52
    • reinitialize Zorro devices on reset to stop them from disappearing on soft reset.

      Changed: zorro.h, amiga.c

      2 files changed, 88 insertions, 14 deletions

  • Amiga: Fix crash with expansion slot devices [Dirk Best] 2014-10-01 10:37:07

    Changed: zorro.c

    1 files changed, 1 insertions, 0 deletions

  • Imgtool: Display more info about Amiga images [Dirk Best] 2014-09-30 11:30:33

    Changed: amiga.c

    1 files changed, 21 insertions, 2 deletions

  • Amiga: Add save state support to the Amiga keyboard and some info about [Dirk Best] 2014-09-30 06:18:53
  • (MESS) concept: can boot 5.25" disks on fdc02 now. [crazyc] [rbelmont] 2014-10-02 15:49:36

    Changed: corvfdc02.c, corvfdc02.h

    2 files changed, 12 insertions, 2 deletions

  • (MESS) converted ibmpcjr and studio2 to use generic cart slot for [Fabio Priuli] 2014-10-02 14:09:37
  • (MESS) converted channelf and apfm1000/apfimag to use slot devices for [Fabio Priuli] 2014-10-02 14:07:03
  • trident: added hardware cursor [barryrod] 2014-10-02 13:19:51

    Changed: svga_trident.c, trident.c, trident.h

    3 files changed, 320 insertions, 13 deletions

  • (MESS) psx.xml: fixed xml, thanks to Thomas Klausner for reporting. nw. [Fabio Priuli] 2014-10-02 09:56:29

    Changed: psx.xml

    1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions

  • (MESS) concept: signal tc_w at end of fdc02 pseudo-DMA, but 765 still won't cooperate (nw) [rbelmont] 2014-10-02 03:51:46

    Changed: corvfdc02.c

    1 files changed, 8 insertions, 1 deletions

  • (MESS) msx.c: Some small fixes (nw) [Wilbert Pol] 2014-10-01 21:51:55

    Changed: cartridge.h, msx.c

    2 files changed, 6 insertions, 3 deletions

  • smsctrl.c: Moved some includes from .h to .c file (nw) [Wilbert Pol] 2014-10-01 20:32:39

    Changed: smsctrl.c, smsctrl.h

    2 files changed, 8 insertions, 9 deletions

  • powerpc: fix unaligned 64-bit accesses (nw) [villelin] 2014-10-01 16:13:21

    Changed: ppcdrc.c

    1 files changed, 2 insertions, 0 deletions

  • Fixed cylinder number calculation. (nw) [Michael Zapf] 2014-10-01 13:20:12

    Changed: hdc9234.c

    1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions

  • (MESS) Removed unneeded variable. (nw) [Michael Zapf] 2014-10-01 12:21:43

    Changed: hdc9234.c

    1 files changed, 0 insertions, 1 deletions

  • added makefile variable OPENMP to enable usage of OpenMP (includes vconv support of -fopenmp) [Oliver Stöneberg] [oliverst] 2014-10-01 11:17:09

    Changed: makefile, vconv.c

    2 files changed, 11 insertions, 0 deletions

  • more generic cart slot conversions. nw. [Fabio Priuli] 2014-10-01 07:48:35

    Changed: smpc.c, megatech.c, stv.c, stv.h, mame.mak, prestige.c

    6 files changed, 320 insertions, 397 deletions

  • (MESS): psx.xml: more info additions from AntoPisa (covering games up to K). nw. [Fabio Priuli] 2014-10-01 07:45:10

    Changed: psx.xml

    1 files changed, 910 insertions, 443 deletions

  • k053260: delta PCM decoding rolls over instead of clipping; fixes MT#1007 [Alex Jackson] [alexjack] 2014-10-01 07:10:26

    Changed: k053260.c

    1 files changed, 10 insertions, 15 deletions

  • Fix compile (unused variable issue) (nw) [tafoid] 2014-10-01 04:01:29

    Changed: hdc9234.c

    1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions

  • (MESS) HDC9234 still WIP, added some more functions and burst mode.(nw) [Michael Zapf] 2014-09-30 21:51:00

    Changed: hdc9234.c, hdc9234.h

    2 files changed, 632 insertions, 286 deletions

  • (MESS) converted scv and vboy to use slot devices for [Fabio Priuli] 2014-09-30 08:05:07
  • ATTN Kale: ddsom fails to enter ingame with this code you added [Fabio Priuli] 2014-09-29 20:22:30
    • in rev. 25747. could you please take another look, when you have time? or point me to a game which needs this code, so that I can search for a solution which makes both happy? thanks. nw.

