[Arcade] DevMAME [log only] 2021/09/30 23:10

[3] @ !!! Czwartek, 30 Września 2021 23:10 CET [17-09-2021 01:03 CET]

[Arcade] DevMAME [log only] 2021/09/30 23:10

Raz na jakiś czas będę publikował nowe deweloperskie binarki projektu MAME, natomiast BobBudowniczy będzie się starał na bieżąco śledzić zmiany w changelogu tego  największego projektu emulacyjnego. W wypadku binarek udostępniam także resztę plików z folderu MAME. Link przy każdym wpisie umożliwia samodzielne pobranie źródeł i skompilowanie na własne potrzeby deweloperskiej wersji tego emulatora.

  • 2021-09-30 22:22:43 emu/video.cpp: Set file names via -snapname when exiting in -seconds_… (#8633) [0kmg]

    Changed: commandline-all.rst , video.cpp

  • 2021-09-30 21:26:11 debugger: Extended target address syntax to include device/address space. (#8630) [Vas Crabb]
    • Added a validity check to ensure address space names are tag-like and unique, since they're now used as identifiers in debugger commands.
      Extended the syntax for target addresses to allow them to be qualified with a colon followed by an optional device tag and/or address space name. If only the device needs to be specified, a debugger CPU number may also be used. This makes commands like bpset and wpset more flexible, as they can operate on CPUs other than the currently visible CPU. Commands like find, fill, dump and load are more flexible as they can access any space of any device.
      Removed now-redundant CPU parameters from many commands, and renamed pcatmemp to pcatmem for consistency with other commands. Extended region syntax for saver/loadr to support tags relative to the visible CPU (e.g. you can use "." for the region with the same name as the visible CPU, or "^sibling" syntax). Added an optional root device parameter to memdump. Changed interpretation of Boolean values to support numeric expressions as well as true/false strings and literal 1/0.
      Added checks that the specified device is CPU-like to various commands that require a CPU (e.g. focus). Previously these commands would crash or trigger an assertion failure if a tag for a non-CPU devices was specified.
      Fixed the cpunum symbol so it uses the same rules for determining what is or isn't a CPU as parameter parsing.
      Made device_t sanitise subtags better. Previously you could cause an assertion failure or crash MAME by giving it unexpected relative tags via Lua or the debugger.
      Added help topic alias support, and reworked the data structures to improve the performance of looking up debugger commands and help topics. Removed the "ref" parameter from debugger command functions (std::bind can hold extra argument values for you if you need them). Also added an error message if duplicate debugger commands are registered.
      Updated help for commands that changed syntax, and also updated summaries for some commands that had changed in the past without corresponding help updates.

    Changed: doxygen.config , gio64.cpp , isa.cpp , qbus.cpp , sbus.cpp , vme.cpp , adsp2100.cpp , arm7.cpp , arm7.h , hd641016.cpp , h8500.cpp , r65c19.cpp , m68kcpu.cpp , ns32000.cpp , ns32000.h , hd6120.cpp , rx01.cpp , sparc.cpp , sparc.h , upd78k0.cpp , upd78k2.cpp , upd78k3.cpp , vt61.cpp , z8000.cpp , acorn_memc.cpp , acorn_memc.h , sun4c_mmu.cpp , sun4c_mmu.h , dave.cpp , ymopn.cpp , debugcmd.cpp , debugcmd.h , debugcon.cpp , debugcon.h , debughlp.cpp , debughlp.h , express.cpp , express.h , device.cpp , dimemory.cpp , chihiro.cpp , konamim2.cpp , dgn_beta.h , mbc55x.h , model2.h , rmnimbus.h , xbox.h , 6883sam.cpp , dgn_beta.cpp , hpc3.cpp , model2.cpp , rmnimbus.cpp , xbox.cpp , mbc55x.cpp , midtunit.cpp , midtunit.h , rmnimbus.cpp

  • 2021-09-30 11:11:02 bus/nes: Added support for original Dongdongnao II cartridge. (#8628) [0kmg]
    • • Also set correct board type for Yeong-eo Pyramid, fixing title screen graphics, and identified it as a (licensed) clone of Dongdongnao II.
      New working software list additions (nes.xml) - Dòngdòngnǎo II: Guózhōng Yīngwén (I) (Taiwan) [MLX]

    Changed: nes.xml , nes_carts.cpp , nes_ines.hxx , nes_pcb.hxx , nes_slot.h , sachen.cpp , sachen.h , nes.cpp

  • 2021-09-30 05:01:56 pickin, botanic, squaitsa: Correct mapping for PSGs; add watchdog timer [AJR]

    Changed: bagman.cpp , bagman.h

  • 2021-09-30 04:37:17 x68k: try to fix the gvram clear [cracyc]

    Changed: x68k_crtc.cpp

  • 2021-09-29 18:51:41 dvmemory: remove outdated/unused FD1094_HACK [hap]

    Changed: dvmemory.cpp , kim1.cpp , fddebug.cpp

  • 2021-09-29 17:14:20 epos.cpp: Update notes with pinout from Igmo manual [AJR]

    Changed: epos.cpp

  • 2021-09-29 17:13:21 kim1: use pwm_display for the 7segs [hap]

    Changed: cv1k.cpp , kim1.cpp

  • 2021-09-29 17:01:07 mcnpshnt, mjmyornt, suprmous: Add DIP locations [AJR]

    Changed: ddenlovr.cpp , dynax.cpp , thepit.cpp

  • 2021-09-29 12:40:03 champbas.cpp updated unknown dip switches for Talbot (MT#08093) (#8629) [Steven Coomber]

    Changed: champbas.cpp

  • 2021-09-29 06:27:57 -minimaws: Changed geometry of disclosure triangles. [Vas Crabb]
    • -util/delegate.cpp: Fixed typo in comment.

    Changed: disclosedown.svg , discloseup.svg , delegate.cpp

  • 2021-09-29 04:54:32 Merge tag 'mame0236' into mainline-master [Vas Crabb]
    • MAME 0.236

    Changed: AndroidManifest.xml , makefile

  • 2021-09-28 12:08:49 Added laser128o to list. [Robbbert]

    Changed: mame.lst

  • 2021-09-28 04:59:23 bus/nes: Added support for Y2K 420 in 1. (#8622) [0kmg]
    • New working software list additions (nes.xml) - Y2K 420 in 1 [BootGod]

    Changed: nes.xml , multigame.cpp , multigame.h , nes_carts.cpp , nes_ines.hxx , nes_pcb.hxx , nes_slot.h , nes.cpp

  • 2021-09-28 04:18:15 rollext: hooked up eeprom [Ville Linde]

    Changed: rollext.cpp

  • 2021-09-28 03:39:11 Merge branch 'release0236' into mainline-master [Vas Crabb]

    Changed: apxen_flop.xml , cdi.xml , nes.xml , pc8001mk2_flop.xml , pc8801_flop.xml , validity.cpp , konmedal020.cpp , debuggerview.cpp , debugviewinfo.cpp

  • 2021-09-27 18:34:22 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Winning Spike (ver AAA) [f205v]

    Changed: konamigx.cpp , mame.lst

  • 2021-09-27 04:23:35 Laser 128 updates: [R. Belmont, Tom Greene] [arbee]
    • - Added all currently dumped ROM versions - Support both the original and later hardware versions - Support the built-in mouse interface
      New clones added as WORKING - Laser 128 (original hardware) [R. Belmont, Tom Greene]

    Changed: laser128.cpp , laser128.h , apple2e.cpp , apple2.cpp , apple2.h

  • 2021-09-26 23:21:11 segac2: speed up initialization [hap]

    Changed: clock.cpp , conchess.cpp , fidel_eag68k.cpp , segac2.cpp

  • 2021-09-26 17:21:55 util/delegate.cpp: Notes from experiments with clang. [Vas Crabb]

    Changed: delegate.cpp

  • 2021-09-26 11:58:54 Optimized the multithreading strategy for -listxml (#8300) [npwoods]
    • The previous algorithm would spawn tasks but wait for them in sequential order. This is not necessarily optimal, and with these changes we will respond to whichever task completes first.
      On my computer (Quad Core 2), this triples the speed of a full -listxml

    Changed: infoxml.cpp

  • 2021-09-26 07:26:25 Actually stage the fix to validity.cpp, clean up video/kikikai.cpp a little, srcclean latest PRs. [Vas Crabb]

    Changed: nes_slot.h , validity.cpp , kikikai.cpp

  • 2021-09-26 06:15:42 srcclean in preparation for MAME 0.235, and two small adjustments. [Vas Crabb]
    • • Reduce repeated directory walking in cleansrc target (substantially improves speed of building the target on Windows). • Disable a validity check using an MSVC language extension when using clang in MSVC ABI mode.

    Changed: cdi.xml , coco_flop.xml , ibm5170_cdrom.xml , pc8001_flop.xml , pc8001mk2_flop.xml , pc8001mk2sr_flop.xml , pc8801_cass.xml , pc8801_flop.xml , spectrum_cass.xml , vgmplay.xml , makefile , a2sd.cpp , batlab.cpp , mmc1.h , cartridges.cpp , mp_ops.cpp , tms32082.cpp , tx0.cpp , 8042kbdc.h , smpc.cpp , stvcd.cpp , ics2115.cpp , upd3301.cpp , upd3301.h , viewgfx.cpp , rpk.cpp , rpk.h , 4enraya.cpp , acesp.cpp , agat.cpp , ampoker2.cpp , apple2.cpp , apple2gs.cpp , atarig42.cpp , barni.cpp , cybstorm.cpp , mpu4.cpp , naomi.cpp , pc8001.cpp , pc8801.cpp , rollext.cpp , saturn.cpp , spg2xx_jakks.cpp , pc8001.h , ace_sp_dmd.lay , ace_sp_reelctrl.cpp , pc80s31k.cpp , pc80s31k.h , mame.lst , sknsspr.cpp , debuggdbstub.cpp

  • 2021-09-26 02:28:51 kikikai.cpp: Fix notes (#8483) [cam900]
    • • kikikai.cpp: Fix video hardware notes

    Changed: kikikai.cpp

  • 2021-09-26 00:15:08 tx0: Turn RIM logging back off [AJR]

    Changed: tx0.cpp

  • 2021-09-25 21:32:50 tms32082: Fix clang build [AJR]

    Changed: tms32082.cpp

  • 2021-09-25 21:24:55 Mostly playable driver for Rolling Extreme. Various bug fixes to the TMS320C82 core. [Ville Linde]

    Changed: dis_mp.cpp , mp_ops.cpp , tms32082.cpp , tms32082.h , rollext.cpp

  • 2021-09-25 19:06:32 New clones marked as NOT_WORKING [AJR]
    • TX-0 upgraded system (8 kWords of RAM, old order code)
      • tx0_64kw: Swap LR and MBR when MLR and LMB are specified together • tx0_8kw: Recognize a few more composite OPRs in disassembly

    Changed: tx0_ptp.xml , tx0.cpp , tx0.h , tx0dasm.cpp , tx0dasm.h , tx0.cpp , tx0.h , mame.lst , unidasm.cpp

  • 2021-09-25 17:54:49 arcade.flt: add saturnkr exception [hap]

    Changed: arcade.flt

  • 2021-09-25 17:49:54 tasc: gideon engine version is 3.1 [hap]

    Changed: tasc.cpp

  • 2021-09-25 16:00:29 Add floppy support to NEC PC-8001 (#8532) [Angelo Salese]
    • New clones marked as NOT_WORKING
      PC-8001mkIISR [anonymous]
      • Generate a new pc8001_flop.xml list, based off Neo Kobe dumps; • Move several items from pc8801_flop.xml to the new pc8001_flop.xml; • Generate new lists for pc8001mk2_flop.xml and pc8001mk2sr_flop.xml; • Hook aforementioned lists where they belongs ( i.e. N-Basic list is now shared between pc8801.cpp and pc8001.cpp, N80 list belongs to pc8001mk2 and pc8001mk2sr, N80SR list belongs to pc8001mk2sr alone)
      • upd3301.cpp: fix scrolling glitch when unthrottled
      • pc8001.cpp: fix machine configs inheritance
      • pc8001.cpp: constexpr the XTALs
      • pc8001.cpp: allow to enter into N80 BASIC mode for mk2 machines
      • Ported pc80s31k to device interface, and hooked it up to pc8001
      • Fix validation errors
      • Misc documentation updates
      • uPD3301.cpp: implement bulk of attribute fields
      • upd3301: fix olyboss compile and crashing, add rvv signal
      • upd3301.cpp: fix last value of attribute row (7narabe), fix graphic mode when in width 40 (15puzzle)
      • upd3301.cpp: consider an attribute end of 0 equal to max size, fixes starfire
      • upd3301.cpp: rvv is definitely a global reverse rather than acting on palette for PC8001, document flgworld attribute weirdness (double somersault)
      • pc8001_flop.xml: QA selected SW
      • pc80s31k.cpp: split into PC80S31 (2d) and PC80S31K (2d/2dd/2hd) devices, rearrange disk bioses
      • pc8801.cpp: inherit pc80s31k device and kill off FDC legacy code
      • pc80s31k.cpp: documentation updates
      • pc8001_flop: move Magic Copy and a alt versions of ay1 and 4d house in here
      • pc98.xml: move daivacal from PC88 since it really belongs here
      • pc8801_flop.xml: major QA testing on suspicious floppy activities
      • pc8801.cpp: remove logging of High [TV]RAM
      • pc8801_flop.xml: fix rogue extra comment closing
      • pc80s31k.cpp: mailbox the PPI ports, fix barbatus booting; pc80s31k.cpp: allow filemst to boot, and add note about its unemulated extended HW;
      • upd3301.cpp: convert AT1/AT0/SC to an aggregate variable
      • upd3301.cpp: convert attribute fetch to be a client delegate
      • pc8001.cpp: move some shared functions to pc8001_base_state
      • pc8001.cpp: add DMA functions
      • pc8001.cpp: add extension setter for 24KHz mode (which will be used by PC-8801 once implementation is merged)
      • pc8801_flop.xml: fix description duplicate
      • Bulk replace pc8*_flop.xml capitalized Alt into lowercase
      • pc80s31k.cpp: add space.unmap() for terminal_count_r, reorder headers, make constructor trampoline protected
      • Standardize Daiva titles across XMLs
      • pc8801_cass.xml: revert of software name t[ape] postfixes
      • pc8801_flop.xml: more identification of N/V1 BASIC SWs

    Changed: fm77av.xml , msx1_cart.xml , msx1_flop.xml , msx2_flop.xml , nes.xml , pc8001_flop.xml , pc8001mk2_flop.xml , pc8001mk2sr_flop.xml , pc8801_cass.xml , pc8801_flop.xml , pc98.xml , x1_flop.xml , mess.lua , upd3301.cpp , upd3301.h , olyboss.cpp , pc8001.cpp , pc8801.cpp , pc88va.cpp , pc8001.h , pc8801.h , pc80s31k.cpp , pc80s31k.h , mame.lst

  • 2021-09-25 14:56:19 saturn.cpp: Add Korean BIOS placeholder (#8608) [Angelo Salese]
    • • saturn.cpp: add Korean BIOS placeholder, refactored init routines, add enumerator for regions
      • hash/saturn.xml: marked all Korean set with NTSC-K, also part I of SW list QA overhaul
      • stvcd.cpp: guard against deleting partial sectors in cmd_delete_sector_data, fixes pstarcol Phantasy Star 2 crash after first attract cycle
      • smpc.cpp: NMI is unconditionally requested for screen clock change commands, fixes booting in bigichig, capgen1, capgen4, capgen5
      • stvcd.cpp: add fixed status for NetLink, allow dragndrm to actually boot (on -non drc)
      • stvcd.cpp: fix clang build, put another QA point for Dragon's Dream
      • More QA up to J

    Changed: saturn.xml , smpc.cpp , stvcd.cpp , saturn.cpp , mame.lst

  • 2021-09-25 04:38:37 apple2gs: revert previous change, verified on hardware that bit 6 of NEWVIDEO is not set on power-up. [R. Belmont] [arbee]

    Changed: apple2gs.cpp

  • 2021-09-25 03:33:32 apple2gs: enable SHR linearization bit in NEWVIDEO by default, fixes Nucleus P8 1.0.1 [R. Belmont] [arbee]

    Changed: apple2gs.cpp

  • 2021-09-24 22:51:22 polepos2: freeze dipswitch works fine [hap]

    Changed: polepos.cpp

  • 2021-09-24 22:49:36 a800: fixes writing antic DLISTL and DLISTH to only affect the high and low byte component that is spread between m_dpage and m_doffs (#8616) [goldnchild]

    Changed: antic.cpp

  • 2021-09-24 21:39:40 docs: explain compressor a bit again [hap]

    Changed: mame.6 , mess.6 , commandline-all.rst

  • 2021-09-24 20:00:07 docs: explain compressor a bit [hap]

    Changed: mame.6 , mess.6 , commandline-all.rst

  • 2021-09-24 19:40:10 sound: make the compressor optional (clamp overdrive to -1.0-1.0 when off) [hap]

    Changed: mame.6 , mess.6 , commandline-all.rst , commandline-index.rst , emuopts.cpp , emuopts.h , sound.cpp , sound.h , sndmenu.cpp , sndmenu.h

  • 2021-09-23 22:51:51 util/delegate.h: Use "compatible" delegates for MinGW GCC i686. [Vas Crabb]
    • The Itanium delegate has questionable value on on MinGW i686 as it injects a conditional branch in the hot path for delegates anyway to deal with the different __thiscall convention. It's somehow breaking and causing memory corruption in full builds, but I don't have the time to work out exactly which delegate type is the problematic one, especially not with a release coming soon.
      This will probably cause 32-bit MinGW builds to become substantially larger.

    Changed: delegate.h

  • 2021-09-23 21:27:26 util/delegate.cpp: PowerPC-64 Little Endian drops function descriptors. [Vas Crabb]
    • At some point I'll make a proper header ABI detection. There's too much stuff to keep in the delegate sources, and it will be useful for other stuff like recompilers.

    Changed: delegate.cpp

  • 2021-09-23 20:10:03 New working clones [hap]
    • Conchess Plymate 5.5MHz [hap, Berger]

    Changed: conchess.cpp , mame.lst

  • 2021-09-23 19:51:23 Various volume level adjustements to avoid hitting limiter. (#8553) [David Haywood]
    • • Adjusted levels in mustache.cpp, metlfrzr.cpp, xyonix.cpp, labybug.cpp, pgm.cpp, terracre.cpp, boogwing.cpp, astrocde.cpp, and gottlieb.cpp. • Re-balanced some Votrax stuff, attempting to keep the chip output between +/-1.0.

    Changed: votrax.cpp , gottlieb.cpp , gottlieb.h , astrocde.cpp , boogwing.cpp , ladybug.cpp , metlfrzr.cpp , mustache.cpp , pgm.cpp , terracre.cpp , xyonix.cpp , astrocde.h

  • 2021-09-23 19:08:01 mpu4.cpp: Added three Vifico Escalera Tobogan sets. (#8607) [ClawGrip]
    • New NOT_WORKING machines
      Escalera Tobogan (MPU4, set 1) [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
      New NOT_WORKING clones
      Escalera Tobogan (MPU4, set 2) [jordigahan, ClawGrip] Escalera Tobogan (MPU4, set 3) [jordigahan, ClawGrip]

    Changed: mpu4.cpp , mame.lst

  • 2021-09-23 15:50:59 minimaws: Added disclosure triangle controls to many sections. [Vas Crabb]

    Changed: common.js , disclosedown.svg , discloseup.svg , romident.js , style.css , htmltmpl.py , wsgiserve.py

  • 2021-09-23 09:09:47 konmedal68k.cpp: made pwrchanc show the title screen [Ivan Vangelista]

    Changed: konmedal68k.cpp

  • 2021-09-23 09:03:20 -minimaws: Made table sort widgets (and the code behind them) less ugly. [Vas Crabb]
    • -util/delegate.cpp: Added a couple of comments about assumptions.

    Changed: common.js , sortasc.png , sortasc.svg , sortdesc.png , sortdesc.svg , sortind.png , sortind.svg , style.css , wsgiserve.py , delegate.cpp

  • 2021-09-23 07:49:46 konmedal68k.cpp: adjusted some dips definitions [Ivan Vangelista]

    Changed: konmedal68k.cpp

  • 2021-09-23 06:32:55 - konmedal68k.cpp: tentatively identified the unkkonmd set [Wayder] [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - model2.cpp: minor documentation update [Brian Troha]
      - arcade.lua: fixed arcade build compiling [Brian Troha]

    Changed: arcade.lua , konmedal68k.cpp , model2.cpp

  • 2021-09-22 23:38:24 4enraya.cpp: Add PCB ASCII layout for 'tourpgum' (#8610) [ClawGrip]

    Changed: 4enraya.cpp

  • 2021-09-22 23:33:08 Make debugger 'out' command step over return delay slots on SH architectures [AJR]

    Changed: sh_dasm.cpp , debugcpu.cpp

  • 2021-09-22 20:19:13 supernova: fix oob access on transcient incorrect sprites, use masking instead of %, silence watchdog access [Olivier Galibert]

    Changed: suprnova.cpp , sknsspr.cpp

  • 2021-09-22 19:59:42 pss680: Bank some of the ROM space [AJR]

    Changed: ympsr16.cpp

  • 2021-09-22 07:49:59 view: take into account the pre-offsetting when expanding handlers [Olivier Galibert]

    Changed: emumem_hedr.ipp , emumem_hedw.ipp

  • 2021-09-22 04:27:47 new WORKING machine (#8558) [David Haywood]
    • New WORKING machine
      Paradise / Gum (France) [Benjamin Roux, David Haywood]

    Changed: 4enraya.cpp , 4enraya.h , mame.lst

  • 2021-09-22 04:26:09 Dumped the 68705P3 MCUs on 2 different types of sp.ACE fruit machine reel driver PCBs [TTX] (#8593) [David Haywood]

    Changed: arcade.lua , acesp.cpp , ace_sp_dmd.lay , ace_sp_reelctrl.cpp , ace_sp_reelctrl.h

  • 2021-09-22 04:23:08 added tzx to the sc-3000 formats (#8592) [Fabio DL]

    Changed: sc3000_bit.cpp

  • 2021-09-22 01:42:10 util/delegate.cpp: Recognise a couple more MSVC thunks. [Vas Crabb]
    • The MSVC C++ ABI doesn't reserve the first vtable entry for classes without a virtual destructor, so the instruction to load the virtual member function address may not need an immediate displacement.
      Also recognise virtual member function call thunks for AArch64.

    Changed: delegate.cpp

  • 2021-09-21 21:58:42 util/delegate.h: Make comparison operators more technically correct. [Vas Crabb]
    • For Itanium ABI, two null member function pointers should compare equal even if the undefined bits differ.
      For MSVC ABI, there's all sorts of complexity around what happens when you compare pointers to member functions for different inheritance types.
      You'll still occasionally get weird results comparing pointers to members of different classes.

    Changed: delegate.h

  • 2021-09-21 21:05:19 cpu/drcbex64.cpp: Proof-of-concept for optimisation of calling out. [Vas Crabb]
    • Resolve address space virtual member function addresses on constrcution and call them directly. Provides a small but measurable improvement to performance in drivers that use the recompiler and access the memory system a lot.
      Also made MSVC delegates capable of walking past all the thunks MSVC puts in the way of actually calling a member function. I'm not accounting for the "this" pointer being passed in RDX when the return value is an oversize scalar. This is harmless because it won't see anything that looks like a virtual call thunk using RCX when RCX points to uninitialised space for the return value. It just means virtual member function calls won't be bypassed if the return value is an oversize scalar, but that doesn't happen frequently anyway.

    Changed: drcbex64.cpp , drcbex64.h , validity.cpp , delegate.cpp , delegate.h

  • 2021-09-21 19:51:09 wndrplnt: Decapped and dumped MCU [Alex, Brian A. Troha, TeamEurope] [Dirk Best]
    • - Also remove simulation, clean ups

    Changed: karnov.cpp , karnov.h

  • 2021-09-21 17:38:58 plsonic4.cpp: added inputs, dips as per test mode [Ivan Vangelista]

    Changed: plsonic4.cpp

  • 2021-09-21 12:40:32 hh_sm510: Add cheats for gnw_flagman, gnw_judge and gnw_lion (#8601) [algestam]

    Changed: hh_sm510.cpp

  • 2021-09-21 00:33:53 tiamc1.cpp little note change [MetalliC]

    Changed: tiamc1.cpp

  • 2021-09-21 00:26:14 tiamc1.cpp: set games release years to 198?, they are actually unknown [MetalliC]

    Changed: tiamc1.cpp

  • 2021-09-21 00:23:39 new NOT_WORKING machine [MetalliC]
    • - Mushiking The King Of Beetle (2K3 2ND Ver. 1.000-, Korea) [Jorge Valero, MetalliC, rtw]

    Changed: naomi.cpp , mame.lst

  • 2021-09-20 20:59:41 New clone marked as WORKING (#8586) [987123879113]
    • beatmania complete MIX (ver AA-C) [DeepSeaSqueeze]

    Changed: djmain.cpp , mame.lst

  • 2021-09-20 20:21:31 bus/nes: Several small separate fixes. (#8580) [0kmg]
    • • Fixed empty menu in Supervision 16 in 1. • Fixed softlist loading of GB 63 in 1 and hooked it up with a compatible board type. Removed old partially-working code. • Removed a spurious line in PCB loader that set WRAM in SMB2J bootlegsthey don't have any!
      Software list items promoted to working (nes.xml) - Ghostbusters 63 in 1 Super 128k - 16 in 1

    Changed: nes.xml , bootleg.cpp , multigame.cpp , multigame.h , nes_carts.cpp , nes_pcb.hxx , nes_slot.h , nes_unif.hxx , nes.cpp

  • 2021-09-20 17:02:11 -delegates: Fixed structure return with MSVC C++ ABI. [Vas Crabb]
    • • Automatically use delegate_mfp_compatible to generate an adaptor for member functions that return non-scalar, non-reference types (partially addresses #8597). • Enabled the MSVC delegate implemenation for MSVC on AArch64. • Switched back to neater delegate types for layout item bounds and colour.
      -docs: Updated the example layout links to point to 0.235 - this means there's now an example of embedded SVG.

    Changed: layout_files.rst , rendlay.cpp , rendlay.h , luaengine_render.cpp , delegate.h

  • 2021-09-20 15:44:59 arcade.flt: added konmedal020.cpp [Robbbert]

    Changed: arcade.flt

  • 2021-09-20 09:08:51 New clones marked as NOT_WORKING [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Faeton (6 digits) [Jordi, Orlando, PinMAME] Hardbody (rev. D) [PinMAME] Hook (UK 4.06, display A4.01) [PinMAME] MotorDome (rev. B) [PinMAME]

    Changed: by6803.cpp , de_3.cpp , jp.cpp , mame.lst

  • 2021-09-20 08:09:24 namcos1.cpp: corrected the program ROM label for Tank Force (US, 2 Players) [Action Jackson] [Ivan Vangelista]

    Changed: namcos1.cpp

  • 2021-09-20 08:07:04 New clones marked as NOT_WORKING [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Peacock Flutter (01J00011, NSW/ACT) [Dam0, Heihachi_73]

    Changed: aristmk5.cpp , mame.lst

  • 2021-09-20 02:09:18 Fix build script typo [R. Belmont] [arbee]

    Changed: arcade.lua

  • 2021-09-20 01:59:10 Fix compile on GCC x64 Linux [R. Belmont] [arbee]

    Changed: delegate.h

  • 2021-09-20 01:47:14 New games added as MACHINE_NOT_WORKING [arbee]
    • Unknown medal game GS471 [Phil Bennett, R. Belmont]

    Changed: arcade.lua , konmedal020.cpp , mame.lst

  • 2021-09-19 21:29:43 util/delegate.cpp: Fixed calculation of this pointer when casting member function pointers across virtual inheritance relationships using MSVC with /vmg. [Vas Crabb]

    Changed: delegate.cpp

  • 2021-09-19 19:03:26 util/delegate.h: Try to catch issues earlier, and some cleanup. [Vas Crabb]
    • Optimised generation of late bind helper functions. The late bind helper function doesn't depend on the delegate signature - only on the late bind base class and function target class. Having it inside the delegate base class means it needs to be instantiated for every combination of late bind base class, function target class and delegate signature. In a typical driver file, there is only one late bind base class (delegate_late_bind), and there will be delegates with multiple signatures bound to function members of the same class (e.g. read and write handlers, possibly of different widths, bound to members of the driver state class). By moving the late bind helper out of the delegate base class, the number of required instantiations can be reduced. By moving the body out of the enclosing class declaration, the compiler can be encouraged to coalese instantiations across translation units. While this won't give a further reduction in compile time, it should at least reduce the output binary size by reducing duplication for devices that frequently have handlers installed in memory maps.
      Added an additional template parameter to delegates allowing the late bind base class to be changed if desired.
      Moved the MSVC implementation "this" pointer optimisation out-of-line and added logging. Also cleaned up the Itanium "this" pointer adjustment and code pointer resolution implementation to reduce duplication and conditional compilation.
      Made binding_type_exception give a more meaningful what() message than "std::exception".
      Added extensive validity tests for delegate functionality. Pointers to member functions are tested, including multiple inheritance, virtual and non-virtual member functions, and checking for generational loss across copying/assigning delegates. This should properly exercise "this" pointer adjustment for the Itanium and MSVC implementations, and vtable lookup for the Itanium implementation. So-called late binding functionality is tested, including exceptions on failure. Functoids are tested, although given the encapsulation it's not possible to check that an apator isn't generated when it shouldn't be.

    Changed: machine.cpp , validity.cpp , validity.h , delegate.cpp , delegate.h , eigccppc.h

  • 2021-09-19 17:45:33 sharrier: Hook up MCU, remove simulation (#8552) [Dirk Best]
    • - The MCU for the sharrier1 set is handcrafted and marked BAD_DUMP - There is a slight issue with the initial synchronisation, so there is a hack to ignore the problematic write

    Changed: segahang.cpp , segahang.h

  • 2021-09-19 17:36:33 merits.cpp: Correctly identified set as "Pub Time Darts II" (#8595) [ClawGrip]

    Changed: merits.cpp , mame.lst

  • 2021-09-19 05:10:29 Merge pull request #8591 from 0kmg/nes-batlab [ajrhacker]
    • bus/nes: Added support for Super Russian Roulette.

    Changed: nes.xml , bus.lua , batlab.cpp , batlab.h , nes_carts.cpp , nes_ines.hxx , nes_pcb.hxx , nes_slot.cpp , nes_slot.h , nes.cpp

  • 2021-09-18 20:07:41 util/delegate.cpp: Fixed multiple issues. [Vas Crabb]
    • • Fixed this pointer displacement being reapplied after delegates are copied - caused issues with classes with multiple inheritance. • Made null member function pointer test conformant with Itanium C++ ABI specification. • Corrected size of this pointer displacement - fixes issues on big Endian targets. • Fixed function addresses for virtual member functions on targets that use function descriptors (e.g. PPC64). • Applied shift to this pointer displacement for targets that use the ARM variant of the Itanium ABI. • Fixed this pointer displacement not being applied for virtual member functions on targets using ARM variant of the Itanium ABI. • Fixed this pointer displacement being incorrectly applied to vptr on targets using ARM variant of the Itanium ABI. • Made less code conditionally compiled to make it easier to catch errors.

    Changed: delegate.cpp , delegate.h

  • 2021-09-18 20:30:03 spi_sdcard: add a child device which supports the SDV2 (non-HC) standard. [R. Belmont] [arbee]

    Changed: spi_sdcard.cpp , spi_sdcard.h

  • 2021-09-18 19:33:35 spi_sdcard: Support CMD16 (SET_BLOCKLEN) for improved SDv2 compatibility. [R. Belmont] [arbee]

    Changed: spi_sdcard.cpp , spi_sdcard.h

  • 2021-09-18 19:28:14 harddisk.cpp: Allow specifying the desired block size for loose files / verifying a CHD's block size. [R. Belmont] [arbee]

    Changed: harddisk.cpp , harddisk.h

  • 2021-09-17 20:16:07 sound/disc_sys.hxx, ymz770: Use std::clamp for clamping [AJR]

    Changed: disc_sys.hxx , ymz770.cpp

  • 2021-09-17 19:53:43 wrinkles: added most of the sensors [hap]

    Changed: mcs51.cpp , mcs51.h , 4004clk.cpp , wrinkles.cpp

  • 2021-09-17 18:02:58 util/strformat.h: Detect C++ standard > C++17 before doing weird stuff. [Vas Crabb]

    Changed: genie.lua , strformat.cpp , strformat.h

  • 2021-09-17 17:20:42 Do not build with -m64 on riscv64 (#8578) [Graham Inggs]

    Changed: makefile

  • 2021-09-17 17:09:23 util/strformat.h, util/delegate.h: More cleanup and future-proofing. [Vas Crabb]
    • • util/strformat.h: Found a SFINAE trick to detect absence of stream-out operators. Fixes building with C++20 standard library (#6275). • util/delegate.h: Fixed a commend and removed an unused declaration from MSVC member function pointer wrapper. • util/delegate.h: Added support for discarding functoid return values for delegates returning void. • util/delegate.h: Added support for using std::ref to bind non-copyable functoids.

