[Arcade] DevMAME [log only]

[1] @ środa, 28 Kwietnia 2021 13:29CET

[Arcade] DevMAME [log only]

Raz na jakiś czas będę publikował nowe deweloperskie binarki projektu MAME, natomiast BobBudowniczy będzie się starał na bieżąco śledzić zmiany w changelogu tego  największego projektu emulacyjnego. W wypadku binarek udostępniam także resztę plików z folderu MAME. Link przy każdym wpisie umożliwia samodzielne pobranie źródeł i skompilowanie na własne potrzeby deweloperskiej wersji tego emulatora.

→ NOWSZY [Arcade] DevMAME [log only] 2021/11/28 15:10
  • 2021-11-28 15:08:01 sparc: STD/STDA/LDD/LDDA when RD is odd is an illegal instruction [hap]
  • 2021-11-28 10:44:34 New working clone (#8891) [algestam]
    • - Ataka asteroidov [algestam, Milan Galcik]
  • 2021-11-28 05:08:16 fourx4: split off to a separate driver. [Robbbert]
  • 2021-11-28 04:55:55 hercules: fixed inputs [Robbbert]
  • 2021-11-28 04:18:26 More fruit machine layout cleanup. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-28 00:36:41 am29000: Simplify shift calculation for multiply and divide steps, eliminating unnecessary 64-bit intermediary variables [AJR]
  • 2021-11-27 21:51:04 sparc: undo accidental delete on prev commit [hap]
  • 2021-11-27 21:18:51 sparc: fix unreachable code in execute_rdsr [hap]
  • 2021-11-27 17:40:16 atari_s1,atari_s2: WIP. All games except 4x4 are playable. [Robbbert]
  • 2021-11-27 16:36:13 saitek_osa/sparc: update note [hap]
  • 2021-11-27 14:19:14 docs: Implemented download links in docs theme. (#8887) [Firehawke]
    • Modified the RTD theme to add PDF and EPUB download links in the left pane.
  • 2021-11-27 14:13:17 Cleaned up incorrectly formatted license/copyright header comments. (#8885) [Angelo Salese]
  • 2021-11-27 13:26:19 -emu/rendersw.hxx: Fixed incorrect clipping of untextured rectangles. [Vas Crabb]
    • -layouts: Started cleaning up fruit machine layouts to reduce bloat.
      -Fixed a few miscellaneous Coverity errors.
  • 2021-11-27 11:21:44 powervr2.cpp: add support for render mode 5. (#8855) [Jennifer Taylor]
  • 2021-11-27 08:52:20 New machines marked as NOT_WORKING [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Final Fight 3 (SNES bootleg) [Hammy, IQ_132]
      New working clones
      Off Road Challenge (v1.00) [anonymous]
  • 2021-11-27 02:13:03 apple2e: fix text on Laser 128 EX and EX/2 also. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2021-11-27 01:30:30 apple2e.cpp updates: [R. Belmont] [arbee]
    • - All Laser 128 models now use the correct character set - Laser 128 now supports the serial/parallel printer switch and the parallel port
      Machines added as MACHINE NOT WORKING - Franklin Ace 500 [R. Belmont]
  • 2021-11-26 22:23:56 New working clone (#8886) [algestam]
    • - Morskaja ataka [algestam, Milan Galcik]
  • 2021-11-26 20:28:32 - actfancr.cpp, battlera.cpp: use finders, minor cleanups [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - namcos12.cpp: updated fgtlayer title as per GitHub comments
  • 2021-11-26 17:44:43 New working clones [hap]
    • Kasparov Leonardo (v1.0) [Berger]
  • 2021-11-26 12:54:34 emumem_aspace: Unref the root dispatch when destroying the address space [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2021-11-26 10:25:03 hankin.cpp: WIP. [Robbbert]
  • 2021-11-26 09:44:33 New NOT_WORKING software list additions [Curt Coder]
    • - ibm5170_cdrom.xml: Alien Odyssey (US) [Curt Coder] Ignition (US) [Curt Coder]
  • 2021-11-26 09:20:45 Revert previous commit; kuzmich is now arcade [Robbbert]
  • 2021-11-26 08:59:40 fixed mess build [Robbbert]
  • 2021-11-26 07:35:06 taito_f2.cpp: Unused DIP switches are actually a countdown timer (MT#08135) (#8882) [Steven Coomber]
    • DIP switches SW2:3 & SW2:4 were marked as Unused but are actually a countdown timer. Refer to MT#08135.
  • 2021-11-25 21:48:27 sparclite: update prev commit, better habit to call parent class [hap]
  • 2021-11-25 19:45:48 sparclite: update_addr_masks after loadstate [hap]
  • 2021-11-25 18:34:06 c64_cass.xml: Promote gberet and other entries to working status (MT#08138) (#8881) [Steven Coomber]
    • Software list items promoted to working - APB (Domark, alt) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] The Flintstones (Grandslam) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Ghostbusters (Activision) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Green Beret (Imagine) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0]
      In response to MT#08138, I have tested and promoted gberet to working status and added a usage field that explains that the c1541 slot device needs to removed prior to loading.
      I have also tested all other entries marked as not working and found both flintstn and ghostbsta also work if the c1541 slot device is removed prior to loading. These entries have been updated in the same manner as gberet.
      I also found apba also works regardless of whether the c1541 slot device is removed or not so this has also been promoted to working status. In addition, whilst testing apba, I found that the game asks for Side 2 not Side B so I have corrected the side numbering for apb and apba.
  • 2021-11-25 18:19:01 New clones marked as NOT_WORKING [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Downhill Bikers (World, DH2 Ver. A) [Guru] Dirt Dash (Rev. DT2 Ver.B, World) [Guru]
      - taito_x.cpp: updated documentation for superman [Guru]
  • 2021-11-25 17:53:33 Fix clang error: private field 'm_out_offs' is not used [-Werror,-Wunused-private-field] [AJR]
  • 2021-11-25 17:13:19 taito.cpp,rowamet.cpp: WIP. Added code for mrblkz80. Improved sound for some votrax games. [Robbbert]
  • 2021-11-25 15:58:34 Add CPU16 and HDD device skeletons for Conner CFP1080S [AJR]
  • 2021-11-25 13:57:33 Minor changes to various drivers (#8880) [shattered]
    • Minor changes to various drivers (todo, comments, text strings). ec1847: Moved to pc.cpp, it's a generic OEM clone. Use proper name for serial/parallel ports card in ec1840 and ec1841. superga2: Moved to arcade section, updated emulation status.
  • 2021-11-25 13:29:59 nes.xml: Added 4 ROMs Of Unusual Size. (#8874) [0kmg]
    • New working software list additions - A Winner is You [anonymous] Bully Boy 500 in 1 [anonymous] Pocket Games 150 in 1 (Mario boot screen) [anonymous]
      New NOT_WORKING software list additions - 400 in 1 Real Game [taizou]
  • 2021-11-25 12:16:38 naomi.cpp: add jp title to fotns [Angelo Salese]
  • 2021-11-25 12:12:02 aica.cpp: remove code smell on LP flag read [Angelo Salese]
  • 2021-11-25 04:10:15 nscsi: modified CDROM_APPLE to ID as an Apple CDSC and pass MacOS security checks. Fixes Github issues #8877 and #8813. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
    • a2scsi: switched CD-ROM from generic to Apple CDSC, fixes long timeout when no disc is inserted. [R. Belmont]
  • 2021-11-25 01:24:02 -arm7: Fixed TLB Flush behavior. Fixes Github issue #8856. [Ryan Holtz] (#8876) [MooglyGuy]
    • Co-authored-by: MooglyGuy
  • 2021-11-25 01:14:53 c64_cass.xml: Added 27 entries (#8852) [Steven Coomber]
    • c64_cass.xml: Added 27 entries. Promoted H.E.R.O. to working status (refer to MT #08138). The c1541 slot device needs to be removed prior to loading. Added 'usage' field to clarify this requirement. Applied the same 'usage' field to game Hacker although game advises the user if you attempt to load the game with the c1541 still connected.
      New working software list additions - Hacker (Proein Soft Line) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] HardBall! (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] HardBall (Compulogical S.A.) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Harvey Smith Showjumper (Software Projects) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Head Over Heels (Ocean) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Heartland (Odin Computer Graphics) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Hero Quest (Gremlin Graphics) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Herobotix (Prism Leisure) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] High Frontier (Activision) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Hits! Vol 1 (Micropool) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] The Hobbit (Melbourne House) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Hopping Mad (Elite Systems) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Hostages (Infogrames) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Hot Wheels (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Hot Shot (Prism Leisure) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] The House Mix (Gremlin Graphics) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Howard the Duck (Activision) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Human Killing Machine (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] The Hunt for Red October (Grandslam) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Hunter's Moon (Thalamus) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Hyper Sports (Imagine) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0]
      New NOT_WORKING software list additions - H.E.R.O. (Activision) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Hawkeye (Thalamus) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Highlander (Ocean) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Highway Ecounter (Gremlin Graphics) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] The Hobbit (Melbourne House, alt) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Hunchback: The Adventure (Ocean) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0]
  • 2021-11-25 01:05:41 Softlist cleanups (mostly Spectrum) (#8683) [David Haywood]
  • 2021-11-24 23:18:33 New working clones [hap]
    • Designer Mach III Master 2265 (set 1) [Berger]
  • 2021-11-24 23:15:16 New working clone (#8875) [algestam]
    • - Space Flight [algestam, Milan Galcik]
  • 2021-11-24 15:55:53 A little more refactoring, and Coverity fixes: [Vas Crabb]
    • emu/ioport.h: Marked PORT_RESET deprecated. emu/rendlay.cpp: Removed old dot matrix components. emu/rendlay.cpp: Added warning message for reel components. Changed a few more fruit machines to eliminate reel components; also made the reel lamps simpler and more efficient in these layouts. emu, frontend: Fixed various errors reported by Coverity, one of which actaully breaks stuff.
  • 2021-11-24 15:50:28 snowbros.cpp: Redumped "u78.bin" from "3in1semia", it was good afterall (#8873) [ClawGrip]
  • 2021-11-24 14:07:00 sparc: eat_cycles is inaccurate (eg. icount=1, eat_cycles(3), icount=0) [hap]
  • 2021-11-24 13:29:06 Correct Ridge Racer V Arcade Battle year [sjy96525] (#8858) [sjy525]
    • Ridge Racer V Arcade Battle titlescreen says 2000 and released in November 2000.
  • 2021-11-24 13:19:14 New working clone (#8872) [algestam]
    • Night Burglars [algestam, Milan Galcik]
  • 2021-11-24 12:56:45 sparc: revert prev commit, manual clearly says nope [hap]
  • 2021-11-24 12:19:39 sparc: assume that sparclite waitstate page check is per cs [hap]
  • 2021-11-24 10:14:09 sparc.cpp: save_item takes care of arrays [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2021-11-24 08:23:39 taito_f2.cpp: swapped the US Majestic 12 set, so that they are in more logical order. [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2021-11-24 08:03:19 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Fighting Layer (US, FTL3/VER.A) [CoolMod]
  • 2021-11-24 02:36:24 saitek_osa: added sparc module emulation [Ryan Holtz, hap] [hap]
  • 2021-11-23 23:46:12 sparc: added initial support for SPARClite [Ryan Holtz] [hap]
  • 2021-11-23 21:21:03 New working clone (#8871) [algestam]
    • - Frogling [algestam, Milan Galcik]
→ NOWSZY [Arcade] DevMAME [log only] 2021/11/23 19:07:01
  • 2021-11-23 19:07:01 Bump version to 0.238 [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-23 18:59:33 frontend: Fixed another case where the system selection menu could get confused when changing filters. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-23 10:07:08 namcos22: add some system22 game versions to title [sjy96525] (#8869) [sjy525]
  • 2021-11-23 06:35:40 - balsente.cpp: correct cd12.18a.romcd12 ROM name and reference for Grudge Match 00.91 proto [Brian Troha] [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - expro2.cpp: doc update – adds known Comad PCB numbers to various sets [Brian Troha]
      - galspnbl.cpp: Adds some PCB info in header and corrects clock of 68000 based on OSC [Brian Troha]
      - segac2.cpp: doc update – adds Sega game ID# for Columns 2 (Japan) [Brian Troha]
  • 2021-11-23 06:28:46 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Majestic Twelve - The Space Invaders Part IV (US) [Arcadecomponents.com]
  • 2021-11-22 23:02:26 New working clone (#8867) [algestam]
    • New working clone - Kot-rybolov [algestam, Milan Galcik]
  • 2021-11-22 19:06:00 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • The Lord of King (bootleg, protected) [Siftware]
  • 2021-11-22 14:02:24 CG-1V/GAE1 video/audio fixes (#8859) [David Haywood]
    • CG-1V/GAE1 video/audio fixes - support y scroll in rowscroll mode - prevent shadow sprites from corrupting previously drawn shadow sprites - fix cases of samples not being played where the 2nd chunk addresses are written first - remove old hack to work around ancient MAME number of colour limits
      Misc Gaelco improvements - fixed thoop, squash priorities - added IRQ acks - set Maniac Square prototype to 1992, and de-cloned it. I'm told this was an earlier project that was redone from scratch for the released game - demoted Thunder Hoop to NOT WORKING due to the stage 4 crash
  • 2021-11-22 14:00:36 hp_taco: added support for writing hp9825-format tapes (#8860) [fulivi]
  • 2021-11-22 13:59:16 ZR107 Tilemap Position Fixes [sjy96525] (#8864) [sjy525]
  • 2021-11-22 13:25:34 fmtowns: disable FMR backwards compatibility text rendering, fixes display regression [Barry Rodewald]
  • 2021-11-21 18:03:43 plat2: Added outputs. Split zira into a derived class. [Robbbert]
  • 2021-11-21 17:13:51 geneve: Added option for new boot EPROM [Michael Zapf]
  • 2021-11-21 17:06:09 Revert "stupid git" [AJR]
    • This reverts commit 4dc7a7780723294b8cf050004b7177d9bc5cb251.
  • 2021-11-21 17:04:46 render.cpp: Use simple_list instead of std::list for containers; remove old remnants of "internal" debugger [AJR]
  • 2021-11-21 17:03:27 screen.cpp: Fix old editing errors in comments [AJR]
  • 2021-11-21 17:00:29 Merge branch 'stupid_git' [AJR]
  • 2021-11-21 17:00:25 stupid git [AJR]
  • 2021-11-21 16:59:06 Merge cleanup from MAME 0.238 release branch to avoid conflicts later. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-21 16:57:12 Minor cleanup: [Vas Crabb]
    • machine/wd_fdc.cpp: Code style consistency fixes. language/Greek: Removed obsolete messages.
  • 2021-11-21 16:37:52 ti99/geneve: Added WHTech SCSI adapter card [Michael Zapf]
  • 2021-11-21 15:41:34 sgi_mips.xml: Removed a stray quote. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-21 14:29:35 Apple softlist update for November 2021 (#8850) [Firehawke]
    • Apple II software list support adjustments: change 'flop525' to 'flop_a2' where 3.5s also in same lists Add apple2gs_flop_clcracked and make it default for IIgs.
      New working software list additions (apple2_flop_orig.xml)
      Wargle! [4am, Firehawke] A Question of Scruples [4am, Firehawke] J-Bird [4am, Firehawke] Star Dance [4am, Firehawke] Disk Organizer (Version 2.6) [4am, Firehawke] Super Disk Copy (Version 3.8) [4am, Firehawke] Nibbles Away ][ (Version C3) [4am, Firehawke] Essential Data Duplicator (Version 4.4) [4am, Firehawke]
      New working software list additions (apple2_flop_clcracked.xml) - Numberball (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] PFS:File (Version A.00) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke]
  • 2021-11-21 10:24:49 Updated Greek translation. (#8857) [BraiNKilleRGR]
  • 2021-11-21 07:44:11 arcade.lua: removed taito_x.h since it doesn't exist anymore [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2021-11-21 04:14:44 srcclean in preparation for release of MAME 0.238. [Vas Crabb]
    • Patched up positron.cpp input ports - you shouldn’t use PORT_NAME when the key cap label is just the characters it produces anyway, and you’re supposed to use the actual character a key produces for PORT_CHAR or "natural" keyboard mode/paste will be unnatural.
  • 2021-11-21 04:00:20 vgmplay.xml: Added 10 new entries and 1 updated entry [vgmrips.net, Tafoid] [Scott Stone]
  • 2021-11-21 03:06:39 stargame.cpp: removed unneeded things [Robbbert]
  • 2021-11-21 00:10:46 Miscellaneous #include cleanup [AJR]
  • 2021-11-20 22:36:12 apple2gs: add debugger annotations for the Animation Toolset [R. Belmont, Antoine Vignau] [arbee]
  • 2021-11-20 19:06:56 bus/nes: Added support for boards using the SMD133 ASIC. (#8840) [0kmg]
    • bus/nes: Added support for boards using the SMD133 ASIC.
      New working software list additions (nes.xml) - Data East All-Star Collection [anonymous] Mega Man 8 in 1 (PL-0006) [anonymous] Super Games 143 in 1 (The Best Games of NES) [anonymous]
      Software list items promoted to working (nes.xml) - CoolBoy 198 in 1 CoolBoy 400 in 1 CoolBoy 400 in 1 (alt, 403 games) Game 450 in 1 Game 500 in 1 Pocket Games 150 in 1 Super Game 218 in 1 (JF2181) Super Game 360 in 1 Super Game 402 in 1
  • 2021-11-20 18:08:03 fm77av.xml: add protected Deep Forest image (#8849) [r09]
    • Also marked the existing one as cracked.
      New working software list additions - Deep Forest [Katsura82, rockleevk, r09]
  • 2021-11-20 18:07:37 rawthrillspc.cpp: Add HDD dump for "The Fast And The Furious" [Victor Fernandez (City Game)] (#8851) [ClawGrip]
  • 2021-11-20 17:20:41 mame.lst: moved blkshpsq to the correct place. [Robbbert]
  • 2021-11-20 17:13:00 stargame.cpp: WIP, spcship is working [Robbbert]
  • 2021-11-20 16:49:03 New machines marked as NOT_WORKING [Nigel Barnes]
    • Positron 9000 [Binary Dinosaurs, Nigel Barnes]
  • 2021-11-20 16:38:17 tiamc1: extend kot title, there's an elektronika handheld with the same title [hap]
  • 2021-11-20 16:16:51 emu/rendersw.hxx: Support texture wrap/clamp properly for (A)RGB formats. [Vas Crabb]
    • Also got rid of names starting with an underscore followed by an uppercase letter, as they are reserved.
      Yes, get_texel_rgb32 and get_texel_argb32 are identical - thew were already identical before.
  • 2021-11-20 11:37:49 hh_sm510: Remove uncertain Fowling IDs (#8848) [algestam]
  • 2021-11-20 11:37:21 hh_sm510: small correction to fowling svg [hap]
  • 2021-11-20 02:00:33 tr808: correct release year [hap]
  • 2021-11-20 01:54:49 New machines marked as NOT_WORKING [hap]
    • TR-808 Rhythm Composer [afx303, DinSync]
  • 2021-11-20 01:35:56 bus/snes/sa1.cpp: Flesh out some SA1 features, Fix SNES timing, interrupt (#8673) [cam900]
  • 2021-11-20 01:35:18 tms32031.cpp: Add TMS320VC33 emulation support, Add notes (#8766) [cam900]
  • 2021-11-20 01:34:51 bus/nes: Added partial code for unlicensed game Dragon Fighter. (#8833) [0kmg]
  • 2021-11-20 01:33:43 gp9001.cpp: added initialization register (0x0E) values for remaining games (#8843) [Sergio G]
  • 2021-11-20 01:32:56 naomi.cpp: fix the bg offset to be based on the param base so non-zero bases get backgrounds. (#8844) [Jennifer Taylor]
  • 2021-11-20 01:31:18 new software list entries (#8845) [David Haywood]
    • new software list entries
      Metal Slug - 1st Mission (prototype) [Brian Hargrove, Elliot Rosenberger]
  • 2021-11-20 01:30:47 megadriv.cpp: note that NEC PAC can play CD games (#8847) [cam900]
  • 2021-11-20 00:44:26 New working clone (#8837) [algestam]
    • New working clone - Monkey Goalkeeper [algestam, Milan Galcik]