      Changed: stvcd.c

      1 files changed, 3 insertions, 1 deletions

  • old apple gcc complains about 'floppy' possibly used uninitialized (switch [Fabio Priuli] 2014-09-29 20:15:13
  • (MESS) saturn: made RAM / Backup RAM expansion internal [Fabio Priuli] 2014-09-29 20:08:35
    • slot options. you now mount these with the -cart media switch, i.e. for instance mess.exe saturn -cdrm ddsom -cart ram32 or mess.exe saturn -cdrm draculax -cart bram16 and not anymore using the -exp option. [Fabio Priuli]
      out of whatsnew: this prevents users from passing conflicting setups like "-exp ram32 -cart kof95", etc. these would have lead to unpredictable effects, depending on the order of the option (and whether they were set at command line or inside ini files)

      Changed: sat_cart.xml, bram.c, bram.h, dram.c, dram.h, sat_slot.c, sat_slot.h, saturn.c

      8 files changed, 184 insertions, 76 deletions

  • (MESS) gbcolor: added some new Li Cheng dumps, courtesy of taizou. [Fabio Priuli] 2014-09-29 20:02:49
    • among these, there is a clone of the long awaited (and still undumped in its original form) Zook Hero Z by Vast Fame. nw.

      Changed: gbcolor.xml

      1 files changed, 73 insertions, 0 deletions

  • (MESS) consolidation + cleanup, part2. nw. [Fabio Priuli] 2014-09-29 20:01:24

    Changed: bootleg.c, kaiser.c, mmc5.c, nes_ines.inc, nes_pcb.inc, nes_slot.c, nes_slot.h, nes_unif.inc, sunsoft.c, nes.c

    10 files changed, 103 insertions, 88 deletions

  • WebUI: clean up and fixed HTML compliance. [Firehawke] [rbelmont] 2014-09-29 05:31:14

    Changed: commands.html, confirmexit.html, confirmhardreset.html, confirmsoftreset.html, index.html

    5 files changed, 232 insertions, 413 deletions

  • (MESS) concept: Add 5.25" DSDD raw image support and preliminary pseudo-DMA to buffered controller. [R. Belmont] [rbelmont] 2014-09-29 05:07:47

    Changed: corvfdc02.c, corvfdc02.h, concept_dsk.c, concept_dsk.h, lib.mak

    5 files changed, 216 insertions, 5 deletions

  • (MESS) concept: Misc fixes/cleanup, CCOS boots now from 8" floppies. [R. Belmont] [rbelmont] 2014-09-29 05:04:32

    Changed: corvfdc01.c, concept.c, concept.h, concept.c

    4 files changed, 21 insertions, 11 deletions

  • Changing #includes for headers that are part of toolchain and not part of any source/external library. Removal of references to messvers.rc as it does not appear to be used anymore. (nw) [tafoid] 2014-09-29 04:00:23

    Changed: nld_solver.c, rendfont.c, csw_cas.c, uef_cas.c, hashing.c, psx.c, mess.rc, windows.mak, mame.rc, ume.rc

    10 files changed, 11 insertions, 22 deletions

  • If #includes are not in source, code should not exist in source. (nw) [tafoid] 2014-09-28 23:18:51

    Changed: rainbow.c, hp48.h, hp48.c, thomson.c

    4 files changed, 0 insertions, 293 deletions

  • note [hap] 2014-09-28 20:34:23

    Changed: zsg2.c

    1 files changed, 18 insertions, 0 deletions

  • powerpc: Fixed wrong condition register in stwcx. (nw) [villelin] 2014-09-28 20:11:55

    Changed: ppcdrc.c

    1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions

  • 315_5124.c: Refactored sprite handling, fixes status bar on Tarzan for gaemgear. Removed m_collission_buffer member variable. Tweaked game gear timing to fix glitches in status bar of Chicago Syndicate for gamegear. [Enik Land] [Wilbert Pol] 2014-09-28 17:30:55

    Changed: 315_5124.c, 315_5124.h

    2 files changed, 147 insertions, 127 deletions

  • (MESS) consolidation + cleanup, part1. nw. [Fabio Priuli] 2014-09-28 17:28:57

    Changed: a78_slot.c, a78_slot.h, a800_slot.c, a800_slot.h, rom.c, gb_slot.c, gb_slot.h, mbc.c, gba_slot.c, gba_slot.h, rom.c, rom.h, md_slot.c, md_slot.h, pce_slot.c, pce_slot.h, rom.c, sat_slot.c, sat_slot.h, rom.c, sega8_slot.c, sega8_slot.h, snes_slot.c, snes_slot.h, rom.c, vcs_slot.c, vcs_slot.h, a2600.c, a7800.c, atari400.c, gba.c, megadriv.c, segapico.c, sg1000.c, gba.h, md_cons.h, sg1000.h, sms.c