    Changed: delegate.cpp , delegate.h , strformat.h

  • 2021-09-17 15:43:53 fix gime master interrupt switches (#8583) [tim lindner]
    • coco3: fix GIME master interrupt switches [tim lindner]

    Changed: gime.cpp

  • 2021-09-17 12:39:51 4004clk: fix 50hz setting [hap]

    Changed: 4004clk.cpp

  • 2021-09-16 23:16:57 msx.cpp: Fixed typo (MT8084) (#8581) [0kmg]

    Changed: msx.cpp

→ NOWSZY [Arcade] DevMAME [log only] 2023/06/07 08:00
  • 2023-06-07 06:55:10 zaccaria/zac2650.cpp: dumped PROM for tinv2650 [Andrew Welburn] [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-06-07 05:21:28 z80scc.cpp: Reset Highest IUS command is available on NMOS versions too according to manuals [AJR]
  • 2023-06-07 04:02:34 mips3: fix tlb modify exception registers [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-06-07 03:58:18 z80scc: fix access to wr7' [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-06-07 03:56:44 mc68681: separate transmitter holding and shift registers [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-06-07 03:44:17 cdi: fix quizard cdrom region [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-06-07 02:02:37 seta.cpp: Driver overhaul [AJR]
    • - Split out downtown and related games to a separate driver - Eliminate set_vblank_int and reduce usage of HOLD_LINE - Replace remaining uPD71054 simulation with PIT device
  • 2023-06-06 22:55:01 missile: add addressmap via bankdev [hap]
  • 2023-06-06 14:32:14 missile: use ioport_array [hap]
  • 2023-06-06 14:20:15 missile: correct irq timing [hap]
  • 2023-06-03 17:57:05 h8_dma: reorganize, upgrade [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-05-28 23:40:30 h8: Use finders [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-06-06 07:24:20 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Sprint 4 (Rev 03) [Andrew Welburn]
  • 2023-06-05 12:47:27 missile: add debugger side effects check [hap]
  • 2023-06-04 22:15:47 z80: Clean up error message and inconsistent bracing [AJR]
  • 2023-06-04 20:48:59 z80.cpp - Add EI to IM0 handler (#11307) [Mark Garlanger]
    • z80.cpp - Add EI to IM0 handler
      The heath/h89.cpp with a z37 soft-sectored controller uses IM0 and places an EI instruction on the bus when DRQ signal is received from the WD disk controller.
      I'm putting this part up early to get comments. Maybe someone with more experience with the z80 code could implement the top TODO in this file ``` - Interrupt mode 0 should be able to execute arbitrary opcodes ```
  • 2023-06-04 18:43:17 Fix LeapFrogs' softwarelist name (#11310) [ArcadeShadow]
    • Lowercase on media support "cartridges" word
  • 2023-06-04 18:42:29 compis.xml: Add some recently spotted undumped software to list (#11309) [Rebecca Wallander]
  • 2023-06-04 18:41:44 taito_f3_v.cpp: Fix visible tile check for alternate tilemap lines (#11311) [ywy]
  • 2023-06-04 17:12:49 addocalc: remove power off timer [hap]
  • 2023-06-04 16:50:11 msx1_cart.xml: Add four Quick Disk interfaces (not working). (#11306) [wilbertpol]
    • New NOT_WORKING software list additions (msx1_cart.xml)
      DPQ-280 Quick Disk Drive DPQ-280 Quick Disk Drive (alt) QDM-01 Quick Disk Drive VY-0002 Quick Disk Drive
  • 2023-06-04 15:01:26 New working systems [hap]
    • - Addometer Calculator [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • 2023-06-04 02:27:30 Some more sprintf() deprecation warning fixes. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-06-03 22:52:00 Clean up several sprintf() deprecation warningss in non-3rdparty code. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-06-03 21:11:01 flower.cpp: VBLANK interrupt modernization [AJR]
  • 2023-06-03 20:35:26 mips3: remove stray printf [hap]
  • 2023-06-03 15:35:18 k28: (re)add imperfect sound flag [hap]
  • 2023-06-03 15:20:40 votrax: It's more than good enough to remove the flag [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-06-03 15:22:16 iteagle_fpga: fix issue with LOG_SERIAL [hap]
  • 2023-06-03 13:25:36 m68000: Remove leftover debug logerror [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-06-03 13:19:25 1943: correct mcu interrupt pin [hap]
  • 2023-06-03 13:02:24 1943: don't ignore audiocpu reset line [hap]
  • 2023-06-03 12:02:00 mcs51: add rxb8 to uart reset [hap]
  • 2023-06-03 02:53:35 x68k.cpp: Avoid dereferencing null pointers when fewer than 4 floppy drives are configured [AJR]
  • 2023-06-02 13:13:38 New working software list items [Curt Coder]
    • - abc1600_hdd: Formatted Micropolis 1325A 69MB, Formatted NEC D5216A 20MB. [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-06-02 11:59:59 m68000: When a SR S-flag update happens in parallel to a bus access, be careful to delay the update to after the access because it is otherwise seen too early through fc, and acts on mmus&co. Fixes hp_ipc [ajrhacker, O. Galibert] [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-06-02 03:51:34 blockcarb: Add music [AJR]
  • 2023-06-01 21:55:56 misc/micro3d.cpp: Use more plausible input ranges (MT08656). [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-06-01 20:47:24 psikyo/psikyo.cpp: Corrected screen timings and interrupts for Gunbird and Sengoku Ace. (#11303) [buffi]
    • Gunbird is verified to use the same timings as Strikers 1945 and Tengai, so Sengoku Ace can be assumed to be similar.
  • 2023-06-01 16:57:27 namco/namcos10.cpp: Add Taiko no Tatsujin RT: Nippon no Kokoro. (#11302) [987123879113]
    • New working systems
      Taiko no Tatsujin RT: Nippon no Kokoro [nnap, Hajime0512, Peter Wilhelmsen, Samuel Neves]
  • 2023-06-01 13:39:04 qkracer: swap parent/clone [hap]
    • tmvolleyb: fix display problem with left digit
  • 2023-06-01 11:47:04 Cleanup of Markham.cpp documentation (#11299) [ToastmanJack]
  • 2023-06-01 08:04:08 video/epic12.cpp: Apply clipping to Blitter calculations as well. (#11295) [buffi]
    • Fixes excessive blitter delays when games do large over-draws. The fog in stage 1 of Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 is a good example of this.
  • 2023-06-01 04:42:17 atari/atarist.cpp: (ste) don't segfault immediately when starting (#11296) [ksherlock]
  • 2023-06-01 03:28:01 apple/macrtc.cpp: Don't cache the time reference, it's somehow different for different timezones. (GitHub #11298) [R. Belmont] [arbee]
→ NOWSZY [Arcade] DevMAME [log only] 2023/05/31 18:00
  • 2023-05-31 17:43:46 emu/device.h: Removed device (READ|WRITE)_LINE_MEMBER in favor of explicit function signatures. (#11283) [Ryan Holtz] [MooglyGuy]
  • 2023-05-31 15:24:00 galaxian/galaxian.cpp: Dumped and added an Amidar bootleg. (#11291) [ClawGrip]
    • New working clone
      Amidar (bootleg, set 2) [Rubén Casaña (Retro Arcadia Valencia), ClawGrip]
  • 2023-05-31 15:16:24 msx1_cart.xml: Added 28 items (26 working). (#11286) [wilbertpol]
    • New working software list items (msx1_cart.xml) - Rally (Japan) [file-hunter] Rise Out from Dungeons (Korea) [file-hunter] River Raid (Japan, alt) [file-hunter] RX Editor YRM-302 (Japan, alt) [file-hunter] QBIOS (v1.2) [file-hunter] QBIOS (v1.1) [MSXDev] QBIOS (v1.0) [MSXDev] Quartet (v1.2) [MSXDev] Quartet (v1.1) [file-hunter] Questprobe 2: Spiderman [file-hunter] Raftoid (v1.1) [MSXDev] Raftoid (v1.0) [file-hunter] Ratbox [file-hunter] Raven [MSXDev] Reflexion [MSXDev] Reflexion (alt) [MSXDev] Relevo's Snowboarding [MSXDev] Retaliot [MSXDev] Risky Rick (demo) [file-hunter] RMD [n.i] Robo Rumble [MSXDev] Robots [MSXDev] Robotto Demo [file-hunter] Running Naked in a Field of Flowers [MSXDev] Running Naked in a Field of Flowers (older) [file-hunter] Ruptus [inufuto]
      New NOT_WORKING software list additions (msx1_cart.xml)
      Rogo Language Card SVI-2000C (Europe) [file-hunter] Rogo Language Card SVI-2000C (Europe, alt) [file-hunter]
  • 2023-05-31 13:27:29 Systems promoted to working [hap]
    • - Finger Bowl [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • 2023-05-31 10:56:54 commodore/clcd.cpp added newer, May 1985 bios, from Jeff Porter's prototype & fixed the April 1985 bios labels. [Jeff Porter, Mike Naberezny, smf] [smf-]
  • 2023-05-31 08:06:23 bgfx: Hopefully fix glslang build with newer GNU C/C++ standard library verisons. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-05-31 07:55:31 Merge tag 'mame0255' into mainline-master [Vas Crabb]
    • MAME 0.255
  • 2023-05-31 07:50:45 sega/puckpkmn.cpp: Made Puckman Pockimon set showing Sun Mixing copyright the parent. [Vas Crabb]
    • Also cleaned up a bunch of random stuff.
  • 2023-05-31 03:26:14 New systems marked not working [angelosa]
    • pc/sis630.cpp: Polo "Genie", Terminator P-3 "Cusc", V630E Baby AT [The Retro Web]
  • 2023-05-31 01:18:34 scripts/src/video.lua: fix PC_VGA_S3 header [angelosa]
  • 2023-05-30 17:58:03 glass.cpp: Clean up interrupt control and adjust refresh rate (fixes regression in glasskr) [AJR]
  • 2023-05-30 12:14:48 misc/rawthrillspc.cpp: standardize licensed -> license [Angelo Salese]
  • 2023-05-30 02:29:30 pc/pcipc.cpp: derive a very preliminary i440bx AGP target from savquest BIOS [angelosa]
    • machine/w83977tf.cpp: preliminary Super I/O PoC
  • 2023-05-30 02:19:46 video/pc_vga.cpp: part 1 of interface modernization (#11284) [Angelo Salese]
    • - video/pc_vga.cpp: Move everything that doesn't belong to main VGA/SVGA interfaces to per-manufacturer family files; - shared/pcshare.cpp: retire pcat_base_state::pcvideo_ fns; - video/pc_vga.cpp: temporary move gamtor_vga_device to misc/gamtor.cpp; - bus/isa/isa_cards.cpp: retire TGUI9680 from being selected (all refs points to be a PCI card only, there's mention of a VLB card but haven't seen a single retail dump/photo yet) - bus/isa/svga_trident.cpp: add TVGA9000 ISA card - bus/isa/svga_tseng.cpp: add earlier ColorImage ET4000AX variant - bus/isa/svga_tseng.cpp: add Kasan Hangulmadang-16 Korean variant ISA - Adds a very preliminary implementation of nVidia Riva 128 PCI card, added as a temp target in pc/pcipc.cpp (pcinv3); - video/pc_vga.cpp: Rework and fix VGA input sense (necessary to allow Riva 128 to survive POST); - video/pc_vga_s3.cpp: Fix s3_vga_device inheritance (was subclassing from ati_vga_device) - pc/calchase.cpp: convert custom JAMMA i/f to ISA device; - pc/calchase.cpp: connect Trident VGA to ISA bus;
  • 2023-05-29 23:59:02 New working clones [hap]
    • Computerized Arcade (COP421 version, model 60-2159A) [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • 2023-05-29 06:15:04 Merge branch 'release0255' into mainline-master [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-05-29 01:43:24 -cpu/es5510: Avoid calling DESCRIBE_INSTR when not verbose-logging. (#11285) [Ryan Holtz] [MooglyGuy]
  • 2023-05-29 05:11:39 tx0.cpp: Append to output files for punched tape and typewriter images [AJR]
  • 2023-05-28 23:43:19 New systems marked not working [hap]
    • Finger Bowl [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • 2023-05-28 20:32:33 h8: m_ify [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-05-28 05:04:15 tx0_ptp.xml: New working software items [AJR]
    • - FLIT - Flexowriter Interrogation Tape [Bitsavers] FLIT II [Bitsavers] FLITloader Punch [Bitsavers, AJR]
      tx0: Minor adjustments to OPR disassembly
  • 2023-05-17 20:01:26 m6502: Make fully wait-states compatible [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-05-17 12:28:01 h8: Make fully wait-states compatible [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-05-16 15:14:36 m68008: Implement as a 68000 variant [Olivier Galibert]
    • m68000mcu: Extract from m68000
  • 2023-05-27 20:12:45 srcclean in preparation for MAME 0.255 branch [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-05-27 19:56:53 namco/namcos10.cpp: Calibrated light guns for Point Blank 3 and Gunbalina. (#11281) [David Haywood]
  • 2023-05-27 19:53:54 misc/rawthrillspc.cpp: Fixed doodlejmp BIOS ROM label. (#11247) [ClawGrip]
  • 2023-05-27 19:39:39 Set LinkSupportCircularDependencies for FreeBSD as well as NetBSD (#11271). [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-05-27 19:14:36 factory reset taiko3 and taiko5 (#11275) [David Haywood]
  • 2023-05-27 18:19:56 kaypro.cpp: State class split [AJR]
  • 2023-05-27 16:29:38 xtal.cpp: Add another known value (unused for now) [AJR]
  • 2023-05-27 14:18:38 imagedev/midiin.cpp: fix error condition handling so midi files can be loaded again (#11280) [Devin Acker]
  • 2023-05-27 12:07:35 nn71003: RB recognized a SPI interface [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-05-27 11:52:50 mips1: fix build [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-05-27 10:55:28 mips1: fix address translation [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-05-27 05:34:26 sinclair/tsconfdma.cpp: fix burst (#11277) [holub]
  • 2023-05-26 19:28:35 apple/apple2gs: Fix ROM0/1 ram size logic (#11264) [ksherlock]
    • 256k (ROM 0/1) apple2gs doesn't have any extra memory above the base 4 banks
  • 2023-05-26 14:12:01 Systems promoted to working [hap]
    • - Basketball (Tomy) [hap, Sean Riddle] Volleyball (Tomy) [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • 2023-05-26 11:40:27 tc9223: Add forgotten override qualifier [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-05-23 09:31:59 hrdvd: Add placeholders for all the chips, thanks Guru for tracing the pcb [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-05-26 04:46:05 sound/es5503.cpp: Support sync and AM modes and the last oscillator volume bug. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-05-26 03:06:57 hash/n64.xml: perform a QA pass [Angelo Salese, Happy] (#11255) [Angelo Salese]
    • hash/n64.xml: initial QA pass
      hash/n64.xml: QA checkpoint
      hash/n64.xml: QA checkpoint
      hash/n64.xml: finalize QA pass, add some promotions
  • 2023-05-25 07:03:17 bt47x: add bt479 device [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-05-25 03:33:29 sega/powervr2.cpp: disable a printf [angelosa]
  • 2023-05-25 02:25:54 sinclair/tsconf.cpp: finalize regs delayed updates; fix graphic pages padding (#11248) [holub]
    • - finalize regs delayed updates; fix graphic pages padding - fix spectrum page switch
  • 2023-05-25 02:24:52 ibm5170_cdrom.xml: Software list additions (#11258) [ArcadeShadow]
    • New working software list additions
      Desert Strike & Jungle Strike (Europe) [redump.org] First Samurai (Europe) [redump.org] Jazz Jackrabbit (Europe, re-release) [redump.org] Jazz Jackrabbit (Europe) [redump.org] Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (Europe) [redump.org] Leisure Suit Larry's Greatest Hits and Misses! (Europe, re-release) [redump.org] Leisure Suit Larry's Greatest Hits and Misses! (USA) [redump.org] Links - The Challenge of Golf (USA) [redump.org] Loom (USA) [redump.org] Loom (USA, alt) [redump.org] Loom (USA, alt 2) [redump.org] Monkey Island Madness (USA) [redump.org] The Dig (USA) [redump.org]
  • 2023-05-25 02:23:56 vsmile_cart.xml: Added six new USA dumps (#11269) [ClawGrip]
    • New WORKING software list additions - Disney's Aladdin - Aladdin's Wonders of the World (USA) [anonymous dumper] Nick Jr The Backyardigans - Viking Voyage (USA) [anonymous dumper] Bert & Ernie's Imagination Adventure (USA) [anonymous dumper] Lil' Bratz Dressed Up - Friends, Fashion and Fun (USA) [anonymous dumper] Disney/Pixar Ratatouille - Remy's New Recipes (USA) [anonymous dumper] DreamWorks Shrek - Dragon's Tale (USA) [anonymous dumper]
      Update vsmile_cart.xml: Fix parent-clone relationships
  • 2023-05-25 01:12:26 atari/st: add mouse buttons [ksherlock]
  • 2023-05-24 14:32:03 dataeast/kchamp.cpp: Fix parent/clone on kchamp2p (#11272) [ClawGrip]
  • 2023-05-24 10:48:42 New working systems [Patrick Mackinlay]
    • - Omron Luna 88K [Jeffrey McMahill]
  • 2023-05-24 01:18:41 osd/mac, osd/sdl: Really inhibit full screen toggle in debug mode to prevent accidental crashes [AJR]
  • 2023-05-24 00:40:46 New systems marked not working [hap]
    • Volleyball (Tomy) [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • 2023-05-23 20:40:36 hh_sm510: fix LCD segment for ktmntbb (#11270) [algestam]
    • An LCD segment for the ball-kick segment was grouped with the wrong part.
  • 2023-05-23 18:56:45 msx1_cart.xml: Super Bioman titles are written with spaces in Korean. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-05-23 18:54:32 msx1_cart.xml: Added 76 working items. (#11266) [wilbertpol]
    • Also replaced Super Bros. World 1 (Korea) and renamed seahorse to seahorsea.
      New working software list items (msx1_cart.xml) - Safari X (Japan, The Links) [file-hunter] Sasa (Japan, alt 2) [file-hunter] Scramble Eggs (Korea) [file-hunter] Sea Horse (Arab, v1.01) [file-hunter] Skooter (Arab) [file-hunter] Snake It (Arab) [file-hunter] Snake It (Japan, alt) [file-hunter] Space Shuttle - A Journey into Space (Japan) [file-hunter] Star Trek (Japan) [file-hunter] Star Trek (Japan, alt) [file-hunter] Star Wars (Arab, alt) [file-hunter] Super Bioman 1 (Korea) [file-hunter] Super Bioman 1 (Korea, alt) [file-hunter] Super Game 25 (Korea) [file-hunter] Super Racer (Japan) [file-hunter] Super Snake (Japan, alt 3) [file-hunter] Supertripper (Spain, alt) [file-hunter] S.o.L.o. (English) [MSXDev] S.o.L.o. (Spanish) [MSXDev] Sacred Valley [MSXDev] Saimazoom (English) [MSXDev] Saimazoom (Spanish) [MSXDev] SD Sniper [MSXDev] Seleniak [MSXDev] Seleniak (alt) [MSXDev] Sensha Game (20211107) [ochixn] Sensha Game (20210318) [file-hunter] Sensha Game (20201128) [file-hunter] Shadow of the Pig (v1.3) [MSXDev] Shadow of the Pig (v1.2) [file-hunter] Shadow of the Pig [file-hunter] Shadow Switcher [MSXDev] Shmup! (v1.1) [MSXDev] Shmup! (v1.0) [MSXDev] Shouganai (v1.1) [MSXDev] Shouganai (v1.0) [MSXDev] Sink King [MSXDev] Skate Air (English) [MSXDev] Skate Air (Spanish) [MSXDev] SKULLrs [MSXDev] Slender - The Camping (v1.1) [MSXDev] Slender - The Camping (v1.0) [MSXDev] Slime Center [MSXDev] Snail Maze [MSXDev] Snake [file-hunter] Snoopy Town [file-hunter] Snowclimber 2K [file-hunter] Snowclimber [file-hunter] Soukoban Pocket Edition [MSXDev] Sp8 Invaders [MSXDev] Space Crussader (English) [MSXDev] Space Crussader (Spanish) [MSXDev] SpaceCat [MSXDev] SPC Super HOOPS [MSXDev] Speedjet Racers (demo) [file-hunter] Sphere Redux [file-hunter] Sport Racer [file-hunter] SquareBall [MSXDev] Stan, the Dreamer [MSXDev] Step (v1.2) [MSXDev] Step (v1.1) [file-hunter] Stevedore (demo) [file-hunter] Stratos (2005) [MSXDev] Stratos (2004) [MSXDev] Stray Cat (10th anniversary) [Imanok] Stray Cat (MSX cartridge shop) [file-hunter] Stray Cat [MSXDev] Stupid Martians (v1.1) [MSXDev] Stupid Martians (v1.0) [file-hunter] Subacuatic [MSXDev] Subacuatic (alt) [file-hunter] SubCommander (v1.02) [MSXDev] SubCommander (v1.01) [file-hunter] SubCommander (v1.00) [file-hunter] Sudoku [MSXDev] Super Ilevan [file-hunter]
  • 2023-05-23 16:45:34 Cleanup: [Vas Crabb]
    • gba.xml: Cleaned up some comments. bus/epson_qx/cqgmem.cpp: Actually set m_installed. misc/nabupc_kbd.cpp: Don't override general input assignments. bus/qbus: Got rid of an unnecessary simple_list.
  • 2023-05-23 16:12:02 hh_sm510: correct release year for some konami handhelds [hap]
  • 2023-05-23 15:02:13 misc/nabupc_kbd.cpp: Fully emulated NABU PC keyboard. (#11220) [Brian Johnson]
  • 2023-05-23 14:52:41 bus/epson_qx: Add QX-10 Commodity Quote graphics memory expansion board. (#11222) [Brian Johnson]
  • 2023-05-23 14:47:57 namco/namcos10.cpp, namco/ns10crypt.cpp: Added partial decrypter for Point Blank 3. (#11244) [Peter Wilhelmsen, Samuel Neves] [987123879113]
    • sound/spu.cpp: Don't explode when the reverb parameters couldn't be found after a save state. [Windy Fairy]
  • 2023-05-23 12:41:30 ktmnt3: white bgcolor was off by 1 [hap]
  • 2023-05-23 12:17:44 New working machine added (#11268) [algestam]
    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Basketball (Konami handheld) [algestam, Sean Riddle, Mr. Do]
  • 2023-05-23 07:41:27 Cleaned up logging across the codebase (GitHub #10183). (#11250) [Ryan Holtz] [MooglyGuy]
    • Converted various logging patterns to use logmacro.h consistently. Removed redefinitions of LOG_GENERAL. Use LOGMASKED in more places.
  • 2023-05-23 06:58:39 oric1_cass.xml: Added six items (four working). (#11265) [ArcadeShadow]
    • New working software list additions (oric1_cass.xml)
      Bandit (Express Software) [oric.org] Caspak [oric.org] Dinky Kong [oric.org] Base Mercure [oric.org]
      New NOT working software list additions (oric1_cass.xml)
      1815 [oric.org] Lone Raider (France) [oric.org]
  • 2023-05-23 06:42:21 gba.xml: Added 21 prototypes. (#11260) [David 'Foxhack' Silva]
    • New working software list items (gba.xml) - AGB Aging Cartridge (World, version 1.0) [SmellyGhost, Forest of Illusion] AGB Aging Cartridge (World, version 9.0) [Suicune41, Forest of Illusion] Aero the Acro-Bat - Rascal Rival Revenge (Europe, prototype earlier) [LongwoodGeek, Forest of Illusion] Chokkan Hitofude Advance (Japan, prototype) [xprism, Forest of Illusion] Commandos 2 (USA, prototype) [DillyDylan, Forest of Illusion] Dark Eden (prototype) [Ian Dunlop, Forest of Illusion] Demon's Crest (prototype) [Ian Dunlop, Forest of Illusion] Manic Miner (Europe, 20030307) [March42, Forest of Illusion] Mario Kart XXL (demo, 20040417) [Forest of Illusion] R3D-Demo V1 (demo) [Forest of Illusion] Racing Gears Advance (USA, prototype, 20030922) [XBrav, Forest of Illusion] Sea Boy (prototype) [Ian Dunlop, Forest of Illusion] Star Wars Trilogy - Apprentice of the Force (USA, prototype) [Rezrospect, Forest of Illusion] The Holy Bible - World English Bible (USA, prototype) [Gonz, Forest of Illusion] Ultimate Muscle - The Kinnikuman Legacy - The Path of the Superhero (USA, prototype, 20030429) [Zach Lambert, Forest of Illusion] Uridium Advance (Europe, prototype, 20030307) [March42, Forest of Illusion]
      New software list items marked not working (gba.xml)
      The King of Fighters EX2 - Howling Blood (USA, prototype, 20030403) [March42, Forest of Illusion] Quake (demo) [Randy Linden, Forest of Illusion] Paradroid (Europe, prototype, 20030320) [March42, Forest of Illusion] Uridium Advance (Europe, prototype, 20020911) [March42, Forest of Illusion] Uridium Advance and Paradroid 2 in 1 (Europe, prototype, 20030430) [March42, Forest of Illusion]
  • 2023-05-23 05:25:41 debughlp: document gp command [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-05-23 04:41:09 apple/macpwrbk030.cpp: fix macpb180c colors [angelosa]
  • 2023-05-23 03:59:26 apple/powermacg3.cpp: Fix to follow new Rage GPIO hookups. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-05-23 03:30:36 video/atirage.cpp: Fixed Coverity bug, finished and tested GPIO implementation, cleanup. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
    • apple/imacg3.cpp: Use extracted EDID from the internal monitor, resolution is now set correctly. [R. Belmont, edid.tv]
  • 2023-05-22 19:55:12 namcos23: motoxgov1a dump had 1 bad bit [hap]
  • 2023-05-22 15:38:11 namcos22: let's make ridgeracf a parent set [hap]
  • 2023-05-22 14:59:08 dataeast/kchamp.cpp: Dumped and added a new Karate Champ set (#11262) [ClawGrip]
    • New WORKING clone
      Karate Champ (US, 2 players) [Museo Arcade Vintage, ClawGrip]
  • 2023-05-22 14:58:48 New NOT_WORKING machine (#11261) [Devin Acker]
    • Yamaha PS-400 [Guru]
  • 2023-05-22 14:11:21 ngp: zerofill all class variables [hap]
  • 2023-05-22 13:54:23 ioport: put IPT_ADJUSTER in same class as IPT_CONFIG [hap]
  • 2023-05-22 09:43:47 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • GX Part 2 (Galaxian hack) [Conrad at KLOV] Galaxian III (bootleg of Galaxian) [Steph at KLOV]
  • 2023-05-22 09:02:32 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Gyakuten!! Puzzle Bancho (Japan, set 1) [twistedsymphony]
      - taito/pkspirit.cpp: verified resonator value and pin 7 for the Oki [hammy]
  • 2023-05-22 01:38:54 ngp.cpp: Fix regression preventing system from booting [AJR]
  • 2023-05-21 22:17:46 Initial work towards i440bx chipset (#11037) [Angelo Salese]
    • - implement stubs for i82443bx_host and i82371eb PCI devices, hooks up base PCI stubs to midway/midqslvr.cpp, misc/comebaby.cpp and misc/xtom3d.cpp - misc/xtom3d.cpp: preliminary implementation of Oksan ROM DISK ISA card - machine/pci-smbus.h: make map public so it can be reused by i82371eb_acpi (would otherwise fail mapping to the intended HW)
      New systems marked not working
      Pump It Up: The 1st Dance Floor [ATR4X, Gergc, Pawprint, infamouspat, Ruubbinnexx, H4M573R, Angelo Salese, Hammy]
  • 2023-05-21 21:51:02 m6809: Set V flag on XDEC (#11259) [tim lindner]
  • 2023-05-21 20:58:56 battlnts.cpp, fastlane.cpp, labyrunr.cpp, lethal.cpp: Correct CPU type [AJR]
  • 2023-05-21 17:35:03 mazerbla.cpp: Add ADCs and remove runtime port tag lookups [AJR]
  • 2023-05-21 12:39:51 New clones marked not working [Nigel Barnes]
    • - Series 3a (2M) (Russian) [MaFrance351]
  • 2023-05-21 12:05:33 subsino_m.cpp: Rename to subsino_crypt.cpp and don't hardcode region [AJR]
  • 2023-05-21 09:21:00 New clones marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - Nandemo Seal Iinkai (ver 1.3) [twistedsymphony]
  • 2023-05-21 02:54:07 x68k: wait before setting gvram clear status bit [cracyc]
  • 2023-05-21 01:14:35 z180: Fix cycle timings for branches not taken (one operand byte is always read) [AJR]
  • 2023-05-21 00:37:52 chqflag.cpp: Driver modernization [AJR]
    • - Use ADC device for analog inputs - Eliminate runtime port tag lookups - Replace bankdev with memory view - Add start lamp output
  • 2023-05-20 14:05:42 BGFX and D3D9 renderer fixes for issues #11104, #11106, and #11107 (#11249) [MooglyGuy]
    • -hlsl.json: Removed duplicate scanline_variation setting. (#11107) [Ryan Holtz] -d3dhlsl.cpp: Fixed lack of post-pass application when bloom is disabled. (#11104) [Ryan Holtz] -drawd3d.cpp: Always set a default texture at scene start. (#11106) [Ryan Holtz]
  • 2023-05-19 21:59:37 Add missing ST keycodes (#11229) [ksherlock]
  • 2023-05-19 18:08:56 atari/cloak.cpp, atari/cloud9.cpp, atari/copsnrob.cpp: consolidated drivers in single files [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-05-19 14:45:27 atirage: fix -Wmaybe-uninitialized issue [hap]
  • 2023-05-19 05:07:09 apple/apple2.cpp,apple2e.cpp: More realistic (Control-)Reset behavior. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
    • The 6502 is now held in reset until you let go of the keys, like hardware IIe-class machines now reset the language card and MMU registers, like hardware
  • 2023-05-19 04:07:36 apple/imacg3.cpp: Hooked up ATI Rage IIc video and OPTi USB controller skeleton. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-05-19 04:00:45 apple/dbdma.h: Remove debug print. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-05-19 03:52:27 apple/dbdma.h: Slightly updated interface. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-05-19 03:49:46 apple/heathrow.cpp: Reworked class inheritance ordering and added NVRAM support. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-05-19 02:53:22 misc/rawthrillspc.cpp: Replace ASUS BIOS with the Compaq one found on the original Raw Thrills machine (#11243) [ClawGrip]
  • 2023-05-19 02:52:52 heathkit/h89.cpp: Implement more functionality, add new monitor ROMs, add more tech details (#11108) [Mark Garlanger]
    • heathkit/h89.cpp: Implement more functionality, add new monitor ROMs, add more tech details
  • 2023-05-19 01:57:03 video/atirage.cpp: Extremely preliminary emulation of PCI ATI 3D Rage family SVGA chips. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
    • apple/powermacg3.cpp: Hooked up ATI Rage II video, you can now enter and interact with Open Firmware. [R. Belmont]
  • 2023-05-19 01:53:48 dim68k: Remove obsolete patch [AJR]
  • 2023-05-18 23:24:20 sys573: Remove the cdrom drive from games that do not use cd/dvds [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-05-18 22:31:19 ceres: hd image fixes [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-05-18 21:36:43 Fix validation errors from 24371e7a4af8a28e843218f3c887bc60360acc5b [AJR]
  • 2023-05-18 20:51:53 New working software list additions [Nigel Barnes]
    • - psion_ssd: Spreadsheet (Series 3) [zedstarr] PsionMan v1.3, Pyramid v1.0a [The Last Psion]
  • 2023-05-18 20:47:06 New working systems [Nigel Barnes]
    • - HC 120 [Nigel Barnes, zedstarr]
      New working clones
      HC 100 [Nigel Barnes, zedstarr] HC 110 [Nigel Barnes, zedstarr]
  • 2023-05-18 18:14:16 fix count (#11241) [tim lindner]
  • 2023-05-18 18:09:58 cdda: Modernize a little [Olivier Galibert]
    • cubo: Fix the setup
  • 2023-05-18 15:01:10 ksys573: remove chd leftover [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-05-18 18:07:54 - hash/kpython2.xml: updated the cdrom references to dvdrom (interface, diskarea and part names) [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - atari/cyberbal.cpp, atari/dragrace.cpp: consolidated drivers in single files
  • 2023-05-18 17:41:40 misc/compucranes.cpp: Dumped and added a new crane on V7 PCB [jordigahan] (#11242) [ClawGrip]
    • misc/compucranes.cpp: Add a new V7 dump
      New NOT_WORKING machine
      Master Crane (set 2) [jordigahan]
      Rename existing set 2 as set 3
  • 2023-05-18 17:19:58 dim68k: Various improvements [AJR, Bitsavers] [AJR]
    • - Replace generic serial keyboard with dump and low level emulation of MCU-based keyboard - Specify correct clocks and XTAL sources for CPU and various other components - Add game control port (untested)
  • 2023-05-18 15:17:28 sinclair/tsconf.cpp,pentevo.cpp: various fixes (#11221) [holub]
    • sinclair/tsconf.cpp: Added Covox. fixed DMA blitting, fixed Kempston/beta conflict, and added TurboSound mod. sinclair/pentevo.cpp: Added TurboSound mod.
  • 2023-05-18 15:14:51 yamaha/ympsr150.cpp: Added PSR-190. (#11240) [Devin Acker]
    • New working clones
      Yamaha PSR-190 [Edward d-tech]
  • 2023-05-18 14:58:31 ata/atapicdr, scsi/scsicd: Set CDDA image on device reset (#11238) [987123879113]
    • ata/atapicdr, scsi/scsicd: Set CDDA image on device reset
      konami/konamim2: Fix CD-ROM image loading
  • 2023-05-18 03:19:01 machine/akiko.cpp: fix regression crash (amiga/cubo.cpp games still don't automount) [angelosa]
  • 2023-05-18 01:51:31 ebases, demndrgn: Eliminate deprecated use of PORT_RESET for trackball inputs [AJR]
  • 2023-05-18 00:40:33 shared/megacdcd.cpp: fix no disc regression, make sure Mega CD don't throw a fatalerror on audio CD player, first pass at logmacro.h conversion [angelosa]
  • 2023-05-17 23:13:06 New systems marked not working [Nigel Barnes]
    • Series 3 [Nigel Barnes, The Last Psion]
      New clones marked not working - Pocket Book [Nigel Barnes, The Last Psion] Series 3s [Nigel Barnes, The Last Psion]
  • 2023-05-17 23:00:29 machine/stvcd.cpp: better split LOG calls to areas of interest [angelosa]
  • 2023-05-17 21:25:42 nec/pce_cd.cpp: unbreak no disc state [angelosa]
  • 2023-05-17 20:09:20 Add dump and skeleton device for Conner Peripherals CD-2024 hard disk [Bitsavers] [AJR]
  • 2023-05-17 19:36:48 New systems marked not working [Nigel Barnes]
    • MCM/70 [Nigel Barnes, York University Computer Museum]
  • 2023-05-17 19:26:26 Systems promoted to working [hap]
    • - Computer Perfection [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • 2023-05-17 12:17:39 New working software list items [hap]
    • - msx1_cart: MSX-PLAN (Japan) [hap]
  • 2023-05-17 11:34:18 mn1400: add 28-pin mn1400 device [hap]
  • 2023-05-17 10:13:23 smc1102: improve lcd timing [hap]
  • 2023-05-17 03:40:14 msx1_cart.xml: Added 100 items (99 working). (#11235) [wilbertpol]
    • bus/msx/cart: Added support for Love Plus Pack 0 multi-game cartridge.