  • 2021-11-19 18:12:44 - seta.cpp: removed some unneeded VIDEO_START macros [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - taito_x.cpp: split in subclasses, minor cleanups
  • 2021-11-19 18:03:46 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Mirai Ninja (Japan, set 2) [Corrado Tomaselli]
  • 2021-11-19 16:48:47 bus/vme: De-skeletonized vme_hcpu30.cpp. (#7467) [shattered]
  • 2021-11-19 16:22:14 Updated Chinese translations. [YuiFAN] [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-19 15:29:50 ibm5150.xml, ibmpcjr_flop.xml: Moved Touchdown Football to ibmpcjr_flop.xml (fixes #8838). (#8839) [Logan B]
  • 2021-11-19 15:27:39 bus/nes_ctrl: Added support for Exciting Boxing air bag controller. (#8817) [0kmg]
    • Software list items promoted to working (nes.xml) - Exciting Boxing (Japan)
  • 2021-11-19 15:24:11 bus/nes_ctrl: Removed device_reset() for recently updated input devices. (#8846) [0kmg]
  • 2021-11-19 08:54:35 clang fixes [smf-]
  • 2021-11-19 04:18:38 debugimgui: Fix menus losing focus, add octal display and octal/decimal address select. [Barry Rodewald]
  • 2021-11-18 17:39:16 Updated localisations for UI changes in 0.238 development cycle. [Vas Crabb]
    • For tranlators, the main changes are: The former "device mapping" menu is now "input device options" and includes the input provider module options. The analog controls menu (where sensitivity, auto-centre, etc. is configured) is now localisable. The timecode logging features (used when making gameplay videos) have been moved to a plugin, and display messages are localisable. There are a few extra messages for the autofire and input macro plugins to handle cases where a configured input is not present. The timer plugin has options to show wall clock time (real time elapsed according to host OS clock) or emulated time.
  • 2021-11-18 16:45:04 Added partial Slovak translation. [Milan Galcik] [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-18 16:35:53 New working software list additions [Robbbert]
    • - rx78_cart: ABC Word Game Excite Tennis [Hubz]
  • 2021-11-18 15:14:59 -emu/render.cpp: Fixed texture size calculation for oblong items. [Vas Crabb]
    • -bfm_sc2.cpp: Removed reel components from sc2prem2 layout.
  • 2021-11-18 14:52:51 imolagp.cpp: Add a note about clone "Ferrari 1" from Falgas/Videotronic (#8841) [ClawGrip]
  • 2021-11-18 14:52:31 houseball.cpp: Typo (#8842) [ClawGrip]
  • 2021-11-18 14:51:36 cps1: marked forgottnj as a prototype, it's an unfinished version of the game [David Haywood] [hap]
  • 2021-11-18 14:51:27 seta: marked blockcar (Visco's Block Carnival / Thunder & Lightning 2 in seta.cpp) X1 sample ROM as BAD_DUMP as it appears to be half size [David Haywood] [hap]
  • 2021-11-18 00:34:38 emu/render.cpp, emu/rendlay.cpp: Added scroll support for all elements. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-17 23:34:43 arc_ide_be: Corrected ROM size. [Nigel Barnes]
  • 2021-11-17 23:00:34 apple2gs: fix regression pointed out by Coverity. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2021-11-17 17:33:30 nsm.cpp: WIP. Test menu works. [Robbbert]
  • 2021-11-17 16:49:25 Removed obsolete messages from Brazilian Portuguese translation. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-17 16:44:05 Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation [Felipe] (#8836) [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-17 16:37:01 cop01.cpp: unknown dip switches enable an undocumented invulnerability cheat (MT#8132) (#8832) [Steven Coomber]
    • cop01.cpp: unknown dip switches enable an undocumented invulnerability cheat (MT#8132)
  • 2021-11-17 15:45:49 tms9995: fixed pc not displaying when watchpoint hit. [Robbbert]
  • 2021-11-17 14:44:27 Confirmed Chinese translations for remaining message. [YuiFAN] [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-17 12:46:25 New working clone added (#8834) [algestam]
    • New working clones
      Fowling [algestam, Milan Galcik]
  • 2021-11-17 06:17:42 frontend: Show more unemulated/imperfect features per-device in warnings menu. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-17 04:48:22 Updated Chinese translations. [YuiFAN] [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-16 16:34:28 language/Slovak: Corrected character encoding in header comment. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-16 04:54:01 apple2gs: fix GCC compile. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2021-11-16 04:53:07 New NOT_WORKING machines [Luigi Thirty]
    • - Motorola MVME12x [Katherine Rohl]
  • 2021-11-16 04:51:24 gbcolor.xml: Lowercase on some description's words (#8795) [ArcadeShadow]
  • 2021-11-16 04:50:59 New NOT_WORKING machine (#8802) [ClawGrip]
    • House Ball [Museo del Recreativo, ClawGrip]
  • 2021-11-16 04:50:18 New NOT_WORKING machine (#8803) [ClawGrip]
    • - Rockin' Bowl-O-Rama [Museo del Recreativo, ClawGrip]
  • 2021-11-16 04:48:41 New NOT_WORKING machines (#8820) [ClawGrip]
    • The Fast And The Furious (v3.06) [Victor Fernandez (City Game)] Guitar Hero Arcade (v1.0.5) [Museo del Recreativo]
  • 2021-11-16 04:47:05 New NOT_WORKING machine (#8809) [ClawGrip]
    • - Main Event (Destron) [Museo del Recreativo, ClawGrip]
  • 2021-11-16 04:45:07 New WORKING software list additions (#8822) [ClawGrip]
    • - vsmile_cart.xml: Alphabet Park Adventure (USA, alt 2, two chips) Alphabet Park Adventure (USA, rev. 101, alt) Disney/Pixar Cars - Rev It Up in Radiator Springs (USA, alt) Disney/Pixar Cars - Rev It Up in Radiator Springs (USA, alt 2) [skaman]
  • 2021-11-16 04:44:09 c64_cass.xml: Added 34 entries (#8824) [Steven Coomber]
    • New working software list additions - Galactic Games (Activision) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Game Over II (Dinamic) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Garfield (The Edge) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Garfield: Winter's Tail (The Edge) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Gauntlet (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Gauntlet / Xevious (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Ghost Chaser (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Ghostbusters II (Activision) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Ghosts'n Goblins (Elite Systems) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Ghouls'n Ghosts (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Giants (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Glider Rider (Quicksilva) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Go Crazy (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] The Gold Collection (Guild Publishing) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] The Gold Collection III (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Golden Axe (Virgin) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] The Goonies (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Grand Moster Slam (Golden Goblins) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Grand Prix Selection (Electric Dreams) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] The Great Escape (Ocean) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Gremlins: The Adventure (Adventure International) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Gremlins 2: The New Batch (Elite Systems) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Gridrunner (Llamasoft) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Gryphon (Microbyte) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Gryzor (Ocean) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Guadalcanal (Activision) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Gunship (Microprose) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Gutz (Ocean) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0]
      New NOT_WORKING software list additions - Galivan (Imagine) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] The Games: Summer Edition (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] The Games: Winter Edition (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Ghostbusters (Activision) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] The Great Giana Sisters (Go!) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Green Beret (Imagine) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0]
  • 2021-11-16 04:43:33 sms.xml, gamegear.xml: Added 2 Master System, 1 Game Gear prototypes. (#8819) [0kmg]
    • New working software list additions (sms.xml) - Dead Angle (prototype) [smspower] Thunder Blade (prototype) [HoverEel, smspower]
      New working software list additions (gamegear.xml) - Streets of Rage II ~ Bare Knuckle II - Shitou e no Chingonka (prototype) [smspower, VGHF]
  • 2021-11-15 23:40:41 New working software list additions [Nigel Barnes]
    • - pc200: Microsoft MS DOS Operating System, PC200 Promotion [Centre for Computing History]
  • 2021-11-15 22:01:27 bus/archimedes/podule: Podules for Acorn Archimedes: [Nigel Barnes]
    • - Baildon Electronics IDE HD Interface - SJ Research Nexus Interface (A500) (not working) - Wild Vision/Computer Concepts Eagle M2 (not working)
  • 2021-11-15 21:54:03 acrnsys.cpp: Set default configuration of RAM cards. [Nigel Barnes]
  • 2021-11-15 21:50:40 upc82c710/upc82c711: Use unscoped enum for device id's. [Nigel Barnes]
  • 2021-11-15 15:28:35 Updated Greek Translation (#8829) [BraiNKilleRGR]
  • 2021-11-15 15:22:42 bus/nes_ctrl: Updated Power Pad code. Promoted all games to working. (#8827) [0kmg]
    • Changed KEYPAD inputs to BUTTON with numbering following the pattern used in Family Trainer. Removed device_reset(). Added proper strobe bit behavior and reading 1s on excess reads. Made Running Stadium and Stadium Events games clones of World Class Track Meet, the last released variant of the same game.
  • 2021-11-14 21:06:54 tms9900: Fix PC display for watchpoint hits [AJR]
  • 2021-11-14 21:04:11 Build fixes for clang [AJR]
  • 2021-11-14 20:53:35 sgi_mips: Add new softlist entries from jrra.zone and archive.org (#8786) [Michael D]
    • sgi_mips: Add new softlist entries from jrra.zone
      more sgi_mips softlist entries from jrra.zone
      Even more sgi_mips softlist entries
      more SGI IRIX CDs from jrra.zone
  • 2021-11-14 20:52:35 fmtowns_cd.xml: 15 new dumps, 2 replacements, added floppies (#8780) [r09]
    • - Added missing floppy disks to hypraddr2, hypland and iris [cyo.the.vile] - Replaced the pharmony floppy disk with a cleaner unmodified image [cyo.the.vile] - Replaced the royalbld bad floppy dump with a better one [cyo.the.vile]
      New working software list additions - Hyper Note (1992-03-03) [redump.org, cyo.the.vile] Hyper Planet (1992-02-14) [redump.org, cyo.the.vile] Man'youshuu [redump.org] Märchen Toshokan - Grimm Douwa - Ibarahime (Nemurihime) [redump.org] Märchen Toshokan - Grimm Douwa - Ookami to Nanahiki Koyagi [redump.org] Music Pro-Towns v1.3 (Naizou Ongenban) [redump.org] TEATA - Vision - Recording & Playback System V1.0 [redump.org, cyo.the.vile] TEATA - Vision - Recording & Playback System V1.1 [redump.org, cyo.the.vile] TEATA - Vision - Recording & Playback System V1.2 [redump.org, cyo.the.vile] Towns Hyper Chiiku Ehon - Nihon Mukashibanashi Vol. 5 - Kintarou / Hanasaka Jiisan [redump.org] Towns System Software V2.1 L50A [redump.org]
      New not working software list additions - Hyper DX [redump.org] Master CD - FMV-Towns Series [redump.org] Teo - Mou Hitotsu no Chikyuu - Version 1.0 [redump.org] Teo - Mou Hitotsu no Chikyuu - Version 2.0 [redump.org, cyo.the.vile]
      Replaced software list items
      Mixed-Up Mother Goose [redump.org] Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? [redump.org]
      Software list items promoted to working - Hyper Address Ver. 2.0 [cyo.the.vile] Hyper Land - Doubutsu no Sekai [cyo.the.vile] Nemurenu Yoru no Chiisana Ohanashi
  • 2021-11-14 20:52:07 c64_cass.xml: Added twenty entries (#8774) [Steven Coomber]
    • New working software list additions - Ferrari Formula One (Activision) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Fight Night (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Final Fight (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Fire Ant (Mogul) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Firelord (Hewson Consultants) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] First Strike (Elite Systems) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Fists 'n' Throttles (Elite Systems) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Flight Path 737 (Anirog) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Flying Feathers (Bubble Bus Software, alt) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Flying Shark (Firebird) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Football Manager 2 (Addictive Games) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Forgotten Worlds (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Fort Apocalypse (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Foxx Fights Back (Image Works) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Freddy Hardest (Imagine) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Frogger 64 (Interceptor Software) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Front Line (Interceptor Software) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Future Knight (Gremlin Graphics) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0]
      New NOT_WORKING software list additions - Fist II: The Legend Continues (Melbourne House) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] The Flintstones (Grandslam) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0]
      Note that I have demoted the existing Fist II (Erbe) entry as this also fails to load correctly.
  • 2021-11-14 20:06:43 aa310.cpp: Fixed econet functions and unused variable. [Nigel Barnes]
  • 2021-11-14 17:22:56 New working software list additions [Nigel Barnes]
    • - archimedes_hdd: RISC OS 3.11 Applications archimedes_rom: Wizzo4 3.12, Wizzo4 3.22, Wizzo5 3.12, Wizzo5 3.13, Wizzo5 3.15
  • 2021-11-14 17:20:25 New machines marked as NOT_WORKING [Nigel Barnes]
    • Acorn A500 Development System Acorn M4 Acorn A680 UNIX Evaluation System
      New clones marked as NOT_WORKING
      Acorn A500 Domesday Development System Acorn R140 Acorn R225 Acorn R260
      aa310.cpp: - Added PC style IO devices (A5000/A4/A3010/A3020). - Added IDE interface (A5000/A4/A3020). - Added HD floppy drives (A5000/A4/A3010/A3020). - RTFM and Vertical Twist joystick interfaces are slot devices. - Acorn joystick interface (A3010). - Added Battery Management Unit (A4). - Partially implemented IOEB (A5000/A4/A3010/A3020). - Replaced all 8 bit wide ROM images with actual dumps. - Replaced all default CMOS with factory settings. - Added printer port to all machines. - Added serial port to all machines. - Added podule slots to all machines. - Added extension ROM socket (A5000/A4). - Machines are individually configured for floppies and hard discs. - Added support for Atari ST floppies.
  • 2021-11-14 16:32:08 acorn_vidc: Implement DAC differences between VIDC1 and VIDC1a. [Nigel Barnes]
  • 2021-11-14 16:21:57 bus/archimedes/podule: Various podules for Acorn Archimedes: [Nigel Barnes]
    • - Acorn AGA30 BBC I/O Podule - Acorn AKA05 ROM Podule - Acorn AKA10 BBC I/O Podule - Acorn AKA12 User Port/MIDI Podule - Acorn AKA15 MIDI and BBC I/O Podule - Acorn AKA16 MIDI Podule - Acorn AKA25 Ethernet - Acorn Tube Podule - Archimedes Dual RS423 Serial Interface (not working) - Armadillo Systems A448 Sound Sampler (not working) - Armadillo Systems A448b Stereo MIDI Sound Sampler (not working) - Atomwide Serial Expansion Card - Baildon Electronics IDE HD Interface - Clares Armadeus Sampler Board - Computer Concepts Fax-Pack (not working) - Computer Concepts LaserDirect (Canon LBP-4) (not working) - Computer Concepts ScanLight (not working) - Computer Concepts ScanLight Junior (not working) - Computer Concepts ScanLight Video 256 (not working) - Digital Services Ethernet Podule (not working) - HCCS User/Analogue Podule - RISC Developments Ethernet Card (not working) - RISC Developments IDE Hard Disc System - VTI User Port and SCSI Podule - Watford Electronics BBC User I/O Card - Wild Vision MidiMax - Wild Vision/Computer Concepts Lark A16
  • 2021-11-14 18:50:36 3rdparty/asio: Set x bit on scripts, since Windows git won't. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-14 18:41:40 Actually commit the source changes for ASIO 1.20.0 update. [Vas Crabb]
    • Also changed the fix to ASIO itself to match the upstream change in commit cd68912b7eb07f24e501e8cbff832b61ec292eea.
  • 2021-11-14 18:15:13 3rdparty: Updated ASIO to version 1.20.0. [Vas Crabb]
    • The doc folder isn't included as it's pretty big.
      This required include/asio/detail/win_iocp_socket_accept_op.hpp due to mismatched order in the member declarations and initialiser list for the win_iocp_socket_accept_op class. I reversed the declaration order so it matches win_iocp_socket_move_accept_op.
  • 2021-11-14 00:36:56 nes.xml: Updated the rest of the Family Trainer games to fully working. (#8826) [0kmg]
  • 2021-11-13 19:40:31 frontend: Various minor improvements. [Vas Crabb]
    • Made a few more menus reset values to the default in response to the UI clear input.
      Made the minimum info text size less unreasonable, and fixed a locale issue in the font/size selection menu when parsing option strings.
      Made the keyboard mode menu toggle items on double click or UI select.
      Made the menuless sliders menu remember the last slider shown (this probably broke when sliders were moved out of the UI manager itself).
      Made a few menus just update the highlighted options when it's adjusted rather than unnecessarily rebuilding the menu.
      Made a few more menus reset on being reactivated to cope with scripts or other things changing stuff out from under them.
  • 2021-11-13 16:08:35 micropin.cpp: pentacup working, and WIP for pentacup2. Split into derived classes. [Robbbert]
  • 2021-11-13 14:40:41 bus/nes: Fixed samples not playing in Famicom Aerobics Studio. (#8800) [0kmg]
  • 2021-11-13 14:39:57 lwriter.cpp: Add support for lwriter rev2 ROM (#8799) [Jeff Muizelaar]
  • 2021-11-12 21:19:07 osd/windows: Don't set parent window for error message box - it doesn't appreciate the parent being pulled out from under it. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-12 16:49:51 -osd/windows: Fixed stupid potential deadlock on exit. [Vas Crabb]
    • -frontend: Some changes to menu item class that will make it possbile to reduce the number of menu rebuilds.
  • 2021-11-12 15:32:03 pockchalw.xml: redumped 4 carts which were previously underdumped [skaman] [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2021-11-12 15:09:38 saitek_osa/sparc: added another version romset [Berger] [hap]
  • 2021-11-12 09:39:28 bus/nes_ctrl: Added support for Bandai Hyper Shot light gun. (#8794) [0kmg]
    • Software list items promoted to working (nes.xml) - Space Shadow (Japan)
  • 2021-11-12 09:18:46 taitotx.cpp: Fixed goketsuj title (MT 08127). (#8818) [0kmg]
  • 2021-11-12 08:38:18 -osd/windows: Show error message box on a separate thread (see MT08118). [Vas Crabb]
    • -emu/emuopts.cpp: Default to built-in UI language rather than English. The external English message catalog is a placeholder anyway.
      -cpu/mcs48: Corrected comments - D87xxH have UVEPROM, not EEPROM.
  • 2021-11-12 04:11:35 m740: STY ZP should store Y, not X (IIgs ADB MCU @ $FF15) [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2021-11-11 16:36:39 wico.cpp: Added outputs & save-state support. [Robbbert]
  • 2021-11-11 13:20:05 rtpc: complete on-disk post routines [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2021-11-11 11:17:32 vd.cpp: Both games working [Robbbert]