    38 files changed, 536 insertions, 473 deletions

  • (MESS) floppy.c: fixed disks not being launched if loaded [Fabio Priuli] 2014-09-28 10:25:23
    • from softlist through File Manager. [Fabio Priuli]
      out of whatsnew: until we support writing changes to diff, it is also safer to treat disks in softlists as read-only :)

      Changed: floppy.c, floppy.h

      2 files changed, 8 insertions, 37 deletions

  • (MESS) portfolio: only trigger interrupts when the 8250 asserts the line, not when it clears it. [smf] [smf] 2014-09-28 10:17:30

    Changed: portfoli.c

    1 files changed, 2 insertions, 1 deletions

  • initialize ier register to stop interrupts randomly being generated before reset, fixes portfolio booting (nw) [smf] 2014-09-28 10:15:16

    Changed: ins8250.c

    1 files changed, 1 insertions, 0 deletions

  • (MESS) concept: Preliminary implementations of the original and buffered floppy disk controllers. [R. Belmont] [rbelmont] 2014-09-28 03:43:38

    Changed: corvfdc01.c, corvfdc01.h, corvfdc02.c, corvfdc02.h, bus.mak, concept.c

    6 files changed, 682 insertions, 1 deletions

  • (mess) pc9801: make sasi partially work (nw) [crazyc] 2014-09-28 03:21:43
    • scsi: sync rest of lines with input buffer (nw) --- The 9801f will read the hdd but appears to not like disks without 256 byte sectors. The ux and rs don't even attempt to access the sasi controller and seem to have no driver in their firmwares, are they supposed to have an external rom?

      Changed: bus.mak, pc9801_sasi.c, pc9801_sasi.h, scsi.c, pc9801.c

      5 files changed, 98 insertions, 8 deletions

  • (MESS) gba.c: fixed Top Gun - Combat Zones cart type, making the [Fabio Priuli] 2014-09-27 11:45:08
  • (MESS) timex.c: added software list for DOCK carts. [Fabio Priuli] [Fabio Priuli] 2014-09-27 11:21:00

    Changed: timex_dock.xml, timex.c

    2 files changed, 438 insertions, 53 deletions

  • (MESS) misc generic cartslot conversions. while at it, I have added [Fabio Priuli] 2014-09-27 10:45:17
  • (MESS) a7800.xml: added earlier revision of Winter Games, with [Fabio Priuli] 2014-09-27 10:35:57
    • thanks to Trebor for pointing me to this 3 years old dump :) nw

      Changed: a7800.xml

      1 files changed, 23 insertions, 1 deletions

  • pc98.xml validation fix (nw) [ivanva] 2014-09-27 08:19:45

    Changed: pc98.xml

    1 files changed, 3 insertions, 3 deletions

  • (MESS) fix shift in monochrome monitor modes (nw) [rbelmont] 2014-09-27 04:10:59

    Changed: apple2.c

    1 files changed, 7 insertions, 0 deletions

  • Support for mode 0 chars in upd7220 (text in DMV diag program) [angelosa] 2014-09-27 02:09:56

    Changed: upd7220.c, dmv.c, pc9801.c

    3 files changed, 36 insertions, 30 deletions

  • Hit save, dammit. [angelosa] 2014-09-26 23:00:17

    Changed: pc98.xml

    1 files changed, 3 insertions, 2 deletions

  • (MESS) pc98.xml: Added missing SHA1. (nw) [curtcode] 2014-09-26 22:55:12

    Changed: pc98.xml

    1 files changed, 3 insertions, 3 deletions

  • Added Borland Turbo C++ for PC-98xx [angelosa] 2014-09-26 22:38:14

    Changed: pc98.xml

    1 files changed, 21 insertions, 0 deletions

  • Removed unused variables.(nw) [Michael Zapf] 2014-09-26 21:54:04

    Changed: ti99_dsk.c

    1 files changed, 0 insertions, 2 deletions

  • (MESS) hdc9234 still WIP, HFDC fixes, disk formats re-implemented for [Michael Zapf] 2014-09-26 20:35:07
  • disabled -Wconstant-logical-operand again for clang / src/emu/cpu/tms34010/34010gfx.c cleanups (nw) [oliverst] 2014-09-26 16:45:59