      New working software list items (msx1_cart.xml) - The Love Plus Pack 0 (Korea, pirate) [file-hunter] Trun (demo) [file-hunter] Twin Hammer (Europe, alt) [file-hunter] Twin Hammer (Europe, alt 2) [file-hunter] Video Hustler (Japan, alt 2) [file-hunter] Volguard (Japan, alt) [file-hunter] TT Racer (Al Alamiah) [file-hunter] Voyage to Mecca (Arab, alt 3) [file-hunter] T-Game 4 [file-hunter] T-Game 4 (alt) [file-hunter] T-Virus [MSXDev] Tales of Popolon (English, v1.3.1) [santiontanon] Tales of Popolon (Spanish, v1.3.1) [santiontanon] Tales of Popolon (English, v1.3) [santiontanon] Tales of Popolon (Spanish, v1.3) [santiontanon] Tales of Popolon (English, v1.2) [santiontanon] Tales of Popolon (Spanish, v1.2) [santiontanon] Tales of Popolon (English, v1.1.1) [santiontanon] Tales of Popolon (English, v1.1) [santiontanon] Tales of Popolon (English, v1.0) [santiontanon] Teki-Paki [file-hunter] Teki-Paki (beta) [MSXDev] Tekmo 400 [file-hunter] Teodoro no Sabe Volar (English) [MSXDev] Teodoro no Sabe Volar (Spanish) [MSXDev] The Circus Mystery (v1.4) [MSXDev] The Circus Mystery (v1.3) [file-hunter] The Cure [MSXDev] The Cure (alt) [file-hunter] The Lost Mines [file-hunter] The Mansion (English) [MSXDev] The Mansion (Spanish) [MSXDev] The Menace from Triton (v1.2) [santiontanon] The Menace from Triton (v1.1) [santiontanon] The Menace from Triton (v1.0.2) [santiontanon] The Menace from Triton (v1.0.1) [santiontanon] The Menace from Triton (v1.0.0) [santiontanon] The Queen's Footsteps (v1.1.1) [Davide Bucci] The Queen's Footsteps (v1.0) [file-hunter] Tiles of Shalom [MSXDev] Tilez [[msx.org](http://msx.org/)] Tina's Adventure Island [hobbyretro] Tiny Slot Checker (v3.2) [tiny-yarou] Tiny Slot Checker (v2) [tiny-yarou] Tiny Slot Checker (older) [file-hunter] Tomb of Genghis Khan [MSXDev] Tool Blocks [MSXDev] Tortilla Sunrise (English, v1.1) [MSXDev] Tortilla Sunrise (Spanish, v1.1) [MSXDev] Tortilla Sunrise (English, v1.0) [MSXDev] Toss a Coin to your Witcher [cobinee] Traffic Jam [MSXDev] Traffic Jam (alt) [file-hunter] Tragaperras (Spanish) [MSXDev] Trail 2 [file-hunter] Transball (v1.3.2, English) [santiontanon] Transball (v1.3.2, Spanish) [santiontanon] Transball (v1.3.1, English) [santiontanon] Transball (v1.3.1, Spanish) [santiontanon] Transball (v1.3, English) [santiontanon] Transball (v1.3, Spanish) [santiontanon] Transball (v1.2.1, English) [santiontanon] Transball (v1.2.1, Spanish) [santiontanon] Transball (v1.2, English) [santiontanon] Transball (v1.2, Spanish) [santiontanon] Transball (v1.1.1, English) [santiontanon] Transball (v1.1.1, Spanish) [santiontanon] Transball (v1.1, English) [santiontanon] Transball (v1.1, Spanish) [santiontanon] Transball (v1.0.1, Spanish) [santiontanon] Transball (v1.0, English) [santiontanon] Transball (v1.0, Spanish) [santiontanon] Turfy (2019 version) [file-hunter] Turfy (2016 version) [file-hunter] Twinlight [retrosouls] Twinlight (alt) [file-hunter] Txupinazo! [MSXDev] U-Do [file-hunter] U.F.O. [file-hunter] UnidentifiedFlyingObject [cobinee] Universe Unknown [file-hunter] Universe Unknown (alt) [file-hunter] Up Tack [cobinee] Uridium [file-hunter] Uridium (alt) [file-hunter] Uridium (alt 2) [file-hunter] Uridium (alt 3) [file-hunter] Utopia [file-hunter] veejingSX (v0.996b) [303bcn] veejingSX (v0.99b) [303bcn] veejingSX (v0.9b) [303bcn] 9918-veejing (v0.7b, Russian) [303bcn] 9918-veejing (v0.1b) [303bcn] Viking (English) [MSXDev] Viking (Spanish) [MSXDev] Virus LPQ-79 (v1.20) [MSXDev] Virus LPQ-79 (v1.10) [file-hunter] Virus LPQ-79 (v1.00) [file-hunter] VVVVVV (unfinished) [hap]
      New NOT_WORKING software list additions (msx1_cart.xml)
      Tel-Tron (Netherlands) [file-hunter]
  • 2023-05-17 02:05:42 apple2video: commit missing .h file. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-05-17 02:01:26 apple2video.cpp: raster split on 80COL changes too. Deater thinks he's a funny guy. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-05-16 23:03:09 bus/psion: Added SIBO and Honda expansion port devices: [Nigel Barnes]
    • - 3Fax Modem, 3Link Parallel Printer Interface, 3Link RS232 Serial Interface, and Siena SSD Drive.
      psion/psion3a.cpp: Added wakeup with specific keys, and SIBO/Honda expansion ports.
      psion/siena.cpp: Added wakeup with specific keys, and Honda expansion port.
      psion/workabout.cpp: Added wakeup with specific keys.
      machine/psion_asic5.cpp: Partially implemented peripheral mode.
      machine/psion_asic9.cpp: Implemented memory protection, and additional external interrupt lines.
  • 2023-05-16 21:18:20 Fix a change which got lost in a manual merge [Lord-Nightmare]
  • 2023-05-16 16:19:10 Add support for the older Votrax SC-01 chip; currently only used by Bally Astrocade-derived arcade hardware. All other devices remain using the Votrax SC-01-A. [Lord Nightmare] [Lord-Nightmare]
  • 2023-05-16 19:59:20 cpc_cass.xml: Metadata cleanups (#11226) [ArcadeShadow]
    • - Replaced countries' abbreviation by their full name. - Lowercase on descriptive words (like: "Alt", "Demo", "Side", "Incomplete Dump", etc...)
  • 2023-05-16 19:39:30 atari/eprom.cpp, atari/firetrk.cpp: consolidated drivers in single files [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-05-16 16:14:51 hrdvd: Put the chd checksum, not the data checksum [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-05-16 11:00:15 hrdvd: fix csplayh4 dvd image, re-add correct csplayh7 image [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-05-16 02:23:39 subsino_io.cpp: Fix out-of-bounds accesses [AJR]
  • 2023-05-15 21:46:06 hash/kpython2.xml: redumped drmnv3's update DVD (data SHA1 matches the older dump) and converted it to CHD with the new createdvd option [f205v] [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-05-15 20:58:20 atari/foodf.cpp: consolidated driver in single file [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-05-15 18:52:32 psikyo/psikyosh_v.cpp: Add notes for VREG usage (#11231) [cam900]
  • 2023-05-15 18:52:20 sound/mp3_audio: Implement save states for MP3 decoder (#11232) [987123879113]
  • 2023-05-15 06:38:30 namco/namcos10.cpp: Add MP3 decoder support to the MEM(P3) board. (#11210) [987123879113]
    • 3rdparty/minimp3: Update to latest source (afb604c06bc8beb145fecd42c0ceb5bda8795144). sound/mp3_audio.cpp: Add helper class to decode MP3 frame data, abstracting away minimp3 from devices. sound/lc82310.cpp: Added basic Sanyo LC82310 MP3 decoder emulation. namco/namcos10.cpp: Fixed light gun inputs for Golgo 13: Juusei no Requiem.
      Systems promoted to working
      Golgo 13: Juusei no Requiem (Japan, GLT1 VER.A) Tsukkomi Yousei Gips Nice Tsukkomi (NTK1 Ver.A) Seishun-Quiz Colorful High School (CHS1 Ver.A)
  • 2023-05-15 04:32:58 dragrace: Add raw parameters for screen and correct IRQ timing [AJR]
  • 2023-05-14 23:14:30 gba.xml: Added Apotris. [Vas Crabb]
    • New working software list items
      gba: Apotris (v3.4.5) [akouzoukos]
  • 2023-05-14 23:08:38 yamaha/ympcs30.cpp: Added skeletop driver for Yamaha PCS-30 (#11223) [Devin Acker]
    • New systems marked not working
      Yamaha PCS-30 [Edward d-tech]
  • 2023-05-14 22:54:13 msx: Refactored to standard layout and output usage. (#11216) [wilbertpol]
    • Made separate layout files per 'region' and drive count, and simplified the code for LED outputs.
  • 2023-05-14 22:51:52 nintendo/n64.cpp: fix regression [angelosa]
  • 2023-05-14 22:48:56 nes.xml: Cleaned up descriptions. (#11214) [ArcadeShadow]
    • Fixed capitalisation and replaced abbreviations.
  • 2023-05-14 22:30:12 spectrum.cass.xml: Added 16 working items and replaced three items with better dumps. (#11202) [ArcadeShadow]
    • Also corrected some parent/clone relationships, publishers and years based on information on spectrumcomputing.co.uk.
      New working software list additions
      3D Combat Zone (Aackosoft) [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] 3D Combat Zone (Profisoft) [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] 3D Seiddab Attack (Aackosoft) [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] Androide (pirate) [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] Ant Attack (pirate) [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] Hormigas [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] La Corona Magica [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Lenguaje Maquina - Spectrum №4 [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Lenguaje Maquina - Spectrum №10 [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Poli Diaz: El Potro de Vallecas (alt) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] S.O.S. no Paraíso [Planeta Sinclair] The Dragonstar Trilogy - Part I (Delta 4) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] The Dragonstar Trilogy - Part II (Delta 4) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] The Dragonstar Trilogy - Part III (Delta 4) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] The Rocky Horror Show (Sound on Sound) [Luís Rato, Planeta Sinclair] Van Driver (no loading screen) [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair]
      Lenguaje Maquina - Spectrum №1 [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Merlin (Adventure Workshop) [Luís Rato, Planeta Sinclair] Jason of the Argonauts (Adventure Workshop) [Luís Rato, Planeta Sinclair]
      Fix Parent/CloneOf relationships, Publishers and Years (information provided by spectrumcomputing.co.uk)
  • 2023-05-14 22:24:48 formats/fs_hp98x5.cpp: Added filesystem handlers for HP9825, HP9831 and HP9845. (#11175) [fulivi]
  • 2023-05-14 21:37:26 nintendo/aleck64.cpp: fix compile [angelosa]
  • 2023-05-14 20:48:34 New working machine added (#11230) [algestam]
    • New working machine added
      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Shredder's Last Stand (Konami handheld) [algestam, Sean Riddle, Mr. Do]
  • 2023-05-14 19:57:01 nintendo/n64_v.cpp: implement interlace mode [angelosa]
  • 2023-05-14 17:29:22 New systems marked not working [angelosa]
    • Nintendo 64 (PAL) [NoIntro]
  • 2023-05-14 17:29:09 hash/n64.xml: QA for crashes [angelosa]
  • 2023-05-14 14:01:57 subsino2.cpp: Correct silly mistake [AJR]
  • 2023-05-14 13:59:20 ds2430a: Silence logging [AJR]
  • 2023-05-14 13:58:08 lastfght.cpp, subsino2.cpp: Create new device for I/O ports [AJR]
  • 2023-05-14 07:28:32 - igt/peplus.cpp: added CAPX2552 ROM, updated comments [Brian Troha] [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - namco/namcos23.cpp: updated Gorgon hardware info [Guru]
  • 2023-05-14 05:30:59 apple2e: IIe does not have IOUDIS, only IIc/IIc Plus. [R. Belmont, TomCh] [arbee]
  • 2023-05-14 03:26:29 x68k_crtc: fix Clang compile. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-05-14 01:34:02 machine/opti82c861.cpp: Skeleton for OPTi 82C861 PCI USB OHCI controller. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-05-14 01:15:19 x68k: fix bg layer positioning and another layer selection case [cracyc]
  • 2023-05-13 23:12:17 Skeleton driver for 600 Cellular Activation Tester (#11225) [MooglyGuy]
    • New systems marked not working
      600 Cellular Activation Tester [Ryan Holtz, Leo Romo]
      -m6801.cpp: Fixed HD6303R to use an internal map, removed internal-only handlers from associated drivers. [Ryan Holtz]
      -video.cpp: Raised maximum prescale value to 20 to account for very small LCDs. [Ryan Holtz]
      -screen.cpp: Replaced old MCFG_ references in a warning message with member function names. [Ryan Holtz]
      -timekpr: Added Dallas DS1643, a clone of the STMicro M48T58. [Ryan Holtz]
  • 2023-05-13 23:03:49 video/epic12.cpp: Fix clipping of CV1K games (#11227) [buffi]
    • Change clipping for CV1K games to draw 32 pixels surrounding the visible area.
      This can be easily seen in Muchi Muchi Pork, which has a VRAM viewer in Special mode (Object Test), which will show 32 px drawn around the visible areas of framebuffers.
      For most gamers, this wont really matter at all... except for in Muchi Muchi Pork, where changing this actually fixes a bug for Rafute.
      When Bombing with Rafute, the screen background will go wavy in a sine-like pattern. Currently in mame, the top of screen will show black pixels when this happens.
      With this fix for clipping, the background will instead be visible correctly.
      Also renamed the "scroll registers" to have it more clear which one of these are actually used as a "scroll register" (or rather offset for drawing), and which one is strictly used for clipping.
  • 2023-05-12 20:50:53 taito/vicshoot.cpp: verified resonator value and pin 7 state for the OKIs [Hammy] [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-05-12 18:27:59 New systems marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Victory Shoot [Hammy]
  • 2023-05-12 16:38:45 New systems marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Poker Spirit [Hammy]
  • 2023-05-12 09:17:20 xt446: fix typo [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-05-12 09:17:06 hrdvd: rename dvds, notice that the csplayh7 image was incorrect (it was nb8012, e.g. pokoachu [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-05-12 02:58:58 adam_spi: Hook up EPCI to CPU and RS-232 port [AJR]
  • 2023-05-11 21:20:54 atari/gauntlet.cpp, atari/jedi.cpp: consolidated drivers in single files [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-05-11 20:39:18 atari/atarigt.cpp: Deal with 'temporary' INPUT_PORT_OVERRIDE_FULLY_NUKES_PREVIOUS still being set. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-05-11 20:20:11 atari/atarigt.cpp: Added input definitions for newest version of Primal Rage. (#11206) [halcyon00]
    • The latest 2.3 version has dedicate start buttons.
  • 2023-05-11 20:02:16 sinclair/sprinter.cpp: Added Sprinter Sp2000 enhanced Spectrum clone. (#11018) [holub]
    • cpu/z80: Added support for variants with address translation and implemented Z84C015 chip selects.
      New working clones - Peters Plus, Ivan Mak Sprinter Sp2000
  • 2023-05-11 19:41:05 heathkit/tlb.cpp: Added a ROM variant for the watz19 device. (#11188) [Mark Garlanger]
    • Also fixed DIP switch settings for super19 and watz19, ad simplified Ultra 19 memory map.
  • 2023-05-11 19:23:19 snes.xml: Marked Chavez games as clones of Riddick Bowe Boxing and Boxing Legends of the Ring. (#11209) [David 'Foxhack' Silva]
  • 2023-05-11 17:35:27 mb87030: Make DMA transfers go through DREG rather than separate single buffer [AJR]
  • 2023-05-11 12:25:48 taito/taito_f3_v.cpp: fix vram wrap width (bubble symphony platforms) (#11211) [ywy]
    • corrects mistake introduced by 819a5c4
  • 2023-05-11 09:34:36 vic1001_cart.xml: Marked software as not supported where appropriate. (MT#7346) [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-05-11 05:16:47 x68k.cpp: Hook up SCSI DMA channel [AJR]
  • 2023-05-11 02:54:41 sega/powervr2.cpp: move block around [skip ci] [angelosa]
  • 2023-05-11 02:52:55 sega/powervr.cpp: fix MT#8088 [angelosa]
  • 2023-05-10 22:49:21 hash/n64.xml: bulk replace supported for all entries to no [angelosa]
    • nintendo/aleck64.cpp, nintendo/n64.cpp: re-enable option for -drc
  • 2023-05-10 20:05:52 trs/coco12.cpp: add -bios options to Color Computer 1 & 2 (#11200) [tim lindner]
    • Removed drivers that existed only to select BASIC versions
  • 2023-05-10 06:57:48 New systems marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Taiko no Tatsujin 11 (T111001-NA-A) [f205v]
  • 2023-05-10 03:49:34 88games, combatsc: Correct polarity of uPD7759 ST line writes [AJR]
    • combatsc: Correct main CPU type (and clock)
  • 2023-05-09 22:15:29 konami/ksys573: Fix CD region names + fix e-amusement CDs (#11205) [987123879113]
  • 2023-05-09 21:40:28 simpl156: add base memorymap [hap]
  • 2023-05-09 21:20:25 simpl156.cpp - add workram mirror for osman (needed for truck in final stage) (#11207) [David Haywood]
  • 2023-05-09 21:18:56 kinst: correct pixel clock [Guru] [hap]
  • 2023-05-09 19:44:10 hash/dc.xml: update QA notes [angelosa]
  • 2023-05-09 16:26:50 UI refinements/fixes: [Vas Crabb]
    • ui/filemngr.cpp: For an empty media device, look for another device with a mounted software item that has compatible parts before falling back to the file manager. This is useful when mounting a multi-part item via the menus, or for a system like the X68000 with multiple drives where the boot disk remains mounted but another application disk is automatically ejected when you're prompted for the next disk.
      ui/datmenu.cpp: Don't assume mounted images are always from software lists (fixes MT08620), and take the first image mounted from a software list rather than the last.
      bus/s100: Got rid of simple_list.
  • 2023-05-09 14:10:11 image: Executive decision: disk regions used the owner name (e.g., no :image) [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-05-09 11:23:56 spacegun: add maximum quantum [hap]
  • 2023-05-09 10:13:02 frontend/mame/audit.cpp: Work around issues when no ROMs are shared with immediate parent (MT08625). [Vas Crabb]
    • The issue occurred when a system with no ROMs or only bad dumps had an immediate parent with no ROMs in common. This is another thing broken by the attempts to hide "missing" ROM sets from audits.
  • 2023-05-09 06:40:31 namco/namcops2.cpp: redumped taiko8' s DVD (data SHA1 matches the older dump) and converted it to CHD with the new createdvd option [f205v] [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-05-09 06:07:59 sgi: add 4D keyboard low-level emulation [Bitsavers] [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-05-09 05:54:45 x68k_flop.xml: Added Mi ni Ikuzo! Hedgehog doujin. (#11184) [ICEknigh7]
    • One of the first Sonic fan games, made by Kiyoshi Sakai of Umihara Kawase fame.
      New working software list items - x68k_flop: Mi ni Ikuzo! Hedgehog
  • 2023-05-09 05:51:46 gameboy.xml; snes.xml: Change NP abbreviation (#11198) [ArcadeShadow]
    • Change the "NP" abbreviation by "Nintendo Power service"
  • 2023-05-09 05:50:47 capcom/cps3.cpp: fixed CD-ROM detection [Windy Fairy] [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-05-09 05:48:44 bus/msx/ctrl: Added Arkanoid Vaus controller. (#11201) [wilbertpol]
  • 2023-05-08 23:16:46 Clones promoted to working [hap]
    • Scrabble Lexor: Computer Word Game (MN1405 version) [hap, Sean Riddle]
      New systems marked not working
      Basketball (Tomy) [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • 2023-05-08 22:46:55 mainevt, tmnt: Correct polarity of uPD7759 ST line writes [AJR]
  • 2023-05-08 21:19:28 Remove stray fprintf [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-05-08 20:40:19 image: Fix initialisation order, fix file menu enable, refine gdrom support [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-05-08 19:57:50 zxbus/neogs: sdcard support (#11191) [holub]
    • zxbus/neogs: sdcard support
  • 2023-05-08 19:32:55 namco/namcops2.cpp: dumped firmware updater CD for taiko7 [f205v] [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-05-08 19:05:12 ata/gdrom.cpp: overhaul (#11140) [Angelo Salese]
    • - ata/gdrom.cpp: Fix READ_TOC command, improve logging, add redbook playback & repeat, add basic CD status; - ata/gdrom.cpp: fix loopchk Maker/Model identify ATA command 0104; - ata/gdrom.h: flip is_ready() to true, fixes several hangs (cfr. hash/dc.xml) - sound/aica.cpp: fix EXTS[1] routing; - sega/dccons.cpp: fix dcfish gdrom region hookup regression;
  • 2023-05-08 19:04:18 st_flop.xml: Metadata cleanups (#11176) [ArcadeShadow]
    • - Replaced regions abbreviation by their full name ("Euro", "Swe") - Lowercase to descriptive word "Rev."
  • 2023-05-08 19:03:57 nintendo/n64_gateway.cpp: New driver and software list submission [Foxhack, Angelo Salese] (#11177) [David 'Foxhack' Silva]
    • New software list items marked not working
      n64_lodgenet.xml: 1080° Snowboarding, Donkey Kong 64, Dr. Mario, Excitebike 64, F-Zero X, Gauntlet Legends, Hydro Thunder, Kirby 64 - The Crystal Shards, The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask, The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time, Mario Golf, Mario Kart 64, Mario Party 3, Mario Tennis, Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Vol. 1, Mortal Kombat 4, The New Tetris, Paper Mario, Pilotwings 64, Pokémon Snap, Rampage 2 - Universal Tour, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, Rush 2 - Extreme Racing USA, Star Fox 64, Star Wars - Rogue Squadron, Super Mario 64, Super Smash Bros., Virtual Chess, Virtual Pool 64, Wave Race 64, Yoshi's Story [Forest of Illusion]
  • 2023-05-08 18:12:12 mc68000: IO cleanup [Dirk Best]
  • 2023-05-08 18:12:39 - atari/mhavoc.cpp: consolidated driver in single file [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - galaxian/galaxian.cpp: fixed MT08630 [johnmcallister]
      - taito/taitosj.cpp: fixed MT08631 [johnmcallister]
  • 2023-05-08 17:49:41 Adjustments to option priority interactions: [Vas Crabb]
    • emu/sound.cpp: Made -volume in source file INI or higher priority context take precedence over volume read from CFG file. This matches behaviour of -bgfx_screen_chains.
      emu/input.cpp: Made explicit -no{mouse|joystick|lightgun} take precedence over -{mouse|trackball|adstick|paddle}_device etc. from lower priority levels.
      Alos got rid of a bunch of unnecessary simple_list.
  • 2023-05-08 11:16:50 mcs51: implement serial input/output as bit stream (#11190) [Patrick Mackinlay]
    • fix [MT#05495](https://mametesters.org/view.php?id=5495)
  • 2023-05-08 00:28:02 twin16.cpp: Correct polarity of uPD7759 ST line writes [AJR]
  • 2023-05-07 16:58:51 mn1400: add i/o ports [hap]
  • 2023-05-07 15:59:30 video/zr36110.h: fix compile [Angelo Salese]
  • 2023-05-07 13:03:25 zr36110: Add skeleton [Olivier Galibert]
    • hrdvd: Hook up the mpeg chip
  • 2023-05-07 11:30:41 konami/firebeat: Update pop'n music to use DVD CHDs + add clones for popnanm and popnanm2 to allow for working license and expire license modes (#11195) [987123879113]
  • 2023-05-07 03:10:58 mn1400: add most opcodes [hap]
  • 2023-05-07 00:56:07 mn1400: add opcode placeholders [hap]
  • 2023-05-06 23:53:50 mn1400: add pinout reference [hap]
  • 2023-05-06 22:07:22 mn1400: add mn1405 device [hap]
    • New clones marked not working - Scrabble Lexor: Computer Word Game (MN1405 version) [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • 2023-05-06 21:21:01 hcastle: simplify ram banking [hap]
  • 2023-05-06 21:09:21 hh_mn1400: add skeleton driver [hap]
    • New systems marked not working
      Computer Perfection [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • 2023-05-06 20:54:55 abc806_flop.xml: Update CRC value (#11197) [ArcadeShadow]
    • Update CRC value (missing first character) on "cpm_turbo.img" file
  • 2023-05-06 20:37:31 archimedes.xml: Metadata cleanups (#11180) [ArcadeShadow]
    • archimedes.xml: Metadata cleanups
      Lowercase on descriptive words ("Demo", "Alt")
      Update archimedes.xml
      Moved relevant software comment to notes tag
  • 2023-05-06 19:32:46 konami/hcastle.cpp: fix missing return. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-05-06 19:15:37 kaypro.cpp: Add RTC to '84-type systems [AJR]
  • 2023-05-06 18:07:17 mn1400: add device skeleton [hap]
  • 2023-05-06 17:24:54 bus/isa: Added IBM PS/2 speech adapter card. (#11157) [Luigi Thirty]
  • 2023-05-06 17:23:45 konami/hcastle.cpp: Fixed work RAM banking and coin counter mapping. [Jotego, R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-05-06 17:20:57 atari/bzone.cpp, skeleton/bolsaint.cpp: Updated comments. (#11186) [ClawGrip]
    • skeleton/bolsaint.cpp: Fix copyright holder. atari/bzone.cpp: Add notes about Desert Wars blue overlay.
  • 2023-05-06 17:06:35 stern/berzerk.cpp: Correct frenzy year to 1982. (#11196) [David Haywood]
    • All sources seem to suggest a June/July 82 release date, and the title screen shows 82.
  • 2023-05-06 16:48:20 kaypro.cpp: Add screen raw parameters [AJR]
  • 2023-05-06 15:45:46 osdlib.h: Add missing #include [AJR]
  • 2023-05-06 01:06:52 xbox_nv2a.cpp: worked around another GCC 13.1 error. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-05-05 19:22:00 atapicdr, cdromimg: Fix gdrom support [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-05-05 19:12:47 mc68000: Support PC keyboards, promote to working [Dirk Best]
    • Systems promoted to working
  • 2023-05-05 18:51:23 hrdvd: Make the initial dvdrom test pass [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-05-05 17:03:17 csplayh5: rename to hrdvd (High Rate DVD) [Olivier Galibert]
    • t10mmc: make a little les chatty tmp68301: same hrdvd: fix the image regions
  • 2023-05-05 16:04:54 chdman: Add extractdvd command [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-05-05 15:51:13 cdrom: Bunch of fixes [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-05-05 12:12:52 atari: make the dvdrom drives be dvdroms [Olivier Galibert]
    • firebeat: target the correct device in the rom regions
  • 2023-05-05 04:05:15 mc68000: Serial support [Dirk Best]
  • 2023-05-05 01:51:25 bitgraph.cpp: Replace generic serial keyboard with more fitting device [AJR]
  • 2023-05-05 01:29:14 Fix validation after 28104cdbdfc39b0ced6411381ffb074772dce345 [AJR]
  • 2023-05-04 22:49:44 mobigo_cart.xml: Use lowercase for things that aren't proper nouns in list description. (#11181) [ArcadeShadow]
  • 2023-05-04 22:40:19 -casio/cz101.cpp: Added MIDI I/O and got it booting fully. (#11185) [Devin Acker]
    • -cpu/upd7810: Added support for externally clocked serial mode.
  • 2023-05-04 21:56:21 3rdparty/nanosvg: Re-base on latest upstream. [Vas Crabb]
    • Now based on upstream 9da543e8329fdd81b64eb48742d8ccb09377aed1.
      This fixes some issues with abbreviate path commands, gradients, and locale sensitivity when parsing percentace-style colours.
  • 2023-05-04 20:48:06 diexec: Input line methods can't be called reliably until the device has started, so assert that it has [AJR]
  • 2023-04-09 14:07:32 chd: Add dvd support. better abstraction in general, multi-image support in arcade-type drivers [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-05-03 18:51:29 util/unzip.cpp: Update for latest LZMA SDK. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-05-03 18:41:16 3rdparty/lzma: Updated to LZMA SDK version 22.01 [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-05-03 13:16:46 conchess: replace "conchess t8" with original dump [hap]
  • 2023-05-03 13:04:12 mc68000: Centronics support [Dirk Best]
  • 2023-05-02 22:41:46 maxaflex: add pwm_display for 7segs [hap]
  • 2023-05-02 19:00:03 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (World 920803) [playero]
  • 2023-05-02 18:39:57 New systems marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Kung Fu Pounda [Spinalfeyd, Hammy] Let's Get Kraken [Spinalfeyd, Hammy]
  • 2023-05-02 10:15:18 New working machine added (#11182) [algestam]
    • - Tronica: Super Goal Keeper [algestam]
  • 2023-05-02 05:43:57 wy60: Add character attributes [AJR]
  • 2023-05-02 02:41:13 powerpc: added 740 and 750 models to give the correct IDs. The 740/750 extended TLB is not yet supported. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
    • apple/imacg3.cpp, powermacg3.cpp: Use PPC750 model and set strictest DRC options. Execution now goes much farther. [R. Belmont]
      apple/pippin.cpp: Use strictest DRC options. Execution goes farther. [R. Belmont]
  • 2023-05-01 14:44:02 mn1400: add disassembler [hap]
  • 2023-05-01 14:02:10 Fix bindings of Esc and Ins Char/Line on WY-60 ASCII keyboard [AJR]
  • 2023-05-01 05:44:28 wysekbd: Note [AJR]
  • 2023-05-01 03:51:28 mc68000: Add floppy support [Dirk Best]
  • 2023-05-01 03:33:02 wysekbd: There are two slightly different Enhanced PC-style keyboards [AJR]
  • 2023-05-01 02:26:13 wy60: Add keyboard emulation and cursor [AJR]
→ NOWSZY [Arcade] DevMAME [log only] 2023/04/30 20:00
  • 2023-04-30 18:37:28 ui: Don't use facets of destructed locales. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-30 18:11:18 cpu/z80: Fixed incorrect cycle counts when custom cycle tables are used. (#11167) [wilbertpol]
    • bus/msx/module/skw01.cpp: Removed note about instability in the cx5m128 driver.
      Software list items promoted to working - msx1_cart.xml: A Life Planet - M36 - Mother Brain has been aliving (Japan)
  • 2023-04-30 17:44:27 Fixed some titles in the sega/megatech.cpp: Fixed some titles in comments. (#11174) [ICEknigh7]
  • 2023-04-30 14:34:11 mc68000: Add expansion bus and ram card [Dirk Best]
  • 2023-04-30 11:46:14 dec/vt100.cpp: add setting for phosphor color. (#11172) [Carl Drougge]
  • 2023-04-30 04:33:00 Fixed another warning, a full compile now completes with GCC 13.1. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-04-30 04:03:11 concept/concept.cpp: Fix collision with "concept" reserved word in C++20 warned by GCC 13. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-04-30 03:46:16 Support GCC 13.1 / Fedora 38 [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-04-30 03:37:09 apple/awacs_macrisc: fix GCC 13.1 warning. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-04-30 03:21:49 machine/mpc106.cpp: properly endian-swap PPC/PCI transactions, support LE PPC, use logmacro. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
    • apple/bandit.cpp: properly endian-swap PPC/PCI transactions, use logmacro. [R. Belmont]
      apple/heathrow.cpp: interrupt controller filled out, audio CODEC interface defined, added audio DMA channels. [R. Belmont]
      apple/dbdma.cpp: New device, a single Descriptor Based DMA channel. [R. Belmont]
      apple/awacs_macrisc.cpp: New device, the AWACS and Screamer CODECs in their MacRISC compatible form. [R. Belmont]
      apple/burgundy.cpp: New device, MacRISC compatible CODEC used in the iMac G3 and "Blue & White" G3.
      apple/imacg3.cpp: Boot chime now plays. [R. Belmont]
      apple/powermacg3.cpp: Boot chime now plays. [R. Belmont]
  • 2023-04-29 23:09:31 cpu/i386: Use logmacro.h granular logging. (#11171) [Luigi Thirty]
  • 2023-04-29 22:42:48 vgmplay.xml: Changed list description to reflect the nature of the files. (#11084) [ArcadeShadow]
  • 2023-04-29 22:37:39 skeleton/bolsaint.cpp: Added a skeleton driver for Bolsa Internacional slot machine (Sleic/Petaco). (#11165) [ClawGrip]
    • New systems marked not working - Bolsa Internacional (euro) [Javier Blanco Ojeda, ClawGrip]
  • 2023-04-29 22:28:08 cpu/mips, sgi/sgi.cpp: Fixed MIPS3 PRID and memory controller RPSS issues: (#11128) [Jiaxun Yang]
    • cpu/mips3: Report proper fcr0 PRID (same as CPU PRID in most cases). cpu/mips3: Bumped major rev of R4600 PRID to 2 (original R4600 was too problematic so almost all systems are shipped with R4600 rev 2.0). sgi/indigo.cpp, sgi/indy_indigo2.cpp: Supply clock frequency for memory controller. sgi/indigo.cpp, sgi/indy_indigo2.cpp: Corrected CPU clock frequencies. sgi/sgi.cpp: Reimplemented memory controller RPSS taking clock frequency into account and without using a timer.
  • 2023-04-29 22:11:08 namco/namcos10.cpp: Added decrypted Point Blank 3 program code. (#11166) [Windy Fairy, Guru] [987123879113]
    • Also hooked up light guns.
      Systems promoted to working
      Point Blank 3 (World, GNN2 Ver.A)
      Cloned promoted to working
      Gunbalina (Japan, GNN1 Ver.A)
  • 2023-04-29 21:56:32 nintendo/n64.cpp: minor cleanups [angelosa]
  • 2023-04-29 15:52:51 kpython: Change CPU to PS/2 Emotion Engine [AJR]
  • 2023-04-29 15:38:18 seta/seta.cpp: workaround extdwnhl ending crash (#11160) [Angelo Salese]
  • 2023-04-29 09:46:10 New clones marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - Zankor (TMS5220 Italian speech) [PinMAME]
  • 2023-04-28 21:15:07 Trivial cleanup. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-28 20:35:24 vectorgraphic/sbcvideo.cpp: Fix color accuracy and addressing bugs. (#11146) [Eric Anderson]
  • 2023-04-28 20:28:38 bus/rs232/pty.cpp: Copied flow control code from null_modem.cpp (#11158) [Carl Drougge]
  • 2023-04-28 20:21:48 gameboy.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions. (#11154) [ArcadeShadow]
    • Also marked asteroidp as a clone of asteroid.
  • 2023-04-28 19:31:37 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • WWF Superstars (bootleg with 2xYM2203) [anonymous]
  • 2023-04-28 17:58:20 Move mccpm to mc folder [Dirk Best]
  • 2023-04-28 17:50:20 New machines marked as NOT_WORKING [Dirk Best]
    • mc-68000-Computer [Dirk Best, Klaus Loy]
  • 2023-04-28 16:04:52 microsoft/xbox.cpp: fix BIOS naming [Angelo Salese]
  • 2023-04-28 03:01:43 Miscellaneous SCSI adjustments [AJR]
    • - cdd2000: Hook up SCSI IRQ - s550, w30: Add CD-ROM to SCSI device list
  • 2023-04-28 02:51:59 kpython.cpp: Fix CPU endianness and BIOS loading [AJR]
  • 2023-04-27 19:31:32 namco/namcos10.cpp: Set unscrambler in machine configuration. [Vas Crabb]
    • This further reduces the places that need to be touched for adding a decryption setup.
  • 2023-04-27 17:46:54 video/vrender0.cpp: More accurate VRender0 pipeline inner workings (#11057) [Angelo Salese]
    • - Fixes donghaer split screen;
  • 2023-04-27 16:43:04 altos2_kbd: Fix 3 & 6 on keypad [AJR]
  • 2023-04-27 14:46:12 altos2: Add dump and emulation of keyboard [AJR, Bitsavers] [AJR]
  • 2023-04-27 02:45:38 hng64: Add ROM banking for network CPU; improve RAM mapping and figure out where COM20020 would be mapped [AJR]
  • 2023-04-26 20:11:49 Merge tag 'mame0254' into mainline-master [Vas Crabb]
    • MAME 0.254
  • 2023-04-26 20:10:24 namco/namcos10.cpp: Redumped gamshara Flash ROM at 8E. [Bill D.] [Vas Crabb]
    • Systems promoted to working - Gamshara (20020912A / 10021 Ver.A) [Bill D.]
  • 2023-04-26 13:54:50 namco/namcos10: Add decrypters for Taiko no Tatsujin 3 and 5 (#11155) [987123879113]