  • 2021-11-11 07:14:18 genie: Define _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 on Linux. (#8808) [Matthew Barnes]
  • 2021-11-10 14:55:21 bus/nes_ctrl: Added support for Doremikko piano keyboard. (#8790) [0kmg]
  • 2021-11-10 13:02:45 diablo68a: correct romlabels [hap]
  • 2021-11-10 10:29:36 ltd.cpp: split into derived classes [Robbbert]
  • 2021-11-10 08:57:57 techno.cpp: WIP, added sound. [Robbbert]
  • 2021-11-09 22:06:21 amiga_hdd: Corrected description (#8806) [ArcadeShadow]
    • Corrected the software list's description (added the manufacturer's name)
  • 2021-11-09 18:42:28 a1supply.cpp: corrected clock [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2021-11-09 15:57:11 cps1.cpp: Fixed 2 players mode DIP switch for sf2cejx and sf2hfj. (#8797) [Sergio G]
    • Looks like Capcom inverted the default configuration (OFF) to set "2 Credits/Continue" option by default in "sf2cejx" and "sf2hfj", instead "1 Credit/No Continue" present in "sf2jx".
  • 2021-11-09 14:24:21 -stv.cpp: Removed most run time I/O port lookups and removed PORT_RESET. [Vas Crabb]
    • IOGA port G counter reset is emulated correctly now. Increased sensitivity for patocar trackball – it seemed too slow with mouse or analog stick.
      -frontend: Handle analog controls with high sensitivity numbers better.
      -arcadia.cpp: Removed commented PORT_RESET - it makes no sense for joysticks anyway.
  • 2021-11-08 20:51:30 Revert "-svg_renderer: Flag when output contents have not changed. [Ryan Holtz] (#8791)" [hap]
    • This reverts commit b0ac175b4942e4b29098823773ff2d50b6ac35a9.
  • 2021-11-08 19:36:00 wd_fdc: Wait for sector read/write to complete on interrupt d0-7, fixes rmnimbus floppy access errors [prime6809]
  • 2021-11-08 18:22:28 frontend: Added input provider module options to menu, worked around machine options not showing modules. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-08 17:05:32 taito_h.cpp: Fixed dleague vertical blanking interrupt. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-08 13:44:08 -frontend: Don't inappropriately truncate text in menu text boxes. [Vas Crabb]
    • -osd/windows: Handle WM_UNICHAR.
  • 2021-11-08 01:51:29 plugins: Work around menu not remembering selection when ref is nullptr. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-08 01:29:49 -laserbas.cpp: Fixed a bug in sound output, improved trackball handling. [Vas Crabb]
    • -taito_h.cpp: Moved Syvalion trackball handling to a derived class, reduced copy/paste in I/O handler function.
      -Various small cleanups to drivers.
  • 2021-11-07 21:30:05 New NOT_WORKING machine (#8778) [ClawGrip]
    • arcade.lua: Add stop.cpp
      New NOT_WORKING machine
      Stop [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
  • 2021-11-07 21:29:17 samcoupe_cass: Corrected software list description (#8796) [ArcadeShadow]
    • Corrected software list description
  • 2021-11-07 18:51:31 ltd.cpp: WIP. Added sound. [Robbbert]
    • New machines marked as NOT_WORKING
      Martian Queen Cowboy Eight Ball (set 2)
  • 2021-11-07 17:55:45 new NOT_WORKING clone [MetalliC]
    • - Mushiking The King Of Beetles - Mushiking II / III / III+ (Ver. 1.000-) (Korea) [Jorge Valero, MetalliC, rtw]
  • 2021-11-07 17:38:52 coco: audit save state and enable it (#8750) [tim lindner]
  • 2021-11-07 12:24:43 fixes for variables set but not used [smf-]
  • 2021-11-07 00:29:37 tms34010: Clarify that not all illegal opcodes are actually trapped; separate TMS34020 emulation better [AJR]
  • 2021-11-06 22:28:39 hh_sm510: typo in comment [hap]
  • 2021-11-06 17:07:22 upd4701: Change input update method to not use PORT_RESET [AJR]
  • 2021-11-06 16:36:49 cps1: remove unneeded ( ) [hap]
  • 2021-11-06 15:36:48 nes.xml: Added a Mega Man 2 re-release. (#8785) [0kmg]
    • New NOT_WORKING software list additions - Mega Man 2 - 30th Anniversary Classic Cartridge [kdawg]
  • 2021-11-06 15:35:24 cps1: fix small issue with stars palette cycling [Loïc Petit] [hap]
  • 2021-11-06 13:46:10 -svg_renderer: Flag when output contents have not changed. [Ryan Holtz] (#8791) [MooglyGuy]
  • 2021-11-06 10:23:11 frontend: Allow cycling modifiers for an absolute axis by pressing repeatedly without going through an append step. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-06 05:06:18 frontend: Remove no-longer-needed member of save/load state menu. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-06 04:11:49 input: Clarify docuemntation and a comment. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-06 03:52:48 -Enabled complex combinations for analog axes: [Vas Crabb]
    • Made it possible to add digital controls to axis settings as enables. Mix multiple analog controls assigned to an axis setting. Added a "reverse" modifier for analog controls (useful with mixing). Fixed an issue assigning mouse axes using multiple mouse-like devices with -nomultimouse.
      -frontend: More cleanup:
      Got rid of some abuse of "special main menus". Added a helper class for auto-pause menus that don't spawn submenus. Got rid of the fake menu that schedules an exit on the first frame. Turned the confirm quit prompt into a menu, eliminated one more special-cased event loop. Fixed the confirm quit prompt resuming if you return to emulation if you weren't paused to begin with.
      -bus/centronics: Fixed conflicting DIP locations, reversed order and inverted polarity for Epson printers.
      Also added the LX-810 (without L suffix) DIP switches for reference - we don't have a device for this printer yet.
  • 2021-11-05 19:20:59 plugins: Rewrote timer plugin fixing multiple issues. [Vas Crabb]
    • Added emulated time recording as well as wall clock time.
      Fixed recording time for multiple software items per system. An incorrect constraint on the database table meant that time was only being recorded for a single software item per system.
      Detect the "empty" driver so the time spent at the selection menu isn't recorded (you'd get multiple entries for this due to the way options leak when returning to the system selection menu).
      Included schema migration code to update existing timer plugin databases. Also replaced some unnecessary floating point code with integer maths, added log messages, and made the plugin unload unload its database access code during emulation.
      Changed other plugins' use of paths with trailing slashes as this causes stat to fail on Windows.
  • 2021-11-05 16:58:13 New machines marked as NOT_WORKING [Robbbert]
    • Space Poker [Robbbert]
  • 2021-11-05 16:12:18 st_mp100: Black Sheep cleanup [Robbbert]
  • 2021-11-05 16:05:08 st_mp100,st_mp200: WIP. Fixed some long-standing mistakes. Moved blkshpsq to the correct driver. [Robbbert]
  • 2021-11-05 03:29:32 m92.cpp: update B board references for all games (#8787) [Sergio G]
  • 2021-11-05 01:24:32 nes.xml: Added some homebrew games released on cartridge. (#8783) [0kmg]
    • New working software list additions - Airball (RetroZone) [anonymous] Larry and the Long Look for a Luscious Lover [anonymous] The Legends of Owlia [anonymous] The Mad Wizard - A Candelabra Chronicle [Sly Dog Studios] Mystic Pillars [anonymous] Nomolos - Storming the Catsle [anonymous] The Rise of Amondus [Sly Dog Studios] Ultimate Frogger Championship [KHAN Games]
  • 2021-11-04 16:46:04 plugins: Reduced amnesia for autofire and inputmacro plugins. [Vas Crabb]
    • Made autofire and inputmacro plugins capable of remembering settings if the host input device for the binding is missing or if an input for a slot device that isn't present is referenced.
  • 2021-11-04 14:21:40 hh_melps4: add gakken frogger note [hap]
  • 2021-11-04 10:40:08 m68kfpu: bug fix for fmovem with empty register list [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2021-11-04 02:09:37 plugins/cheat: one more flag [cracyc]
  • 2021-11-04 02:01:07 plugins: fix cheatfind menu flags and write xml cheat text to ui container so it's not sideways on rotated screens [cracyc]
  • 2021-11-04 01:41:46 Two small fixes (bad menu flags in cheat plugin, copy/paste in docs). [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-04 00:32:24 frontend: Don't let the non-menus get as far as trying to draw. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-04 00:12:19 plugins: Ensure state is destroyed on stop. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-03 23:55:26 plugins: Simplify logic in autofire and inputmacro plugins to try and avoid leaking state across sessions. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-03 22:24:30 luareference.rst: Clarify contract of as_hz, as_khz and as_mhz [AJR]
  • 2021-11-03 18:36:02 gp_1, gp_2: WIP. Added some of the missing roms to mbossy. [Robbbert]
  • 2021-11-03 17:11:29 -emu/ioport.cpp: Fixed some default setting handling issues. [Vas Crabb]
    • Issues were unlikely to actually manifest unless you use controller configuration files to change specific system input defaults.
      -src/emu/output.h: Added size accessor to multi-element output finder.
      std::size will work on the top rank of an outut finder now. Sorry for hitting emu.h again so soon.
      -lua: Exposed a couple more input related things.
      Exposed constructor and a few methods on input_seq required for scripts to properly clear assignments or restore default settings. Exposed ioport_manager::set_type_seq which is required to configure general input assignments properly. Removed unnecessary use of sol::overload in favour of optional parameters. Updated documentation and also fixed a few errors.
      -docs: Added description for axis setting assignments.
  • 2021-11-03 09:22:36 -emu/ioport.cpp: Made default behaviour better. [Vas Crabb]
    • If an input is configured to some combination of controls that are not present at all, ignore the setting altogether for the session. Fixed relative axes with PORT_RESET not responding to absolute controls (MT07685). Fixed relative axes not responding to an absolute control if the value doesn’t change every frame (eg. holding a stick against the stop). Changed the scaling for absolute controls assigned to relative axes to make defaults more sane (e.g. arkanoid or spdheat with a joystick).
      -frontend: Fixed some localisation issues in Analog Controls menu.
      -docs: Added documentation on assigning inputs.
  • 2021-11-02 20:46:43 bus/nes_ctrl: Added emulation for IGS Tap-tap Mat controller. (#8772) [0kmg]
    • Refactored Family Trainer and Tap-tap Mat into common base class.
      Software list items promoted to working (nes.xml) - Super Mogura Tataki!! Pokkun Moguraa (Japan)
  • 2021-11-02 20:38:25 new NOT_WORKING clone [MetalliC]
    • - Mushiking The King Of Beetle (2K3 2ND Ver. 1.000-, China) [Jorge Valero, MetalliC, rtw]
  • 2021-11-02 19:25:37 emu/ioport.h: Fixed stupid mismatched friend declaration that GCC blithely ignores. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-02 19:18:06 -emu/ioport.cpp: Fixed "MAME lost my joystick settings!!!1!11! [Vas Crabb]
    • -plugins: Gave the timecode plugin an option to count emulated frames.
  • 2021-11-02 09:00:09 at: correct mba032q year typo [hap]
  • 2021-11-02 06:08:24 Fixed Windows build as well - default input overrides in OSD modules are annoying. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-02 05:41:13 mc68328: Moved #define macros into enums within the class. (#8781) [Ryan Holtz] [MooglyGuy]
  • 2021-11-02 05:33:53 plugins: Fixed obligatory copy/paste error in new timecode plugin. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-02 05:31:03 plugins: Moved the timecode recording functionality to a plugin. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-01 22:22:09 docs: Fix an error in the Lua reference that I copy/pasted without noticing. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-11-01 21:53:18 Fix various usability issues: [Vas Crabb]
    • frontend: Made it so you can press UI On Screen Display to hide the Analog Controls menu and see the response to your inputs without the risk of changing settings, and see more axes at once and scroll them for systems with very large number of axes. Also ensure the axis being configured is visible when the menu is visible, and made the menu behave a bit more like the system input assignments menu (including previous/next group navigation).
      frontend: Allow Lua to draw to the UI container - this addresses the main complaint in #7475. Note that drawing to the UI container will draw over any UI elements, including menus. Plugins can check menu_active to avoid drawing over menus. Also removed some unnecessary use of sol::overload.
      frontend: Improved info/image box navigation on the system/softwre selection menus, and cleaned up some leftover code that came from the copy/pasted event handling functions.
      frontend: Fixed sliders menu not handling Alt+Shift as intended (thanks Coverity). Fixed a couple of harmless Coverity errors, too.
      emu/inpttype.ipp: Made the default assignment for Save State recognise right shift.
      plugins: Added next/previous group navigation to input macro edit menu.
      docs: Added basic description of the system and software selection menus, and corrected a couple of errors in the Lua reference.
  • 2021-11-01 17:35:58 gts3, gts3a: WIP [Robbbert]
  • 2021-11-01 17:24:23 gt913: log two more unknown sound commands (#8779) [Devin Acker]
→ NOWSZY [Arcade] DevMAME [log only] 2021/10/31 17:10
  • 2021-10-31 16:54:56 bus/nes_ctrl: Fixed Family Trainer button reads. (#8773) [0kmg]
    • Column input reads now are now shifted to correct bit, fixing reads for top two rows. Button presses are correctly 0 bits. Multiple rows can be scanned per read. Flipped key bindings on mat side A - now left/right correspond to left/right on mat.
  • 2021-10-31 14:11:12 ctk2100: added to mame.lst [Robbbert]
  • 2021-10-31 02:44:02 frontend: Make all the textbox menus use the custom navigation flag, on the off chance they become scrollable somehow. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-31 02:31:16 -frontend: Refactored menu event handling and fixed a number of issues. (#8777) [Vas Crabb]
    • Moved common code for drawing about box, info viewer, and other text box menus to a base class; removed the last of the info viewer logic and the multi-line item hack from the base menu class. Added previous/next group navigation for general inputs and plugin input selection menus. Moved message catalog logic to lib/util, allowing osd and emu to use localised messages. Made the base menu class use the UI manager’s feature for holding session state rather than a static map and mutex. Improved menu event handling model, and fixed many issues, particularly with menus behaving badly when hidden/shown. Added better support for menus that don’t participate in the usual menu stack, like the menuless sliders and the save/load state menus. Made a number of menus refresh state when being shown after being hidden (fixes MT08121 among other issues). Fixed indication of mounted slot option in the slot option details menu. Improved appearance of background menus when emulation isn't running - draw all menus in the stack, and darken the background menus to make the edges of the active menu clearer. Fixed locale issues in -listxml.
      -debugger: Made GUI debuggers more uniform. Added new memory view features to Win32 debugger. Fixed spelling of hexadecimal in Cocoa debugger and added decimal address option. Fixed duplicate keyboard shortcut in Cocoa debugger (Shift-Cmd-D was both new device window and 64-bit float format). Made keyboard shortcuts slightly more consistent across debuggers.
      -plugins: Moved input selection menu and sequence polling code to a common library. Fixed the issue that prevented keyboard inputs being mapped with -steadykey on.
      -docs: Started adding some documentation for MAME's internal UI, and updated the list of example front-ends.
      -Regenerated message catalog sources. For translators, the new strings are mostly: The names of the inputs provided by the OS-dependent layer for things like fullscreen and video features. These show up in the user interface inputs menu. The names for automatically generated views. These show up in the video options menu - test with a system with a lot of screens to see more variants. The input macro plugin UI. A few format strings for analog input assignments. A few strings for the about box header.
  • 2021-10-30 22:53:09 f8: Add callback for overriding the normal reset address [AJR]
  • 2021-10-30 21:50:48 New machines marked as NOT_WORKING [AJR]
    • F387X PEP System [Bitsavers]
  • 2021-10-30 21:28:11 osdcore: fix buffer overflow with osd_output stack [hap]
  • 2021-10-30 19:04:54 plugins/console: fix crash [cracyc]
  • 2021-10-30 13:17:06 New clones marked as NOT_WORKING [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1.01) [Inkochnito, PinMAME]
  • 2021-10-29 22:05:32 sgi_mips: new software list additions from jrra.zone (#8769) [Michael D]
  • 2021-10-29 22:04:22 fmtowns_flop_*.xml: 4 new dumps, verified originals (#8770) [r09]
    • - Verified the Futoppara FD Heisei disks as dumped from original disks and moved them to fmtowns_flop_orig.xml [cyo.the.vile] - Removed the old handcrafted Columns image
      New working software list additions (fmtowns_flop_orig.xml) - Gorby no Pipeline Daisakusen [Katsura82, rockleevk, r09] Tama CG-shuu - Mai [cyo.the.vile]
      New not working software list additions (fmtowns_flop_orig.xml) - Columns [Katsura82, rockleevk, r09] Musirou - Ongaku Kyoushitsu Ver. 2.0 [cyo.the.vile]
  • 2021-10-29 18:40:34 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers Super 2 (bootleg, USA 930911) [Genaro Rodarte]
  • 2021-10-29 16:41:40 removed leftover [Miodrag Milanovic]
  • 2021-10-29 16:12:34 screen: fix buffer overflow crash with VIDEO_VARIABLE_WIDTH screens [AmatCoder] [hap]
  • 2021-10-29 15:58:57 bgfx: fix flurry of bogus warning messages [hap]
  • 2021-10-29 15:42:33 saa1099.cpp: Fix output behavior when both noise and tone are enabled (#8767) [cam900]
  • 2021-10-29 15:41:16 -mc68328: Cleaned up register handlers and structure. [Ryan Holtz] (#8771) [MooglyGuy]
  • 2021-10-29 14:37:16 fanucspmg: add correct contact url to comment [hap]
  • 2021-10-29 14:33:45 selmenu: fix wrongly placed messagebox [hap]
  • 2021-10-29 05:08:50 bus/nes: Removed bogus mirroring and banking bits from NAMCOT 3446. (#8768) [0kmg]
  • 2021-10-28 12:55:17 bus/nes: Simplify 8K banking with existing parameterized function. (#8765) [0kmg]
    • bus/nes: Simplify 8K banking with existing parameterized function.
      remove some useless semicolons
  • 2021-10-28 04:02:48 debugger: support octal on the Mac native debugger [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2021-10-28 03:38:03 bus/nes: Fixed 4-screen mirroring when loading loose .nes files. (#8764) [0kmg]
    • - Also, tweaked logging so newer .nes files show backwards compatible fields.
  • 2021-10-28 02:39:13 amstrad: Return 0xFF on PPI port A when the PSG is inactive. Fixes Puzzle Bobble. [Barry Rodewald]
  • 2021-10-27 22:43:15 cococart.cpp: Fix copy-and-paste mistake [AJR]
  • 2021-10-27 20:34:04 pc8801_flop.xml: Fixed sha1 length issue with commented rom. [Scott Stone]
  • 2021-10-27 19:11:39 debugger/qt/memorywindow.cpp: Remove leftover printf [AJR]
  • 2021-10-27 19:00:42 Debug memory view improvements [AJR]
    • - Add options for 1-byte, 2-byte, 4-byte and 8-byte octal data display, which are selected automatically for memory spaces configured as octal. Octal data has also been made editable. - Add options for displaying addresses in decimal or octal as alternatives to the typical hexadecimal format. This also affects the address expression box. - Prevent the cursor from moving left from the first address or right from the maximum address.