    Changed: flags_clang.mak, 34010gfx.c

    2 files changed, 18 insertions, 15 deletions

  • (nw) [rbelmont] 2014-09-26 15:43:44

    Changed: webengine.c

    1 files changed, 6 insertions, 5 deletions

  • fix compile on MSVC 2012 & 2013 [Peter Ferrie] [smf] 2014-09-26 14:01:03

    Changed: 34010gfx.c

    1 files changed, 15 insertions, 0 deletions

  • (MESS) a few softlist additions to test the previous. nw. [Fabio Priuli] 2014-09-26 11:55:40

    Changed: cgenie_cart.xml, radio86_cart.xml, radio86_cass.xml, vector06_cart.xml

    4 files changed, 52 insertions, 0 deletions

  • (MESS) another round of cartslot updates. this commit, among the [Fabio Priuli] 2014-09-26 11:53:10
  • fm7: more FM-7/77AV dumps added to softlist [barryrod] 2014-09-26 05:04:28

    Changed: fm77av.xml, fm7_cass.xml, fm7_disk.xml

    3 files changed, 270 insertions, 0 deletions

  • web: allow pasting in text. [Firehawke] [rbelmont] 2014-09-26 03:51:01

    Changed: webengine.c, index.html

    2 files changed, 108 insertions, 3 deletions

  • Antiquated #include - compiles fine without (nw) [tafoid] 2014-09-26 00:57:57

    Changed: 99xxcore.h

    1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions

  • (MESS) spectrum carts too. nw. [Fabio Priuli] 2014-09-25 21:29:58

    Changed: atm.c, pentagon.c, scorpion.c, spec128.c, specpls3.c, spectrum.c, timex.c, spectrum.h

    8 files changed, 81 insertions, 161 deletions

  • (mess) pc9801: fix boot vector ipl bank in ap2. [crazyc] 2014-09-25 21:25:45

    Changed: pc9801.c

    1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions

  • (MESS)thomson - fixes for a non-standard video mode and adding a new one [Antoine Mine] [Miodrag Milanovic] 2014-09-25 20:03:34

    Changed: thomson.h, thomson.c, thomson.c

    3 files changed, 71 insertions, 5 deletions

  • Fix typo [Dirk Best] 2014-09-25 19:46:55

    Changed: amiga_workbench.xml

    1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions

  • Amiga: Softlist update, add Workbench 1.3.2 DE and some apps [Dirk Best] 2014-09-25 19:34:50

    Changed: amiga_apps.xml, amiga_workbench.xml

    2 files changed, 140 insertions, 9 deletions

  • (MESS) fixed a small bug in the decryption of multi-ROM pegasus programs. [Fabio Priuli] 2014-09-25 18:00:30
  • (MESS) a few more carts. nw. [Fabio Priuli] 2014-09-25 17:28:09

    Changed: px4.c, px8.c, svision.c, px8.h, svision.h

    5 files changed, 86 insertions, 109 deletions

  • (MESS) psx.xml: added info to the games #-F. [Antopisa] [Fabio Priuli] 2014-09-25 12:44:22

    Changed: psx.xml

    1 files changed, 637 insertions, 637 deletions

  • (MESS) a bunch more of generic cart slots. nw. [Fabio Priuli] 2014-09-25 12:39:55
  • fm7: some more new dumps added to software list [barryrod] 2014-09-25 06:22:49

    Changed: fm7_disk.xml

    1 files changed, 59 insertions, 0 deletions

  • Fix formatting after recent changes in psx and st_cart softlists. (nw) [tafoid] 2014-09-25 02:55:06

    Changed: psx.xml, st_cart.xml

    2 files changed, 4 insertions, 9 deletions

  • (MESS) amust: added newly-dumped keyboard rom [ejwords, MSPP] [robbbert] 2014-09-25 00:30:31

    Changed: amust.c

    1 files changed, 2 insertions, 1 deletions

  • (MESS) mekd2.c: after several investigations, I came to [Fabio Priuli] 2014-09-24 21:54:32
    • the conclusion that .d2 files are some sort of RAM snapshot and not a cart format, so converted the driver to use quikload. anyway, I had not actual file to test, so if you have any please contact us to the MESS boards. nw.

      Changed: mekd2.c

      1 files changed, 13 insertions, 17 deletions

  • (MESS) added handling for a generic rom+ram cart (as needed [Fabio Priuli] 2014-09-24 21:52:39
  • duh (nw) [olivierg] 2014-09-24 16:26:11

    Changed: wd_fdc.c

    1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions




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