    • namco/namcos10: Add decrypter for Taiko no Tatsujin 3 and Taiko no Tatsujin 5 [Samuel Neves, Peter Wilhelmsen]
      namco/namcos10: Clean up constants
  • 2023-04-26 09:15:24 Use correct attack/decay time nominal value when the lower 3 bits of attack/decay time data are 0x6 or 0x7. (#11153) [eito]
  • 2023-04-26 04:38:33 mpc106: map RAM and ROM into PCI memory space for PCI DMA. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-04-26 01:19:23 Mega Card (Ver.0053, encrypted): Bipolar PROM location. [Roberto Fresca]
  • 2023-04-26 01:09:26 Mega Card (Ver.0053, encrypted): Added missing PLD. [Roberto Fresca]
    • Analyzed and confirmed the bipolar PROM dump. [TeamEurope, Porchy, Roberto Fresca]
  • 2023-04-26 00:39:14 Super Card: Added notes to the driver. [Roberto Fresca]
  • 2023-04-26 00:25:39 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/mamedev/mame [Roberto Fresca]
  • 2023-04-26 00:25:13 Jolly Joker (Otti Karl logo) sets: Added missing PLDs. [TeamEurope, Porchy] [Roberto Fresca]
  • 2023-04-25 21:54:35 wicat: Enable underline cursor; reduce VIA clock [AJR]
  • 2023-04-25 19:09:51 machine/t10mmc.cpp: track command 48h just plays track when TNO start == TNO end (#11141) [Angelo Salese]
    • fix redbook silent regression with konami/konamigv.cpp
  • 2023-04-25 19:06:45 Corrected capalisation of "SpongeBob SquarePants" and "SpongeBob Schwammkopf" in various software lists. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-25 18:41:07 tripool: add 3 more buttons and some dipswitches [hap]
  • 2023-04-25 17:23:11 new NOT_WORKING machine [MetalliC]
    • - Isshoni Wanwan Waiwai Puppy 2008 [Darksoft, MetalliC, rtw]
  • 2023-04-25 15:41:04 megatech: swap screens in default view [hap]
  • 2023-04-25 12:42:35 Systems promoted to working [Patrick Mackinlay]
    • - Omron Luna 88k²
  • 2023-04-25 12:39:03 m88000: fix subtraction borrow out [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-04-25 09:45:43 taptun: fix adapter detection on windows for newer versions of taptun driver [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-04-25 09:28:00 Jolly Game (V1, Otti Karl logo): Added default NVRAM. [Roberto Fresca]
    • Promoted to working.
  • 2023-04-24 23:52:58 New clones marked as NOT_WORKING [Roberto Fresca]
    • Jolly Game (V1, Otti Karl logo) [TeamEurope, f205v, Roberto Fresca]
  • 2023-04-24 20:15:15 Merge branch 'release0254' into mainline-master [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-24 19:48:24 Cleaned up some metadata. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-24 18:23:27 nss: zerofill class variables, get rid of conflict with snes_state::m_wram [hap]
  • 2023-04-24 16:04:54 mjsenka: put decrypted rom in its own region [hap]
  • 2023-04-24 15:43:30 namcos10: panicuru->panikuru [hap]
  • 2023-04-24 15:41:47 royalmah: zerofill class variables [hap]
  • 2023-04-24 15:36:28 tkingkong: fix buttons [hap]
    • vertigo: 1 variable was not zerofilled (not important)
  • 2023-04-24 10:22:05 New systems marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Ace Driver 3: Final Turn [Guru]
  • 2023-04-24 07:45:23 toaplan/toaplan2.cpp: minor documentation updates [Brian Troha] [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-04-24 06:27:34 Added default NVRAM to Jolly Joker (Otti Karl logo) sets. [Roberto Fresca]
  • 2023-04-24 06:18:53 New working clones [Roberto Fresca]
    • Jolly Joker (original program, interleaved GFX, Otti Karl logo, set 1) [TeamEurope, f205v, Roberto Fresca] Jolly Joker (original program, interleaved GFX, Otti Karl logo, set 2) [TeamEurope, f205v, Roberto Fresca]
  • 2023-04-24 05:00:55 New working clones [Roberto Fresca]
    • Mega Card (Ver.0053, encrypted) [TeamEurope, f205v, Roberto Fresca]
  • 2023-04-23 23:26:23 Change burgkids year to 1995 (nw) [Philip Bennett]
  • 2023-04-23 20:27:24 New working machines [Philip Bennett]
    • Burger Kids (Japan) [Phil Bennett]
  • 2023-04-23 18:05:31 namco/namcos10.cpp: Add decrypter for Mr. Driller G. (#11148) [Samuel Neves, Peter Wilhelmsen] [987123879113]
    • Systems promoted to working
      Mr. Driller G (Japan, DRG1 Ver.A) [Samuel Neves, Peter Wilhelmsen, Windy Fairy]
  • 2023-04-23 16:57:24 msm5232: revise caps and resistors values [Yaei, TremiRodomi] (#11127) [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-04-23 14:12:15 tbonusal: Add working sound (replacing nonfunctional ADPCM) [AJR]
  • 2023-04-23 11:14:11 m88000: fix interrupts [Patrick Mackinlay]
    • optimize shadow register update
  • 2023-04-23 09:52:06 - capcom/cps1.cpp:documentation update for chikij and nemoj [Manimani, Bonky, Brian Troha] [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - psikyo/psikyosh.cpp: dumped masked ROMs and pals for s1945iiibla [twistedsymphony, Brian Troha]
  • 2023-04-23 09:44:29 namco/namcos10.cpp: Updated notes. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-23 07:51:36 New clones marked as NOT_WORKING [Roberto Fresca]
    • Novo Play (V6.2H) [TeamEurope, f205v, Roberto Fresca] Novo Play (V3.3H) [TeamEurope, f205v, Roberto Fresca]
  • 2023-04-22 22:29:56 softlist_dev.cpp: Validate characters in software list names [AJR]
  • 2023-04-22 20:58:42 wicat: Add MCU dump and LLE of keyboard; update layout to include keyboard LEDs [AJR, Bitsavers] [AJR]
    • im6402: Remove ugly hack to force bits into receiver and make it work the normal way instead
  • 2023-04-22 20:57:06 diserial: Add machine time to bit logging messages [AJR]
  • 2023-04-22 19:42:23 namco/namcos10.cpp: Dumped CDs for taiko3 and taiko5. [f205v] [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-22 19:03:13 oric1_cass.xml: Mark crossbomber1 as clone. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-22 18:02:09 oric1_cass.xml: Added an earlier build of Cross Bomber. [Vas Crabb]
    • New working software list items - oric1_cass: Cross Bomber (2021-05-13) [TOSEC]
  • 2023-04-22 18:01:48 srcclean in preparation for release [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-22 17:46:33 oric_cass.xml: Added four items (two working). (#11090) [ArcadeShadow]
    • New working software list additions
      A View to a Kill - The Computer Game [The Oric Site] Don Juans et Dragueurs [The Oric Site]
      New NOT working software list additions
      Zorgon's Revenge (demonstration only) [The Oric Site] Le Diamant de l'île Maudite (demo) [The Oric Site]
  • 2023-04-22 17:02:20 seibu/bloodbro.cpp: Dumped U083 PROM at 4J for Sky Smasher. (#11139) [Sergio Galiano] [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-22 16:51:01 misc: remove uneeded n on image error return string [hap]
  • 2023-04-22 16:18:25 i960: Shift opcode fixes [AJR]
    • - Ensure logically correct results for shift counts >= 32 - Preserve sign for shli
  • 2023-04-22 14:07:03 yamaha: new GEW7 and GEW12 machines, various GEW8/MultiPCM improvements (#11105) [Devin Acker]
    • yamaha: implement GEW7, partially implement GEW12, some GEW8/MultiPCM fixes (envelope behavior, sample lengths, stream updates, save state members)
      New working machines
      Yamaha PSR-150 [Edward d-tech, Devin Acker] Yamaha PSR-180 [Edward d-tech, Devin Acker] Yamaha PSR-78 [Edward d-tech, Devin Acker]
      New working clones
      Yamaha PSR-110 [Edward d-tech, Devin Acker] Yamaha PSR-75 [Edward d-tech, Devin Acker] Yamaha PSR-76 [Edward d-tech, Devin Acker] Yamaha PSS-11 [Edward d-tech, Devin Acker] Yamaha PSS-21 [Edward d-tech, Devin Acker] Yamaha PSS-31 [Edward d-tech, Devin Acker] Yamaha PSS-6 [Devin Acker]
      Machines promoted to working
      Yamaha PSS-12 [Devin Acker]
      New NOT_WORKING machines
      Yamaha PSR-260 [Edward d-tech, Devin Acker] Yamaha PSR-79 [Edward d-tech, Devin Acker]
      New NOT_WORKING clones
      Yamaha PSR-160 [Edward d-tech, Devin Acker]
  • 2023-04-22 10:11:52 Dumped and created a skeleton driver for a semaphore controller from Etra (#11116) [ClawGrip]
    • Dumped and created a skeleton driver for a semaphore controller from Etra
      New NOT_WORKING machines
      Crosswalk traffic light controller (unknown model) [ClawGrip]
      nitpicking, srcclean
      Co-authored-by: Ivan Vangelista
  • 2023-04-22 10:07:38 mbc200: change monitor to green [hap]
  • 2023-04-21 21:44:13 sanyo/mbc200.cpp: Better I/O: [Vas Crabb]
    • Added Centronics printer port. Hooked up most of the PPI connections. Added some UART connections (won't work, not clocked). Fixed sub CPU I/O mapping. Noted missing graphics ROMs (possibly kanji font).
  • 2023-04-21 19:47:30 keroro: Fix title romanization [Justin Kerk]
  • 2023-04-21 18:13:07 namco/namcos10.cpp: Added decrypter for Panicuru Panekuru, and initialized settings for panikuru and squizchs. (#11136) [987123879113]
    • Added decryption setup for Panicuru Panekuru. [Samuel Neves, Peter Wilhelmsen] Fixed an issue with initialization vector for squizchs. [Samuel Neves, Peter Wilhelmsen] Added controls for squizchs.
  • 2023-04-21 17:09:55 New systems marked not working [hap]
    • King Kong (Tiger, Quartz Game Clock) [hap, Sean Riddle] Lucky Luke (Tiger, Double Wide Screen) [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • 2023-04-21 16:30:13 New systems marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Sovereign (1PF434A3) Fantasy [Dam0, Heihachi_73]
  • 2023-04-21 10:28:58 namco/namcos10.cpp: Add another decrypter and fixed nicetsuk inputs. (#11134) [987123879113]
    • Added decryption setup for Keroro Gunso Chikyu Shinryaku Shirei Dearimasu! [Samuel Neves, Peter Wilhelmsen] Fixed input mapping for Tsukkomi Yousei Gips Nice Tsukkomi. namco/ns10crypt.cpp: Allow client to provide initialisation vectors.
  • 2023-04-21 10:05:14 m88000: improve exception handling [Patrick Mackinlay]
    • fix instruction access exception logic update data unit control registers on data access exceptions implement user-space memory instruction logic add support for debugger address translation add support for debugger privilege hook
  • 2023-04-21 09:51:15 mc88200: fix cache endianness bugs [Patrick Mackinlay]
    • add support for debugger address translation
  • 2023-04-21 05:31:28 wangpc: Fix DMA-related regression [AJR]
  • 2023-04-21 02:19:41 maciici/maciisi: support the video on/off bit. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-04-20 20:24:15 namcos10.cpp: restore factory defaults for nflclsfb, nicetsuk, taiko2, taiko4, and taiko6 (#11132) [David Haywood]
  • 2023-04-20 19:28:57 smc1102: added timer [hap]
  • 2023-04-20 19:21:37 cpu/psx/rcnt.cpp: Suppress side effects. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-20 19:11:37 namco/namcos10.cpp: Added CD-ROM drive support and I/O for Taiko games. (#11131) [987123879113]
    • Added decryption setups for Puzz Ball, Tsukkomi Yousei Gips Nice Tsukkomi, and Taiko no Tatsujin 2, 4, and 6. [Samuel Neves, Peter Wilhelmsen] Added some notes about the MEM(P3) board. Re-dumped Point Blank 3. [Guru] machine/t10mmc.cpp: Added preliminary implementation of “read CD” (0xBE) command. cpu/psx/rcnt.cpp: Implemented reached 0xFFFF and reached target bits in counter mode register.
      New systems marked not working - Seishun-Quiz Colorful High School (CHS1 Ver.A) [Guru]
  • 2023-04-20 17:12:21 New working systems [hap]
    • - Star Wars: Electronic Laser Battle Game [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • 2023-04-20 16:24:11 v810/v810.cpp: separate irqs into individual lines as a PoC (#11088) [Angelo Salese]
    • Allows pcfx to detect a CD as Audio (needs TOC/Mode Select (10) fixes for actual PC-FX detection, uses t10mmc.cpp under the hood).
      - v810/v810.cpp: fix device_reset behaviour; - v810/v810.cpp: fix MPYHW opcode, makes redalert/redalertj not to crash on attract/gameplay; - nintendo/vboy.cpp: fix screen type to LCD until we have an actual LED class; - nintendo/vboy.cpp: fix spaceinv gameplay shots display; - nintendo/vboy.cpp: fix bg page offsets for hyperfgt; - video/huc6272.cpp: hookup SCSI cmd readback;
  • 2023-04-20 13:29:20 New working systems [Dirk Best]
    • - Liberty Electronics Freedom 200 [Bitsavers]
      - Rename freedom220.cpp to freedom200.cpp - Add support for font selection - Improve double-width support - Support 'invisible' attribute - Reduce NVRAM size
  • 2023-04-20 11:45:50 bingobear: add output pla [hap]
  • 2023-04-19 21:29:19 sanyo/mbc200.cpp: Handle boot ROM overlay properly. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-19 20:10:17 sanyo/mbc200.cpp: Mix PPI sound outputs for system speaker. (#11123) [Stefano]
    • Each CPU uses a PPI output line for sound output, which are summed and AC-coupled to the output amplifier.
  • 2023-04-19 17:06:18 namco/ns10crypt.cpp: Use native population count helper in place of table. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-19 13:56:00 New working systems [hap]
    • - Bingo Bear [hap, Sean Riddle] Monkgomery Monkey [hap, David Viens]
      New working software list items - bingobear: Space Bingo Bear [hap, Sean Riddle]
      misc hap drivers: changed CONS/COMP to SYST
  • 2023-04-19 13:04:29 free220: Support double sized characters [Dirk Best]
  • 2023-04-19 12:07:11 mb87030: fix hp98265a diagnostic error [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-04-18 22:52:35 Super Card driver: Change input name from 'Personal A' to 'Service A'. [Roberto Fresca]
  • 2023-04-18 22:40:28 Sauro.cpp: Docs correction about memory map. [Roberto Fresca]
  • 2023-04-18 22:34:10 Funworld.cpp: Corrected some info/docs. [Roberto Fresca]
  • 2023-04-18 21:50:50 New systems marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Desert Gold (20202311, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Diamond Eyes (10129211, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Dolphin Treasure (10177911, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Silk Road (10176811, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Snap Shot (20115211, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] The Golden Gong (20196011, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Wild Cougar - Power Pay (30214211, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Wings over Olympus (10176511, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73]
      New clones marked not working - 5 Dragons (10176611, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] 5 Dragons (10178611, New Zealand) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] 5 Koi - Power Pay (1J016211, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] 50 Lions (0152077, US) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] 100 Lions (30223811, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Arabian Nights (10122611, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Big Ben (10169611, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Buccaneer (10181911, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Buffalo (20232611, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Brazil (10218511, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Dolphin Treasure (20265311, New Zealand) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Dream Catcher (10172921, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Fire Dancer (10191311, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Fortune King (10230911, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Geisha (10122011, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Geisha (10112411, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Go For Green (10122111, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Golden Pyramids (10196511, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Heart of Gold (10184211, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Helen of Troy (10129121, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Helen of Troy (10116411, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Hollywood Dreams (10122811, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Helen of Troy (10122711, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] House of Hearts (10208411, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Indian Dreaming (10192211, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] King of the Nile (10127511, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Let's Go Fish'n (10223911, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Money Tree (10122211, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Paris Lights (10139011, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Peacock Magic (10134311, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Pelican Pete (10196211, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Pirates (10122311, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Pompeii (10122411, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Queen of Sheba (30146921, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Queen of the Nile (10204311, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Queen of the Nile (10192311, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Queen of the Nile Special Edition (10127411, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Ruby Magic (10148811, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Scatter Magic II (10122511, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Spring Festival (20267211, New Zealand) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Tigress (20243811, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Tiki Torch (10124011, New Zealand) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Torch of the Gods (20210211, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Turtle Treasure (10239811, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Where's The Gold (10177111, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Wild Cats (20258111, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Wild Goose (10155911, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Wild Panda (20225011, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73] Zorro (20167511, ASP) [anonymous, Heihachi_73]
      -aristocrat/aristmk6.cpp updates: dumped 3 more System EPROM Sets [anonymous, Heihachi_73] renamed "Malaysian" games to ASP as the games don't have any specific region, only the BIOS does [Heihachi_73]
  • 2023-04-18 18:24:50 namco/namcos10.cpp: Reset gahaha, gahaha2, and g13jnr to default state. (#11125) [David Haywood]
  • 2023-04-18 18:09:57 sega/segafruit.cpp: preliminary decryption for m5001 [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-04-18 18:09:30 New systems marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Shamisen Brothers Vol 1 [angeryer] unknown AnyWorks / Sega medal game bios [Mr. CAST, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
      New clones marked not working - Strikers 1945 III (World) / Strikers 1999 (Japan) (bootleg, set 2) [twistedsymphony] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (A 0.7 VUK Prototype) [Matt’s Basement Arcade]
  • 2023-04-18 17:59:24 speedatk.cpp: Correct CRTC type [AJR]
  • 2023-04-18 17:48:39 namco/namcos10.cpp, namco/ns10crypt.cpp: Cleanup: [Vas Crabb]
    • Tidied some system descriptions. Use an 8-character short name for parent Sugorotic JAPAN. Don't use std::function unnecessarily. Calculate GF2 reduction table at compile time.
  • 2023-04-18 16:49:56 namco/namcos10.cpp: More dumps/redumps, new decryption devices, and more I/O emulation. (#11114) [987123879113]
    • Implemented the basics of the MEM(P3) memory/I/O board. Added controls for more games. Marked Pacman BALL as a bad dump. Marked all games as MACHINE_IMPERFECT_SOUND in anticipation of complaints. cpu/tlcs900/tmp95c061.cpp: Added basic ADC support (based on TMP95C063). namco/namcos10_exio.cpp: Added System 10 I/O expander board (EXIO) emulation. namco/ns10crypt.cpp: Moved per-game decryption setup to client configuration. Added decryption setups for GAHAHA Ippatsudou, Golgo 13: Juusei no Requiem, Sekai Kaseki Hakken, Pacman BALL, Medal no Tatsujin, Medal no Tatsujin 2 and Sugorotic JAPAN. [Samuel Neves, Peter Wilhelmsen]
      Systems promoted to working
      GAHAHA Ippatsudou (World, GID2 Ver.A) [Samuel Neves, Peter Wilhelmsen, Windy Fairy] GAHAHA Ippatsudou 2 (Japan, GIS1 Ver.A) [Samuel Neves, Peter Wilhelmsen, Windy Fairy] Golgo 13: Juusei no Requiem (Japan, GLT1 VER.A) [Samuel Neves, Peter Wilhelmsen, Windy Fairy] Kotoba no Puzzle Mojipittan (Japan, KPM1 Ver.A) [Brizzo, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union, Windy Fairy]
      New systems marked not working
      Sugorotic JAPAN (STJ1 Ver.C) [Brizzo, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union] Tsukkomi Yousei Gips Nice Tsukkomi (NTK1 Ver.A) [Guru]
  • 2023-04-18 13:32:08 free220: Fix video emulation, add NVRAM, add aux port, mark working [Dirk Best]
    • Graphics still need work, but its usable as a terminal now.
      Systems promoted to working - Liberty Electronics Freedom 220
  • 2023-04-18 12:02:30 hash/dc.xml: perform a QA pass for Japanese sets (#11115) [Angelo Salese]
  • 2023-04-17 22:25:23 seta/srmp2.cpp: Cleaned up inputs a little, and suppress side effects of reads for debugger. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-17 20:05:15 bus/msx/cart/hbi55.cpp: Updated for core interface changes. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-17 19:52:50 bus/msx/cart: Added Sony HBI-55/Yamaha UDC-01 SRAM data cartridges. (#10966) [wilbertpol]
  • 2023-04-17 19:43:59 cpu/v810: Suppress I/O space properly when it has no configured map. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-17 19:34:25 3rdparty/linenoise: Support keypad Enter on Windows. (#11109) [feos]
  • 2023-04-17 19:32:21 ibmpcjr_cart.xml, m5_flop.xml, buzztime_cart.xml: Corrected capitalisation in list names. (#11112) [ArcadeShadow]
  • 2023-04-17 18:16:12 sega/sg1000.cpp: Fixed tape loading. (#11119) [Fabio DL]
    • High bits from E
  • 2023-04-17 17:24:36 bus/gio64/newport.cpp, cpu/mips/mips3.cpp: Fixed issues affecting IRIX. (#11117) [Jiaxun Yang]
    • cpu/mips/mips3.cpp: Sign-extend result of COP0 LL instruction. cpu/mips/mips3.cpp: Ported COP0 Random implementation from new R4000 interpreter. bus/gio64/newport.cpp: Use octant encoding used by hardware, and fixed Scr2Scr.
  • 2023-04-17 16:39:32 psikyo/psikyo.cpp: Corrected vertical blanking interrupt for s1945/tengai and removed MACHINE_IMPERFECT_TIMING flag. (#11120) [buffi]
  • 2023-04-17 07:45:12 3rdparty/portmidi: Fix compile with Clang 14.0.3 on macOS [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-04-16 20:07:19 wd_fdc: IRQ/DRQ corrections [AJR]
    • - Always interrupt upon command completion and clear busy flag if the latter was set (even if DRQ was not serviced) - Drop DRQ when "Force Interrupt" command is issued in idle state
      This partially reverts the changes of 60ced2cb0c9c4ae9a2f6a65ff50b07fecee78f4c.
  • 2023-04-16 19:51:10 cpu/m6502: More this-> for templatey goodness. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-16 19:30:51 cpu/m6502: Template 6502 microcontroller helper on underlying CPU type. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-16 19:14:59 wd_fdc: Drop DRQ when ending a normal command or starting a "Force Interrupt" command [AJR]
  • 2023-04-16 19:13:04 i8257: Minor logging improvement [AJR]
  • 2023-04-16 17:39:50 bus/msx/module: Added Yamaha SKW-01 emulation. (#11113) [wilbertpol]
    • msx/msx2.cpp, msx/msx1_v9938.cpp: Changed the name of all MSX_SLOT_YAMAHA_EXPANSION devices to 'module'.
  • 2023-04-16 17:35:58 snes.xml: Tidied up descriptions. (#11111) [ArcadeShadow]
  • 2023-04-16 03:21:07 rungun.cpp: Eliminate some tag lookups [AJR]
  • 2023-04-16 03:13:25 rungun.cpp: Remove unused function [AJR]
  • 2023-04-16 01:46:17 88games.cpp, asterix.cpp, bishi.cpp, chqflag.cpp, crimfght.cpp, dbz.cpp, djmain.cpp, gijoe.cpp, gradius3.cpp, lethal.cpp, moo.cpp, qdrmfgp.cpp, rungun.cpp, simpsons.cpp, spy.cpp, xexex.cpp: Consolidate drivers in one file each; remove a few ancient progress notes [AJR]
  • 2023-04-16 00:22:45 Clean up floppy-related code in various drivers with finder arrays [AJR]
  • 2023-04-15 23:36:16 victor9k_fdc.cpp: Code cleanup [AJR]
  • 2023-04-15 22:57:21 segas32.cpp: Add XTAL value; silence printfs [AJR]
  • 2023-04-15 21:45:00 emu/recording.cpp: fixed compile [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-04-15 21:17:43 mb63h149: Add SRAM storage [AJR]
    • - w30: Map keyscan device
  • 2023-04-15 21:11:57 set accurate avi framerate instead of rough approximation (#11030) [feos]
    • emu/recording: improve avi framerate accuracy (Numerator values above 0x3fff'ffff have support issues currently, specifically, youtube will refuse to process an MP4 with it, and it's a pretty common container)
  • 2023-04-15 20:10:22 Remove some duplicate software items, add some notes. (#11110) [wilbertpol]
    • cpc_flop.xml: Removed Livingv2 (msx2 software, livingst in msx2_flop.xml), Removed LASTMIV2w (msx2 software, lastmiss in msx2_flop.xml)
      msx1_cart.xml: Fixed duplicate rom name between zeroinfs and zeroinfsa
      msx2_flop.xml: Removed The Witch ‘Iz’ (Japan) (duplicate from witchiz in msx2p_flop.xml), Removed Mobius Debugger 2 - Eternal Striker (Japan, demo) (duplicate from estriker in msxr_flop.xml), Removed Shoulder Blade (Japan, bad dump?) (duplicate from shdblade in msxr_flop.xml)
      msx2p_flop.xml: Removed Battle Bomber (duplicate from battlebo in msx2_flop.xml)
  • 2023-04-15 18:56:39 cdi.xml: Added CD-i Golgo 13. (#11080) [David 'Foxhack' Silva]
    • New working software list additions
      cdi: CD-i Golgo 13 (Japan) [SharpSilver77]
  • 2023-04-15 18:04:33 bus/nscsi/cd.cpp: Implemented basic CDDA support. (#11097) [987123879113]
    • sega/segas32.cpp: Added CDDA audio routing.
  • 2023-04-15 17:40:26 spectrum_cass.xml: Added 40 working items, and replaced two items with better dumps. (#11083) [ArcadeShadow]
    • New working software list additions (spectrum_cass.xml)
      A Case of Murder [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] A Fistful of Blood Capsules (alt) [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] Chase H.Q. II: Special Criminal Investigation (Erbe, small cardboard case) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Death Wish 3 (set 2, Erbe) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Deep Probe (Adventure Workshop) [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] Fairly Difficult Mission (Delbert the Hamster) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Fountain PD Compilation [Luís Rato, Planeta Sinclair] Geografia de Portugal [Domingues Silva, Planeta Sinclair] Geografia de Portugal (prototype 1) [Domingues Silva, Planeta Sinclair] Geografia de Portugal (prototype 2) [Domingues Silva, Planeta Sinclair] Island of Chaos (Adventure Workshop) [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] Jahangir Khan's World Championship Squash (System 4) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Multi-Player Premier League [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] Quest for the Holy Joystick (Delta 4, alt) [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] Picture Book (Triple R Education) Pools Predictions [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] Prince of Tyndal & Jekyll and Hyde (alt) [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] Soft Spectrum (issue 01) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Soft Spectrum (issue 02) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Spartan Software Compilation [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] Special Action (Imagine) [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] Square Dance [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] Star Flaws & Raymond Pringle's Quest for the Fabled Jar of Pickled Cabbage (release 3) [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] Supapunta [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] Super Fighter [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Super Sinc 3 [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Super Sinc 4 [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Super Sinc 5 [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Super Sinc 6 [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Super Sinc 1 (Anno 2) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Super Sinc 2 (Anno 2) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Super Sinc 3 (Anno 2) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Super Sinc 4 (Anno 2) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Super Sinc 5 (Anno 2) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Super Sinc 6 (Anno 2) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Super Sinc 7 (Anno 2) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] System 3 Pack [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] The Forest of Shadows [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] The Return of the Holy Joystick [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] The Tube (Zafiro) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk]
      Redump (spectrum_cass.xml)
      The Dragnet Case [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Learning Box - Red Riding Hood [Bruno Florindo, Planeta Sinclair]
  • 2023-04-15 16:42:03 konamI/ultraman.cpp: consolidated driver in single file [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-04-15 16:15:22 konami/ultraman.cpp: fixed MT8602 [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-04-15 16:01:05 New systems marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • M3004 [Darksoft, TeamEurope] M4002 [Darksoft, TeamEurope] M5001 (rev. A) [Darksoft, TeamEurope]
  • 2023-04-15 14:03:51 pc6001: Add MCU dumps for pc6001 and pc6601sr [Mike Stedman] [Dirk Best]
  • 2023-04-15 11:44:30 emu/emumem.h: Allow emu::rw_delegate to work with device finders. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-15 10:32:01 bus/msx: Updated most delegate construction to emu::rw_delegate. (#11103) [wilbertpol]
  • 2023-04-15 04:05:32 namcos11: Add hardware readme for Family Bowl and adjust set description. [Guru] [arbee]
  • 2023-04-15 02:33:33 free220: Fix bad merge [Dirk Best]
  • 2023-04-15 01:06:58 free220: Implement keyboard, improve interrupts [Dirk Best]
  • 2023-04-13 14:04:54 Create project for Liberty Electronics and move files [Dirk Best]
  • 2023-04-15 00:30:35 psikyo/psikyo.cpp: Fixed video timings in comments for Tengai and Strikers 1945. (#11102) [buffi]
  • 2023-04-15 00:09:35 dynax/dynax.cpp: Started splitting up the state class according to hardware features. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-14 21:57:13 smc1102: add lcd and interrupt handling [hap]
    • Systems promoted to working - K28: Talking Learning Computer (model 7-232) [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • 2023-04-14 18:12:44 sega/segafruit.cpp: attempted decryption [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-04-14 18:07:47 psikyo/psikyo.cpp: Fixed visible area (224 lines, not 223). (#11101) [buffi]
  • 2023-04-14 04:26:21 roland_s50.cpp: Add floppy format [AJR]
  • 2023-04-13 23:25:02 msx easi-speech: don't derive clock from system clock [hap]
  • 2023-04-13 23:15:51 pv1000/2000: small cleanup [hap]
  • 2023-04-13 23:02:27 skeleton/freedom220.cpp: Fix bad merge. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-13 22:45:20 Miscellaneous improvements: [Vas Crabb]
    • infoxml.cpp: Thread device processing. Gives about a 10% speed improvement overall, and avoids the need to mess with the locale of the ultimate output stream.
      debugger/win/consolewininfo.cpp: Show image mount/create error messages on the console.
      emu/devdelegate.h, util/delegate.h: Added deduction guides for common delegate creation patterns (only used in sega/segas16a.cpp so far).
      More noexcept on things that have no business throwing exceptions.
  • 2023-04-13 22:38:27 namco/namco06.cpp: Quantise timer to clock frequency (#11069) [Mike]
  • 2023-04-13 22:33:34 msx/msx.cpp, bus/msx: Propagate clock to slots, and route audio input from cartridges. (#11074) [wilbertpol]
  • 2023-04-13 22:24:57 sanyo/mbc200.cpp: Fixed floppy drive selection (was stuck on A:). (#11099) [Stefano]
  • 2023-04-13 22:22:50 psikyo/psikyo.cpp: Use accurate measurements for Tengai video timings. (#11100) [buffi]
    • Measured using a Saleae Logic Pro 16 logic analyzer, sampling at 500Mhz. I think the HSync timing specied for Strikers 1945 in the docs is likely incorrect, but I haven't had time to check on my Strikers 1945 board yet.
  • 2023-04-13 13:03:53 free220: Improve video [Dirk Best]
  • 2023-04-12 21:49:05 Allow loading PNG/JPEG/MS DIB bitmaps from Lua, and cleanup. [Vas Crabb]