      Note that the new options have only been hooked up for the Qt debugger. The Windows and OS X debuggers should also be updated to include them.
  • 2021-10-27 18:32:49 gts80: fixed mistakes in comments [Robbbert]
  • 2021-10-27 18:14:36 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Grudge Match (v00.90, prototype) [Kevin Eshbach, Brian Troha, simzy]
  • 2021-10-27 18:09:43 - mjkjidai.cpp: identified coinage dips, very minor cleanups [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - apple2gs_flop_clcracked.xml: fixed sha1 for gpcirc
  • 2021-10-27 10:27:00 New working software list additions [hap]
    • - entex_sag: Pac-Man 2 [Kevin Horton, Rik]
  • 2021-10-27 10:21:46 new NOT_WORKING machine (Casio CTK-2100) (#8757) [Devin Acker]
    • ctk2100: preliminary work
      ctk2100: possible keyboard hookup
      ctk2100: hook up rudimentary timers
      ctk2100: add ports and hook up the LCD
      ctk2100: timer tweaks, input tweaks
      ctk2100: fix I/O port reads (stops constant LCD resets)
      gt913: increase key polling rate (fixes ctk2100 test mode)
      ctk2100: add ADCs, clean up and comment some other stuff
      lpc210x: add the PL190 VIC here too while i'm at it
      vic_pl192: fix clang build
      unidasm: add gt913
  • 2021-10-26 18:02:59 - cps2.cpp: corrected some overdumps for avsp [Guru] [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - rgum.cpp: identified some dips, minor comments update
  • 2021-10-26 16:45:16 Merge tag 'mame0237' into mainline-master [Vas Crabb]
    • MAME 0.237
  • 2021-10-26 15:40:50 Build cleanup and UWP removal (#8756) [Vas Crabb]
    • This removes options for deprecated platforms: pnacl, steamlink and ci20.
      rpi target is not used for Raspberry Pi - linux target with parameters is used instead.
      MIPS architecture for Android has not been supported for some time - removed leftovers.
      Visual Studio versions older than 2019 are not able to compile anyway, so removed.
      CMake target was not able to be used for compiling anyway (just to give some editors a way to see project organization).
      Xcode4 support was added to get iOS to compile, and that was never finished, so removed.
      UWP has been deprecated by Microsoft, so we remove it as well.
  • 2021-10-26 14:48:54 allied, g627, spectra: added save-state and external outputs support. [Robbbert]
  • 2021-10-26 14:35:36 render/d3d: Replaced some locale-sensitive configuration parsing code. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-26 06:28:08 nes.xml: Various WRAM fixes and more. (#8752) [0kmg]
    • - Black Bass games: Mirroring confirmed from solder pads. Marked as not supported since they aren't at all playable. - Added battery-backed WRAM to various games. Save games should now work where relevant. - Added regular WRAM to various games. These prototypes now work: Chip's Challenge, Mickey Mouse Dream Balloon, Scarabeus, SMB2 (US).
  • 2021-10-26 03:55:50 powerpc: reduce enum scope [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2021-10-25 22:53:00 Added new working clone [smf-]
    • - Pop'n Music 1 (ver TA-A, HDD 1.01) [smf, Caldenza]
  • 2021-10-25 20:03:38 macp: wrong value was being used. [Robbbert]
  • 2021-10-25 19:37:11 macp.cpp: Fix clang error: operator '?:' has lower precedence than '|'; '|' will be evaluated first [-Werror,-Wbitwise-conditional-parentheses] [AJR]
  • 2021-10-25 19:25:45 macp.cpp: added some flesh to the skeleton. 2 games are playable. [Robbbert]
  • 2021-10-25 17:16:30 apple2{,gs}_flop_{clcracked,orig}.xml: Corrected metadata for Winter Games/The Games: Winter Edition. (#8749) [Firehawke]
    • apple2gs_flop_clcracked.xml: Corrected disk size of SQ2.
      New working software list additions (apple2_flop_orig.xml)
      Rocky's Boots (Version 4.1) (800K 3.5") [4am, Firehawke] The Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate (800K 3.5") [4am, Firehawke] The New Print Shop (800K 3.5") [4am, Firehawke]
      New working software list additions (apple2gs_flop_orig.xml)
      King's Quest: Quest for the Crown [4am, Firehawke]
  • 2021-10-25 17:14:22 pce.cpp: Updated some comments. (#8747) [0kmg]
  • 2021-10-25 17:05:52 facit4440: Updates based on schematics [AJR]
  • 2021-10-25 12:14:17 powerpc: add power family disassembly [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2021-10-25 11:33:51 sfx/monsterz: add kludge for sprite y offset issue [smf] [hap]
  • 2021-10-25 08:03:35 Merge remote-tracking branch 'mainline/release0237' into master [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-25 07:52:55 plugins/data: srcclean [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-25 03:46:57 plugin/data: handle multiple blocks in dat [cracyc]
  • 2021-10-25 07:52:55 plugins/data: srcclean [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-25 07:03:58 esripsys: fix debugger crash [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2021-10-25 06:47:37 strconv: avoid msvc debug assertion [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2021-10-25 07:03:58 esripsys: fix debugger crash [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2021-10-25 06:47:37 strconv: avoid msvc debug assertion [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2021-10-25 03:46:57 plugin/data: handle multiple blocks in dat [cracyc]
  • 2021-10-24 22:59:42 monsterz: use galaxian stars instead of scramble [hap]
  • 2021-10-24 21:38:00 galaxian: fix typo [hap]
  • 2021-10-24 21:29:52 monsterz: only uses 1 button for shooting [hap]
  • 2021-10-24 20:57:24 sfx/monsterz: improve bullets x offset [hap]
  • 2021-10-24 17:53:10 boosting the interleave during three way cpu communications speeds up Monster Zero protection check [smf-]
  • 2021-10-24 13:36:58 Machines promoted to working [smf-]
    • Monster Zero (set 1) [smf, Dillweed]
      New working clones
      Monster Zero (set 2) [Dillweed]
  • 2021-10-24 11:23:24 novag_diablo: fix lockup problem at fresh start [hap]
  • 2021-10-24 09:15:34 New clones marked as NOT_WORKING [Ivan Vangelista]
    • 48 in 1 MAME bootleg (ver 3.08, HPH-V000) [anonymous]
  • 2021-10-24 05:19:36 rgum: Add preliminary inputs [AJR]
  • 2021-10-24 02:19:42 rgum.cpp: Improve peripheral hookups; add uPD7759 controls [AJR]
  • 2021-10-24 00:58:53 srcclean in preparation for branching 0.237 release [Vas Crabb]
→ NOWSZY [Arcade] DevMAME [log only] 2021/10/24 01:10
  • 2021-10-24 00:58:53 srcclean in preparation for branching 0.237 release [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-24 00:38:03 Plugin updates: [Vas Crabb]
    • Changed the hiscore plugin to save inside the "hiscore" folder in the plugin data directory. The old hiscore path setting has already been removed from MAME for some time. This means the plugin was always saving in the "hi" folder in the working directory with no way to change it, which is problematic on Linux and macOS, particularly for distro packagers. There are lots of plugin and UI changes in this release, so we may as well get this out of the way now. Also made it possible to change the "timed save" option from the Plugin Options menu, and save that in the data folder, too.
      Documented the input macro plugin. The only undocumented plugins now are the cheat plugin, the cheat finder plugin, and the port name plugin.
  • 2021-10-23 23:45:20 apple2gs: ROM 0/1 have the $C028 ROMSWITCH, support it. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2021-10-23 21:49:55 st0016.cpp: Fix debug build [AJR]
  • 2021-10-23 21:43:21 Various ST0016 updates, Especially sound and interface functions (#8686) [cam900]
    • sound/st0016.cpp: Fix sound pitch, related to CPU clock use struct for each voices, Minor fix in sample position, use device_memory_interface for fetching sample behavior, Add notes machine/st0016.cpp: Use seperated address space for character RAM space, use device_video_interface for screen finder, use device_mixer_interface for sound output instead preinstalled speaker device, Fix spacing, Add notes, Use shorter/correct type values speglsht.cpp, srmp5.cpp: Fix ST0016 clock (these are hasn't 8MHz or 48MHz XTAL), Fix naming speglsht.cpp: Fix 1 pixel gap in ST0016 layer srmp5.cpp: Reduce unnecessary line
      • simple_st0016.cpp: Add notes of CPU clock
  • 2021-10-23 20:48:05 -docs: Started documenting plugins. [Vas Crabb]
    • Also added a couple of missing command-line options, and added a local table of contents to the (rather long) command line options page.
      -Added a separate CI target for localisation updates that produces an artefact, and removed the message catalogs from the trigger paths for the Linux CI build.
  • 2021-10-23 19:40:58 z8000: Simplify EXTS[BL]? implementation [AJR]
  • 2021-10-23 16:37:14 amigaocs_flop.xml: Lowercase on some description's words (#8744) [ArcadeShadow]
    • Lowercase on "Prototype" and "Alt" words
  • 2021-10-23 16:32:04 inderp.cpp: All 4 games now playable. [Robbbert]
  • 2021-10-23 13:41:33 New WORKING clone (#8698) [ClawGrip]
    • New WORKING clone
      Cosmic Alien (bootleg) [Retromaniacs]
      • Add 'cosmicab'
      • Rename sets to a more logical scheme, fix spacing, reformat comments
      • Rename sets
      • Fix ROM names, PROM was a MMI-6331
  • 2021-10-23 13:40:12 New WORKING clone (#8697) [ClawGrip]
    • New WORKING clone
      Floritas (Multivideo Spanish Moon Cresta bootleg) [Retromaniacs]
      • Renamed 'spcdraga' as 'floritas'
      • Add 'floritasm' and rename 'spcdraga' as 'floritas'
      • Homogenized all "bootleg on Galaxian hardware" descriptions
      • Now there's only one "Space Dragon" set
  • 2021-10-23 13:31:27 bus/nes: Work on HIK8IN1 multicarts and variant boards. (#8740) [0kmg]
    • bus/nes: Work on HIK8IN1 multicarts and variant boards. - Fixed lock bit check on HIK8IN1 (it was effectively always unlocked). Also added high order PRG banking bits. Combined this fixes loading of broken menu items across various carts. - Added two minor variant boards SFC-12 and unknown board for JY-208. - Merged split PRG and CHR for set mc_101 into one large PRG ROM.
      New working software list additions (nes.xml) - Rockman 6 in 1 (alt 2) [famiac, NewRisingSun] Rockman 7 in 1 (JY-208) [krzysiobal, NewRisingSun]
      New NOT_WORKING software list additions (nes.xml) - Rockman 6 in 1 (alt) [famiac, NewRisingSun]
  • 2021-10-23 13:30:35 bus/nes: Simplified VRC4 clone board T-230. (#8735) [0kmg]
  • 2021-10-23 13:30:09 mmc3.cpp: Added comment about VROM/VRAM bank numbers. (#8743) [0kmg]
  • 2021-10-23 08:25:10 bus/nes: Fixed off-by-one error in VRC4/6/7 IRQ counter. (#8741) [0kmg]
  • 2021-10-23 07:57:56 rgum.cpp: Fix clang error: lambda capture 'this' is not used [-Werror,-Wunused-lambda-capture] [AJR]
  • 2021-10-23 07:09:16 rgum.cpp: updated notes, it doesn't have an encrypted Z80 [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2021-10-23 06:53:31 bus/scsi/cdu76s.cpp: dumped ROM [hammy] [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2021-10-23 06:46:45 ibm5170.xml: New working software list additions (#8716) [ArcadeShadow]
    • New working software list additions - ibm5170: Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space, Fates of Twinion, Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!, Shadow of Yserbius, Star Wars - TIE Fighter (Germany), The Sierra Imagination Network, The Sierra Imagination Network (older), The Sierra Network [The Good Old Days]
      ibm5170.xml: Redumped Star Wars - TIE Fighter [The Good Old Days]
  • 2021-10-23 06:45:35 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha (Asia 960805) [Genaro Rodarte]
  • 2021-10-23 06:43:32 ibm5150.xml: New working software list additions (#8715) [ArcadeShadow]
    • New working software list additions - ibm5150: PGA Tour Golf, PGA Tour Golf (alt), PGA Tour Golf (Special Maxell edition), PGA Tour Golf: Tournament Course Disk, PowerMonger, Silpheed (3.5", v3.2) [The Good Old Days]
  • 2021-10-23 05:51:02 Fill in Japanese names for main player buttons. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-23 05:09:00 konmedal020: more video [cracyc]
  • 2021-10-23 05:09:06 cococart.cpp: Remove superfluous #include [AJR]
  • 2021-10-23 05:06:24 cococart.cpp: Fix build (was broken after 84970b9090f99ca6a06cb0133b108aabf3caf533 due to ioprocs changes) [AJR]
  • 2021-10-23 04:56:27 Dumped (bruteforced) the PAL from 'guttangts3' [Recreativas.org] (#8726) [ClawGrip]
  • 2021-10-23 04:56:02 bus/nes: Added support for a 6 in 1 multicart. (#8732) [0kmg]
    • bus/nes: Added support for a 6 in 1 multicart.
      - Changed base MMC3 (TxROM) initialization code to default to the first contiguous 8K of VRAM/VROM.
      New working software list additions (nes.xml) - New Star 6 in 1 Game Cartridge [anonymous]
      Software list items promoted to working (nes.xml) - EverQuest - Wújìn de Rènwù (China) Sānguózhì - Yīngjié Zhuàn (China, alt) Sānguózhì - Yīngjié Zhuàn (China, alt 2) Sānguózhì - Yīngjié Zhuàn (China)
      • Promote Famicom Yarou Vol.1 to partially supported.
  • 2021-10-23 04:54:26 Initial RPK support for CoCo (#8541) [npwoods]
  • 2021-10-23 04:52:46 add some recognizable (but still awful) PSG output to the dphh8630 driver (#8704) [David Haywood]
  • 2021-10-23 04:52:21 remove deco_zoomspr device, refactor deco32 - drgngun, lockload to use the namco_c355spr device instead (#8725) [David Haywood]
  • 2021-10-23 04:18:22 sun3_460: Correct RTC type [AJR]
  • 2021-10-22 23:02:15 shootgal: Adjusted MAME's crosshair to match actual crosshair (#8739) [aequites7]
    • Shooting Gallery (shootgal)'s default PORT_CROSSHAIR values are reverse and unscaled against the game's screen resolution.
      The game does not offer a calibration option, but the test mode that comes up after a few seconds upon setting the DIP switch shows the internal crosshair for adjusting the gun.
      The new offsets are manually determined. They are visual cues for the MAME users only and are unrelated to the game's operation.
  • 2021-10-22 18:14:09 Filled in Japanese names for a bunch of inputs, fixed issues with localised P10 control names not showing. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-22 18:12:11 c64_cass.xml: Added eleven entries (#8737) [Steven Coomber]
    • New working software list additions - E-motion (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Edd the Duck (Impulze) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Enduro Racer (Activision) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Epyx Epics (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Escape (Ocean) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Escape-MCP (Rabbit Software) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Every Second Counts (TV Games) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] The Fabulous Wanda and the Secret of Life, the Universe, and Everything (Games Machine) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Fairlight (The Edge) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Famous Five (Mastertronic) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Fantasy World Dizzy (Codemasters) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0]
      Note that I have also added a reason why Cobra is not supported which was pointed out in PR#8689.
  • 2021-10-22 16:55:07 Updated Greek Translation (#8738) [BraiNKilleRGR]
  • 2021-10-22 06:39:00 New clones marked as NOT_WORKING [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Amidar (Cirsa bootleg) [Retromaniacs]
  • 2021-10-22 04:48:48 vgmplay.xml: Added 16 new entries and 3 updated entries [vgmrips.net, Tafoid] [Scott Stone]
  • 2021-10-21 22:39:06 docs: Still more cleanup on the FAQ page. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-21 22:19:32 docs: More adjustments. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-21 20:11:01 gts80b: added a comment. [Robbbert]
  • 2021-10-21 19:17:26 commonissues.rst: Fixed bad English. [Robbbert]
  • 2021-10-21 18:46:00 plugins/timer: Fixed ticking when menu is left on the screen. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-21 18:19:20 nes.xml: Set missing save RAM for RPG Jinsei Game. (#8733) [0kmg]
  • 2021-10-21 17:46:52 -Cleaned up CI targets: [Vas Crabb]
    • Restricted Linux CI build to only run on changes to code, translations, software lists, and build scripts. • Restricted Windows/macOS CO to only run on changes to code and build scripts. They provide nothing over Linux for the other stuff. • Added plugin properties and controller file validation to the "hash" workflow. • Added a workflow for building documentation, so pull requests that affect documentation will at least get a basic check in advance.
      -plugins/autofire: Bumped version as configuration format has changed.
  • 2021-10-21 17:19:42 gts80a: indicated bios [Robbbert]
  • 2021-10-21 17:11:12 new NOT_WORKING machine [MetalliC]
    • - Manpuku Suizokukan [Darksoft, MetalliC, Mitsurugi_W, rtw, SNK-NEO-GEO]
      new NOT_WORKING clone - Yataimura Kingyosukui (1-player, Japan, Ver 1.005) [Darksoft, MetalliC, Mitsurugi_W, rtw, SNK-NEO-GEO]
  • 2021-10-21 16:52:54 gts1: removed duplicate set; added sound card. [Robbbert]
  • 2021-10-21 16:14:05 Plugin usability improvements: [Vas Crabb]
    • autofire, inputmacro: Made left/right repeat when held (makes setting long delays/durations easier). • autofire, inputmacro: Added headings for devices in input selection menus (helps when controller buttons have identical names, e.g. AES) • autofire: Made intial selection when moving between menus intuitive, log some errors on saving/loading configuration. • autofire: Fixed two errors in Chinese localisations.
  • 2021-10-21 15:31:11 New clones marked as NOT_WORKING [Robbbert]
    • Ice Cold Beer (set 2) [Robbbert]
  • 2021-10-21 15:07:10 ay8910.cpp: Improve AY8930 noise algorithm, simplify some logic (#8729) [cam900]
  • 2021-10-21 15:04:23 bus/nes: Added support for a Somari board variant. (#8728) [0kmg]
    • New working software list additions (nes.xml) - AV Jiūjí Májiàng II (Asia, alt) [MLX]
  • 2021-10-21 13:59:50 c64_cass.xml: Correct typo in parent name for Commando (#8734) [Steven Coomber]
  • 2021-10-21 00:20:41 c64_cass.xml: Added seventeen entries (#8730) [Steven Coomber]
    • New working software list additions - Dominator (System 3) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Donald Duck's Playground (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Double Dragon (Melbourne House) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Double Take (Ocean) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Dough Boy (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Dragon's Lair (Software Projects) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Dragon's Lair Part II: Escape from Singe's Castle (Software Projects) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Dragon's Lair (Preview) (Software Projects) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Dragons of Flame (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Dream Warrior (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Drelbs (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Druid (Firebird) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Dynamic Duo (Firebird) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Dynasty Wars (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0]
      New NOT_WORKING software list additions - Doc the Destroyer (Melbourne House) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Dodgy Geezers (Melbourne House) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Donkey Kong (Ocean) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0]
      Note that I have demoted the existing Donkey Kong (Erbe) entry as this also fails to load correctly.
  • 2021-10-21 00:20:27 c64_cass.xml: Added twelve entries (#8705) [Steven Coomber]
    • New working software list additions - Dark Force (Ocean) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Days of Thunder (Mindscape) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Death or Glory (Mind Games) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Death Wish 3 (Gremlin Graphics) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] The Deep (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Deflektor (Gremlin Graphics) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Delta (Thalamus) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Desert Fox (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Dick Tracy (Titus) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Dig Dug (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0]
      New NOT_WORKING software list additions - Decathlon (Activision) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Deceptor (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0]
  • 2021-10-21 00:20:12 c64_cass.xml: Added nine entries (#8693) [Steven Coomber]
    • New working software list additions - Cosmic Causeway: Trailblazer II (Gremlin Graphics) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Crazy Cars (Titus) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Crazy Comet (Martech) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Crazy Kong (Interceptor Software, alt) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Creatures 2: Torture Trouble (Thalamus) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Critical Mass (Durell) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Crystal Castles (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0]
      New NOT_WORKING software list additions - Crack Down (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Creatures (Thalamus) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0]
  • 2021-10-21 00:19:52 c64_cass.xml: Added ten entries (#8689) [Steven Coomber]
    • New working software list additions - Ciphoid 9 (GB Standard) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Cluedo (Leisure Genius) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Cobra (Ocean) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Coin Op Hits II (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Combat School (Ocean) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Comet Game (Firebird) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Comic Bakery (Imagine) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Commando (Elite Systems, alt) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Conflicts 1 (Personal Software Services) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Convoy Raider (Gremlin Graphics) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0]
      Note that the existing entry for "Stallone: Cobra" has been renamed to "Cobra" to reflect the title change that occurred from C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V1 to C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2. I have also demoted this entry to not working status as the game crashes as soon as it loads but surprisingly the original Ocean release (added on this PR) with different tape loading software works OK.
  • 2021-10-21 00:19:26 c64_cass.xml: Added ten entries (#8671) [Steven Coomber]
    • New working software list additions - Bonanza Bros (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Bounty Bob Strikes Back! (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Brave Starr (Go!) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Breakthru (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Bubble Bobble (Firebird) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Buggy Boy (Elite Systems) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Bulldog (Gremlin Graphics) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Burger Time (Interceptor Software) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0]
      New NOT_WORKING software list additions - Brian Bloodaxe (The Edge) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0]
  • 2021-10-21 00:06:50 frontend: Fixed untranslated info box title appearing on system/software selection menus (#8731). [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-20 23:51:40 docs: Fix a copy/paste error. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-20 22:44:34 frontend: Beter provision for plugins with multiple menu levels. [Vas Crabb]
    • Make it possible for a plugin to specify which item should be selected on repopulate. Also allowed plugins to specify the UI heading flag for menu items.
      Updated input macro plugin to select sane items when changing menus. Other plugins not updated yet, but may be at some point in the future.
  • 2021-10-20 21:32:55 gts80b.cpp: Fix clang build [-Werror,-Warray-bounds] [AJR]
  • 2021-10-20 20:57:01 gts80: More WIP [Robbbert]
  • 2021-10-20 19:11:43 -plugins: Added an input macro plugin. [Vas Crabb]
    • -plugins: Sort input selection menus for autofire plugin.
      -frontend: Fixed another case where the menus may not automatically scroll the first item into view.
  • 2021-10-20 15:42:42 speedbsk: correct harmless copypaste mistake [hap]
  • 2021-10-20 15:28:08 speedbsk: reduce lamp flickering, add yellow lamp output [hap]
  • 2021-10-20 13:52:07 speedbsk: Initial layout, map some outputs [Dirk Best]
  • 2021-10-20 03:28:43 First pass in improving Amiga SW compatibility (#8722) [Angelo Salese]
    • amiga.cpp: connect missing DSKINDEX signal from FDC to CIA-B ICR bit 4
      • amigafdc.cpp: workaround live_counter > 8 to reset, makes abreed to boot to gameplay
      • 8364_paula.cpp: fix output channel of irq delegation, and throw one when a DMA reaches the end of a stream. Fixes asparmgp/gpmaster BGMs at very least
      • mos6526.cpp: guard against resetting IRQs when none is chained • makes timer B polling reads to actually work in barb2paln4, fixing booting
      • amigafdc.cpp: start adding logmacros
      • amigafdc.cpp: fix DMAON readback, giving logica2 diag BIOS the chance to print extensive floppy test info
      • 8364_paula.cpp: avoid reading audio DMA buffers outside the allocated ranges, fixes sound buzzing/aliasing bug
      • alg.cpp: standardize title metadatas
      • amigaocs_flop.xml: QA, consistent XML titles, consistent ids of virus plagued disks (additional field plus mark these as baddump)
      • amigaocs_flop.xml: mark the failures on mount and bulk test with ATK
      • 8364_paula.cpp: fix DMA reload behaviour (fixes BGMs in Ocean games), add live logging, misc
      • amiga.cpp: ignore bit 0 with BPLxMOD writes, fixes hpoker/hpokera GFXs
      • amigaocs_flop.xml: misc QA notes
  • 2021-10-19 20:27:31 frontend: Don't show plugin options menu in main menu before start - it doesn't work anyway. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-19 17:59:52 debugger: Memory accesses in expressions don't support taking the first exposed space (yet). [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-19 17:40:07 express.cpp: Fix regression in interpreting db@, ib@, ob@ and similar memory access operators [AJR]
  • 2021-10-19 17:36:52 speedbsk: Make the service mode work [Dirk Best]
    • - Hook up region select and photo sensors - Change RF5C68 to RF5C164, connect addrmap - Hook up switches and service panel inputs - Hook up trackballs - Connect main and audio UARTs - Work around audiocpu serial input at 0x20
  • 2021-10-19 17:37:25 mn1880: Make it possible to take interrupts; emulate (unused) PI instruction [AJR]
  • 2021-10-19 17:03:43 Tie up a few loose ends: [Vas Crabb]
    • debugger: Octal cheats for octal address spaces.
      frontend: Pass events for automatically generated menu items to the plugin - they will have index zero.
      frontend: Don't try calling the data plugin from the main menu if the system isn't starting yet - doing so will prevent the data plugin from loading at all.
  • 2021-10-19 15:58:25 gba.xml: made descriptions more consistent (#8717) [ArcadeShadow]
  • 2021-10-19 15:46:17 bus/nes: Overhauled SOMARI board emulation. (#8723) [0kmg]
    • - Fixed non-booting games. - Garou Densetsu Special no longer crashes on black screen between rounds. - Fixed graphics corruption in AV Bishoujo Senshi. Yes, those graphics too. - Removed bad alt dump of AV Bishoujo Senshi. - Also save mirroring state in MMC3 (TxROM) base class as it's useful for subclasses.
      Software list items promoted to working (nes.xml) - Kart Fighter (Asia, SOMARI-W) Somari (Asia, SOMARI-W) Somari (Asia, SOMARI-P)
  • 2021-10-19 04:17:47 New working software list additions (apple2gs_flop_clcracked.xml) (#8712) [Firehawke]
    • New working software list additions (apple2gs_flop_clcracked.xml) -
      Aesop's Fables (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] All About America (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Ancient Land of Ys (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Arkanoid (Version 12-Jan-89) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Arkanoid II: Revenge of Doh (Version 29-Aug-89) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Arkanoid II: Revenge of Doh (Version 18-Jul-89) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Battle Chess (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Block Out (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Bubble Ghost (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Bubble Ghost - Hard Drive compatible (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Calendar Crafter (Version 1.2) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] California Games (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Captain Blood (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Cavern Cobra (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Club Backgammon (Version 2.0) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Club Backgammon (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Cribbage King / Gin King (Version 1.01) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Defender of the Crown (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Déjà Vu (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Déjà Vu II: Lost in Las Vegas (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Designer Prints (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Designer Puzzles (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Destroyer (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Downhill Challenge (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Fantavision (Version 2.1) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Fantavision (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Fast Break (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Final Assault (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Gauntlet (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Geometry (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Gnarly Golf (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Grand Prix Circuit (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Great Western Shootout (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Hacker II: The Doomsday Papers (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Hardball! (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Hostage: Rescue Mission (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Impossible Mission II (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Jigsaw (Version 1.4 - 022988) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] King's Quest - Quest for the Crown (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] King's Quest II - Romancing The Throne (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] King's Quest III - To Hier is Human (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] LaserForce (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Magical Myths (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Mancala (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Marble Madness (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Math Blaster Plus! (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Math Blaster Plus! (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Math Wizard (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing (Version 1.8 21-Dec-88) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing (Version 1.2 16-Nov-87) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Mean 18 (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Mercury (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Music Construction Set (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Neuromancer (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Paperboy (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Pipe Dream (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Qix (Version 1.4? 16-Jan-90) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Read and Rhyme (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Read-a-Rama (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Reader Rabbit (Version 2.3) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Reader Rabbit (Version 2.2) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Reading and Me (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Sea Strike (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Serve and Volley (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Shanghai (Version 15-Sep-87) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Shanghai (Version 20-Jan-87) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] ShowOff (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Silent Service (Version 925.01) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Silpheed - Super Dogfighter (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Skate or Die (Version 1.1 07-Oct-88) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Skate or Die (Version 1.0 12-Aug-88) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Space Quest - The Sarien Encounter (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Space Quest II - Vohual's Revenge (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Spirit of Excalibur (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Storybook Weaver (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Storybook Weaver - World of Adventure (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Storybook Weaver - World of Make-Believe (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Street Sports Soccer (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Superstar Ice Hockey (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Tales From The Arabian Nights (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Task Force (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Tetris (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] The Adventures of Sinbad (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] The Duel: Test Drive II (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] The Fidelity Chessmaster 2100 (Version 1.1 17-Nov-88) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] The Fidelity Chessmaster 2100 (Version 1.01 28-Sep-88) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] The Graphics Studio (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] The Immortal (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] The King of Chicago (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] The Last Ninja (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] The Logic Master (Version 1.5) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] The Print Shop (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] The Third Courier (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] The Tower of Myraglen (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] The Wonders of the Animal Kingdom (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] The Word Master (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Thexder (Version 2.7) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Topdraw (Version 1.00A) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] TrianGo (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Uninvited (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Vegas Craps (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Vegas Gambler (Version 1.1 25-Jul-88) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Vegas Gambler (Version 1.0 07-Jun-88) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] War in Middle Earth (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Where in the U.S.A. is Carmen Sandiego? (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Winter Games (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] World Games (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] World Tour Golf (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Writer's Choice Elite (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Xenocide (Version 25-Sep-89) (unprotected) [Brian Troha] Xenocide (Version 11-Aug-89) (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha] Zany Golf (cleanly cracked) [Brian Troha]
  • 2021-10-19 03:38:07 seta.cpp: add dumps for plds in blandia set, and info for undumped plds (#8569) [Sergio G]
    • seta.cpp: add dumps for plds in blandia set
      • seta.cpp: added info for undumped plds in several sets: • rezon & rezont: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/nR8AAOSwJ6JdOxBX/s-l1600.jpg • umanclub: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/TCkAAOSwhnZexMZr/s-l1600.jpg • zingzip: https://img.ricardostatic.ch/t_1800x1350/pl/1135454728/1/3/ • daioh & daioha: • msgundam & msgundam1: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1861/2927/products/IMG_20210520_160716_1024x1024@2x.jpg • wrofaero: http://blog.system11.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/20170610_war_of_aero.jpg • jjsquawk & jjsquawko: https://i.imgur.com/ZCHV5QT.jpg & http://blog.system11.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/20160129_jj_squawkers.jpg • kamenrid: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/77AAAOSwd11gaO-Q/s-l1600.jpg • eightfrc: http://www.fillmoregames.com/pcbs/eight_forces_01.jpg • krzybowl: https://coinoppartsetc.com/sites/default/files/products/Crazy%20Bowl%20Arcade%20Machine%20Game%20PCB%20Printed%20Circuit%20Board%20-%20Sammy%20-%20%23812-29%20-%20AS%20IS%20%281%29.JPG • extdwnhl: https://quarterarcade.com/Media/Thumbs/0013/0013870-extreme-downhill.jpg • gundhara: https://www.jammarcade.net/images/2015/05/Gundhara_PCB_800.jpg & https://img.over-blog-kiwi.com/2/57/89/99/20180821/ob_3b9745_img-4880.JPG • sokonuke (same as extdwnhl?): https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1861/2927/products/IMG-20200222-165329_1024x1024@2x.jpg?v=1582358079 • zombraid: https://i.ebayimg.com/d/w1600/pict/163932014453_/Tested-Working-Sammy-Zombie-Raid-Arcade-Video-Game.jpg • utoukond: http://www.ym2149.com/arcadepcb/pcb/banpresto/ultra_toukon_densetsu_pcb_partside.jpg • neobattl: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/35YAAOSwq2NeUdT6/s-l1600.jpg
      • fix ROM_LOAD arguments for "fw-003.u52"
  • 2021-10-19 03:24:43 upd765: use the command sector size not the address size in read track and set the correct bit in st2 to indicate data crc error [cracyc]
  • 2021-10-19 01:01:02 -docs: Documented debugger's built-in functions for expressions. [Vas Crabb]
    • -Fixed a couple of coverity warnings.
  • 2021-10-18 21:23:03 New working clones [hap]
    • Buccaneer (set 2) [Jeremy Locke, Cam]
  • 2021-10-18 21:21:46 fastlane: fixed score layer color [Jotego, Angelo Salese] [hap]
  • 2021-10-18 20:35:30 -debugger: Finished updating commands and documentation. [Vas Crabb]