    • Use VirtualAlloc rather than VirtualProtect on Windows to change page protection, as the latter can cause severe performance issues with some antivirus software.
      Added noexcept to lots of hash- and bitmap-related things, and added a little more error checking. Yes, I realise it will abort if an allocation fails while printing a log message, but if you get to that point, you're probably screwed already.
  • 2023-04-12 21:25:05 apple2video: Fixed another regression where composite double-hi-res was usually monochrome. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-04-12 21:17:37 msx1_cart.xml: Added 81 items (80 working). (#11085) [wilbertpol]
    • New working software list items - Warroid (Japan, alt) [file-hunter] Water Driver (Spain, alt) [file-hunter] Senjou no Ookami (Japan, alt) [file-hunter] Word Processor (United Kingdom) [file-hunter] Yellow Submarine (Japan, Jast) [file-hunter] Yie Ar Kung-Fu II - The Emperor Yie-Gah (Korea) [file-hunter] Youkai Tantei Chimachima (Japan, alt) [file-hunter] Yogoetamjeong (Korea) [file-hunter] Youkai Yashiki (Japan, alt) [file-hunter] Young Artist (Arab, v1.18) [file-hunter] Chou Senshi Zaider - Battle of Peguss (Korea) [file hunter] Zanac A.I. - 2nd Version (Japan, alt 2) [file-hunter] Zenji (Japan, alt 1) [file-hunter] Zexas Limited (Japan, alt 3) [file-hunter] Westen House (English, v1.3.1) [santiontanon] Westen House (Spanish, v1.3.1) [santiontanon] Westen House (Portuguese, v1.3.1) [santiontanon] Westen House (English, v1.3) [santiontanon] Westen House (Spanish, v1.3) [santiontanon] Westen House (English, v1.2) [santiontanon] Where Is It? The Quest for the 10th Island [MSXDev] Where Is It? The Quest for the 10th Island (proto) [JMeric] Wing Warriors (Reprosoft) [file-hunter] Wing Warriors (MSXDev) [MSXDev] Witch Day (English, v1.2) [MSXDev] Dia de Brujas (Spanish, v1.2) [MSXDev] Witch Day (English, v1.0) [fiile-hunter] Dia de Brujas (Spanish, v1.0) [file-hunter] Witches [cobinee] Word Invaders [MSXDev] Wörd! (English, v1.1) [MSXDev] Wörd! (Spanish, v1.1) [MSXDev] Wörd! (Dutch, v1.1) [MSXDev] Wörd! (Swedish, v1.1) [MSXDev] Wörd! (English, v1.0) [file-hunter] Wörd! (Spanish, v1.0) [file-hunter] Wörd! (Dutch, v1.0) [file-hunter] Wörd! (Swedish, v1.0) [file-hunter] X0rz (v3) [MSXDev] X0rz (v1) [MSXDev] XOR 2021 [MSXDev] XRacing (v1.0.5) [santiontanon] XRacing (v1.0.4) [santiontanon] XRacing (v1.0.3) [file-hunter] XRacing (v1.0.2) [santiontanon] XRacing (v1.0.1) [santiontanon] XRacing (v1.0) [santiontanon] XSpelunker (v1.4.3) [santiontanon] XSpelunker (alt) [file-hunter] XSpelunker (v1.4.2) [MSXDev] XSpelunker (v1.4.1) [santiontanon] XSpelunker (v1.4) [santiontanon] XSpelunker (v1.3) [santiontanon] XSpelunker (v1.2) [santiontanon] XSpelunker (v1.1) [santiontanon] XSpelunker (v1.0) [santiontanon] Yab Yum (Netherlands, alt) [file-hunter] Yab Yum (Netherlands, alt 2) [file-hunter] Yahtzee [MSXDev] Yazzie [RetroSouls] Yazzie (alt, older?) [file-hunter] Yazzie Remastered [MSXDev] Z (English) [cobinee] Z (Korean) [file-hunter] Z2 (Japan) [cobinee] z80Rogue [file-hunter] ZERO and the Castle of Infinite Sadness (Matra) [file-hunter] ZERO and the Castle of Infinite Sadness (MSXDev) [file-hunter] ZERO and the Castle of Infinite Sadness (MSXDev, with bug) [file-hunter] Zombie Calavera Prologue [file-hunter] Zombie Incident (v1.2) [MSXDev] Zombie Incident (v1.1) [file-hunter] Zombie Incident (v1.0) [file-hunter] Zombie Near (v1.1) [MSXDev] Zombie Near (v1.0) [file-hunter] Zone TNT [MSXDev] Wild Cat (Japan, cas2crt conversion) [file-hunter] Xadrez (Brazil, cas2crt conversion) [file-hunter] XVM (Japan, flop2crt conversion) [file-hunter] Zeta 2000 (Japan, cas2crt conversion) [file-hunter]
      New NOT_WORKING software list additions
      X & Y (Arab) [file-hunter]
  • 2023-04-12 17:47:31 free220: Add devices, basic rendering [Dirk Best]
  • 2023-04-12 16:54:24 New systems marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Wanpaku Fishing [SpinalFeyd]
  • 2023-04-12 03:26:26 Add device emulation of Dallas DS2430A 1-Wire EEPROM [AJR]
    • - crazyfgt, lastfght, all games in subsino2.cpp: Hook up DS2430A device, add handcrafted EEPROM data to satisfy serial protection checks and remove ROM patches that forced them to pass - crazyfgt: Hook up coin counter - queenbeei, queenbeesa, qbeebing, treamary: Add RTE-to-RTS ROM patches that were missing - treamary: Change configuration to one that allows booting into title screen rather than getting stuck on initial tests
  • 2023-04-11 23:05:51 sega/dccons_m.cpp: single step GD-Rom buffer transfers instead of going all-in [angelosa]
    • fixes several FMV skips or hangs at least.
  • 2023-04-11 22:10:53 swim1: Disable logging by default [AJR]
  • 2023-04-11 22:04:47 psr500: Fake a periodic interrupt; add placeholders for various internal registers [AJR]
  • 2023-04-11 18:30:48 namco/namcos10.cpp: Updated taiko2 and taiko4 CD images to CHDv5. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-11 18:18:37 New clones marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - F-1 Grand Prix (set 3) [nnap]
  • 2023-04-11 18:14:28 Cleaned up some recent changes. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-11 18:05:34 casio/pv1000.cpp: Updated sound emulation based on new research. (#11089) [David Viens]
    • New functionality is used by Fighting Bug in particular.
  • 2023-04-11 17:33:07 namco/namcos10.cpp: Labelled region/licensee DIP switch settings for Mitchell games. (#11095) [David Haywood]
  • 2023-04-11 17:16:42 heathkit/tlb.cpp: Added page 2 memory support for ultra19, and other minor fixes. (#11075) [Mark Garlanger]
    • Cleaned up comments in heathkit/h19.cpp
  • 2023-04-11 16:31:45 tch/topdrive.cpp: Verify frequencies (#11094) [ClawGrip]
  • 2023-04-11 14:59:39 neogeo/ng_memcard.cpp: Register select only affects reads - writes always go to memory. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-11 14:53:35 Encourage use of read/write delegate creator helpers (demo on Game Boy cartridges). (#11091) [Vas Crabb]
    • This makes it simpler to install read-write handlers, as you don't need to think about the "smo" suffixes.
  • 2023-04-11 14:43:17 namco/namcos10: Add new dumps for Gahaha Ippatsudou 1 and 2, Taiko no Tatsujin 2 and 3 (#11093) [987123879113]
    • New system marked not working
      GAHAHA Ippatsudou (World, GID2 Ver.A) [Guru] GAHAHA Ippatsudou 2 (Japan, GIS1 Ver.A) [Guru] Taiko no Tatsujin 2 [Guru] Taiko no Tatsujin 3 [Guru]
  • 2023-04-11 13:56:32 snk/miconkit.cpp: Add orange overlay for Space Micon Kit (#11070) [eientei95]
  • 2023-04-11 13:26:43 New machines marked as NOT_WORKING [Dirk Best]
    • Liberty Electronics Freedom 220 [Bitsavers]
  • 2023-04-11 08:48:46 namco/namcos10.cpp: New dumps and redumps. (#11092) [987123879113]
    • Machine promoted to WORKING - Gekitoride-Jong Space (gjspace) [Guru]
      New machines marked as NOT_WORKING
      Medal no Tatsujin 2 Atsumare! Go! Go! Sugoroku Sentai Don Ranger Five (medalnt2) [Guru] Taiko no Tatsujin 4 (taiko4) [Guru] Taiko no Tatsujin 5 (taiko5) [Guru]
      Redumps of machines marked as NOT_WORKING - Golgo 13: Juusei no Chinkonka (g13jnc) [Guru] Taiko no Tatsujin 6 (taiko6) [Guru] Ball Pom Line (ballpom) [buffi] Puzz Ball (puzzball) [buffi]
  • 2023-04-11 05:48:12 mn1880: Fix execution of various instructions [AJR]
  • 2023-04-10 20:07:08 Fix single-driver compile for sony/psx.cpp [Justin Kerk]
  • 2023-04-10 19:41:35 smc1102: add opcode placeholders and microinstructions [hap]
  • 2023-04-10 16:01:23 lw350: fix dictionary bank [cracyc]
  • 2023-04-10 14:20:01 hash/dc.xml: bulk replace supported for all entries to no [angelosa]
  • 2023-04-10 00:27:39 tmp68301: Fix confusion between internal copy of SR and interrupt in-service register [AJR]
  • 2023-04-09 23:20:42 seta2: Fix samshoot and derivatives. Note, the parallel port is [Olivier Galibert]
    • connected to a set of active-low dip-switches or straps, which are currently unimplemented.
  • 2023-04-09 22:34:35 clifront.cpp: Changed -listbios to work more like -listslots, showing all BIOS options in a system. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-09 19:43:30 bus/generic/slot.h: Added a variant of the non-power-of-two installer function that generates a decode mask. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-09 13:58:01 mv6436x: Memory mapping [Dirk Best]
  • 2023-04-09 03:52:46 h8_dma: Enable DEND interrupts [AJR]
    • h83002: Clean up TEND configuration h8s2320: Enable DREQ inputs and add TEND outputs
  • 2023-04-09 02:54:24 New NOT_WORKING machines [arbee]
    • Golden Region [Hammy, R. Belmont]
  • 2023-04-09 02:27:59 New NOT_WORKING machines [arbee]
    • Family Bowl (ver 1.00) [Guru]
  • 2023-04-09 02:23:34 h83003: Expose all four TEND outputs [AJR]
  • 2023-04-09 02:14:59 lw700i: unbreak [cracyc]
  • 2023-04-09 02:08:07 lw700i: connect fdc and floppy drive, don't work yet because of dma [cracyc]
  • 2023-04-09 01:18:44 tms5110: Initialize some more variables at reset. Fixes nonexistent or erratic speech on CVS games. [AJR]
  • 2023-04-08 23:35:00 ibm5150.xml: Software list additions (#11066) [ArcadeShadow]
    • New working software list additions
      Barbarian [Total DOS Collection] Test Drive II - Scenery Disk: European Challenge (5.25") [Total DOS Collection] Test Drive II - Scenery Disk: European Challenge (3.5") [Total DOS Collection]
      New NOT working software list additions
      Batman: The Caped Crusader [Total DOS Collection]
      Ferrari Formula One [Total DOS Collection]
      Moved from ibm5150 to ibm5170 software list
      Dyna Blaster
  • 2023-04-08 21:52:57 taito_f3_v.cpp: ignore first line zoom value (mt08593) (#11073) [ywy]
    • Corrects subtle playfield 2 and 3 offset issues in several games
  • 2023-04-08 21:02:35 brother/lw350.cpp: Added driver for Brother LW-350,LW-450 word processor. (#10998) [cracyc]
    • New working systems - Brother LW-350 [BartmanAbyss] Brother LW-450 [BartmanAbyss]
  • 2023-04-08 17:31:55 v810/v810.cpp: make opcode timings a bit more faithful to reality (#11079) [Angelo Salese]
    • v810/v810.cpp: make opcode timings a bit more faithful to reality
      v810/v810.cpp: housecleaning [skip ci]
  • 2023-04-08 16:48:39 bml3: Overhaul memory management and expansion interface, using views to avoid having expansion cards overwrite the main ROM region [AJR]
  • 2023-04-08 16:34:28 m6809: Read reset vector during execute_run rather than device_reset to facilitate bank switching of vectoro area [AJR]
  • 2023-04-08 10:05:42 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Space Battle (Space Invaders bootleg) [chaneman]
  • 2023-04-08 01:46:38 nintendo/vboy.cpp: convert HW and VIPS I/O to address_map, add IO_SPACE r/w, misc cleanups [angelosa]
    • fix longstanding regressions with panicbom, galactic and vforce;
  • 2023-04-07 23:14:15 hash/vboy.xml: add proper QA [angelosa]
  • 2023-04-07 22:17:30 osd/windows: Create single-threaded COM apartment on main thread. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-07 20:55:38 vboysound.cpp: fix longstanding regression with way overdriven outputs [angelosa]
  • 2023-04-07 19:27:26 smc1102: add device skeleton [hap]
  • 2023-04-07 10:13:28 oric: Re-modernize (last time was in 2014, so...) [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-04-07 18:38:31 Restored ability of for image devices to report specific error messages. [Vas Crabb]
    • Restores ability to give specific/detailed messages removed in 6f7e4141ea14acaaf9cb973c66788fabb3457023 while pandering to obsession with single return value.
      Moved responsibility for displaying the error message in the UI to the caller rather than device_image_interface, and made device_image_interface always log the error along with the full path and error condition content.
      Gave several image devices more detailed error messages. Added some FIXME comments for apparent bugs.
  • 2023-04-07 17:17:13 New clones marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - Prin-C (without touch-pad) [TeamEurope, QUFB] Super Note Club µ girlish (Japan) [TeamEurope]
  • 2023-04-07 16:56:44 New software list items marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • evio.xml: I Love Classic 2 [TeamEurope]
  • 2023-04-07 09:34:55 Lua engine: Dispose of notifiers before closing Sol. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-07 00:00:03 cdd2000: Add ROM banking to prevent code from running off rails [AJR]
  • 2023-04-06 23:23:44 smc1102: add disassembler [hap]
  • 2023-04-06 22:30:15 Lua engine code changes for b67b969bf0911d71396c77e42d85ddfe80de6f20. [Vas Crabb]
    • Code changes to notifications and waiters corresponding to the docs/plugins changes in previous commit.
  • 2023-04-06 22:20:40 -Improved some Lua APIs: [Vas Crabb]
    • Moved several machine lifecycle callbacks to the notifier/subscriber model. The old callback registration model is still available for them for now, but prints a deprecation warning. Added pre-save/post-load notifications. Use a single allocated timer rather than one anonymous timer per waiter. Waiters no longer prevent saved states from being loaded. Clean up outstanding waiters on stop or state load rather than just leaking them. Started documenting parts of the emulator interface object that should be relatively stable.
      -imagedev/avivideo.cpp: Fixed an object leak on unload. Also changed some other media image devices to use smart pointers.
  • 2023-04-06 16:57:39 mpc3000: Finish DMA hookup for MB89352 [AJR]
  • 2023-04-06 15:14:15 s50, s550, w30: Add floppy disk drive select register and more floppy status flags. All three systems now prompt for inserting a system disk. [AJR]
  • 2023-04-06 12:41:57 mb87030: improve arbitration/selection handling [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-04-06 12:05:32 video/huc6272.cpp: modernize handler interface (#11077) [Angelo Salese]
    • video/huc6272.cpp: modernize handler interface
      machine/t10mmc.cpp: avoid a stack overflow if device can't read CD data, allows PC-FX menu to be useable (with CD in ...)
      video/huc6272.cpp: fix m_bg save state registration, add stub logmacro.h, misc cleanups
  • 2023-04-06 05:08:55 tmp68301: add missing header [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-04-06 03:38:15 w30: Fix bank 1 setup [AJR]
  • 2023-04-06 03:27:33 roland_s50.cpp: Driver modernization [AJR]
    • - Replace address_map_bank_device with memory views - Add SCSI controller to s550 and w30 - Eliminate deprecated #ifdef in favor of [[maybe_unused]] attributes
  • 2023-04-06 03:08:26 supercrd.cpp: Fix syntax error [AJR]
  • 2023-04-06 01:58:00 More Super Card improvements... [Roberto Fresca]
    • Added Coinage, Remote, and Personal A settings DIP Switches. Added internal remote credits switch.
  • 2023-04-06 01:46:42 Super Card improvements: [Roberto Fresca]
    • - Added a set of service inputs that allow the game to enter the attract. - Added Coins and remote inputs. - Fixed the bottom of the screen. Now messages are properly displayed.
  • 2023-04-06 01:41:36 gameboy/slot.cpp: Fix error return for loose software [AJR]
  • 2023-04-05 21:45:21 misc/rfslotspcpent.cpp: Added a note about a variant on different hardware [ClawGrip]
  • 2023-04-05 21:24:02 Fixed unused lambda capture in Lua engine. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-05 20:49:10 Fixed various bugs: [Vas Crabb]
    • bus/nubus/nubus_image.cpp: Fixed failure to allocate memory for the image (regressed in b8c338858a101d14308c64c87b0f714db4f05326).
      bus/nes/karastudio.cpp, bus/nes/sunsoft_dcs.cpp: Fixed stack smash when loading loose software.
      Addressed some Lua engine fallout from running things in coroutines: Don't crash accessing dead Lua thread state from callbacks. Allow returning values via yielding functions. Don't run address space tap and layout view callbacks in coroutines to save overhead. Better logging of errors from callbacks.
  • 2023-04-05 13:37:10 m88000: fix unsigned division [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-04-05 13:30:51 luna88k: switch to nscsi mb89352 implementation [Patrick Mackinlay]
    • implement network ram and fzrom
  • 2023-04-05 13:30:30 mpc3000,segas32,x68k: switch to nscsi mb89352 implementation [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-04-05 13:30:07 mb89352: retire legacy scsi device [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-04-05 12:06:31 mb87030: add mb89351/2 variants [Patrick Mackinlay]
    • implement program transfer interrupts suppress duplicate selection command completion terminate transfer command on phase mismatch implement message in/out ATN/ACK logic track interrupt output state minor logging improvements
  • 2023-04-04 20:43:52 add undocumented instructions and dissasembler (#11050) [tim lindner]
  • 2023-04-04 20:34:27 bus/spectrum: Added ZXBUS and NeoGS card. (#11032) [holub]
  • 2023-04-04 20:27:53 neogeo/neogeo.cpp: Hooked up memory card bank register. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-04 19:52:58 Fix clang build. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-04-04 19:48:32 tmp68301: Remove leftover debug break and reduce log spam [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-04-04 19:33:46 neogeo/neogeo.cpp, neogeo/ng_memcard.cpp: Hooked up more control lines. [Vas Crabb]
    • Hooked up the memory card write enable/disable and register select lines, and corrected the address range where memory card access is enabled.
      Card addressing still isn't quite right - the card bank register isn't hooked up. Neo Geo CD consoles also haven't been updated.
      Also, more of the same mechanical cleanup of copy/pasted comments, const, and variable scope.
  • 2023-04-04 19:29:47 - namco/polepos.cpp: corrected ROM names, added PCB locations & added PLDs. [Porchy, The PLD Archive, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union] [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - funworld/supercrd.cpp: tweaked XOR tables a bit for fruitstr
  • 2023-04-04 19:15:18 i8x9x: Fix a case where events could be delayed by mistake [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-04-04 18:58:09 tmp68301: Add timers and fix interrupts (thanks grdians for the test cases) [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-04-04 14:42:30 tmp68301: Reimplement in the new68k framework. The timers are not yet implemented, couldn't find a driver which cared. Hopefully the regression testing will find some. [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-04-04 09:56:38 funworld/supercrd.cpp: identified one more XOR [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-04-04 08:40:41 Small fixes and cleanup: [Vas Crabb]
    • emu/devfind.h: Allow range-based for loops on memory share finders. emu/emucore.h: Choose correct emu_fatalerror constructor when format string is an rvalue. osborne/osborne1.cpp: Allocate main RAM as a flat share, and use a view to switch in atttribute RAM. Reduced scope of some variables and edited some copy/pasted comments.
  • 2023-04-04 07:22:29 New clones marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - Manx TT Superbike - DX [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • 2023-04-04 02:42:08 es5510: fix some alu flag problems [hap]
  • 2023-04-03 18:27:34 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Agent Super Bond (Super Cobra conversion, not encrypted) [Darran Allen]
  • 2023-04-03 13:08:38 pegasos2: Initial devices for MV64361 and VT8231 [Dirk Best]
    • Enough to get data from the initial bootloader to the serial console.
  • 2023-04-03 13:31:24 m68000: some variables were missing from savestate/zerofill [hap]
  • 2023-04-03 08:00:30 namco/namcos10.cpp: Added US version of Mr. Driller 2. (#11072) [987123879113]
    • New working clones
      Mr. Driller 2 (US, DR23 Ver.A) [twistedtymphony, Bill D., coolmod]
  • 2023-04-03 07:43:32 svi318_cass.xml: Use lowercase descriptive text and avoid non-standard abbreviations. (#11068) [ArcadeShadow]
  • 2023-04-03 04:34:38 namcos10: Reevaluate assumption about how later blocks are handled (#11071) [987123879113]
  • 2023-04-02 23:40:56 k053260: allow to change rev flag on the fly [hap]
  • 2023-04-02 23:09:36 machine.cpp: Recognize reset phase in describe_context [AJR]
  • 2023-04-02 22:56:05 k053260: add sample reverse flag [hap]
  • 2023-04-02 20:35:55 New working systems [hap]
    • - Lite 'n Learn: Electronic Organ [hap, Sean Riddle] Weight Talker [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • 2023-04-02 18:48:07 heathkit/tlb.cpp: Encapsulated Heathkit Terminal Logic Board as a device. (#10958) [Mark Garlanger]
    • Also added variants with Super19, Watzman and Ultra ROMs. heathkit/h19.cpp, heathkit/h89.cpp: Use common Terminal Logic Board device.
  • 2023-04-02 18:31:07 fmtowns_cd.xml: Added twelve working items, and replaced two items with better dumps. (#11058) [r09]
    • New working software list additions (fmtowns_cd.xml) - 4D Driving (FM Towns Marty version) [redump.org] Doki Doki Disk CD-ban - Club D.O. Vol. 2 [redump.org] Doki Doki Disk CD-ban - Club D.O. Vol. 3 [redump.org] FM Towns Marty Tentou Auto Demo '93 Natsu [redump.org] FM Towns Super Technology Demo 1993 (HME-919) [redump.org] HomeStudio V1.1L10 [redump.org] Medicco to Asobou - Kazu-Katachi-Ryou [redump.org] Monster Planet 2255 [redump.org] NHK Special - Ginga Uchuu Odyssey Vol. 1 - Tabidachi Waga Taiyoukei [redump.org] Pack 13000 Free Soft & Shareware [redump.org] Psychic Detective Series Vol. 2 - Memories (DCCS remake) [redump.org, cyo.the.vile] The Yachtman [redump.org]
      Replaced software list items (fmtowns_cd.xml)
      Mad Paradox [redump.org] Provvidenza - Legenda la Spada di Alfa [redump.org]
  • 2023-04-02 18:24:26 toshiba/pasopia.cpp, toshiba/pasopia7.cpp: Dumped character generator ROMs. (#9898) [Frank Palazzolo]
    • toshiba/paso1600.cpp: Use Pasopia character generator ROM until correct ROM is dumped.
  • 2023-04-02 18:19:29 cpu/mips: Fixed memory access handling in the IDT MIPS R4650 core. (#11065) [Ryan Holtz] [MooglyGuy]
    • Correctly support the R4650's lack of TLB.
  • 2023-04-02 17:48:57 leapster.xml: Dumped five USA games. (#11064) [ClawGrip]
    • Also changed ROM sizes to hexadecimal, fixed some game metadata and added some games to the missing/dumped list in the comments.
      New NOT_WORKING software list additions - leapster.xml: Disney Princess (USA, set 2) [TeamEurope] Nick Jr. Go Diego Go! - Animal Rescuer (USA, set 2) [TeamEurope] Leapster 2 Gaming Pop (USA) [TeamEurope] Number Raiders - Arcade-Style Learning! (USA, set 1) [TeamEurope] Sonic X (USA, set 1) [TeamEurope]
  • 2023-04-02 17:35:30 video/epic12.cpp: Improved CV1000 blitter timings based on hardware testing, and removed unsafe mode. (#10849) [buffi]
    • Fixed an off-by-one bug when setting dst_x_end and dst_y_end which caused destination writes to be one pixel too big. Corrected calculations to utilize both source and destination VRAM row counts. Updated VRAM access overhead. Track of when blitter is idle, since long sequences of clipped draws can cause the blitter to not do any work while remaining busy. Removed the edge case for "pixel widths need to be evenly divisable by 8" until more examples can be studied. Pad draws to even 4-byte boundaries, since VRAM accesses are always 4 pixels at the time. Also added documentation for 6 unhandled Blitter command offsets (see blitter_w). Thanks rtw for looking at these. misc/cv1k.cpp: Updated some notes.
  • 2023-04-02 17:11:24 Improvements to debugger 'map' command [AJR]
    • - Add names of physical and logical spaces now that one space can map to another - Correct usage of address space masks
  • 2023-04-02 14:13:04 abc80: Cleanup [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-04-02 12:06:35 abc80: Emulate the TKN 80 80-column expansion kit. [Curt Coder] [Curt Coder]
    • abc80: Add system ROMs with checksum 10042. [PC/M]
  • 2023-04-02 11:16:33 sn76477: Make it less verbose [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-04-02 09:18:32 New working systems [smf-]
    • - Space Micon Kit [Dillweed, smf]
  • 2023-04-02 04:27:22 3rdparty: Another attempt to satisfy Windows Clang. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-04-02 03:29:29 mobigo_cart.xml: Dumped a Spongebob SquarePants game (#11062) [ClawGrip]
    • New NOT_WORKING software list addition - Nickelodeon Spongebob SquarePants - Defending the Secret Formula (USA) [TeamEurope]
      Also fixed metadata for US version of "Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3" and add more info about dummy carts.
  • 2023-04-02 03:07:16 3rdparty.lua: Windows Clang needs another warning suppression for PortAudio. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-04-02 02:10:36 fix: MT#07261 [angelosa]
  • 2023-04-02 01:41:40 3rdparty.lua: Fix clang build after portaudio update [AJR]
  • 2023-04-02 01:03:31 PortAudio: sync to upstream GitHub revision 0e9b386a1053261340bc8bb32335484ef77b258b [R. Belmont, PortAudio team] [arbee]
    • Tested and works on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Fixes compatibility with macOS Ventura and bugfixes WASAPI and WDM-KS on Windows.
  • 2023-04-01 21:48:36 intv: fix validation [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-04-01 19:08:06 Reduced I/O port lookups in a number of drivers. (#11061) [Erik]
  • 2023-04-01 17:20:40 crazyfgt: Use standard types for inputs, also number these and note pinout [AJR]
  • 2023-04-01 17:03:53 dataeast/dec0.cpp: Removed superfluous list of games in comment. (#11027) [simzy39]
  • 2023-04-01 16:42:32 Made NBA Jam Tournament Edition titles more consistent with marketing materials. (#11035) [Michael Sanborn]
    • Arcade releases were known as "NBA Jam Tournament Edition". Console releases all used "NBA Jam T.E." in box art and marketing material.
  • 2023-04-01 16:32:53 floppycntrl.cpp: Fix clang error: function definition is not allowed here [AJR]
  • 2023-04-01 16:29:09 namco/namcos10.cpp: Reset mrdrilr2, mrdrilr2j and chocovdr settings storage area. (#11059) [David Haywood]
  • 2023-04-01 16:09:38 leapfrog: Less redundancy in source file names. [Vas Crabb]
    • Also edited a pile of copy/pasted comments and made some minor code cleanups (reducing variable scope, etc.).
  • 2023-04-01 12:18:59 New clones marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - Hammerin' Harry (Playmark bootleg) [Doktor Pinball]
  • 2023-04-01 05:47:11 bus/coco/coco_fdc.cpp: Use device BIOS options to reduce proliferation of slot options. (#11056) [tim lindner]
    • Removed coco_fdc and coco_scii subclasses that only changed the BIOS ROM. trs/coco3.cpp: Removed coco3hdb - its only function was to use a specific DOS ROM.
  • 2023-04-01 05:39:07 vsmileb_cart.xml: Dumped a Spanish Teletubbies game. (#11055) [ClawGrip]
    • Also changed ROM sizes from decimal to hexadecimal.
      New NOT_WORKING software list addition - Teletubbies - ¡Es la hora de los Teletubbies! (Spain) [ICEknight, Team Europe, ClawGrip]
  • 2023-04-01 05:30:48 emu/rgbvmx.h: Fixed some corner cases (fixes GitHub #11051). [Vas Crabb]
    • Also changed a pile of comments.
  • 2023-04-01 02:44:02 atari/atarigt.cpp: fix MT#07146 [angelosa]
→ NOWSZY [Arcade] DevMAME [log only] 2023/03/31 22:00
  • 2023-03-31 21:50:31 huc6270.cpp: fix RCR sync, it happens one line earlier (#11048) [Angelo Salese]
    • - fix: draculax Stage 4' "all blue" Richter; - fix: faussete Stage 2 excessive slowdown and erratic water line; - fix: xwiber Stage 2 boss never spawning [MT#07384](https://mametesters.org/view.php?id=7384) - fix: ppersia misplaced line [MT#07727](https://mametesters.org/view.php?id=7727) - fix: ddragon2 options menu display; - fix: tblade hang after third person view [MT#08585](https://mametesters.org/view.php?id=8585)
  • 2023-03-31 20:52:13 misc/crystal.cpp: Removed hacks: (#11054) [David Haywood]
    • cpu/se3208: Removed hack to ignore misaligned memory accesses. machine/vrender0.cpp: Removed idle skip hack (it causes stability issues). misc/crystal.cpp: Added default NVRAM contents for wulybuly with valid coinage settings.
  • 2023-03-31 20:39:02 namcos10: Refactored driver, and implemented MEM(M) and MEM(N) boards. (#11053) [987123879113]
    • machine/smartmed.cpp, machine/nandflash.cpp: Separated NAND Flash from smartmed. sound/spu.cpp: Calculate tables based on clock speed. machine/intelfsh.cpp: Added Intel 28F640J5 device. namco/namcos10.cpp: Refactored driver, and implemented MEM(M) and MEM(N) boards. namco/namcos10.cpp: Fixed parenting of Mr. Driller 2, and renamed Kono e Tako.
  • 2023-03-31 19:29:08 - funworld/supercrd.cpp: tweaked XOR tables [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - namco/sweetland4: identified set as Sweet Land 4 Bright [negunma]
  • 2023-03-31 16:46:58 jaleco/psychic5.cpp: Added DIP switch locations. [Domenico Cervini] [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-31 04:41:50 amstrad.cpp: Use standard list of slot options for Centronics port [AJR]
  • 2023-03-31 04:30:08 powerpc: Minor disassembly improvements [AJR]
    • - Support over & out debugging flags for a few more instructions - Provide special operand format for POWER svc instruction
  • 2023-03-31 04:22:12 z80scc: Make receive error logging conditional [AJR]
  • 2023-03-31 03:05:52 swim2.cpp: Put U suffix in proper place for LOG_xxx constant macros [AJR]
  • 2023-03-31 02:23:35 API change for device_image_interface [AJR]
    • - Remove the seterror method for recording error messages and conditions. Condition codes have been made return values for call_load, call_create and various related callbacks. Error messages (which many devices weren't generating) are now displayed through osd_printf_error. - Eliminate the image_init_result and image_verify_result pass/fail enumeration types. Update many functions that were returning these enumerations or simply bools to return std::error_condition instead. In some cases, this type is now passed down from internal parsing/loading functions which were already returning it. In various other cases, the former default UNSPECIFIED has been used as a catchall for I/O errors; anticipated future refactorings should make these error returns more specific. - Expand the image_error categories to include INVALIDLENGTH, NOSOFTWARE and BADSOFTWARE. The first is largely self-explanatory. The second is generated by the core to indicate failure to find software items in lists. The third is provided for devices to indicate semantic errors in software list entries. - Change the return type of floppy_image_device::identify to a pair so the potential error condition can be passed along to the UI without storing it in a member variable. - Move device_image_interface::message down into snapshot_image_device and change its implementation to use string_format instead of printf. - Correct a typo in the shortname of the generic snapshot device.
  • 2023-03-30 23:03:29 source org: move snspell driver to ti folder [hap]
  • 2023-03-30 22:55:28 tispeak: disconnect from hh_tms1k_state class [hap]
  • 2023-03-30 21:24:25 New working systems [hap]
    • - Les Maths Magiques (France) [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • 2023-03-30 21:19:59 debugbuf.cpp: Note flaw in design [AJR]
  • 2023-03-30 20:17:29 tispeak: move snspellc/tntell to its own driver [hap]
  • 2023-03-30 19:34:55 osborne/osborne1.cpp: Use a memory view to simplify bank 1/2 selection. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-30 19:22:58 machine/wd_fdc.cpp: Don’t clear DRQ on LDB/INTR, and fix spurious READ TRACk/ADDR FM mark syncs. (#11041) [Peter Phillips, Tim Lindner] [tim lindner]
    • Fixes SuperUtility 3 (MT08511) and Marble Maze on TRS-80 Color Computer.
  • 2023-03-30 18:50:59 New clones marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (Italy) [Ronaldo, PinMAME] The Shadow (LF-4) French [toxie, PinMAME] The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard (Belgium 1.02, display A1.02) [inkochnito, PinMAME] The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard (German 3.01, display A3.00) [inkochnito, PinMAME]
  • 2023-03-30 18:06:00 funworld/supercrd.cpp: addressed feedback and some tweaks to the XOR tables [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-03-30 16:39:02 sweetland4.cpp: Map RTC; add stub mapping for LCDC [AJR]
  • 2023-03-30 14:15:36 New working systems [hap]
    • - TI-2550 II [hap, Sean Riddle] VoxClock 3 [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • 2023-03-30 06:45:54 Merge tag 'mame0253' into mainline-master [Vas Crabb]
    • MAME 0.253
  • 2023-03-30 06:22:23 New working software list items [Curt Coder]
    • - pet_flop: A Bright Shining Star [Genesis Project]