    • Updated cheat commands to work with arbitrary devices and address spaces. You can still only search RAM areas in a single address space at a time, but any address space of any device can be used now. • Made the cheatinit/cheatrange commands not affect current state if the arguments are invalid. Also fixed some bugs in the cheat commands. • Updated documentation for cheat commands, and added a simple worked example. Also added single-sentence descriptions of what (break|watch|register)points are to the top of the relevant pages.
      -frontend improvements:
      • Added a bit more info to the about box, moved the VCS revision to the heading. • Don't show "not" codes in prompts - they're not helpful.
  • 2021-10-18 17:54:16 ra17xx: fixed error message [Robbbert]
  • 2021-10-18 15:06:38 sag: preparing for pacman2 dump [hap]
  • 2021-10-18 15:00:23 hh_sm510: Add cheat for trsrescue and trthuball (#8668) [algestam]
  • 2021-10-18 14:14:36 bus/nes: Corrections for SL-1632 board. (#8719) [0kmg]
    • bus/nes: Corrections for SL-1632 board.
      - Fixed CHR banking and mirroring issues. Clears up all graphics glitches in Rex Soft's Samurai Spirits.
      • Only set necessary bank when already in VRC2 mode.
  • 2021-10-18 11:23:57 gts80: added a list of known alternate roms [Robbbert]
  • 2021-10-18 10:35:50 Revert "Better rules for generating .po files - multiple jobs have an effect now." [Vas Crabb]
    • Need to find a better way of doing this without causing .po files to be rebuilt on every build. The commit is still there for reference.
      This reverts commit efe9c1e7283e6a0ca5f4fc57a832430e656399ef.
  • 2021-10-18 10:29:01 Better rules for generating .po files - multiple jobs have an effect now. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-18 06:32:58 - koikoi.cpp: added reference video for colors [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - williams.cpp: corrected bubbles labels and updated comments [Corrado Tomaselli, Brian Troha]
  • 2021-10-18 04:36:22 gst80,gts80a,gts80b: WIP. Some games can be played. [Robbbert]
  • 2021-10-17 23:47:13 pc_vga: add xga blits [cracyc]
  • 2021-10-17 23:46:17 Add new files to SDL OSD as well as Mac OSD. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-17 23:22:21 Still more user experience improvements: [Vas Crabb]
    • Changed the default mapping for UI select to not trigger on Alt+Enter fullscreen toggle. (Fullscreen toggle still doesn't work in menus - actually fixing that is complicated.)
      frontend: Made the about box wrap text properly, made the title and backtrack menu item always visible, and added a footer with the VCS revision.
      frontend: Don't highlight the favourites and info toolbar buttons if there's no selection (can happen if filters produce no results). Also made the info viewer appear even if no info is available - it's less confusing to see an empty menu than wonder why clicking the button does nothing.
      debugger: Added a register points view to the GUI debuggers, to go with the breakpoints and watchpoints views.
      debugger: Extended [brw]p(clear|(en|dis)able) commands to accept multiple arguments to perform the same action on multiple (break|watch|register)points at once. Also made rplist accept a CPU for showing a single CPU's register points ([bw]plist already support this).
      docs: Updated registerpoints debugger commands page, and updated other pages for latest extensions to syntax.
  • 2021-10-17 21:02:27 New Working Clone [tim lindner]
    • - Instituto Latinoamericano de la Comunicación Educativa / Secretaría de Educación Pública Micro-SEP 1600 [Tim Lindner]
  • 2021-10-17 17:45:09 bus/nes: Continued work on VRC4 and clone boards. (#8713) [0kmg]
    • - Tweaked VRC4 class to make it easier to extend for clones and multicarts. The main new pieces are: a centralized and more flexible function for PRG banking and an overridable IRQ acknowledge function. - Added support for 830506C board. - Added support for unknown board for Yu Yu Hakusho/Dragon Ball Z 2-in-1. - Made a small simplification to TF1201 using new IRQ function.
      New working software list additions (nes.xml) - 1994 Super HiK 4 in 1 (JY-005) [famiac, NewRisingSun]
      Software list items promoted to working (nes.xml) - 2 in 1 - Yu Yu + Dragonball Z
  • 2021-10-17 14:48:30 sun4.cpp: Added preliminary Sun4/25 support. (#8691) [Yvan Janssens]
    • New clones marked as not working - Sun Microsystems SPARCstation ELC (Sun 4/25) [Yvan Janssens]
  • 2021-10-17 14:45:10 bus/nes: Improved support for Super Cool Boy and related multicarts. (#8706) [0kmg]
    • Also renamed set mc_4scb and made it a clone of one of the new additions.
      New working software list additions (nes.xml) - Super Cool Boy 3 in 1 (ABAB CB-403x) [NewRisingSun] Super Cool Boy 4 in 1 (CB-4011) [Consolethinks, NewRisingSun] Super Cool Boy 4 in 1 (CB-4034) [Consolethinks, NewRisingSun] Super Cool Boy 4 in 1 (CB-4035) [CaH4e3, NewRisingSun] 4 in 1 (JH-274) [anonymous] 1998 HIGH 4 in 1 (YH-463) [anonymous] 4 in 1 (YH-4103) [anonymous]
  • 2021-10-17 14:41:18 bus/nes: VRC2 only supports two mirroring modes. (#8714) [0kmg]
    • - Fixes several graphics glitches in Wai Wai World.
  • 2021-10-17 10:26:47 speedbsk: Set ppi tristate to prevent bogus write [Dirk Best]
  • 2021-10-17 10:17:05 speedbsk: Hook up service mode LCD and maincpu IRQ [Dirk Best]
  • 2021-10-17 04:07:47 marineb.cpp: Updates and fixes [AJR]
    • - More accurate interrupt generation - Add watchdog timer - Workaround for hang after soft reset
  • 2021-10-17 01:00:13 am9517a: Updates [AJR]
    • - Store actual line state in status register, correcting to logical state when used - Revert previous change that corrupted DREQ input state when the mask register was written to (3b151130022e04fc6d4111fbf3aeec295e2659fb) - Add configuration methods to define initial state for DREQ inputs being active low (or high) - Add a few more internal helper functions - Disable side effects of reads for debugging
  • 2021-10-17 00:34:08 frontend: Further improved behaviour of info box on system selection menu, and fixed alignment issues. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-17 00:02:26 frontend: fixed horizontal offset on text boxes with blank lines. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-16 23:22:28 frontend: Better code for carrying justification across when wrapping. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-16 23:00:51 Regenerate and patch up translation files for latest UI work. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-16 21:58:12 frontend: Cleaned up rendering of info views. [Vas Crabb]
    • Put the description for systems in the info box - it's useful for the fruit machines with very long names that are truncated in the list. Also stopped truncating manufactuer and parent name in the info box.
      Made the text layout class capable of handling lines containing combinatations of left/centre/right-justified text and got rid of the legacy UI manager text wrapping function. Made the system/software selection menus and the info viewer share the same code for formatting info text. This means the multi-column layout works properly in the info viewer now, and the code is a lot simpler. Also the system/software selection menus don't have to redo the text layout every frame now.
      Made the info viewer update the text layout if the output aspect ratio changes, and cleaned up more legacy code. The lines in the info viewer are no longer bogus "menu items", and there's a lot less special-case code to support it in the base menu class.
      This commit includes an update to the Chinese translations from YuiFAN.
  • 2021-10-16 13:10:13 New working software list additions [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - megadriv.xml: Mortal Kombat (prototype) [drx, The Hidden Palace]
  • 2021-10-16 02:51:35 New WORKING clone (#8700) [ClawGrip]
    • New WORKING clone
      City Attack (Petaco S.A., bootleg of Pleiads) [Retromaniacs]
      • Confirmed that "Pleiads (Irecsa)" is a bootleg
  • 2021-10-15 19:44:39 Updated translation files for latest changes. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-15 19:03:08 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Guttang Gottong (Sede 3 bootleg on Galaxian type hardware) [Retromaniacs]
  • 2021-10-15 18:49:08 speedbsk.cpp: Map devices [AJR]
  • 2021-10-15 17:12:35 New machines marked as NOT_WORKING [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Exciting Boat Race [Phil Bennett] Speed Basketball [Tailsnic Retroworks]
  • 2021-10-15 16:45:02 naomi.cpp: document Driving sim GD-ROMs [MetalliC]
  • 2021-10-15 15:49:14 pc8401a: remove wrong comment [hap]
  • 2021-10-15 09:37:52 Fixed syntax errors in translation files. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-15 09:31:40 Updated Chinese translations. [YuiFAN] [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-15 08:56:16 nes.xml: Fixed name and alt title for Rough World. (#8702) [0kmg]
  • 2021-10-15 08:55:04 Fixed E7 cracks, some additional new apple2_flop_clcracked disks. (#8537) [Firehawke]
    • A number of Apple II cleanly cracked disks were re-cracked due to a compatibility issue with IWM disk controllers on Apple IIc/IIgs machines; while MAME was not affected by this issue, these sets are being treated as promoted to working as real hardware still exists to use these disk images.
      Imperfect E7 cracks will not function on specific combinations of drives and newer Apple II machines due to subtle timing issues, but run fine on MAME and other emulators. Some, mostly Epyx, were not previously.
      New working software list additions (apple2_flop_orig.xml)
      Woolly Bounce (Version 1.0) (800K 3.5") [4am, Firehawke] The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Release 56 / 841221) [4am, Firehawke] The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Release 58 / 851002) [4am, Firehawke] The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Release 31 / 871119) [4am, Firehawke] Beyond Zork (Release 49 / 870917) [4am, Firehawke] Beyond Zork (Release 57 / 871221) [4am, Firehawke] Border Zone (Release 9 / 871008) [4am, Firehawke] Bureaucracy (Release 86 / 870212) [4am, Firehawke] ProDOS (Version B.1A 09-DEC-82) [4am, Firehawke] Picture Chompers (Version 1.0) (800K 3.5") [4am, Firehawke] Number Munchers (Version 1.3) (800K 3.5") [4am, Firehawke] Mystery Objects (Version 1.1) (800K 3.5") [4am, Firehawke] Littletown Zoo (800K 3.5") [4am, Firehawke] Invisible Bugs (Version 1.1) (800K 3.5") [4am, Firehawke]
      New working software list additions (apple2_flop_clcracked.xml) - Street Sports Baseball [4am, Firehawke] Street Sports Football [4am, Firehawke] Sub Battle Simulator [4am, Firehawke] Summer Games [4am, Firehawke] Summer Games II [4am, Firehawke] Temple of Apshai Trilogy [4am, Firehawke] The Ancient Art of War at Sea [4am, Firehawke] The Games: Winter Edition [4am, Firehawke] Winter Games [4am, Firehawke] The World's Greatest Football Game [4am, Firehawke] World Karate Championship [4am, Firehawke] Ricochet [4am, Firehawke] Spiderbot [4am, Firehawke] Street Sports Basketball [4am, Firehawke] Street Sports Soccer [4am, Firehawke] The Movie Monster Game [4am, Firehawke] Spy vs. Spy III: Arctic Antics [4am, Firehawke] The Sporting News: Baseball [4am, Firehawke] The World's Greatest Baseball Game (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] RoboCop [4am, Firehawke]
      Software list items promoted to working - apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Mind Mirror (cleanly cracked) [4am, san inc., Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: All About America (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Animate (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Bank Street StoryBook (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Bank Street Writer II (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Boulderdash Construction Kit (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Centauri Alliance (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Creative Play (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Dondra - A New Beginning (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: English Achievement IV (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Felony (Thunder Mountain release) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Goldfinger (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Microzine 7 (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Microzine 9 (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Microzine 14 (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: High Stakes (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: In Search of the Most Amazing Thing (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Indiana Jones in Revenge of the Ancients (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Kung Fu Master (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Locksmith (Version 5.0 Revision C) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Locksmith (Version 5.0 Revision F) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Mathematics Skills Software Level 2 (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Mr. Pixel's Cartoon Kit (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Multiple Choices (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Mystery Sentences (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Operation Frog (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Project Space Station (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Pyramid Puzzler (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Secret Filer (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Ten Little Robots (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Forbidden Castle (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Fractions (Version 3.1 / 25-NOV-83) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Mastering the SAT (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Millionaire (Release 2) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Tag Team Wrestling (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Sub Mission (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: The Eidolon (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Techno Cop (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: The Circuit Simulator (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego? (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Story Maker (64K Version) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Robot Odyssey (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Reading Workshop: Distant Views (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Story Tree (Version 1.4) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood (Sierra On-Line) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Soko-Ban (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Swiss Family Robinson (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Tink! Tonk! - Tuk Goes to Town (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Reading Workshop: Running Free (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Voodoo Island (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Success with Typing (Version 1.2) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Tales of Mystery (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: The Wizard of Oz (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Robot Odyssey I (Version 2.0) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Tink! Tonk! Tink's Subtraction Fair (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Tonk in the Land of the Buddy-Bots (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? (Version 26-APR-1989) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Version 15-AUG-1989) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Treasure Island (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Computer Preparation for the SAT (Version 1.1A) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: The World's Greatest Baseball Game (Enhanced Version) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Certificates and More! (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Algebra Volume 6 (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Where in North Dakota is Carmen Sandiego? (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Conceptor (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: The Math Twister (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Dondra: A New Beginning (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: MECC-A405 Sports Stats (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Algebra Volume 4 (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Algebra Volume 3 (Revision 0) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke]
      Software list items promoted to working - apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Five in a Row - Addition and Subtraction (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Rocky's Boots (Version 4.0) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: The Hangtown Trilogy (Version 2.2) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke]
      New working software list additions (apple2_flop_orig.xml)
      Magic Spells (Version 2.3) (800K 3.5") [4am, Firehawke] Math Rabbit (Version 1.3) (800K 3.5") [4am, Firehawke] Think Quick! (Version 1.4) (800K 3.5") [4am, Firehawke] Word Attack! (Version 06.01.87) (800K 3.5") [4am, Firehawke] Word Attack Plus! (Version 1.2) (800K 3.5") [4am, Firehawke] Word Attack Plus! French (Version 1.3) (800K 3.5") [4am, Firehawke] Word Attack Plus! Spanish (Version 1.2, 09.01.88) (800K 3.5") [4am, Firehawke] SuperPrint II (800K 3.5") [4am, Firehawke] Track Attack [4am, Firehawke] The Print Shop [4am, Firehawke] Genesis [4am, Firehawke] Killed Until Dead [4am, Firehawke]
      New working software list additions (apple2_flop_clcracked.xml) - Match Maker Biology Facts (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] The Dam Busters (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] A Question of Scruples (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] The Basics of BASIC (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] Solo Flight (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] PFS (Version A.02, 1980-10-23) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] Boulder Dash II (cleanly cracked) [4am, san, Firehawke] Ape Escape (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] Trompers (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] Squire (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] Interlude II (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] Who Framed Roger Rabbit (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] Logic Builders (cleanly cracked) [4am, san, Firehawke] PFS (Version B.00, 1981-01-03) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] Algebra Volume 1 (Version 1.1.2) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] Pop 'R Spell (Rev 2) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] Multidimensional Personality Evaluation (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] Serendipity (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] Inca (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] The Holy Grail (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] How to Read in the Content Areas (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] Mixed Number Concepts (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] PFS:Write (Version 26-APR-86) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke] Conjecture (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke]
      New working software list additions (apple2gs_flop_orig.xml)
      King's Quest II (Version 2.0A) [4am, Firehawke] Solitaire Royale (Version 1.0) [4am, Firehawke]
  • 2021-10-15 02:26:45 Actually commit the workaround for Xcode's issues with reference wrapper casts. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-15 02:12:03 frontend: Two bug fixes. [Vas Crabb]
    • Audit menu was using one variable for two things, which obviously doesn't work.
      DIP switch menu could trigger spurious clicks on for systems with too many DIP switch groups to show.
      Also work around Xcode's issues with casting non-const to const reference wrappers.
  • 2021-10-15 01:21:50 frontend: Show full sofware name in right panel for favourites, too. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-15 00:42:35 More user experience improvements: [Vas Crabb]
    • frontend: Made it possible to cancel a media audit while it's in progress. Also made the media audit multi-threaded so it's faster.
      frontend: Made the DIP switches in the DIP switch preview clickable.
      frontend: Made the system and software selection menus leave focus on the same system when clearing the search rather than jumping to the first item. Also fixed a couple of bugs in the logic for keeping the selected item visible.
      frontend: Fixed a few places that weren't showing localised system names.
      frontend: Made UI Cancel clear a search in the file manager the same way it does on the system and sofware selection menus.
      frontend: Made it possible for plugin menus to handle UI Cancel more naturally, backing up to the previous plugin menu rather than dropping straight back to the list of plugins. Updated the autofire, cheat and cheatfind plugins, and fixed a few other issues in the cheatfind plugin.
      debugger: Made the mount and unmount commands accept instance names as well as brief instance names. Also updated another page of debugger documentation.
  • 2021-10-14 18:13:36 a1supply.cpp updates: [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - dumped another PCB for TV Poker [f205v] - PCBs use a 4040 CPU - added NO_DUMPs to tv21_3 set - updated ROM labels
  • 2021-10-14 16:57:26 bus/nes: Added a couple bootleg games using VRC2 clone hardware. (#8699) [0kmg]
    • - Also convert 900218 board from VRC4 clone to VRC2 clone.
      New working software list additions (nes.xml) - Batman - The Video Game (Brazil, pirate) [Fisher] Fudou Myouou Den (pirate) [anonymous]
  • 2021-10-14 16:57:04 bus/nes: Corrected VRC4/6/7 IRQ pseudo-scanline counter. (#8695) [0kmg]
    • - This eliminates the constant shaking in TMNT2J and Akumajo Special's status bars and full screen shaking in some vertical stages (Clock Tower at least) in Akumajo Densetsu.
  • 2021-10-14 13:08:52 nes.xml: Added a pair of promotional releases. (#8701) [0kmg]
    • New working software list additions - Gotta Protectors - Amazon's Running Diet [kmg] Minna de Mamotte Knight - Amazon no Daisakusen [kmg]
  • 2021-10-14 06:24:31 asuka.cpp: split in subclasses [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2021-10-13 23:00:04 More user experience improvements: [Vas Crabb]
    • frontend: Allow clicking the adjuster arrows on menu items. This allows things like video options and DIP switches to be configured using a mouse only. Also fixed a bug preventing paging menus with a mouse if the first item scrolled off the bottom is not selectable.
      debugger: Allow wplist and bplist to accept a CPU argument to list breakpoints/watchpoints for a single CPU only.
      debugger: Fixed some corner cases in address space syntax in memory accesses, and allowed memory region accesses to use tags relative to the visible CPU.
      emu/softlist.cpp: Ignore notes elements when loading software lists. It's effectively a comment that isn't a comment syntactically, it's being used for things that are not useful to display in the internal UI, and it slows down startup.
      docs: Updated three more pages of debugger documentation. Also updated more of the built-in debugger help.
      minimaws: Fixed up schema for software list notes, made sofware list notes display initially collapsed.
  • 2021-10-13 20:05:57 lckydrawa: added note [Robbbert]
  • 2021-10-13 16:13:59 Updated Greek Translation (#8694) [BraiNKilleRGR]
  • 2021-10-13 14:06:01 bujutsu: correct game title [hap]
  • 2021-10-13 11:01:42 lckydraw: added coin counter. [Robbbert]
  • 2021-10-13 09:35:00 Casio CTK-551 [Daivn Acker] [Devin Acker]
    • New machine marked as NOT_WORKING
      Casio CTK-551 [Devin Acker]
  • 2021-10-13 05:53:41 sparc: Add support for over/out disassembler flags [AJR]
  • 2021-10-13 04:56:24 konmedal020: add xga skeleton and few oak bits [cracyc]
  • 2021-10-13 01:59:38 Various improvements to the user experience: [Vas Crabb]
    • Extended the memory access prefixes in debugger expressions to support address space names.
      Made the debugger history command aware of how much history it has collected, and added a help topic for it to the built-in debugger help.
      Started updating the documentation for the web site, and corrected some of the more misleading built-in debugger help.
      Made some corrections to Chinese localisation after discussion with YuiFAN.
      Darkened the UI red colour a little.
      cpu/m6502/st2205u.h: Marked sound imperfect.
  • 2021-10-12 20:54:48 bus/nes: More VRC clone improvements: (#8690) [0kmg]
    • Added emulation for 900218 board (Lord of King pirate). • Re-implemented non-working City Fighter IV board. 4-bit PCM audio is still unemulated. • Simplified board with AX5705 VRC4 clone chip (SMB Pocker Mali).
      Software list items promoted to working (nes.xml) - City Fighter IV (Asia) The Lord of King (Asia, pirate)
  • 2021-10-12 19:19:14 Meteor (Alca bootleg of Moon Cresta) [Andrew Welburn, system11] [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2021-10-12 18:52:27 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Asuka & Asuka (Japan, version 1) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • 2021-10-12 14:00:21 bgfx: Updated mipmap support in Fighters chain. (#8692) [sairuk]
    • Fixes crashes on Linux using Vulkan backend (GitHub #8538).
  • 2021-10-12 13:51:22 bus/centronics/epson_lx810l.cpp: Fixed carriage position readback after soft readback. (#8679) [goldnchild]
  • 2021-10-12 04:57:07 New machines added as MACHINE_NOT_WORKING [arbee]
    • - Ensoniq KS-32 [TaunTek.com, R. Belmont]
  • 2021-10-11 23:21:30 hd6120: Improve sequencing for OPR group 1 [AJR]
  • 2021-10-11 23:13:37 hd6120: IAC also complements LINK on carry out [AJR]
  • 2021-10-11 22:51:03 st2205u.cpp - add some very preliminary ADPCM output (#8660) [David Haywood]
  • 2021-10-11 19:58:54 frontend: More wording and localisation fixes for colours menus. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-11 19:31:02 tms32082: rewrote the PP disassembler [Ville Linde]
  • 2021-10-11 18:56:42 More UI enhancements/cleanup: [Vas Crabb]
    • Made the headings in the info viewer clickable, so you can switch between DATs with a mouse or trackball (or maybe a lightgun if that's your thing).
      Made the UI red/yellow/green traffic light status colours less dirty-looking. The "yellow" is more of an amber-brown than a cat puke brown now, and red is brighter. The contrast with white text is definitely fine for red and green, but it's reduced a bit for yellow. However there's a limit to how dark you can make a yellow or orange colour before it looks muddy.
      Reduced the number of places the UI uses red for things that aren't errors. The error colour should be used sparingly, for actual errors.
      Improved the colour swatch display in the RGBA colour editor. It now has black/white underlay so alpha effects are move obvious. Also fixed a bug preventing the channels being run down to zero.
      Fixed double-clicking configure machine causing MAME to exit from the system selection menu. Also slightly adjusted the colours of the toolbar buttons again.
  • 2021-10-11 18:56:26 lckydraw, lckydrawa: made working in the electronic sense. [Robbbert]
  • 2021-10-11 15:04:22 nes.xml: Set correct board type for fjsanguo. (#8670) [0kmg]
  • 2021-10-11 14:49:37 bus/nes: Improved support for various VRC clone boards. (#8687) [0kmg]
    • Expanded VRC4 CHR bank regs to 9-bit. This functionality is verified on Konami VRC4 hardware as well but is only used by clones (World Hero here). • Removed board for World Hero. Its VRC4 clone chip is under a glop top but is thought to be identical to Konami's. • Reimplemented TF1201 (Lethal Weapon) as a VRC4 subclass. Its clone chip is only known to differ by the IRQ reload bit, which it ignores. • Reimplemented Shui Guan Pipe as a VRC4 subclass. Its clone chip has different PRG banking but is otherwise standard.
      Software list items promoted to working (nes.xml) - Gimmick! (Asia, pirate) Lethal Weapon (China) World Hero (Asia) World Hero (Asia, alt)
  • 2021-10-11 14:06:44 luna_68k: boots to monitor [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2021-10-11 06:02:55 Re-generated translations for I/O port names. [Vas Crabb]
    • Trying to collect messages from everything at once hits some limit in xgettext and causes messages to be lost no, so I've split it up by the second-level source directories.
      For some reason xgettext thinks overloaded Lua functions are blasphemy, so that has to be worked around, too.
  • 2021-10-11 05:03:16 Updated Chinese translations. [YuiFAN] [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-11 04:14:31 frontend: Keep cleaning up. [Vas Crabb]
    • Got rid of one of the UI audit inputs. There only needs to be one, and the options can be presented in the confirmation menu. Two secret keystrokes is too confusing. Also got rid of the long-obsolete UI Toggle Debugger input.
      Added audit media button to the toolbar so it's a bit less opaque, and it can be accessed with a mouse/trackball (not just by knowing the key mapping).
      Made default I/O port names localisable.
      Made autofire plugin save port fields using the { port, mask, type } tuple, the same way MAME does. Unfortunately this will break existing autofire configuration, but it should be more stable going forward.
      Added some more UI keys to the default key mappings documentation.
  • 2021-10-11 02:08:41 bus/nes: Added support for Super RPG 5 in 1. (#8680) [0kmg]
    • New working software list additions (nes.xml) - Super RPG 5 in 1 (CH501) [NewRisingSun]
  • 2021-10-11 02:05:58 nes.xml: Removed mk4p8, duplicate entry of mktrilgya. (#8681) [0kmg]
  • 2021-10-11 02:05:35 bus/nes: Improved 830118C multicarts, all menu items now load. (#8682) [0kmg]
    • New working software list additions (nes.xml) - 1994 New Series Red Pig 7 in 1 (EW-002) [anonymous] 1994 Super HiK 7 in 1 (M-026) [anonymous] 1994 Super HiK 7 in 1 (M-027) [anonymous]
      Software list items promoted to working (nes.xml) - 7 in 1 (M-022)
  • 2021-10-10 22:55:12 frontend: Fix another dumb clone sorting bug. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-10 22:26:32 RM Nimbus updates: (#8684) [prime6809]
    • Updated mouse handling so it mostly works • Updated SASI/SCSI code so that formatting disks with HDFORM works for ST125N and ST225N. • Added documentation of the video code drawn from the Nimbus Service manual.
  • 2021-10-10 22:13:50 frontend: Recovered precious vertical space for system/software names! [Vas Crabb]
    • Reduced the height of the bottom info panel by one line. The system shortname or list/software name tuple are now only displayed in the info box on the right. It's a bit out-of-the-way, but it's not something you need to see all the time.
      The main reason for having the quit or return to previous menu item always visible is to make it easy for someone to quit if they only have a mouse. However, we don't need waste space on the menu for this when we have a toolbar. Users without a mouse can exit using the keyboard/controller UI Cancel input (given how important this is, it's unlikely they won't have it mapped to something usable).
      There's now a toolbar button on the extreme right for returning to the previous menu or quitting. The tooltip and icon are appropriately context-sensitive. This recovers one line on the system selection menu, and two on the software selection menu since the separator is no longer needed.
      Replaced the toolbar icons bitmaps with SVGs. Colours/shapes may be tweaked before the release if people have good suggestions
      Flipped the simple system selection menu so the description is on the left.
      Moved the handling of special cases for the final menu item out of the base menu class. It's still hacky having it handled there at all, but it's less hacky without if menus that want to do something different can do it themselves.
  • 2021-10-10 21:37:22 snes.xml: Change "Prototype" and "Alt" to lowercase. (#8685) [ArcadeShadow]
    • Changed various descriptive and disambiguation text to lowercase.
  • 2021-10-10 19:26:50 m88000d: Clean up over/out flagging [AJR]
  • 2021-10-10 18:01:53 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Super Rider (v1.3) [Michel Blanco]
  • 2021-10-10 09:58:48 Added luna_68k to mess.flt [Robbbert]
  • 2021-10-10 02:30:47 bus/nes: Added support for a couple Korean educational titles. (#8675) [0kmg]
    • - Also replaced the underdumped ROMs for brillco2, which is now fully working.
      New working software list additions (nes.xml) - Yeongjaekeom Cocoma Pack 1 (Korea) [MLX]
  • 2021-10-10 02:30:11 bus/nes: Added emulation for Super Mario Family multicart. (#8677) [0kmg]
    • - Replaced underdumped PRG. [MLX, NewRisingSun]
      Software list items promoted to working (nes.xml) - Super Mario Family 10 in 1
  • 2021-10-10 02:29:21 c64_cass.xml: Added eleven entries (#8678) [Steven Coomber]
    • New working software list additions - Cabal (Ocean) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] California Games (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Capcom Collection (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Captain America in: The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann (Go!) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Catacombs (Anirog) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Championship Sprint (Proein Soft Line) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Chart Busters (Beau-Jolly) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Chimera (Firebird) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] China Miner (Interceptor Software) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0] Chip's Challenge (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0]
      New NOT_WORKING software list additions - Championship Wrestling (U.S. Gold) [C64 Ultimate Tape Archive V2.0]
  • 2021-10-10 00:22:24 mstworld: fix typo [Barry Rodewald]
  • 2021-10-09 20:07:34 pic17: Fix over/out in debugger [AJR]
  • 2021-10-09 16:33:06 frontend: Don't show toggles for plugin libraries, show a message when no plugins are found. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-09 16:16:25 frontend: Moved plugins menu off the main menu - it's only one level deeper now. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-09 15:55:01 frontend: Allow falling through to file manager for systems that require media, and one more optimisation. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-09 15:10:00 frontend: Fixed sorting of clones when not using localised system names. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-09 14:41:27 frontend: Support phonetic reading field from localised system name lists. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-09 12:58:50 frontend: If in doubt, micro-optimise (halves startup time on Windows). [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-09 10:49:45 New working clones [hap]
    • Elite Champion Challenger [hap, Berger]
  • 2021-10-09 08:19:21 pengo.cpp: updated comments [Brian Troha] [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2021-10-09 05:54:03 zac_1: added some sound [Robbbert]
  • 2021-10-09 05:32:05 unicode.cpp: Fix build on non-WIN32 systems [AJR]
  • 2021-10-09 05:27:37 util/unicode.cpp: string_view treatment for the last two holdouts. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-09 05:19:35 frontend: Fixed clone sorting; osd/strconv.cpp: The string_view treatment, and fixed a bug with to/from ANSI codepage. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2021-10-09 03:16:17 Overdue internal UI enhancements (#8674) [Vas Crabb]
    • frontend: Added support for message context to localisations. • frontend: Added string_view versions of the message lookup functions. • frontend: Added a few more folder options to the internal UI. • emu/softlist.cpp: Use more appropriate containers. • Switched to Python 3 by default - this will become a requirement. • Updated msgfmt.py for message context support. • frontend: Show all software item info in the internal UI. • frontend: Search alternate titles in software selection menu. • 3rdparty/utf8proc: Updated to v2.6.1 (has several fixes). • frontend: Added software filters for common info fields. • frontend: Allow UI manager to hold onto persistent session data. • frontend: Cache software lists for eight machines. • frontend: Added support for loading localised system names. • frontend: Add UI for selecting localised system names.
  • 2021-10-08 21:39:28 starfire.cpp: correct ROM labels for starfire set [Andrew Welburn] [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2021-10-08 14:02:16 bus/nes: Added support for GN-91B and NC-20MB multicart boards. (#8672) [0kmg]
    • New working software list additions (nes.xml) - 2 in 1 (GN-91B) [Consolethinks, Nikolka] 20 in 1 (CA-006) [Consolethinks, Nikolka] 2 in 1 (VT-2037) [Consolethinks, Nikolka] 2 in 1 (VT-2038) [Consolethinks, Nikolka] Super 2 in 1 (WQ 2047) [Consolethinks, Nikolka]
  • 2021-10-08 11:49:57 luna_68k: more probable serial clock, handle reset [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2021-10-08 11:15:00 luna_68k: add am9513 gate1 clock [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2021-10-08 07:01:44 luna_68k: more complete serial hookup [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2021-10-08 03:42:08 New machines marked as NOT_WORKING [Patrick Mackinlay]
    • - Omron Luna [Plamen Mihaylov]
  • 2021-10-07 17:28:11 - cchasm.cpp: removed duplicated include [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - dietgo.cpp: moved everything into the driver file, as video/dietgo.cpp only had one method
  • 2021-10-07 14:06:31 bus/nes: Set multicart bank size in softlist when appropriate. (#8644) [0kmg]
    • New working software list additions (nes.xml) - 1996 Super HiK 4 in 1 (JY-004) [NewRisingSun, taizou] 1998 Super Game 8 in 1 (JY-111) [Consolethinks, NewRisingSun] 1997 8 in 1 (JY-112) [Consolethinks, NewRisingSun]
  • 2021-10-07 04:21:06 bus/nes: Added support for Golden Mario Party II multicart. (#8667) [0kmg]
    • New working software list additions (nes.xml) - Golden Mario Party II - Around the World 6 in 1 [krzsyiobal, NewRisingSun]
  • 2021-10-07 04:20:35 bus/nes: Fixed loading and bank locking for EH8813A boards. (#8666) [0kmg]
    • New working software list additions (nes.xml) - 1996 Yīngyǔ CAI 3 in 1 (China) [taizou] Xiǎoxuéshēng Shùxué CAI (China) [MLX]
  • 2021-10-07 04:19:45 bus/nes: Added support for K-3033 and 970670C type multicart. (#8665) [0kmg]
    • New working software list additions (nes.xml) - 2 in 1 (NT-811) [Consolethinks] 4 in 1 1999 [Consolethinks] 35 in 1 (K-3033) [anonymous]
  • 2021-10-07 04:19:10 c64_cass: revert from shortened filenames in PR#8640 & PR#8357 (#8663) [Steven Coomber]
  • 2021-10-06 21:27:21 ioprocsfilter.h: Add missing #include [AJR]
  • 2021-10-06 16:22:03 olyboss: fix crash [cracyc]
  • 2021-10-05 22:14:18 -ui: Put software description on the left and sort by description by default. [Vas Crabb]
    • -osd/windows: Set locale on start so sorting in the UI works properly.