  • 2023-03-30 05:09:33 Apply workaround for debugger history command consuming ridiculous amounts of memory when jumping around large address spaces [AJR]
  • 2023-03-29 21:21:52 New systems marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Shippe Champion [Darksoft, TeamEurope] Zenigata Ponta [Darksoft, TeamEurope]
  • 2023-03-29 21:01:25 New working software list items [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - The Wiggles - It's Wiggle Time! (USA) [AustinRichardson29]
  • 2023-03-29 20:50:49 New systems marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Sweet Land 4 (ver 2004.9.29) [Darksoft, TeamEurope]
  • 2023-03-29 18:07:30 New systems marked not working [Dirk Best]
    • Genesi PEGASOS II [bplan GmbH]
  • 2023-03-29 18:09:43 - funworld/supercrd.cpp: preliminary decryption [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - atari/liberatr.cpp, atari/quantum.cpp: corrections to ROM naming and PCB locations [Brian Troha]
  • 2023-03-29 15:14:28 abc80_rom.xml: Don't use magic Windows filename [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-29 08:50:24 abc1600: Improve comment [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-29 07:50:24 New systems marked not working [Curt Coder]
    • ABC80 with TKN80 [PC/M]
  • 2023-03-29 07:09:55 Merge branch 'release0253' into mainline-master [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-29 06:49:58 bus/nabupc: Added support for RS232 Card. (#11047) [Brian Johnson]
  • 2023-03-29 06:24:07 abc80: Refactor ABC Memory Card to use generic slots. [Curt Coder] [Curt Coder]
    • New working software list items - abc80_rom: ABC-DOS, ABC-DOS DD, UFD-DOS v.20, IEC Option 4027 v1.02.4b, Printer option 9704, Printer option 9704 0.1 [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-29 02:02:31 st_flop.xml: Note on sascombs [AJR]
  • 2023-03-29 00:19:05 hash/st_flop.xml: initial pass at QA (#11029) [Angelo Salese]
    • hash/st_flop.xml: initial pass at QA
      hash/st_flop.xml: checkpoint
      hash/st_flop.xml: finalize
      hash/st_flop.xml: minor [skip ci]
  • 2023-03-28 20:21:25 sn74s262: Implement device_gfx_interface [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-28 20:14:06 Merge branch 'release0253' into mainline-master [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-28 20:09:15 hash/oric1_cass.xml: Update year for rebuilt Cross Bomber tape, too. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-28 20:06:42 hash/oric1_cass.xml: Use rebuilt Cross Bomber tape. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-28 20:03:44 sn74s262: Fix function override access levels. [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-28 19:35:44 tch/topdrive.cpp: Added driver for Proyesel Top Driving. (#11043) [David Haywood]
    • new WORKING machine - Top Driving (Version 1.1) [ClawGrip, Museo del Recreativo, Recreativas.org, David Haywood]
  • 2023-03-28 19:14:14 misc/brglitz.cpp: Note that PIC17C43 dump comes from a protected device and is bad. (#11042) [ClawGrip]
  • 2023-03-28 17:05:07 New working systems [hap]
    • - TI-5200 [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • 2023-03-28 12:26:55 abc80: Devicify the SN74S263 character generator. [Curt Coder] [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-28 11:54:32 hash/pcecd.xml: add couple comments for blodgear [Angelo Salese]
  • 2023-03-28 08:54:35 luna_88k: add high-level keyboard emulation [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-03-27 18:37:44 Merge branch 'release0253' into mainline-master [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-27 08:05:41 camplynx_cass.xml: Replaced abbreviated country names. (#11034) [ArcadeShadow]
  • 2023-03-27 18:36:16 hash/svision.xml: Cleaned up descriptions. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-27 17:49:41 hash/abc832.xml: fix validation [Angelo Salese]
  • 2023-03-27 15:21:41 megatrix: Allow code to decompress into DRAM [AJR]
  • 2023-03-27 15:11:07 shuuz: fix trackball regression [hap]
  • 2023-03-27 13:41:43 luna_88k: fix video ram addressing [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-03-27 08:05:41 camplynx_cass.xml: Replaced abbreviated country names. (#11034) [ArcadeShadow]
  • 2023-03-27 07:04:34 New working software list items [Curt Coder]
    • - abc806_flop: IT100, VG100, Ord III v2.0, Small C v2.03, Turbo, Turbo Pascal, Massy H [Dataindustrier AB DIAB intressegrupp, Luxor ABC arkivet] abc830_flop: Kompil, Trim [Dataindustrier AB DIAB intressegrupp, Luxor ABC arkivet] abc832_flop: ABCUTE Universell Terminalemulator, ABCUTE Universell Terminalemulator (v1.4), asm800, asm800 (alt), Extend 800, EEPROM Programmer, Inpräk, L&L Forth, Meny0 v6.03, Miscellanous 1, Miscellanous 2, Miscellanous 3, Ord 800 v2.3W, Produktion 856, PUG programutveckling, Snoka, Systemskiva för ABC850 v6.43, Systemskiva HD v6.43, Systemskiva Transfor, ystemskiva v6.31 för UFD-DOS (alt) [Dataindustrier AB DIAB intressegrupp, Luxor ABC arkivet] abc838_flop: Skolbas, Artikeldiskett apotekväla [Dataindustrier AB DIAB intressegrupp, Luxor ABC arkivet]
  • 2023-03-27 06:44:03 abc80: Added keyboard PROM, and memory card IEC/Printer ROMs. [Curt Coder] [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-27 04:11:54 vastar_viddev.cpp - better sprite flip handling (#11039) [David Haywood]
  • 2023-03-26 23:39:36 new NOT_WORKING machines [MetalliC]
    • - World Club Champion Football European Clubs 2004-2005 Ver.1.2 (Japan) (CDV-10021) [Darksoft, rtw, MetalliC] World Club Champion Football European Clubs 2005-2006 (Japan) (CDV-10025) [Darksoft, rtw, MetalliC]
      new NOT_WORKING clone - World Club Champion Football European Clubs 2004-2005 Ver.1.1 (Japan) (CDV-10020) [Darksoft, rtw, MetalliC]
  • 2023-03-26 21:09:46 irem/m92.cpp: dumped PLDs for Ninja Baseball Bat Man sets [Corrado Tomaselli, Porchy, The PLD Archives]. [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-03-26 20:44:24 sega/system16.cpp: fixed typo in ROM definition [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-03-26 19:41:17 New working systems [hap]
    • - Gunfighter [hap, Sean Riddle, eggs] Galaxian (Bandai) [hap, Sean Riddle, eggs]
  • 2023-03-26 18:30:40 konami/nwk-tr.cpp: Made racingj2 as a parent, not a clone of racingj. (#11033) [David Haywood]
  • 2023-03-26 17:55:33 hpblp: ROMs located, re-enable the device. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-03-26 17:18:51 Fix typo [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-26 16:59:48 hpblp: disable device and remove loading of ROMs until they show up. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-03-26 12:01:50 abc80x: Detect interlaced disk images. [Curt Coder] [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-26 11:43:31 Remove debug printf. [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-26 10:35:34 abc830_flop: Move ufd631 to abc832_flop.xml. [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-26 10:30:31 abc80x: Split floppy software lists by disk drive type. [Curt Coder] [Curt Coder]
    • abc800_dsk: Split to interleaved and non-interleaved disk formats. [Curt Coder]
      New working software list items - abc838_flop: Systemskiva ABC800 v1.0 (Sweden), Systemskiva för UFD-DOS v6.3 (Sweden) [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-26 09:47:05 New working systems [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - Waku Waku Anpanman (Rev A) [Darksoft, TeamEurope]
      New working clones
      Soreike! Anpanman Popcorn Koujou (Rev A) [Darksoft, TeamEurope, rtw, Sean Sutton, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
  • 2023-03-26 08:57:21 abc80x: Fix sector dump floppy image loading. [Curt Coder] [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-26 01:23:19 c128.cpp: Add file missing from 0cc8539dfa360f90791f9eab1273eacddcdaa96a [AJR]
  • 2023-03-25 23:52:15 mos8563: Split device source from mc6845 [AJR]
  • 2023-03-25 19:52:48 language/Czech: removed some obsolete outdated translations. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-25 19:37:34 hash/oric1_cass.xml: Fixed parent/clone relationship; also, more srcclean. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-25 19:27:39 orca/vastar_viddev.cpp: Created a device to encapsulate the orca40c.cpp video code. (#11021) [David Haywood]
    • Also moved misc/kyugo.cpp and sigma/sub.cpp into orca project.
  • 2023-03-25 19:01:10 ibm5170_cdrom.xml: Added 28 items. (#11017) [ArcadeShadow]
    • New working software list additions (ibm5170_cdrom.xml)
      Alien Carnage (Europe) [redump.org] Ecstatica (Europe) [redump.org] Ecstatica (Europe, Argentum Collection release) [redump.org] Ecstatica (Europe, English only) [redump.org] Ecstatica II (Germany) [redump.org] Ecstatica II (Germany, Mega 3 Pak Volume 1 release) [redump.org] Fables & Fiends - Book One: The Legend of Kyrandia (Asia) [redump.org] Fables & Fiends - Book One: The Legend of Kyrandia (Denmark, Euro Power Pack release) [redump.org] Fables & Fiends - Book One: The Legend of Kyrandia (Europe) [redump.org] Fables & Fiends - Book One: The Legend of Kyrandia (Europe, Westwood 10th Anniversary release) [redump.org] Fables & Fiends - Book One: The Legend of Kyrandia (Europe, The Hit Squad release) [redump.org] Fables & Fiends - Book One: The Legend of Kyrandia (Netherlands, The Hit Squad release) [redump.org] Fables & Fiends - Book One: The Legend of Kyrandia (Spain, Golden Line-Arcadia release) [redump.org] Fables & Fiends - Book One: The Legend of Kyrandia (USA) [redump.org] Fables & Fiends - Book One: The Legend of Kyrandia (USA, Slash release) [redump.org] Flight of the Amazon Queen (Europe) [redump.org] Flight of the Amazon Queen (Europe, re-release) [redump.org] Flight of the Amazon Queen (Europe, alt) [redump.org] Flight of the Amazon Queen (USA) [redump.org] Network Q RAC Rally (France) [redump.org] Pipe Mania + Volfied (Europe, 2 Game Pack release) [redump.org] Pipe Mania + Volfied (Netherlands) [redump.org] Raptor - Call of the Shadows (Europe, USA) [redump.org] Raptor - Call of the Shadows (USA) [redump.org] Raptor - Call of the Shadows (Germany) [redump.org] Raptor - Call of the Shadows (Netherlands) [redump.org] Simon the Sorcerer (USA) [redump.org] Sound Blaster 16 CD [archive.org]
  • 2023-03-25 18:56:35 spectrum_cass.xml: Software list additions (#10982) [ArcadeShadow]
    • Also corrected parent/cloneof relationships, publishers, release years (based on the info provided by spectrumcomputing.co.uk).
      New working software list additions (spectrum_cass.xml)
      City Connection (128K, cracked) [Planeta Sinclair] City Connection (128K, demo) [Planeta Sinclair] Eteor Torn [Planeta Sinclair] História de Portugal [Planeta Sinclair] Hysteria (IBSA) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] I Shaw The Light [Luís Rato, Planeta Sinclair] La Aventura Espacial (IBSA) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] La Aventura Original (IBSA) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] La Historia Interminable (Club Soft) [Luís Rato, Planeta Sinclair] Robin of Sherlock (CLR, alt) [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] Robot Panic [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] Rogue Comet (alt) [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] Spectraxx (Issue 07) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Spectraxx (Issue 10) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] The Way of the Exploding Fist (Erbe, medium case) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] The Shuttle [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] The Vindicator! (Erbe) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Traxx (Microbyte) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Triple Decker 1 [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Triple Decker 2 (System 4) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Triple Decker 3 (System 4) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Triple Decker 4 - Classic Arcadia (IBSA) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Triple Decker 4 - Classic Arcadia (System 4) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk]
      New NOT working software list additions (spectrum_cass.xml)
      Spec Man (Impact Software) [Luís Rato, Planeta Sinclair]
      Redump (spectrum_cass.xml)
      Hysteria (EDOS) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk]
  • 2023-03-25 18:47:30 scripts/minimaws: Fixed last-minute change to zipfile use. (#11028) [wilbertpol]
  • 2023-03-25 18:46:27 oric.cpp, oric1_cass.xml: Added a software list for Oric 1 and Atmos cassettes. (#10992) [Erik]
  • 2023-03-25 18:13:23 cpu/nec: Fixed build; also, srcclean [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-25 17:49:46 to_flop.xml: Cleaned up letter case in descriptions. (#11022) [ArcadeShadow]
  • 2023-03-25 17:34:00 astrocde.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions. (#11023) [ArcadeShadow]
    • Lowercase on descriptive words like "Prototype", "Alt", "Bad Dump", etc.
  • 2023-03-25 16:16:04 Pacify clang, and more noexcept. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-25 15:32:50 Various optimisations to code generaton. [Vas Crabb]
    • util/bitmap.cpp, util/palette.cpp: Marked lots of things constexpr. Bitmaps don't throw exceptions on allocation failure, they just become invalid. Almost nothing in MAME actually checks for this.
      emu/profiler.cpp: Abort if the profile stack overflows rather than throwing an exception. This is a developer feature and if it overflows, the code is broken. Calling a noreturn noexcept function generates less code than throwing an exception, which adds up.
      util/strformat.cpp: Traded away some unnecessary flexibility for more compact code. The stream objects must derive from std::basic_ostream now - they can't just be any old objects with the expected operators.
  • 2023-03-25 15:31:09 minimaws: Let command-line romident identify media inside zip archives. (#11024) [wilbertpol]
  • 2023-03-25 14:43:03 abc806: Fix UFD-DOS boot RTC readout. [Curt Coder] [Curt Coder]
    • e0516: Expect command bits after reset. [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-25 14:19:30 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/mamedev/mame [angelosa]
  • 2023-03-25 14:19:13 hash/pc98.xml: fix rogus description, denote baddump [angelosa]
  • 2023-03-25 14:18:49 dataeast/dec0.*: Cleaned up code. (#11025) [cam900]
    • Suppress side effects of reads for debugger. Split up class, reducing optional object finders, and replaced bankdev with views.
  • 2023-03-25 13:25:02 New working software list additions [Nigel Barnes]
    • - psion_ssd: 3a Chess, ACT!, AutoRoute Express, Berlitz Interpreter, Berlitz Phrase Book, DataDeLuxe, En Route: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Financial Calculator, FloChart, Games 1, Games 2, Games Deluxe 3a, Messenger 3a, Messenger 3c, Money, Monopoly, Paint & Compose, Personal Accounts & Expenses, Personal Accounts & Expenses 3a, PipeMania, Scrabble, Spell Checker & Thesaurus, ToolKit 1 [The Last Psion]
  • 2023-03-25 13:24:07 cpu/nec: Implemented bitfield instructions INS and EXT. [Nigel Barnes]
  • 2023-03-25 13:23:20 New systems marked not working [Nigel Barnes]
    • Series 3a [Nigel Barnes, The Last Psion] Series 3c [Nigel Barnes, The Last Psion] Series 3mx [Nigel Barnes, The Last Psion] Siena [Nigel Barnes, The Last Psion] Workabout [Nigel Barnes, The Last Psion] Workabout mx [Nigel Barnes, The Last Psion]
      New clones marked not working - Pocket Book II [Nigel Barnes, The Last Psion] Series 3a (2M) [Nigel Barnes, The Last Psion] Series 3a (2M) (German) [Nigel Barnes, The Last Psion]
  • 2023-03-25 04:52:15 isa/hpblp: Cleanups. [R. Belmont, Vas Crabb] [arbee]
  • 2023-03-25 04:35:18 bus/ISA: Added HP82321A BASIC Language coprocessor (#10926) [Sven Schnelle]
    • emu: add defer_access() method, which is useful for keeping the cpu in a loop restarting the current instruction to emulate waitstates.
      add HP82321A Basic Language Coprocessor This adds support for the HP82321A Basic language coprocessor, which emulates a HP9816 system with a 68K cpu. See http://www.hpmuseum.net/display_item.php?hw=681 for more details and software to run on this card.
  • 2023-03-24 20:01:49 emu/profile.h: Hopefully convince clang that profile scope helpers are important even in non-profile builds. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-24 19:53:58 -Lua engine: run everything in coroutines. (#11019) [Vas Crabb]
    • This lets you use emu.wait(...) directly without mucking around creating coroutines. Allow emu.wait to accept an attotime argument. Added a couple more wait helper functions.
      -emu/profiler.h: Actually use scope-based profiling helpers. This makes the comment at the top of emu/profile.h less dishonest, and makes it easier to write exception-safe code. Got rid of some do { ... } while (0) loops that only existed so break could be used like a goto.
  • 2023-03-24 18:57:02 sinclair/tsconf.cpp: Added NeoGS sound card and Kempston mouse. (#11016) [holub]
  • 2023-03-24 15:02:51 abc80x: Set hard disk interface to allow softlist loading to slot in the hard disk controller. [Curt Coder] [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-24 11:26:11 ncd17c: Add Boot Prom 2.1.0 [Bitsavers] [Dirk Best]
  • 2023-03-24 12:53:08 MAME Testers bugs fixed [Curt Coder]
    • - - 05777: [Misc] All c64 systems: C64: systemm1 cartridge wrong behaviour, inaccurate cartridge info. (Curt Coder)
      New working software list items - c64_cart: Expert C420, Expert C800 [LordKopromaster]
  • 2023-03-24 12:37:26 c64: Fix CIA1 FLAG handling. [Curt Coder] [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-24 12:52:46 apple/pippin.cpp: Update header comment according to the new file name (#11020) [ClawGrip]
  • 2023-03-24 12:20:06 New software list items marked not working [Curt Coder]
    • c128_flop: C128 Developer's Package, CPMFAST [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-24 11:58:10 luna_88k: wip [Patrick Mackinlay]
    • passes most diagnostics boots to monitor
  • 2023-03-24 11:24:39 mc146818: add ds1397 variant [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-03-24 08:08:42 mc88200: invalidate colliding block address translation cache entries [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-03-24 11:18:52 MAME Testers bugs fixed [Curt Coder]
    • - - 08582: [Media Support] c128 all variations: No Data is read from the tape drive simulation. (Curt Coder)
  • 2023-03-23 05:55:18 luaengine.cpp: Try to get around the clang error, attempt two. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-23 05:28:35 luaengine.cpp: Hopefully fix clang builds. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-23 04:39:56 Retired the over-stretched "system type" flags. [Vas Crabb]
    • Functionally, the only difference between the system definitions is that GAMEL lets you specify an additional internal layout and SYST lets you specify a compatible system. COMP and CONS are just aliases for SYST - the aliases can be phased out.
      Removed arcade.flt and mess.flt altogether - opinion seems to be split between misinterpreting them as fully supported and considering them unnecessary. They were marginally useful as a performance test for makedep.py, but that isn't important. We still have nl.flt as an example .flt file (although it doesn't use "-" exclude directives).
      Moved the UI active flag from the machine to the UI manager. Nothing else uses it anyway (it's still accessible to scripts).
  • 2023-03-23 03:57:49 pci.cpp: add new config read/write functions to support bridges that allow software to issue both Type 0 and Type 1 config addresses. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
    • bandit.cpp: use the new functionality in pci.cpp. [R. Belmont]
      macpci.cpp: Fix Grand Central PCI address now that we're interpreting the config address correctly. [R. Belmont]
  • 2023-03-23 02:06:19 apple2video: Better fix for the previous issue. Now also covers IIgs mono DHR and B&W monitor modes. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-03-23 01:58:44 apple2video: fix monochrome DHGR rendering for RGB mode (GitHub #10975) [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-03-22 21:59:50 orca/akazukin.cpp: Added driver for Akazukin (Sigma, 1983) (#11014) [Angelo Salese]
    • New working systems - Aka Zukin [Alberto Salso, Ignacio Seki, Angelo Salese]
  • 2023-03-22 18:02:46 -luaengine.cpp: Expose UI controls toggle state. [Vas Crabb]
    • -ui/ui.cpp: Honour UI enable for machines without keyboards.
  • 2023-03-22 17:39:54 -ui/menu.cpp: Don't pass IPT_UI_BACK event to the implementation when dismissing the menu. [Vas Crabb]
    • -plugins/autofire, plugins/inputmacro: Don't be so eager to create empty settings folders.
  • 2023-03-22 14:20:11 hng64.cpp - reenable using the lighting information in the final mix, plus attempt to match refresh frequency (#11015) [David Haywood]
  • 2023-03-22 09:50:20 hng64.cpp: add a global disable for the tile replacement 'animation' (#11013) [David Haywood]
    • hng64.cpp: add a global disable for the tile replacement 'animation' (aka 'auto-anim') which is used to stop the crowd animating in some scenes of buriki attract
  • 2023-03-22 07:54:59 m88000: fix doubleword load/store word order [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-03-22 07:53:54 mc88200: implement mbus error logic [Patrick Mackinlay]
    • fix unmodified page translation cache entry hit write logic
  • 2023-03-21 22:26:09 Various devices: Correct placement of U integer suffix in definitions of shifted LOG_xxx constant macros [AJR]
  • 2023-03-21 22:10:42 -jaleco/tetrisp2.cpp: Added partial emulation of PC for music games. [Windy Fairy] [Vas Crabb]
    • -emu/devcb.h: Allow base device to be specified directly in delegate setters. [Vas Crabb]
      -taito/tnzs.cpp: Untangled inheritance a bit. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-21 21:00:51 alice90: Use same ROM as alice32, previous was a bad dump. [Nigel Barnes]
  • 2023-03-21 19:07:52 m68000: Bus and address errors do *not disable the write part of the micro-instruction. Fixes the delta force protections (Syntax Terror, Punish your machine) [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-03-21 19:05:24 hng64.cpp - add 'wraparound enable' bit to the tilemaps, this bit gets disabled on the fatal fury wild ambition title screen, and roads edge name entry screen, both cases where tilemap wrap definitely looks to need to be disabled. (#11011) [David Haywood]
  • 2023-03-21 18:24:23 anzterm: Move to burroughs folder [Dirk Best]
  • 2023-03-21 18:15:20 New systems marked not working [Dirk Best]
    • Burroughs TD 831 [Wouter's Blog]
  • 2023-03-21 16:44:59 m50734: Preliminary emulation of Timer X [AJR]
  • 2023-03-21 16:36:02 cinematronics/leland_*.cpp: Modernize log function using logmacro. (#11010) [cam900]
  • 2023-03-21 07:20:50 machine/segacrpt_device.cpp: updated documentation [Brian Troha] [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-03-21 06:54:48 Miscellaneous cleanup: [Vas Crabb]
    • render/bgfx/chainmanager.cpp: Only treat source file or more sepecific INI as higher priority than CFG file for setting screen chains.
      sega/model2.cpp, taito/taitocchip.cpp: Got rid of bankdev.
      Adjusted some doucmentation files.
  • 2023-03-21 00:20:02 upd765: turn back down excessive default verbosity level [cracyc]
  • 2023-03-20 21:41:15 -render/d3d/d3dhlsl.cpp: Fixed alpha value when clearing target. [Ryan Holtz] [Vas Crabb]
    • -jaleco/tetrisp2_v.cpp: Fixed stepstag text display. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-20 20:49:33 machine/i82371sb.cpp: Object finders aren't resolved at config complete time, duh. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-20 20:28:27 jaleco/tetrisp2.cpp: Added dumps of additional games and improved video emulation. [Windy Fairy] [Vas Crabb]
    • Dumped hard disk for Stepping Stage 3. [Jordan/JBEAN]
      New systems marked not working - VJ Visual & Music Slap (Ver 1.1) [Shiz] VJ Dash (Ver 1.0) [Shiz]
  • 2023-03-20 20:09:25 mc68hc11: Fix STOP recovery again [AJR]
  • 2023-03-20 18:02:49 mame/cvs: created a base class from which cvs.cpp, galaxia.cpp and quasar.cpp derive [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-03-20 11:04:36 emumem_mview: Add the forgotten key, allows to distinguish ram zones at the same address in different views, including recursively. [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-03-19 20:10:57 taito/tnzs.cpp: Use a single view for RAM/ROM bank. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-19 23:29:02 Update mess.flt [Justin Kerk]
  • 2023-03-19 22:49:32 pc8801mk2sr, pc88va: Enable outputs to joystick pins 6 & 7 [AJR]
  • 2023-03-19 22:06:55 Encode certain tracks as single density in .d88 floppy format [AJR]
    • bml3mp1802, x1: Hook up DDEN control for FDC
  • 2023-03-19 20:52:16 bml3mp1802: Clean up code a little; use input merger for NMI [AJR]
    • bml3mp1805: Don't force ready since 6809 code actually polls for it
  • 2023-03-19 19:54:44 taito/cchance.cpp, taito/tnzs.cpp: Cleaned out crud. [Vas Crabb]
    • Reduced duplication in address maps. Got rid of bankdev. Got rid of inaccessible RAM hiding under sprite chip (it used to use shares, but now allocates its own memory). Got rid of unnecessary I/O ports in cchance.
  • 2023-03-19 19:36:45 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Yakyuu Kakutou League-Man (Japan, set 2) [Corrado Tomaselli, The Dumping Union]
      - irem/m72.cpp: Corrected ROM names for the Kengo sets [Corrado Tomaselli, The Dumping Union]
      - irem/m92.cpp updates: Corrected ROM names and added IC locations to various sets [Corrado Tomaselli, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union] Added correct sound ROMs to Thunder Blaster (Japan) [Corrado Tomaselli, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union] Added correct sound ROMs to Yakyuu Kakutou League-Man (Japan) sets [Corrado Tomaselli, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • 2023-03-19 18:40:47 c64_cass.xml: Fixed various tape dumps. (#9307) [Zoë Blade]
    • Replaced my dump of Angle Ball with the Ultimate Tape Archive V3.0's. Replaced my dump of Continental Circus with theirs. Replaced my dump of Feud with theirs. Replaced Boulder Dash IV. Removed my redundant copy of Kettle. Replaced my partial dump of RoboCod with UTA3's full one. Replaced my dump of Grandmaster Chess with the Ultimate Tape Archive's. Replaced Head Over Heels. Replaced Master Chess. Replaced Micro Rhythm. Added Micro Rhythm +. Reinstated the Ultimate Tape Archive's exact dumps. Added missing side to Feud. Deleted more duplicate alts. Use context-unique names for cassette sides.
      New working software list items
      c64_cass: Micro Rhythm +
  • 2023-03-19 18:16:04 cleanup: [Vas Crabb]
    • Moved LW-700i skeleton driver to new Brother project. taito/tnzs.cpp: Made lightweight base class with only the parts shared with cchance.cpp
  • 2023-03-19 17:59:44 Swapped R and B channels in lut-default.png, and adjusted D3D9 LUT-application behaviour. (#11004) [Ryan Holtz] [MooglyGuy]
    • lut-default.png: Swapped red and blue channels (fixes GitHub #11001). render/d3d/d3dlsl.cpp: Changed screen LUT application to be applied during the color convolution pass on raster systems.
  • 2023-03-19 17:54:11 brother/lw30.cpp: Added driver for Brother LW-30 word processor. (#10996) [BartmanAbyss]
    • New working systems - Brother LW-30
  • 2023-03-19 17:04:52 brother/lw840.cpp: Added driver for Brother LW-840ic word processor. (#10997) [BartmanAbyss]
    • New working systems
      Brother LW-840ic
  • 2023-03-19 16:57:39 h8500dasm.cpp: Fix silly mistake in disassembly of illegal instructions [AJR]
  • 2023-03-19 16:55:06 mcs96: Translate first 256 bytes of main memory space to register space [AJR]
    • dvmemory.cpp: Fix oversight in recent refactoring (uninitialized variable)
  • 2023-03-19 16:22:34 More D3D HLSL regression fixes: (#11002) [Ryan Holtz] [MooglyGuy]
    • hlsl/post.fx: Fixed double-drawing of screen data with D3D9 HLSL and screen scale/offset. render/d3d/d3dhlsl.cpp: Fixed screen-container search function (fixes GitHub #10872). render/d3d/d3dhlsl.cpp: Fixed downsample pass, fixes blocky vector bloom.
  • 2023-03-19 15:18:52 amstrad/nc: Rewrite driver [Dirk Best]
    • - Use memory views for banking - Simplify IRQ handling - Simplify power off handling - Replace custom PCMCIA hookup with MAME standard - Combine screen_update for all variants and update LCD colors - Add support for the NC200 floppy drive - Hook up RS232 ports - Split drivers into regional variants with matching keyboard - Support changing battery state - Add support for save states
      New working systems - NC100 (Sweden) [CPCWiki]
  • 2023-03-10 17:19:26 pccard_sram: Add support for the Mitsubishi Melcard SRAM card with 1 MB RAM as an example for a card without attribute memory. [Dirk Best]
    • Change input ports from DIP to configuration switches.
  • 2023-03-10 17:12:51 pccard: Add support for 8-bit reads/writes [Dirk Best]
  • 2023-02-26 15:04:03 pccard_sram: Add 1 MB variant [Dirk Best]
  • 2023-03-19 15:55:16 nec/pcfx.cpp: pad latches are active high, make pcfxga main menu to be usable [angelosa]
  • 2023-03-19 15:41:22 brother/ax145.cpp: Added skeleton driver for Brother AX-145 word processor. (#10994) [BartmanAbyss]
    • New systems marked not working - Brother AX-145
  • 2023-03-19 13:02:02 hash/pcecd.xml: QA notes (#10956) [Angelo Salese]
    • pce_cd.cpp: convert to logmacro, fix regression on stop/repeat conditions, workaround MT#07972
      Delete unnecessary stub files from the other branch
      hash/pcecd.xml: QA notes
      nec/pce_cd.cpp: fix MT#07972 for good
      hash/pcecd.xml: update QA
      hash/pcecd.xml, nec/pce_cd.cpp: update QA
      nec/pce_cd.cpp: make pregap to have a minimum of 2 seconds, fixes redbook offset
      sound/cdda.cpp: add an actual write callback for audio playback end event
      nec/pce_cd.cpp: implement CDDA audio end event, fixes redbook repeat with emeraldd
      hash/pcecd.xml: update QA
      nec/pce_cd.cpp: do not send an irq when start/end redbook commands are issued, fixes macr2036 (MT #5995), jleagt94, iganin
      hash/pcecd.xml: QA heavy hitters
      hash/pcecd.xml: QA
      nec/pce_cd.cpp: unbreak snatcher, unbreak audio CD player
      nec/pce_cd.cpp: document crazyhos btanb
      nec/pce_cd.cpp: make BRAM to init to a standard scdsys format data
      hash/pcecd.xml: acknowledge games using Save-Kun peripheral
      nec/pce_cd.cpp: fix cdda get_channel_volume index overflow
      sound/cdda.cpp: fix longstanding regression with get_channel_volume, rename it to get_channel_sample
      nec/pce_cd.cpp: QA fader
      nec/pce_cd.cpp: cancel redbook when audio start + play mode = 0 is issued, fixes ppersia sound when picking up sword
      hash/pcecd.xml: finalize QA
      nec/pce_cd.cpp: misc cleanups
      hash/pcecd.xml: fix neklegbb description tag
      hash/pcecd.xml: faussete/traveler description fixes
  • 2023-03-19 12:34:06 ice_bozopail.cpp: Actually map the handlers [AJR]
  • 2023-03-19 08:23:56 ice/ice_bozopail.cpp: fixed GCC compile on Windows [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-03-19 02:32:06 ice_bozo: Add coin inputs and sound [AJR]
  • 2023-03-19 01:06:45 cdsys5.cpp: Add some preliminary mappings [AJR]
  • 2023-03-19 01:06:12 mc68hc11: Fix WAI handling for now [AJR]
  • 2023-03-19 00:33:39 misc/homdata.cpp, konami/thunderx.cpp: Cleaned up a little. [Vas Crabb]
    • Replaced bankdev with views, cleaned up ROM banking, split up classes for fewer optional object finders.
  • 2023-03-19 00:10:06 mc68hc11: Use standard interrupt handling for RESET vector; add XIRQ input [AJR]
  • 2023-03-19 00:09:25 alphasma.cpp: Fix regression from a8b6c64ed0888f638d87d596586d6562de31ae9d [AJR]
  • 2023-03-18 22:37:08 lisa: reduce the fdc rom region size [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-03-18 22:36:41 windows: blind fix for the debugger [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-03-18 21:34:32 mc68hc11: Clean up interrupt code and generalize handling; enable all timer output compare and count overflow interrupts (only TOC1 was fully supported before) [AJR]
  • 2023-03-18 21:25:40 dimemory: Add the target address space to translate, wrap the constants [Olivier Galibert]
    • divtlb: Wrap the constants
  • 2023-03-18 19:43:10 mccpm.cpp: Replace bankdev with memory view [AJR]
  • 2023-03-18 19:23:35 cdc721: Replace bankdevs with memory views [AJR]
  • 2023-03-17 19:19:48 dynax/royalmah.cpp: Moved games with banked ROM to a separate class [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-17 14:29:41 mpc3000: Fix DMA addressing [AJR]
  • 2023-03-17 11:48:02 mos6530n: Remove unreachable code. [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-17 07:54:36 luaengine: fix msvc link failure due to mismatched signature [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-03-17 05:12:10 taito/flstory.cpp: Renamed Fairyland Story sets and cleaned up a little. [Vas Crabb]
    • Renamed the clone set - it's an earlier version, not a version specifically for Japan (addresses MT08579). Consolidated source files, replaced literal tags, and removed some vestigial code from the old MCU simulation.
  • 2023-03-17 00:36:57 mac.cpp: rename to macii.cpp [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-03-16 21:33:48 msx/msx2.cpp: New not working clone. (#11000) [wilbertpol]
    • New clones marked not working - Victor HC-90A (MSX2, Japan) [Daniel Padilla, openMSX]
  • 2023-03-16 20:36:40 mb89352: Fix reset readback and selection timeout [AJR]
  • 2023-03-16 20:26:24 ibm5150.xml: Added 32 items, and replaced a number of items with better dumps. (#10955) [ArcadeShadow]
    • Also added notes on copy protection schemes.
      New working software list additions (ibm5150.xml)
      Ballistix [Total DOS Collection] Crazy Cars II [Total DOS Collection] Defender of the Crown [Total DOS Collection] Fire & Forget II (3.5") [Total DOS Collection] Fire & Forget II (5.25") [Total DOS Collection] Gauntlet II [The Good Old Days] Mini-Putt [Total DOS Collection] Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel (5.25", v2.0G) [The Good Old Days] Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel (3.5", v2.0G) [The Good Old Days] Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel (3.5", v2.0E) [The Good Old Days] Renegade [Total DOS Collection] Rick Dangerous 2 (Futura release) [Total DOS Collection] Speedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe (3.5", Futura Games release) [Total DOS Collection] Test Drive (3.5", v1.0) [Total DOS Collection] Test Drive (5.25", v1.1) [Total DOS Collection] Test Drive (5.25", v1.0) [Total DOS Collection] Test Drive II: The Duel (3.5") [Total DOS Collection] Test Drive II: The Duel (5.25") [Total DOS Collection] Test Drive II - Car Disk: Musclecars (5.25") [Total DOS Collection] Test Drive II - Car Disk: Musclecars (3.5") [Total DOS Collection] Test Drive II - Car Disk: The Supercars (3.5") [Total DOS Collection] Test Drive II - Car Disk: The Supercars (5.25") [Total DOS Collection] Test Drive II - Scenery Disk: California Challenge (5.25") [Total DOS Collection] Test Drive II - Scenery Disk: California Challenge (3.5") [Total DOS Collection] The Simpsons - Bart vs. the Space Mutants (5.25") [Total DOS Collection] Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders [The Good Old Days] Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (Enhanced version) [The Good Old Days]
      New NOT working software list additions (ibm5150.xml)
      Arkanoid [Total DOS Collection] Dick Tracy [Total DOS Collection] F-15 Strike Eagle II [Total DOS Collection] Gauntlet [Total DOS Collection] Out Run (5.25", Kixx release) [Total DOS Collection] RoboCop [Total DOS Collection]
      Redump (ibm5150.xml)
      Bad Dudes (5.25") [Total DOS Collection] Budokan - The Martial Spirit (3.5") [Total DOS Collection] Zool (Big Games release) [The Good Old Days]
      Software promoted to working (ibm5150.xml)
      Bad Dudes (5.25") [Total DOS Collection]
      Removed software (ibm5150.xml)
      Fire & Forget 2
  • 2023-03-16 18:50:41 snk/hng64.cpp: Implemented texture wrap size table. (#10999) [David Haywood]
    • Fixes many texturing issues in roadedge and xrally.
  • 2023-03-16 15:34:16 mpc3000: Hook up timer interrupts [AJR]
  • 2023-03-16 14:04:32 mpc3000.cpp: Fix copy-and-paste mistake in last commit [AJR]
  • 2023-03-16 14:02:50 mpc3000.cpp: Add FDC IRQ (does nothing yet) [AJR]
  • 2023-03-16 13:30:30 st: add wait state of mfp accesses, partially helps syntax terror, makes ventura run [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-03-16 13:30:00 pasti: Setup form and variant [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-03-16 13:28:27 upd765: Minimally add some auxcmd commands to the 72069 (need docs!) [Olivier Galibert]
    • mpc3000: Add a drive, it helps
  • 2023-03-16 06:47:29 Update mess.flt [Justin Kerk]
  • 2023-03-16 05:42:53 msx1_cart.xml: Adjusted parent/clone relationships, and removed bad dumps/hacks. (#10995) [wilbertpol]
    • Swapped sets to make the newer version the parent: btanuki and btanukia, clapton2 and clapton2a, and yrm101 and yrm101a.
      Removed entries where the copy protections are patched out: alcazara, antarct, coastraca, coastracb, gooniesa, gooniesb, guardica, hyprallya, hyprallyb, hyprallyc, hypersp3a, hypersp3b, kingvalb, kingvalc, kingvald, mopirangc, mopirangd, midbrosa, mkidwiza, konbballa, konboxina, konboxinb, konfootba, konfootbb, kongolfb, knightmra, knightmrb, konsoccrb, konsoccrc, pingpongb, pingpongc, pippolsa, pippolsb, pippolsc, pitfallb, qberta, rambob, ramboc, sboy2a, tetris, thexdera, thexderb, twinbeea, twinbeeb, twinbeec, yiear2b.
      Renamed antarcta to antarct, pillboxa to pillbox, rogerruba to rogerrub, tetrisa to tetris.
      Removed bad dumps seikachoa and starblazb
      Removed carraceb - same as carracea with one additional unused byte.
      Removed squishema. Hacked name during game play.
      Removed manually recreated dumps fireresca and rogerrub.
      Removed hacked dumps: amtruckb, exerionb, galforcea, galforceb, mrdowildh, pillbox, redzonea.
      Removed cas2crc conversion hack psyched.
      Removed warrioda - has leftover code at offset 7fe0 to start the software from a cartridge to file conversion.
      Added notes.
  • 2023-03-16 03:03:33 maciici.cpp: Split out RBV video and interrupt controller into a separate device. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-03-15 18:46:34 ddr/kc: Fixed KC 85/2 DAC output (removed erroneous shift). (#10993) [utz82]
  • 2023-03-15 17:46:08 snk/hng64.cpp: Improved rendering: (#10990) [David Haywood]
    • Fixed roadedge name entry screen. Render sprites before mixing. Fixed texture scroll (visible on roadedge billboards). Added safety checks on texture fetches.
  • 2023-03-15 13:37:16 mos6530n: Keep timer running forever past terminal count. [Curt Coder] [Curt Coder]
    • MAME Testers bugs fixed - - 06629: [Side-by-side] (atari/a7800.cpp): a7800 a7800p: Incorrect RIOT Behavior (Curt Coder)
  • 2023-03-14 20:50:01 tools/srcclean.cpp: Escape 'high' Unicode characters found in strings rather than nuking them. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-14 18:33:09 ddr/kc.cpp, ddr/kc_m.cpp: Tidied up a little. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-14 18:10:24 ddr/kc.cpp: Fixed sound emulation: (#10989) [utz82]
    • Split KC 85/2 (HC 900), 85/3, and 85/4 state implementations. Removed internal speaker from KC 85/2. Ensure output to internal speaker on KC 85/3..4 is 1-bit. Added missing Clock signal for CTC on KC 85/4. Disconnected CTC channel 1 from internal speaker. Implemented sound flip-flop reset via PIO B bit 0 on KC 85/4. Implemented DAC sound (85/2..3: 31*2+1 levels, 85/4: 15*2+1 levels). Disable speaker sound on KC 85/4 when DAC level is 0.
  • 2023-03-14 17:30:13 amstrad/pda600.cpp: Added simulation of coprocessor, input and storage. (#10862) [Sandro Ronco]
    • Added HLE character recognition. Added pen display input. Added PCMCIA memory card support and initial software list. Added internal layout. cpu/z180: Fixed SLP instruction.
      New working software list items - pda600: Games (Crazy Money, Mosaic and Pagged) pda600: Games Demo (Game 44, Squares and FliView)
  • 2023-03-14 14:22:40 konami/hyperspt.cpp: Add note about Tecfri set (#10991) [ClawGrip]
    • konami/hyperspt.cpp: Add note about Tecfri set
  • 2023-03-13 23:38:51 -tools/srcclean.cpp: Use the same rules for character literals and strings in C++. [Vas Crabb]
    • -bus/amiga/keyboard: Use UCS4 character literals.
  • 2023-03-11 18:56:19 nforcepc: make required changes to let it boot from floppy disk [yz70s]
    • The pci devices shared with the xbox have been updated to support dma on the lpc bus. The athlon processor has been updated to support writes in the as_opcodes space.
  • 2023-03-13 20:35:01 bus/msx: Moved Yamaha module and minicart slots into their own folders. (#10984) [wilbertpol]
    • Also defined MSX cartridge slot options in one place.
  • 2023-03-13 19:13:10 apple/mac.cpp, apple/maciici.cpp, dataeast/exprraid.cpp: Minor cleanup. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-13 18:11:31 dataeast/exprraid.cpp: added note about undumped revision, consolidated driver in single file [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-03-13 18:07:50 adsp2100: fix regression with ABS opcode S flag [mjrgh] [hap]
  • 2023-03-13 16:05:54 cpu/h8, cpu/tms32010, cpu/tms32025: Replaced sprintf with type-safe equivalents. (#10979) [Erik]
    • cpu/h8/h8_sci.cpp: Made clock mode a scoped enumeration and fixed a save state issue.
  • 2023-03-13 14:46:18 dac.h: fix mistake on prev commit [hap]
  • 2023-03-13 14:43:46 dac.h: add generic 5bit dac [hap]
  • 2023-03-13 14:13:28 vgmplay: workaround for 7759 md pin write [hap]
  • 2023-03-13 13:52:02 upd7759: only detect mode change in idle state [hap]
  • 2023-03-13 02:46:22 ega: be less strict about valid display settings [cracyc]
  • 2023-03-13 00:12:48 maciici.cpp: fix GCC compile. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-03-13 00:00:58 maciici.cpp: Moved the Macintosh IIci and IIsi to their own driver. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
    • mac.cpp: Condensed to single-file driver, began cleanup and simplification of the code. [R. Belmont]
  • 2023-03-12 21:41:40 m50734: Partially emulate stepper motor controller registers [AJR]
  • 2023-03-12 20:58:48 m740: Correct PC value following LDA ($zz, X) [AJR]
  • 2023-03-12 20:30:46 irem/m72.cpp: corrected ROM names & added IC locations for many sets [Brian Troha] [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-03-12 19:51:22 plugins/data: Use local sqlite3 library variable. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-12 19:46:26 New systems marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Multi Game IV (AMGSK_VA3.85) [TeamEurope]
  • 2023-03-12 17:54:11 emu/rgbgen.h: Made out-of-range shift deterministic. (#10987) [invertego]
    • Matches the SSE and VMX implementation.
      Fixes obvious rendering artefacts with the N64 RDP on AArch64 targets.
  • 2023-03-12 17:51:06 snk/hng64.cpp: Implemented raster interrups and improved layer mixing. (#10971) [David Haywood]
    • Implemented raster interrupt (used to enable fatfurwa floor layer). Improved layer priorities - still needs a proper per-pixel mixer. Improved colour mixer effects - still imperfect, but highlights areas needing attention.
  • 2023-03-12 17:47:09 sinclair/tsconf.cpp: Improved interrupt priorities. (#10976) [holub]
  • 2023-03-12 17:42:28 sound/es5506.cpp: Converted comments to C++ style, and added notes and additional logging. (#10986) [cam900]
  • 2023-03-12 10:00:09 devices/machine/nmc9306.cpp: fixed compile on GCC [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-03-12 09:51:41 devices/machine/e0516.cpp: fixed compile on GCC [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-03-12 07:36:28 abc1600: Fixed RTC and NVRAM communications. [Curt Coder] [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-12 04:03:19 sega/system1.cpp nob: fix SN76489A clock (#10866) [negunma]
    • sega/system1.cpp: Fix SN76489A clocks for nob and gardia to match videos from PCB
  • 2023-03-12 02:16:38 Interrupt callback rationalization [AJR]
    • - Make CPUs pass interrupt return PC as a second argument to standard_irq_callback - Add interrupt return PC to "Stopped at interrupt" message produced by debugger 'gint' command - Add messages to trace logs whenever interrupts are accepted - Attempt to step over interrupt routines for applicable debugger commands - Eliminate standard_irq_callback_member wrapper method - Update many CPU cores to invoke standard_irq_callback at the start of or during interrupt processing, rather than at the end or when the input line changes - Remove IRQ callbacks for some input lines that never cause interrupts - mb88xx, mcs48: Add IRQ callbacks for internal interrupts
  • 2023-03-11 23:21:00 HLSL: bloom.fx: Return an alpha of 1 rather than texel alpha (fixes GitHub #10977). (#10983) [Ryan Holtz] [MooglyGuy]
  • 2023-03-11 18:37:30 Lua engine: Better bindings for device_state_interface. [Vas Crabb]
    • This avoids creating a table every time the state property of a device is accessed, adds proper support for getting/setting floating/point state entries from Lua, calls the state entry's formatting method to convert to a string (for flags fields, etc.) and exposes more properties.
      This is a breaking change as the exposed properties on state entries have changed, and the value property has different semantics for floating-point state entries.
  • 2023-03-11 18:11:46 acrnsys1.cpp: Upgrade to ioport_array (#10980) [Erik]
    • Co-authored-by: Erik Newton
  • 2023-03-11 17:18:12 st: Bunch more fixes [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-03-11 17:08:33 New working systems [hap]
    • - Race Time [hap, Sean Riddle, eggs]
  • 2023-03-11 15:19:24 unidasm: Add Interdata Series 16 disassembler [AJR]
  • 2023-03-11 14:47:46 atari/irobot_m.cpp: Initialise mathbox stack after loading decoding opcode PROMs (#10970) [jflatt]
  • 2023-03-11 03:50:44 m68000: Update these files too [AJR]
  • 2023-03-11 03:35:46 m68000: Ensure exception hook is called before SP is updated [AJR]
  • 2023-03-10 20:18:02 bus/nscsi/cd: fix typo [hap]
  • 2023-03-10 19:55:31 New working clones [hap]
    • TI-74 Basicalc (set 2) [Frank Palazzolo]
  • 2023-03-10 19:33:19 bus/msx: Added Yamaha UCN-01 cartridge-to-module slot adapter. (#10972) [wilbertpol]
  • 2023-03-10 19:22:36 machine/hd64610.cpp: Convert day-of-week from 1-based format used by device_rtc_interface to conventional 0-based format. [Sandro Ronco] [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-10 19:01:47 cpu/z180: Added CSIO emulation. [Vas Crabb, Sandro Ronco] [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-10 17:56:56 misc/amaticmg.cpp: removed tag lookup [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-03-10 07:21:53 abc1600_flop.xml: Fixed systest1600 binary floppy image and added source floppy image. [Curt Coder] [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-10 05:53:47 Fix debugger exception point hit message [AJR]
  • 2023-03-10 05:38:05 Include track numbers in results of AppleCD Read TOC command [AJR]
  • 2023-03-10 05:29:13 nscsi/cd.cpp: Correct enum name [AJR]
  • 2023-03-10 05:26:03 Add vendor-specific Read TOC command for Apple SCSI CD-ROM drive [AJR]
  • 2023-03-10 01:55:57 es5503: cleaner fix for preserving the full accumulator phase on looping. [Kelvin Sherlock, R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-03-10 01:30:13 es5503.cpp: preserve fractional phase, allows high-freq sample play [Peter Ferrie] (#10973) [Peter Ferrie]
  • 2023-03-09 20:54:29 ssystem3: remove obsolete workaround [hap]
  • 2023-03-09 20:54:18 snowbro2: correct oki pitch [hap]
  • 2023-03-09 20:52:05 Replaced most simple uses of sprintf with type-safe equivalents. (#10948) [Erik]
  • 2023-03-09 20:39:52 New working systems [hap]
    • - Gammonmaster II [hap, Sean Riddle] Omar [hap, Sean Riddle] Electronic Chess (Tryom) [hap, Sean Riddle] Punch Your Lights Out [hap, Sean Riddle, Frank Palazzolo]
  • 2023-03-09 20:17:46 bus/snes/profighter.cpp: Added skeleton devices for "Pro Figher" SNES cartridge copiers. (#10952) [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Dumped four SNES copiers (3 Super Pro. Fighter Q variants and a Pro Fighter X). [Darksoft, Apocalypse]
  • 2023-03-09 19:59:11 sinclair/pentevo.cpp: Added ERS v0.59.12/NEO-DOS v0.57 BIOS options. (#10969) [holub]
  • 2023-03-09 07:17:30 abc1600: Disable debugger side effects. [Curt Coder] [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-08 22:40:25 apple3: Add support for control-reset. (#10967) [ksherlock]
  • 2023-03-08 20:58:28 atari/bzone.cpp: mapped the bare minimum to make dsrtwars boot [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-03-08 20:47:40 Dumped and added a Spanish Battle Zone bootleg (#10968) [ClawGrip]
    • New clones marked not working - Desert Wars (bootleg of Battle Zone) [Javier Blanco Ojeda, ClawGrip]
      Also reformatted single-line comments
  • 2023-03-08 19:23:56 eolith/eolith16.cpp: Set EEPROM write/erase timing to make klondkp happy. [David Haywood] [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-08 18:18:49 misc/amaticmg.cpp: identified decryption keys for am_mg24a and am_mg5hu [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-03-08 15:44:29 abc1600: Implement reset button. [Curt Coder] [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-08 14:51:49 Eolith HyperStone driver updates: [Vas Crabb]
    • eolith/eolith_speedup.cpp: Fixed oversight causing stealsea to crash on start. eolith/eolith16.cpp: Marked klondkp not working - it locks up on the title screen if you don't insert a coin soon enough. eolith/eolith.cpp, eolith/eolith16.cpp, eolith/vegaeo.cpp: Added basic support for partial screen updates. eolith/eolith_speedup.cpp: Renamed base state class to make its purpose more obvious.
  • 2023-03-08 07:54:51 abc1600: Cleanup [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-07 18:09:22 Lua: Be more strict with concurrency and multiple contexts. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-07 17:18:21 plugins/console: Fixed tab completion after linenoise update. [Vas Crabb]
    • Can now cycle through candidates by repeatedly pushing Tab. Also cleaned up Lua thread context object a little, and made it possible to pass any Lua object as a status value.
  • 2023-03-07 16:44:22 - misc/gameace.cpp: enabled save state support [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - misc/truco.cpp, misc/trucocl.cpp: consolidated drivers in single files
  • 2023-03-07 14:16:47 Tie up a few loose ends: [Vas Crabb]
    • msx2_flop.xml: Fixed a couple of Japanese titles. plugins/layout: Added a couple of things to the layout script sandbox. Tidied up Hyper Neo Geo 64 code (srcclean etc.).
  • 2023-03-07 14:07:25 snk/hng64_v.cpp: urther video improvements: (#10947) [David Haywood]
    • Identified 'blend' flag for 3D objects and added minimal implementation. Emulated 'split' tilemap effect. Don't draw sprites with zero zoom values, rather than using an unscaled sprite, Made 'sprite erase' code less aggressive (prevent it from wiping out palette values). Implemented 'texture scrolling' (used for glass and water effects).
  • 2023-03-07 13:58:12 abc1600: Cleanup [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-07 13:55:51 bus/msx: Added a slot device for 30-pin Yamaha mini cartridges. (#10964) [wilbertpol]
  • 2023-03-07 13:52:01 neogeo/neogeo.cpp: Don't treat puzzldpr as a clone, added additional irrmaze BIOS. (#10965) [David Haywood]
    • Added a BIOS found on a restored Japanese Irritating Maze cabinet. Sadly it appears to be a hack by the arcade distributor who restored it. [Simon Taylor]
  • 2023-03-07 13:31:01 msx2_flop.xml: Added alt_title, serial, gtin, and part_id meta information and notes. (#10959) [wilbertpol]
  • 2023-03-07 11:28:40 abc1600: Implement Luxor R8 mouse. [Curt Coder] [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-07 10:05:10 abc1600: Use later keyboard ROMs to fix UP/DOWN mode. [Curt Coder] [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-07 09:36:16 abc1600: Fix cursor keys. [Curt Coder] [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-07 07:15:32 irem/m92.cpp: some fixes to the previous commit [Brian Troha] [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-03-06 21:09:48 misc/gameace.cpp: Completed Hot Body emulation and ROM unscrambling (#10961) [David Haywood]
    • Implemented program and sprite unscrambling. Added video and sound emulation (video is similar to Mitchell hardware). Added inputs.
      Systems promoted to working - Hot Body I
  • 2023-03-06 20:49:55 misc/playcenter.cpp: Add a couple of notes about the hardware. (#10962) [ClawGrip]
  • 2023-03-06 20:43:45 msx1_cart.xml: Moved the Albatross extended course tapes from msx1_cass.xml to msx1_cart.xml. (#10960) [wilbertpol]
  • 2023-03-06 19:46:28 Reduce warnings that need to be suppressed to build linenoise. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-06 19:33:37 Updated forked linenoise to latest upstream. [Vas Crabb]
    • This removes the need to force it to build as C++, and adds proper UTF-8 support for Windows.
      Since this is a fork of linenoise, there's no hope for getting lua-linenoise to sync with it upstream. I made the bare minimum changes to keep it working, but didn't add bindings for new functionality (e.g. multi-line editing).
  • 2023-03-06 19:14:57 - sega/model3.cpp: fixed ROM loading for the oceanhun sets, they now boot and run with GFX glitches [Brian Troha] [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - irem/m92.cpp: Added IC locations and PLDs to most sets, minor ROM label corrections. [The PLD Archive, Porchy, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • 2023-03-06 19:11:34 New clones marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - Bloxeed (bootleg) [porchy]
  • 2023-03-06 18:19:36 3rdparty: Avoid the need for -fpermissive since clang doesn't like it. [Vas Crabb]
    • I'll try to get some of this upstreamed.
  • 2023-03-06 15:39:42 Various updates, mostly around Lua: [Vas Crabb]
    • Compile Lua as C++. When Lua is compiled as C, it uses setjmp/longjmp for error handling, resulting in failure to unwind intermediate stack frames. Trying to ensure no objects with non-trivial destructors are in scope when raising a Lua error is error-prone. In particular, converting an exception to a Lua error becomes convoluted, and raising a Lua error from a constructor is effectively impossible.
      Updated Lua to 5.4.4 - this includes a brand-new garbage collector implementation with better performance. The main thing removed is the deprecated bitlib.
      Updated sol2 to version 3.3.0 - this adds support for Lua 5.4 and fixes a number of issues, including not correctly handling errors when Lua is built as C++.
      Updated LuaFileSystem to version 1.8.0 - this adds support for symbolic links on Windows, as well as Lua 5.4 compatibility.
      Updated LuaSQLite3 to version 0.9.5 - this fixes issues in multi-threaded environments, as well as Lua 5.4 compatibility.
      Fixed double-free after attempting to construct a debugger expression from Lua with an invalid string, and exposed expression error to Lua in a better way.
      Added warning level print function to Lua.
      Fixed saving cheats with shift operators in expressions, although this code isn't actually used as there's no cheat editor.
  • 2023-03-06 14:57:21 abc1600: Bring the mouse CPU online. [Curt Coder] [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-06 06:47:28 abc1600: Note failing tests. [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-06 06:41:59 abc1600: Disable DBRQ to fix Winchester test suite. [Curt Coder] [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-06 06:39:40 abc1600_flop.xml: Correct name and year [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-05 20:33:57 Fruit Star Bonus: Added missing PLD. [TeamEurope, Porchy] [Roberto Fresca]
  • 2023-03-05 20:22:26 st: lots of fixes, with much help by Ijor (Jorge Cwik) [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-03-05 18:03:35 nmk/nmk16.cpp: Ignore lane select for main RAM writes for vandyke and bioship. (#10957) [David Haywood]
    • This is necessary for high score entry to work.
  • 2023-03-05 18:00:57 machine/6522via.cpp: Made input ports read transparently when corresponding interrupt flag is clear. (#10878) [Massimiliano Zattera]
  • 2023-03-05 13:04:22 abc1600: Fix Xebec S1410 sense, seek, and diagnostic commands. [Curt Coder] [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-03-05 09:43:09 New working software list items [Curt Coder]
    • - abc1600_flop: systest1600 [Dataindustrier AB DIAB Intressegrupp]
  • 2023-03-05 01:41:35 New working clones [Roberto Fresca]
    • Fruit Star Bonus (Ver 8.2.00ITL) [TeamEurope, f205v, Roberto Fresca]
      This set is the new parent. All the others were arranged accordingly.
  • 2023-03-04 17:23:18 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • WWF Superstars (Canada) [anonymous]
  • 2023-03-04 16:19:20 Made company name consistent across all Heathkit machines. (#10954) [Mark Garlanger]
    • "Heath Company" is the name the company used in documentation and catalogs.
  • 2023-03-04 08:23:22 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Gals Panic SU (Korea, Gals Panic 4 re-release) [turntablism]
  • 2023-03-04 03:49:58 Dumped and added a skeleton driver for "Ballroom Glitz" coin pusher (#10949) [ClawGrip]
    • New NOT_WORKING machines
      Ballroom Glitz [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
  • 2023-03-04 02:53:47 heathkit/h19.cpp: Turn off bell properly. (#10953) [Mark Garlanger]
    • Fixes a copy/paste error introduced by #9788.
  • 2023-03-04 02:34:11 Various cleanups: [Vas Crabb]
    • Isolated the speedup code in the Eolith base state, so eolith16 and vegaeo aren't inheriting a pile of stuff they don't need.
      nichibutsu/jangou.cpp: Split into derived classes so all object finders are required and device_remove isn't necessary. Also use the data pending callback on latches as it's there.
      taito/taito_l.cpp: Use normal start/reset handlers rather than an elaborate maze of indirection.
      vsystem/aerofgt.cpp: Split the driver class up a little. It's still a mess.
      Got rid of a few of the remaining MCFG macros.
  • 2023-03-03 22:52:39 m20.xml: correct string format [hap]
  • 2023-03-03 22:42:13 New working systems [hap]
    • - My Little Computer [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • 2023-03-03 18:24:38 msx/msx.cpp: Added keyboard LEDs to internal artwork. (#10950) [wilbertpol]
    • msx/msx.cpp: Made drive names and LEDs optional. msx/msx.cpp: Added caps lock and language mode LEDs to layout. bus/msx/slot/disk.cpp: Tidied up code.
  • 2023-03-03 18:02:56 m20.xml: Added new dumps, updated metadata, and added comments. (#10832) [eberhab]
    • Added usage notes for many items. Marked disks missing track 0 as bad dumps. Updated supported status.
      New working software list items (m20.xml) - Demo Disk - Spiele + Uhr (alt) Multiplan (US) Olivetti PCOS 2.0h Olivetti PCOS 3.0e (alt 1) Olivetti PCOS 3.0e (alt 2) OliWord 1.2 (German) OliWord 1.2 (Italian) (alt) The Queen's Footsteps (English) The Queen's Footsteps (Italian) Silk Dust
      New software list items marked not working (m20.xml)
      M20 Graph
  • 2023-03-03 16:46:02 bloodbrom: uncomment gfx3 gfxlayout [hap]
  • 2023-03-03 16:00:33 New working software list items [hap]
    • - ggm: Gruenfeld-S Edition: Master Chess Openings [Berger]
  • 2023-03-03 15:42:54 macquadra700.cpp: Disable side effect [AJR]
  • 2023-03-03 13:49:09 macqd700: Throttle CPU when doing SCSI pseudo-DMA to make 53C96 clock and transfer rates more realistic [AJR]
  • 2023-03-03 07:23:59 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • The Ocean Hunter (Japan, Revision A) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • 2023-03-03 04:17:36 jazz.cpp: Correct SCSI controller type [AJR]
  • 2023-03-03 03:48:28 ncr53c90: More updates [AJR]
    • - Eliminate unnecessary command length counter - In 16-bit bus mode, only enable DRQ for transferring one byte to memory when TC0 is set and config flag to save it is not - Restrict 24-bit extension of transfer counter and config4 & ID registers to NCR53CF94/96
  • 2023-03-02 22:53:39 nec/pce.cpp, hash/pce.xml, hash/pcecd.xml, hash/tg16.xml: fix main entity descriptions [angelosa]
  • 2023-03-02 19:55:31 jaleco/psychic5.cpp: Tidy up a little more. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-02 19:35:32 jaleco/psychic5.cpp: Split system-specific code into derived classes. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-02 17:39:20 vectorgraphic/vector4.cpp: Add Centronics printer support. (#10945) [Eric Anderson]
  • 2023-03-02 17:34:19 vectorgraphic/v4_kbd.cpp: Emulated Vector 4 keyboard. (#10944) [Eric Anderson]
    • vectorgraphic/vector4.cpp: Replaced high-level keyboard simulation.
  • 2023-03-02 17:28:58 seibu/bloodbro_ms.cpp: Dumped missing graphics ROMs. (#10951) [Museo del Recreativo] [ClawGrip]
  • 2023-03-02 10:18:37 Follow-up on recent additions: [Vas Crabb]
    • jaleco/psychic5.cpp: Cleaned up and modernised a little. seibu/seibuspi.cpp: Confirmed PAL type for Raiden Fighters 2. thepit/thepit.cpp: Marked new set as a licensed US version.
  • 2023-03-01 19:56:06 taito/taito_f3_v.cpp: Cleaned up code a little and got some stuff out of the global namespace. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-03-01 19:37:44 taito/taito_f3_v.cpp: Improved line clipping effects and palette for landmakr/quizhuhu. (#10920) [ywy]
  • 2023-03-01 18:28:54 ROM label updates and new dumps: [Vas Crabb]
    • dataeast/cninja: Added an early version of Mutant Fighter called Heroes. [Domenico Cervini] jaleco/psychic5.cpp: Updated ROM labels and locations for psychic5j. [Domenico Cervini] konami/nemesis.cpp: Updated ROM labels and mask numbers for lifefrce. [Domenico Cervini] seibu/seibuspi.cpp: Added cartridge PAL dumps for Raiden Fighters 2. [Domenico Cervini] thepit/thepit.cpp: Added a version of The Pit that shows a Centuri Inc copyright notice. [Domenico Cervini] util/jedparse.cpp: Fixed a bug when logging parsed fuse values, and added more useful error log messages.
      New working clones
      Heroes (World ver EM-1) [Domenico Cervini] The Pit (Centuri Inc) [Domenico Cervini]
  • 2023-03-01 18:19:26 svision/svision.cpp: split into subclasses [Ivan Vangelista]
→ NOWSZY [Arcade] DevMAME [log only] 2023/02/28 20:00
  • 2023-02-28 19:13:33 snk/hng64_3d.ipp: Use 16-bit indexed format for 3D layer buffer. (#10941) [David Haywood]
  • 2023-02-28 18:16:47 New clones marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - Flipper Football (v1.03) [Matt’s Basement Arcade, PinMAME]
      - taito/sbmjb.cpp: preliminary input work for honooinv
  • 2023-02-28 18:11:51 New working software list items [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - svision.xml: Crystball (Euro, USA, earlier) [anonymous] svision.xml: Treasure Hunter (Euro, USA, 1993) [anonymous]
      - svision.xml: corrected ROM dump for tvlink [anonymous]
      - svision/svision.cpp: dumped bezel ROM for TV Link [anonymous]
      - svision/svis_snd.cpp, svision/svision.cpp: added save state support and other small cleanups
  • 2023-02-28 17:22:48 emu/ioport.cpp: Changed config save/load behaviour for conditional fields. [Vas Crabb]
    • See GitHub #10937 for issues with current approach. Only save configuration for enabled fields. Apply loaded configuration to all matching fields.
  • 2023-02-28 16:52:31 taito/taito_f3_v.cpp: Implemented line RAM palette offset effect. (#10943) [ywy]
  • 2023-02-28 04:34:14 m68000: Re-add debugger exception hook for interrupt/trap vectors; register IR for debug state [AJR]
  • 2023-02-28 01:15:22 indiana: Improve keyboard response by limiting timeslice quanta [AJR]
  • 2023-02-27 20:47:26 sega/segaybd.cpp: Use default assignment for pdrift Gear Shift input. (#10942) [sairuk]
  • 2023-02-27 20:17:34 ui/ui.cpp: Cleaned out more leftover crud and removed debug printfs. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-27 19:53:32 feagv5: decrease quantum [hap]
  • 2023-02-27 19:16:13 osd/modules/input: Always use DirectInput with desktop window in background mode. [Vas Crabb]
    • There are multiple issues with what MAME was doing, but the most glaring is that it violates the DirectInput interface contract that requires the window associated with an open device must not be destroyed. See documentation for IDirectInputDevice8::SetCooperativeLevel: "This parameter must be a valid top-level window handle that belongs to the process. The window associated with the device must not be destroyed while it is still active in a DirectInput device."
      The previous code also prevented DirectInput controllers from working when using multiple windows if any window other than the first window had focus.
      Also fixed SDL builds not correctly recognising when all windows lose focus, and save state menu not appearing.