    Changed: swlist.cpp, winmain.cpp

  • 2021-10-05 21:08:46 ui: Locale-aware sorting for software list items. [Vas Crabb]

    Changed: selsoft.cpp, swlist.cpp, swlist.h

  • 2021-10-05 21:04:41 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Advisor (Italian bootleg of Space Fury) [Matteo Legittimo, Andrew Welburn]

    Changed: segag80v.cpp, segag80v.h, mame.lst

  • 2021-10-05 20:28:14 ui: Made file manager software list menu search behave better (based on file selection menu code). [Vas Crabb]

    Changed: swlist.cpp, swlist.h

  • 2021-10-05 18:12:57 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Pengo (set 6, encrypted) [philmurr]

    Changed: balsente.cpp, pengo.cpp, mame.lst

  • 2021-10-05 17:32:38 machine/spg_renderer.cpp: Fix blend level handling for tile layers (#8652) [Simon Eriksson]

    Changed: spg_renderer.cpp

  • 2021-10-05 17:30:33 Fix various typos in comments [AJR]

    Changed: z8038.cpp, bfm_sc4.cpp, cyclemb.cpp, kay_kbd.cpp, window.cpp

  • 2021-10-05 17:24:01 Fix pcatmem command (probably regressed in 360d3a5950f0649270822e2db1ea25028eabd18b) [AJR]

    Changed: debugcmd.cpp

  • 2021-10-05 16:33:06 util/zippath.cpp: Fixed two issues affecting Windows: [Vas Crabb]
    • Browsing from a location inside an archive causes MAME to hang. • Files inside archives are not listed.

    Changed: zippath.cpp

  • 2021-10-05 15:37:37 util/zippath.cpp: Made behaviour of trying to open things inside archives a bit more consistent, fixed another bug with root paths. [Vas Crabb]

    Changed: zippath.cpp

  • 2021-10-05 14:27:24 botanic2: fix protection read value and use the dumped PROM instead of bagman's [David Haywood]

    Changed: bagman.cpp, bagman.h

  • 2021-10-05 12:59:24 legendos: add Wave to company string [hap]

    Changed: neogeo.xml, ashnojoe.cpp, neogeo.cpp, segac2.cpp

  • 2021-10-05 03:01:03 pc6001: add fdc irq read port [cracyc]

    Changed: pc6001.cpp

  • 2021-10-04 22:26:46 More low-effort cleanup. [Vas Crabb]
    • Got more slot card classes out of headers. • Changed most of the Apple II cards still looking up ROM regions manually to use required_region_ptr. • Removed an unreferenced function leftover from copy-pasting another device from the Videx Uniprint device.

    Changed: a1bus.cpp, a1cassette.cpp, a1cassette.h, a1cffa.cpp, a1cffa.h, 4play.cpp, 4play.h, a2alfam2.cpp, a2alfam2.h, a2applicard.cpp, a2applicard.h, a2cffa.cpp, a2cffa.h, a2dx1.cpp, a2dx1.h, a2memexp.cpp, a2memexp.h, a2midi.cpp, a2midi.h, a2sam.cpp, a2sam.h, a2ssc.cpp, a2ssc.h, a2swyft.cpp, a2swyft.h, a2thunderclock.cpp, a2thunderclock.h, a2ultraterm.cpp, a2ultraterm.h, a2videoterm.cpp, a2videoterm.h, a2vulcan.cpp, a2vulcan.h, a2zipdrive.cpp, a2zipdrive.h, booti.cpp, booti.h, byte8251.cpp, byte8251.h, suprterminal.cpp, suprterminal.h, timemasterho.cpp, timemasterho.h, uniprint.cpp, uniprint.h, keyboard.h, terminal.cpp, terminal.h, delegate.cpp, octo_kbd.h, x68k_kbd.h

  • 2021-10-04 21:30:31 machine/bagman: correct license/copyright holder [hap]

    Changed: bagman.cpp, bagman.cpp

  • 2021-10-04 19:48:16 bus/nes: Added emulation for a couple homebrew 8 in 1 cartridges. (#8654) [0kmg]
    • Adds support for two multi-game cartridges developed by "FARID".

    Changed: mmc1_clones.cpp, mmc1_clones.h, multigame.cpp, multigame.h, nes_carts.cpp, nes_ines.hxx, nes_pcb.hxx, nes_slot.h, nes_unif.hxx

  • 2021-10-04 19:29:25 Fix multiple issues with debug memory tracking [AJR]
    • - Track write accesses rather than read accesses - Actually install the taps when the trackmem command is executed - Correct cell addresses for address-shifted spaces in Qt and Windows memory viewers

    Changed: debugcpu.cpp, debugcpu.h, memorywindow.cpp, memoryviewinfo.cpp

  • 2021-10-04 18:34:45 util: Further API cleanups: (#8661) [Vas Crabb]
    • Turned `core_file` into an implementation of `random_read_write`. • Turned PNG errors into a standard error category. • Added a helper for generating what look like derived classes on-the-fly.

    Changed: lib.lua, a78_slot.cpp, a800_slot.cpp, slot.cpp, slot.cpp, slot.cpp, slot.cpp, exp.cpp, slot.cpp, slot.cpp, slot.cpp, gb_slot.cpp, gba_slot.cpp, slot.cpp, omti8621.cpp, slot.cpp, md_slot.cpp, cartridge.cpp, aladdin.cpp, nes_slot.cpp, nubus_image.cpp, slot.cpp, pce_slot.cpp, slot.cpp, sega8_slot.cpp, snes_slot.cpp, cartridges.cpp, slot.cpp, vcs_slot.cpp, slot.cpp, slot.cpp, cassette.cpp, chd_cd.cpp, diablo.cpp, flopdrv.cpp, floppy.cpp, harddriv.cpp, midiin.cpp, hp_dc100_tape.cpp, devdelegate.h, diimage.cpp, diimage.h, fileio.cpp, fileio.h, image.cpp, ioport.cpp, recording.cpp, rendlay.cpp, rendutil.cpp, rendutil.h, save.cpp, softlist.cpp, softlist.h, softlist_dev.h, video.cpp, media_ident.cpp, icorender.cpp, cbm_crt.cpp, cbm_crt.h, abi.h, cdrom.cpp, chd.cpp, corefile.cpp, corefile.h, delegate.cpp, delegate.h, dynamicclass.cpp, dynamicclass.h, dynamicclass.ipp, flac.cpp, flac.h, harddisk.cpp, harddisk.h, ioprocs.cpp, ioprocs.h, ioprocsfilter.cpp, ioprocsfilter.h, msdib.cpp, msdib.h, path.cpp, png.cpp, png.h, xmlfile.cpp, xmlfile.h, coco_vhd.cpp, d3dhlsl.cpp, chdman.cpp, stream.cpp, pngcmp.cpp, regrep.cpp, split.cpp, srcclean.cpp

  • 2021-10-04 18:21:00 segasp.cpp: Love&Berry security PIC dumped [Flinnster, Porchy] [MetalliC]

    Changed: segasp.cpp

  • 2021-10-04 18:06:23 New WORKING clones (#8515) [ClawGrip]
    • - Pac-Man (Cirsa, Spanish bootleg on Galaxian hardware) [Ricardo - Factory Arcade, Recreativas.org] Komemokos ('Pac-Man (Cirsa, Spanish bootleg)' hack) [Ricardo - Factory Arcade, Recreativas.org]

    Changed: galaxian.cpp, mame.lst

  • 2021-10-04 10:43:56 New Working clone added (#8655) [algestam]
    • Thunder Ball (Tronica) [algestam]

    Changed: hh_sm510.cpp, mame.lst

  • 2021-10-04 09:09:51 pc6001.cpp: Major rework of PC-6001mk2SR (#8626) [Angelo Salese]
    • Added a PC-6001 cartridge software list XML, and hooked up to the driver; • Fixed a regression bug with machine_reset fn where PC-6001mkII was implicitly overriding its memory model when a cart was inserted, causing being stuck at POST; • Improved irq handling and removed a couple kludges, fixing hangs caused by multiple irqs being fired at the same time; • Added PC-6601SR "Mr. PC", and improved the specific SR video mode already used by PC-6001mk2SR; • Refactored PC-6001mkIISR / PC-6601SR memory model to use address_map_device, allowing BIOS booting and .cas loading in mode 6. Replace AY8910 with YM2203; • Add keyboard inputs F1-F10, and fixed the specific irq vector dispatch; • Add preliminary FDC internal/external interface. Hooked up PC80S31 to external i/f as a proof of concept; • Fixed timer enable (fixes Yakyukyo and Punchball Mario boots), and fixed different timer resolution with PC-6001mk2SR so that cursor blinking happens at the right frequency;
      New machines marked as NOT_WORKING
      PC-6601SR "Mr. PC" [anonymous]
      New NOT_WORKING software list additions - pc6001_cart.xml: Tutankham [HardcoreHubz, cyberat2600, Gaming Alexandria]

    Changed: pc6001_cart.xml, pc6001.cpp, pc8801.cpp, pc6001.h, mame.lst, pc6001.cpp

  • 2021-10-04 02:56:25 spi_sdcard: don't use a random number in the CID block, it'll confuse BBC Micro MMFS. [R. Belmont] [arbee]

    Changed: spi_sdcard.cpp

  • 2021-10-04 02:49:59 spi_sdcard.cpp: Preliminary support for CMD10 (SEND_CID), report CRC16 for data blocks read. [R. Belmont] [arbee]

    Changed: spi_sdcard.cpp

  • 2021-10-04 01:18:12 8080bw.cpp: gunchamp - identify unknown dip switch as "Enter Initials". [Wulfaz] [Scott Stone]
    • Fixed MT#8095

    Changed: 8080bw.cpp

  • 2021-10-04 01:09:02 add all debug options to template. fix shift count to properly display M bits. (#8656) [tim lindner]
    • 6883sam: add all debug options to template. fix shift count to properly display M bits.

    Changed: 6883sam.cpp

  • 2021-10-03 20:03:30 ti84pce: Revert overclocking [AJR]

    Changed: ti85.cpp

  • 2021-10-03 19:56:18 Add Z80-derived stub devices for eZ80 and R800 CPUs [AJR]

    Changed: cpu.lua, ez80.cpp, ez80.h, r800.cpp, r800.h, msx.cpp, ti85.cpp, msx.h, ti85.h

  • 2021-10-03 17:11:55 bus/a2bus, bus/a2gameio: Moved many class declarations out of headers. [Vas Crabb]
    • This reduces how frequently the Apple II drivers need to be recompiled when a random device changes.
      Also, this turned up three things that are apparently not hooked up in the PC Transported card.

    Changed: a2arcadebd.cpp, a2arcadebd.h, a2echoii.cpp, a2echoii.h, a2mockingboard.cpp, a2mockingboard.h, computereyes2.cpp, computereyes2.h, ezcgi.cpp, ezcgi.h, lancegs.cpp, lancegs.h, pc_xporter.cpp, pc_xporter.h, ssbapple.cpp, ssbapple.h, ssprite.cpp, ssprite.h, uthernet.cpp, uthernet.h, computereyes.cpp, computereyes.h, gizmo.cpp, gizmo.h, joyport.cpp, joyport.h, joystick.cpp, joystick.h, paddles.cpp, paddles.h, patchbox.cpp, tt5665.cpp, apple2e.cpp

  • 2021-10-02 22:24:40 tt5665.cpp: Add support for separate voice commands per output channel (#8605) [cam900]

    Changed: tt5665.cpp, tt5665.h

  • 2021-10-02 22:22:45 tmspoker.cpp: Add two Jeutel "Las Vegas" sets (#8625) [ClawGrip]
    • New NOT_WORKING machines - Las Vegas (Jeutel, set 1) [Benjamin Roux, ClawGrip]
      New NOT_WORKING clones - Las Vegas (Jeutel, set 2) [Benjamin Roux, ClawGrip]

    Changed: tmspoker.cpp, mame.lst

  • 2021-10-02 22:21:34 bus/nes: Added emulation for A Winner is You homebrew cart. (#8582) [0kmg]

    Changed: nes_carts.cpp, nes_ines.hxx, nes_pcb.hxx, nes_slot.h, sealie.cpp, sealie.h

  • 2021-10-02 19:53:34 alesis.cpp: Correct main CPU type [AJR]

    Changed: alesis.cpp

  • 2021-10-02 19:41:06 rs232/patchbox.cpp: GCC may allow this syntax, but clang doesn't [AJR]

    Changed: patchbox.cpp

  • 2021-10-02 19:18:52 bus/rs232: Added patchbox device source. [Vas Crabb]

    Changed: patchbox.cpp, patchbox.h

  • 2021-10-02 18:21:12 Update bgfx, bx and bimg to latest upstream (fixes issue #8057) (#8645) [Julian Sikorski]

    Changed: .travis.yml, cgltf.h, cgltf_write.h, imgui.cpp, imgui.h, imgui_demo.cpp, imgui_draw.cpp, imgui_internal.h, imgui_tables.cpp, imgui_widgets.cpp, CHANGES.md, GLSL.ext.NV.h, GlslangToSpv.cpp, SpvBuilder.cpp, doc.cpp, spirv.hpp, build_info.h, hlslParseHelper.cpp, hlslParseables.cpp, BaseTypes.h, Common.h, Types.h, intermediate.h, Constant.cpp, Initialize.cpp, Intermediate.cpp, ParseContextBase.cpp, ParseHelper.cpp, ParseHelper.h, SymbolTable.cpp, SymbolTable.h, Versions.cpp, Versions.h, attribute.cpp, glslang.m4, glslang.y, glslang_tab.cpp, intermOut.cpp, iomapper.cpp, iomapper.h, linkValidate.cpp, vulkan_beta.h, vulkan_core.h, spirv_cross.cpp, spirv_glsl.cpp, spirv_glsl.hpp, spirv_msl.cpp, spirv_msl.hpp, SPIRV-Headers.pc.in, spir-v.xml, NonSemanticShaderDebugInfo100.h, NonSemanticVulkanDebugInfo100.h, extinst.nonsemantic.shader.debuginfo.100.grammar.json, spirv.core.grammar.json, spirv.cs, spirv.h, spirv.hpp, spirv.hpp11, spirv.json, spirv.lua, spirv.py, spv.d, NonSemanticShaderDebugInfo100.h, NonSemanticVulkanDebugInfo100.h, build-version.inc, core.insts-unified1.inc, enum_string_mapping.inc, extension_enum.inc, generators.inc, nonsemantic.shader.debuginfo.100.insts.inc, operand.kinds-unified1.inc, libspirv.h, libspirv.hpp, linter.hpp, optimizer.hpp, binary.cpp, common_debug_info.h, ext_inst.cpp, extinst.nonsemantic.vulkan.debuginfo.100.grammar.json, divergence_analysis.cpp, divergence_analysis.h, lint_divergent_derivatives.cpp, linter.cpp, lints.h, operand.cpp, aggressive_dead_code_elim_pass.cpp, aggressive_dead_code_elim_pass.h, block_merge_util.cpp, compact_ids_pass.cpp, const_folding_rules.cpp, constants.cpp, constants.h, convert_to_sampled_image_pass.cpp, convert_to_sampled_image_pass.h, dataflow.cpp, dataflow.h, debug_info_manager.cpp, debug_info_manager.h, def_use_manager.cpp, feature_manager.cpp, feature_manager.h, folding_rules.cpp, if_conversion.cpp, inline_pass.cpp, inst_buff_addr_check_pass.cpp, inst_buff_addr_check_pass.h, instruction.cpp, instruction.h, ir_context.cpp, ir_context.h, ir_loader.cpp, local_access_chain_convert_pass.cpp, local_single_block_elim_pass.cpp, local_single_store_elim_pass.cpp, loop_unroller.cpp, module.cpp,