  • 2023-02-27 18:23:05 apple2gs.cpp: don't allow read of write-only switches, fixes MT08564 [Peter Ferrie] [Peter Ferrie]
  • 2023-02-27 18:20:52 osd/modules/input: Modernised interface for enumerating DirectInput devices. [Vas Crabb]
    • Gets rid of some state in the winhybrid joystick module that's only used during initialisation.
  • 2023-02-27 18:10:10 saitek_kso.xml: fix typo [hap]
  • 2023-02-27 18:04:19 roma16: correct rom dump [Mr. Lars] [hap]
    • New working systems - Sphinx Galaxy (v2.03) [hap, Mr. Lars]
      New working clones
      Sphinx Galaxy (v2.00) [hap, Mr. Lars] Sphinx Galaxy (v1.03) [hap, Mr. Lars]
      New working software list items - saitek_egr: Endgame ROM (ver. 1, set 2) [Mr. Lars] saitek_kso: Kasparov Selected Openings (set 2) [Mr. Lars]
  • 2023-02-27 17:59:18 rendlay: fix accumulated rounding error when drawing text [hap]
  • 2023-02-27 17:14:44 Update mess.flt [Justin Kerk]
  • 2023-02-27 15:55:30 snk/hng64_sprite.ipp: Improved sprite mosaic effect. (#10935) [David Haywood]
    • Implemented mosaic effect in Y direction. Improved transition control register use for fade effects on Buriki One jumbotron. Updated notes.
  • 2023-02-27 09:47:55 vectorgraphic/vector4.cpp: Added Vector 4 driver. (#10710) [Eric Anderson]
    • bus/s100: Added Vector Dual-Mode Disk Controller (only floppy supported for now). formats/vgi_dsk.cpp: Addec Micropolis VGI floppy disk image format.
  • 2023-02-27 09:32:15 -konami/plygonet.cpp: Install memory directly when logging is disabled (small performance improvement). [Vas Crabb]
    • -cpu/dsp56156: Use digit grouping in large integer literals.
      -apple: #include local headers first.
  • 2023-02-27 04:29:47 maciifx.cpp: Correct XTAL value and add a little trivia [AJR]
  • 2023-02-26 23:19:51 l7a1045_l6028_dsp_a.cpp: misc notes [Angelo Salese]
  • 2023-02-26 22:50:17 maciifx: fix GCC compile. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-02-26 22:47:41 maciifx: move out of mac.cpp to separate driver. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-02-26 22:17:57 imagedev/floppy.cpp: Fix build [AJR]
  • 2023-02-26 21:23:47 imagedev/floppy: Eliminate superfluous return value for load callback [AJR]
  • 2023-02-26 20:11:37 Various cleanups: [Vas Crabb]
    • cpu/dsp56156: Removed vestigial (and excessively slow) "new" execution code. apple/bandit.cpp: Got rid of unnecessary friend declaration. nintendo/n64_v.cpp: More const. Fixed a few "const qualifier has no effect" warnings.
  • 2023-02-26 20:04:11 nintendo/n64_v.cpp: Simplified N64 RDP disassembler. (#10919) [Erik]
    • Removes all snprintf and reduces duplication.
  • 2023-02-26 19:42:46 cpu/psx: Fix mistakes in last commit [AJR]
  • 2023-02-26 19:40:37 Removed local copy of SDL source and update Android build support. (#10899) [Miodrag Milanović]
    • Removed SDL2 source. Updated gradle. Updated SDL2 Java support glue code. Increased minimum supported Android API version to 24. Updated required asset files for Android app. Added proper tag for Android logging. Added SDL2 hint to make BGFX work on Android.
  • 2023-02-26 19:38:10 cpu/psx: Modernize logging in subdevices [AJR]
  • 2023-02-26 18:46:37 cpu/dsp56156: Updated string formatting code. (#10933) [Erik]
  • 2023-02-26 18:38:42 sony/news_r4k.cpp: Fixed graphics flag (unemulated rather than imperfect). (#10939) [Brice Onken]
  • 2023-02-26 18:33:32 sony/news_r3k.cpp: Flagged NWS-3410 as having unemulated graphics. (#10938) [Brice Onken]
  • 2023-02-26 18:29:41 sound/l7a1045_l6028_dsp_a.cpp: use 44'100 Hz for sound stream, disable all sounds on device_reset, QA notes [angelosa]
  • 2023-02-26 18:14:47 sony/news_r3k.cpp: Added support for the NWS-3410/ (#10476) [Brice Onken]
    • New working systems - Sony NWS-3410 [Brice Onken, Stefano Sanna]
  • 2023-02-26 16:34:43 sun3.cpp: Add preliminary (very incomplete) Am9516 UDC configuration [AJR]
  • 2023-02-26 16:05:41 midway/midyunit.cpp: fixed MT08570 [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-02-26 14:41:48 mame.lst: fix unclosed quote [angelosa]
  • 2023-02-26 13:52:34 pccard_sram: Fix write protect switch, remove unneeded function [Dirk Best]
  • 2023-02-26 10:32:40 misc/babysuprem.cpp: Now working machine (#10901) [Paul-Arnold]
    • Systems promoted to working - Baby Suprem [Paul Arnold]
  • 2023-02-26 04:53:20 apple2gs: correct scanline interrupt position relative to the screen. [R. Belmont, Peter Ferrie] [arbee]
  • 2023-02-26 03:55:26 New working software list additions [Justin Kerk]
    • - x68k_flop: Last Tempest (older)
      ibm5150.xml: Replaced disk 1 of sq2 with a fresh mfm conversion, the previous one was twice as large as necessary (40 track disk dumped as 80 track). [Justin Kerk]
  • 2023-02-26 02:02:17 Retire legacy NCR 539X emulation [AJR]
  • 2023-02-25 20:04:30 Updated Czech and Slovak UI translations. [Milan Galcik] [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-25 19:53:22 vsmile_cart.xml: Added a new UK game cartridge dump and changed ROM sizes to hexadecimal. (#10929) [ClawGrip]
    • New working software list additions - Disney's Winnie the Pooh - The Honey Hunt (UK) [apex2504]
  • 2023-02-25 19:41:30 mame.lst: Add 'sauroc' and add year to 'spirulo' (#10934) [ClawGrip]
  • 2023-02-25 19:33:56 machine/pccard.cpp, machine/pccard_sram.cpp: Added support for PCMCIA linear SRAM cards. (#10886) [Dirk Best]
    • Added callbacks for card detect, battery voltage and write protect to the PCCard interface. Added helpers to read/write data swapped (similar to the existing support in the ATA device). Add support for 2 MB and 4 MB SRAM PCMCIA models from Centennial with built-in EEPROM storage for CIS information. machine/linflash.cpp: Updated the linear Flash PCMCIA card emulation to use the new card detection support. machine/gayle.cpp: Rewrote the Amiga Gayle emulation, adding support for PCMCIA. Fixed an issue with Amiga interrupts arriving at the wrong time.
  • 2023-02-25 19:19:43 osd/sdl: Do not raise fatal error on -video auto -videodriver wayland. (#10924) [Julian Sikorski]
  • 2023-02-25 19:18:20 snk/hng64_sprite.ipp, snk/hng64_v.cpp: Improved Hyper Neo Geo 64 sprite drawing. (#10914) [David Haywood]
    • Render sprites to intermediate buffer buffer and blend when mixing (fixes sprite/sprite priorities). Implemented mesh/checkerboard fake transparency (previously sprites using this were skipped). Improved precision of sprite scaling (fixes gaps and smoothness of scale in many places). Improved floor layer rendering for buriki and fatfurwa. Added preliminary sprite mosaic effect support.
  • 2023-02-25 19:08:47 misc/rawthrillspc.cpp: Added some notes about Doodle Jump hardware. (#10925) [ClawGrip]
  • 2023-02-25 18:42:07 msx.cpp: Added layouts for displaying internal drive activity. (#10932) [wilbertpol]
  • 2023-02-25 18:21:18 tecfri/sauro.cpp: Added an "easy" version and tabulated ROM definitions. (#10931) [ClawGrip]
    • New WORKING clone
      Sauro (set 4, easier) [Jordi Beltrán, Victor Fernandez (City Game)]
  • 2023-02-25 17:18:36 osd: Moved some windows-specific stuff into osd/windows/window.{h,cpp}. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-25 16:41:37 Add dump and skeleton device for Schneider NLQ 401 Printer [unknown] [AJR]
    • tms1024.cpp: Add optional logging messages
  • 2023-02-25 09:55:26 opengl/gl_shader_mgr.cpp: Hopefully work with more GL implementations. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-25 09:53:41 misc/gameace.cpp: changed WIP descrambling code to avoid going out of bounds [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-02-25 00:51:04 render/sdlglcontext.h: Added missing override qualifier. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-24 22:32:03 osd: Fixed various OpenGL issues - fixes -nowaitvsync not working on Windows with -video opengl. [Vas Crabb]
    • Turned shader tool/shader manager into a class so multiple screens/windows don't nuke each other.
      Don't try to get supported extensions without a valid GL context with Windows OSD.
      Use per-context GL function pointers for shader manager and for all functions when using GL dispatch. Windows doesn't guarantee extension functions from one context are valid for another.
  • 2023-02-24 18:22:43 New systems marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Honoo no Invader [hammy] Hot Body (set 1) [f205v, Brian Troha, Sean Sutton, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
      New clones marked not working - Hot Body (set 2) [Guru]
  • 2023-02-24 15:26:54 osd: Fixed a corner case in XInput DJ Hero turntable handling. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-24 09:31:12 Update accumulating relative inputs exactly once per frame. [Vas Crabb]
    • This fixes "amplification" effects that would happen if the frame rate rose above 100 Hz (whether by unthrottling or otherwise).
      Synchronise with wall clock any time inputs are read. Not doing this has weird effects on relative inputs with frame skipping and contributes to unresponsiveness of menus.
      Reduce visual latency for mouse movement on menus when paused or skipping frames. The rest of the code changes to menus won't provide benefits until draw can happen after event handling.
  • 2023-02-24 09:03:52 m68000: move to sr/ccr must also update the internal flags (was preventing the Union Demo from booting) [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-02-24 07:33:05 hlsl: Fixed regression in distortion shader. [Ryan Holtz] [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-24 04:49:48 ncr53c90: Numerous fixes [AJR]
    • - Prevent recursive stepping when scsi_ctrl_changed is called in the middle of a state (most likely by HLE SCSI devices programmed to respond instantly) - Add some calls to the state machine stepping handler for non-timeout conditions that may advance it, particularly non-DMA writes to the FIFO - Always wait for FIFO to have at least one byte before sending anything - Properly interpret configuration flag for Save Residual Byte 16-bit DMA mode - Use little-endian byte order for 16-bit DMA handlers, but add alternate byte-swapping handlers for convenient use with big-endian systems - Allow 16-bit DMA handlers to access just one byte in the FIFO rather than exit MAME with an exception - Always honor timeout for selection arbitration (previously any event could short-circuit it) - Allow side effects of read handlers to be disabled for debugging
      macquadra700.cpp: Correct SCSI chip type and bus configuration mode
  • 2023-02-24 04:37:01 m68040: Reduce error logging spam for some unemulated instructions [AJR]
  • 2023-02-24 03:13:07 bandit.cpp: filled out with more info, added "Aspen" child device for Pippin. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
    • macpci.cpp: use Aspen device, update documentation. [R. Belmont]
  • 2023-02-23 21:10:56 abc806: Remove reset code that is no longer necessary [AJR]
  • 2023-02-23 21:07:32 abc806, abc1600: Use addressable latch devices [AJR]
  • 2023-02-23 19:58:14 m68000: Ensure tas rmw cycle is actually uninterruptible enough [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-02-23 19:21:09 x68k: check for dma bus error first [cracyc]
  • 2023-02-23 13:58:35 m68000gen.py: Generate the missing emu.h includes [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-02-23 13:44:06 m68000: Unexpectedly, device reset time warps? [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-02-23 13:39:12 emumem_hws: It's an u64 dumbass [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-02-22 22:04:06 emumem: Implement the passthrough handler priority ordering, fixes a number of 68000 interrupt problems. [Olivier Galibert]
    • 68000: Ensure start_interrupt_vector_lookup/end_interrupt_vector_lookup are called only once per lookup
  • 2023-02-23 03:47:34 ioport.cpp: Minor fix to error message [AJR]
  • 2023-02-22 22:52:33 msx2_cart.xml: Added serials/GTINs, and updated notes. (#10923) [wilbertpol]
  • 2023-02-22 20:33:22 osd: Cleaner way of dealing with input updates. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-22 18:18:47 bus/msx/cart/slotexpander.cpp: Add support for four-slot expander cartridges. (#10890) [wilbertpol]
    • bus/msx/cart/softcard.cpp: Fixed typo in 'Electric Software'. bus/msx/slot/ram_mm.h: Renamed m_ramio_set_bits to m_unused bits. Don't allow external memory mapper register readback to avoid conflicts with internal memory mappers.
  • 2023-02-22 17:06:34 m68000: Fix the vpa wait state, make using irq 7/NMI a little more transparent [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-02-22 16:30:51 New working systems [hap]
    • - Conchess Princhess Glasgow [Mr. Lars]
  • 2023-02-22 16:06:28 osd: Don't pump events when reading inputs. [Vas Crabb]
    • This was a drain on performance. If anything is trying to poll inputs in a loop, it needs to call input_update() to ensure it gets up-to-date state.
  • 2023-02-22 15:30:56 falcon: Fix roms [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-02-22 15:30:32 x68000: Correct bus error generation in the non-musashi case [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-02-22 11:31:45 atarist: Remove the bullshit bad dumps 'cause they're bullshit [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-02-13 09:52:56 machine/amigafdc.cpp: simplify dsksync behaviour, makes swordsod and itcame to boot without hacks at very least (#10895) [Angelo Salese]
  • 2023-02-05 16:48:15 scc68070: Revert to use musashi for now, it's very much not a traditional 68000. [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-01-30 09:08:52 gaelco: Fix screen decryption (not that happy with the fix though) [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-01-30 08:54:26 m68000: Properly acknowledge interrupts when no mixer is present [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-01-29 19:22:07 emumem: Fix delegates on delay methods [Olivier Galibert]
    • m68000: Fix the vpa timings mac128: Use vpa for the via
  • 2023-01-19 16:34:31 stvideo: appease listxml by protecting the setting with has_screen [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-01-19 13:56:37 m68000: Correct when interrupt testing happens, fixes stop [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-01-18 20:30:12 dragonball: avoid a collision between the internal status register and the interrupt status register [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-01-18 19:19:05 m68000: Correct over, it was losing the offset [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-02-21 22:40:09 Merge branch 'release0252' into mainline-master [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-21 18:59:53 Bump version to 0.252 [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-21 18:45:21 nmk/nmk16.cpp: reverted my previous note update as it is incorrect as is. Better, correct note updates will be committed at a later date. [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-02-21 16:21:24 Updated Greek UI translation (#10921) [BraiNKilleRGR]
  • 2023-02-21 16:19:10 New systems marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Shimura Ken no Bakatono-sama Ooedomatsuri [hammy] Sweetheart [Recreativos Piscis]
  • 2023-02-20 23:23:45 Fix building with gcc-13 (#10917) [Julian Sikorski]
  • 2023-02-20 22:37:42 arm7: Clean up various code using util::sext and multiply inlines [AJR]
    • mb86235: One more use of util::sext
  • 2023-02-20 21:40:45 992board.cpp: More logging cleanup [AJR]
  • 2023-02-20 21:09:59 gba_lcd.cpp, gf4500.cpp: Clean up error logging code and some macro usage [AJR]
  • 2023-02-20 19:56:35 Merge remote-tracking branch 'mainline/release0252' into mainline-master [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-20 19:56:12 osd: Removed support for SDL < 2.0.6; apple/apple2video.cpp: Code style cleanups. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-20 18:49:32 apple/apple2video.cpp: Use real fall-through attribute. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-20 15:04:41 chessking_cart.xml: Use better short name for cartridge, too. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-20 14:54:14 sgi_mips.xml: Explicitly mark demos requiring Onyx2 as unsupported. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-20 14:24:17 New working clones [hap]
    • Kasparov Turbostar 432 (set 2) [Mr. Lars]
  • 2023-02-20 07:29:29 - Documentation updated [Brian Troha] [Ivan Vangelista]
    • misc./cave.cpp: Corrected ROM labels for Puzzle UO Poko sets midway/midtunit.cpp: Corrected and documented NBA JAM sound ROMs. sega/model3.cpp: Added Sega ROM board ID# for Virtua Fighter 3 Team Battle
      - seta/jclub2.cpp: added some notes and updated release year for jclub2bl
  • 2023-02-19 20:07:37 Merge branch 'release0252' into mainline-master [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-19 20:01:30 chessking_cart.xml: Corrected cartridge title. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-19 18:24:34 Reduced usage of sprintf. (#10892) [Erik]
  • 2023-02-19 17:28:46 Correct validation issues. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-02-19 17:23:46 nes.xml: New software list items marked not working (#10778) [David 'Foxhack' Silva]
    • New software list items marked not working (nes.xml)
      Battletoads (Brazil, Conector pirate) [chirinea]
      Update nes.xml
      btoadsbrc: Demoted to not supported, fixed name
  • 2023-02-19 10:41:02 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Jockey Club II (USA v4.00, bootleg) [hammy]
  • 2023-02-19 09:47:46 pinball/ltd.cpp: redumped spcpoker [João Pedras, João Carneiro, PinMAME] [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-02-19 09:26:20 Updated Japanese UI translation (Analog Input etc.). (#10912) [k2-git]
  • 2023-02-19 04:42:33 Fix compile. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-02-19 03:22:49 macpci.cpp: Reworked to modern Mac PCI standards. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
    • bandit.cpp: First attempt at the "Bandit" 60x/PCI host bridge. [R. Belmont]
      heathrow.cpp: Added extremely preliminary support for the predecessor "Grand Central" and "O'Hare" devices. [R. Belmont]
  • 2023-02-18 18:37:35 3rdparty/bimg: Try to keep all the builds working. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-18 18:20:48 3rdparty/bimg: Disable SSE on 32-bit x86 - it assumes x86-64 integer ALU is available when using SSE. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-18 17:28:47 srcclean and bump copyright date on language files to 2023 [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-18 17:21:22 c64_flop_misc.xml, c64_flop_orig.xml: Use full country names in descriptions. (#10911) [ArcadeShadow]
  • 2023-02-18 17:07:06 amiga_workbench.xml: Added various Workbench dumps for version 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2. Add list of known part numbers. [Dirk Best]
    • New working software list items - Workbench 1.0 [TOSEC] Workbench 1.1 [TOSEC, Dirk Best] Workbench 1.2 Rev. 33.56 A500/A2000 [fsck.technology] Workbench 1.2 Rev. 33.56 A500 [TOSEC] Workbench 1.2 Rev. 33.56 A500 (UK) (Extras disk only) [TOSEC] Workbench 1.2 Rev. 33.56 A500 (De) (Extras disk only) [TOSEC] Workbench 1.2 Rev. 33.56 A2000 (Extras disk only) [TOSEC] Workbench 1.2 Rev. 33.56 A2000 (De) [TOSEC] Workbench 1.2 Rev. 33.61 A500/A2000 [dackerman/archive.org]
  • 2023-02-18 17:12:39 amiga_demos.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions. (#10910) [ArcadeShadow]
  • 2023-02-18 17:03:29 Updated Ukrainian UI translation (#10908) [StanleyKid-22]
  • 2023-02-18 16:41:24 snk/hng64_v.cpp: Implemented some missing Hyper NeoGeo 64 video features. (#10905) [David Haywood]
    • Enabled additive blending in certain situations where it improves the visuals. Prevent background colour flickering in sams64/sams64_2 due to using wrong register bit. Added mosaic effect for tilemaps. Cleaned up code.
  • 2023-02-18 16:21:17 msx2_flop.xml: Removed obvious cartridge-to-floppy conversions. (#10909) [wilbertpol]
  • 2023-02-18 16:20:11 msx2_cart.xml: Use hexadecimal sizes, and remove offset="0" attributes on single ROMs. (#10907) [wilbertpol]
  • 2023-02-18 13:49:31 New working clones [hap]
    • Elegance Chess Challenger (model AS12, set 2) [Mr.Lars]
  • 2023-02-18 07:46:42 msx2_cass.xml: Update note and serials. Removed redlight and renamed redlighta to redlight. (#10906) [wilbertpol]
  • 2023-02-18 05:22:12 isa/np600.cpp: Small comment update [AJR]
  • 2023-02-18 00:32:45 sega/naomi.cpp: dumped missing data ROM from hotd2p set [zozo, rtw] [MetalliC]
  • 2023-02-18 00:24:30 sega/naomi.cpp: dumped data ROMs from virnbap set [zozo, rtw, MetalliC] [MetalliC]
  • 2023-02-17 20:18:45 Input refactoring: [Vas Crabb]
    • osd/modules/input, emu/inpttype.cpp: Made most default joystick assignments supplied by input modules. Input modules take available controls into consideration when generating default assignments.
      emu/inpttype.ipp: Added a separate "Back" UI input separate from Cancel. You may want an easier to hit combination for moving to the previous menu than for exiting or cancelling input. They both default to Escape.
      emu/inpttype.ipp: Added a UI Help control. Currently only used by analog inputs menu
      emu/inpttype.h: Moved I/O port field type enum to its own header and sorted UI controls so they appear in a more logical order.
      ui: Don't use UI Select to restore defaults - people should be getting used to the UI Clear input by now. UI Select cycles multi-value items instead.
      ui/inputmap.cpp: Don't use immediate cancel to cycle between clearing and restoring default assignment (use UI Clear instead).
      osd: Reduced the number of files needing to include the dreaded emu.h. Got some implementation out of headers.
  • 2023-02-17 03:59:25 isa/np600: Guess functions of various things [AJR]
  • 2023-02-17 03:36:26 cuda.cpp: fixed error in I2C comms. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
    • dimm_spd.cpp: cleanup and save states. [R. Belmont]
      mpc106.cpp: cleanup and save states. [R. Belmont]
  • 2023-02-17 02:19:51 image_handler.cpp: Eliminate use of sprintf for error messages [AJR]
  • 2023-02-17 02:08:15 regrep.cpp: Code cleanup [AJR]
    • - Eliminate use of sprintf to construct temporary strings - Pass string views instead of string references wherever convenient - Use util::path_concat for building paths
  • 2023-02-16 21:54:04 nes zapper: improve trigger, put bandai lightgun in its own file [hap]
  • 2023-02-16 20:26:00 New working clones [hap]
    • Elegance Chess Challenger (model AS12, set 1) [Berger]
  • 2023-02-16 17:26:31 misc/gfamily.cpp: Replaced gmfamily hard disk image with a correctly created CHD. (#10904) [Recreativas.org] [ClawGrip]
  • 2023-02-16 04:08:09 imacg3.cpp, powermacg3.cpp: added Cuda, MacADB, and DIMM serial presence detect readback. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
    • mpc106.cpp: fixed endianness of register access, hooked up RAM, made compatible with RAM device. [R. Belmont]
      cuda.cpp: Added I2C I/O hookups. [R. Belmont]
      heathrow.cpp: Hack for unknown register that imac was stuck on. [R. Belmont]
      dimm_spd.cpp: New device that provides a configurable DIMM serial presence detect readback for I2C or SMBus. [R. Belmont]
  • 2023-02-15 21:48:57 msx2_cart.xml: Fix incorrect sha1s on msxdos2 floppy images. (#10902) [wilbertpol]
  • 2023-02-15 20:47:24 source org: move m79amb to ramtek folder [hap]
  • 2023-02-15 16:53:35 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Swords of Fury (LG-2) Germany [Matt's Basement Arcade, PinMAME]
  • 2023-02-14 23:14:54 new NOT_WORKING clone [MetalliC]
    • - Soreike! Anpanman Popcorn Koujou 2 (Rev A) [zozo]
  • 2023-02-14 20:51:26 spectrum_cass.xml: Added twelve working items and replaced one item with a better dump. (#10812) [ArcadeShadow]
    • Also corrected parent/cloneof relationships, publishers, release years (based on the info provided by spectrumcomputing.co.uk).
      New working software list additions (spectrum_cass.xml)
      A Global Games Adventure [Luís Rato, Planeta Sinclair] Critical Mass [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Critical Mass (Erbe, medium case) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Gricko [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Mithos (small cardboard case) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Shake! (issue 03) [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] Shake! (issue 09) [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] Sinclair User (Issue 133) [spectrumcomputing.co.uk] Sinclair User Club (Issue 03) [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] Sinclair User Club (Issue 04) [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] The Snow Queen (alt) [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair] The Squirrel's Nuts [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair]
      Redump (spectrum_cass.xml)
      Mix And Match With Maggie [Luís Rato, Planeta Sinclair]
  • 2023-02-14 20:46:23 ibm5150.xml: Added thirteen items (twelve working). (#10837) [ArcadeShadow]
    • New working software list additions (ibm5150)
      BC's Quest for Tires [Total DOS Collection] Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday [The Good Old Days] Fire Power [The Good Old Days] Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards (3.5") [Total DOS Collection] Manhattan Dealers (Europe, The 16-bit Pocket Power Collection release) [old-games.ru] Prehistorik [Total DOS Collection] Ski or Die [Total DOS Collection] Space 1889 [The Good Old Days] Super Ski (5.25") [old-games.ru] Super Ski (3.5", alt) [The Good Old Days] Super Ski (3.5", alt 2) [old-games.ru] The Cycles: International Grand Prix Racing (5.25") [abandonsocios.org]
      New NOT working software list addition (ibm5150)
      Bubble Bobble (5.25") [Total DOS Collection]
  • 2023-02-14 20:44:07 bus/ata/atahle.cpp: Reset error state on writing CS0 command. (#10869) [holub]
    • Also added constants for standby commands (not implemented yet).
  • 2023-02-14 20:08:22 ibm5170.xml: Added eleven working items. (#10894) [ArcadeShadow]
    • New working software list additions (ibm5170)
      Fables & Fiends - Book One: The Legend of Kyrandia (Germany, v1.8, 5.25") [DFXThomas, archive.org] Formula One Grand Prix (Spain, v1.05) [abandonsocios.org] Jeweler's Dilemma (3.5" DD) [ibmpc5150, archive.org] Jeweler's Dilemma (5.25" HD) [ibmpc5150, archive.org] Lotus - The Ultimate Challenge (Spain, Maxi Juegos Erbe №3) [abandonsocios.org] Operation Stealth (Spain, Maxi Juegos Erbe №14) [abandonsocios.org] Star Control 2 [The Good Old Days] Shadowlands (UK) [ibmpc5150, archive.org] Shadowlands (USA) [The Good Old Days] Shadowlands (USA, 5.25") [The Good Old Days] The Lemmings Chronicles (USA) [ibmpc5150, archive.org]
  • 2023-02-14 20:04:14 misxplaycenter.cpp: Just use suffixes for clone names. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-14 20:03:13 misc/rawthrillspc.cpp: Dumped and recovery DVD for a new Raw Thrills PC-based arcade game. (#10882) [ClawGrip]
    • No hard disk dump, only recovery DVD is present as a placeholder for now.
      New systems marked not working - Doodle Jump Arcade (v1.16) [jordigahan, Museo del Recreativo]
  • 2023-02-14 20:00:02 misc/playcenter.cpp: Replaced current plycntrchtr hard disk dump with a restore image and added two clones. (#10897) [ClawGrip]
    • New clones marked not working - PlayCenter Champions Tournament (v9.3, 'K6' hardware) [Recreativas.org] PlayCenter Champions Tournament (v9.3, 'Celeron' hardware) [Recreativas.org]
  • 2023-02-14 19:43:08 toaplan/toaplan2.cpp: Split up driver state class by hardware features. (#10884) [cam900]
  • 2023-02-14 19:36:20 snk/hng64.cpp: Generate X offsets at compile time. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-14 19:31:20 misc/neomania.cpp: Replaced neomania hard disk image with an official restore image. (#10900) [Recreativas.org] [ClawGrip]
  • 2023-02-14 19:29:14 bus/msx/cart/msxdos2.cpp: Added full MSX-DOS2 support. (#10893) [wilbertpol]
    • New working software list items (msx1_cart.xml)
      Japanese MSX-DOS 2.20 (Japan, 256KB) Japanese MSX-DOS 2.20 (Japan, 256KB, alt) Japanese MSX-DOS 2.20 (Japan, 256KB, alt 2) Japanese MSX-DOS 2.20 (Japan, 128KB) Japanese MSX-DOS 2.20 (Japan) MSX-DOS 2.20 (Europe)
  • 2023-02-14 19:23:22 bus/msx/cart/ram.cpp: Added RAM expansion cartridges. (#10888) [wilbertpol]
  • 2023-02-14 19:04:05 snk/hng64_v.cpp: Improved rendering: (#10891) [David Haywood]
    • Filter out most (but not all) the bad polygons in roadedge/xrally by handling display list more correctly. Fixed 4bpp texture handling (used extensively for background details on sams64/sams64_2). Added 4bpp texture decode for easy viewing of the 4bpp texture pages. Fixed some texture palette issues connected to the 4bpp textures and incorrect enable bits being used (wheels and windscreen palette in racing games for example). Found a flag that seems to enable backface culling, improves bbust2 school bus without breaking roadedge. Cleaned up logging.
  • 2023-02-14 18:07:07 atari/klax.cpp, atari/liberatr.cpp, atari/metalmx.cpp, atari/nitedrvr.cpp: consolidated drivers in single files [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-02-14 15:33:27 New working clones [hap]
    • SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter (World) [IAMAMAZING100]
  • 2023-02-14 15:10:33 nsnova, scorpio68, supremo: small tweak to internal artwork [hap]
  • 2023-02-14 15:09:44 New working clones [hap]
    • T.T Spacian Part-2 [anonymous]
  • 2023-02-13 22:16:43 misc/megaphx.cpp: Fix typo on xtal frequency on ASCII PCB schematic (#10898) [ClawGrip]
  • 2023-02-13 17:03:36 atariofftwall.cpp, atariorbit.cpp, ataripoolshrk.cpp, atarirampart.cpp, atarirelief.cpp, atarishuuz.cpp, atariskullxbo.cpp: consolidated drivers in single files [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-02-13 09:35:31 ncr53c90: trigger function complete interrupt on disable selection command [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-02-13 09:33:51 tp881v: update notes [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-02-13 09:32:29 mc88200: improve initial mapping logic [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-02-13 01:49:31 d88_dsk.cpp, dsk_dsk.cpp: Mitigate against rot in legacy floppy code [AJR]
  • 2023-02-13 01:15:55 xmlfile.cpp: Replace implementation of normalize_string with similar one in infoxml.cpp that returns a new std::string instead of a static buffer [AJR]
  • 2023-02-13 01:00:40 validity.cpp: Be a bit more paranoid with null pointer checks; also disallow empty strings in BIOS definitions [AJR]
  • 2023-02-12 22:44:02 thedealr: Identify memory reset input as such [AJR]
  • 2023-02-12 21:36:45 debughlp.cpp: Use ovectorstream instead of static char array and sprintf [AJR]
  • 2023-02-12 21:19:29 - sega/model2.cpp: Added Sega game ID # and ROM board ID # for Daytona USA (Revision A) [Brian Troha] [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - dataeast/scregg.cpp: Corrected ROM labels for Eggs (USA) and documented BPROM type [Brian Troha]
  • 2023-02-12 18:32:08 m20: fix vram [cracyc]
  • 2023-02-12 16:16:36 New working software list items [Dirk Best]
    • - amiga_workbench: Workbench 1.3.3 (UK) [fsck.technology]
      Also rename Workbench entries from wbenc to the much more common wb*
  • 2023-02-12 08:42:43 atari/skydiver.cpp, atari/sprint4_a.h: a couple more cleanups [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-02-12 02:26:01 i386: add fxsave and fxstor [cracyc]
  • 2023-02-12 01:38:34 unzip.cpp: Minor logging improvement [AJR]
  • 2023-02-11 22:33:55 msx1_cart.xml: If one ROM in an area needs a loading offset, put an offset on all ROMs in the area. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-11 22:24:12 msx1_cart.xml: Hexadecimal sizes, explicitly configure loading for smaller images, add information and usage notes. (#10883) [wilbertpol]
    • Use hexadecimal sizes. Added a feature to explicitly indicate where in memory cartridges without mappers should be loaded. Updated serial, isbn, gtin, and usage notes. Updated versions in Arabic releases and added Arabic alt_titles.
  • 2023-02-11 19:07:13 -osd/windows/winutil.cpp: Better way to get module handle. [Vas Crabb]
    • This was leftover support for Windows 2000 and earlier that hadn't been cleaned up.
      -atari: Don't forget your #include guards!
  • 2023-02-11 19:06:59 -machine/ncr53c90.cpp: Fixed issues with DMA transfers. (#10870) [987123879113]
    • Also added NCR53CF96 device as an alias.
      -nscsi/cd.cpp: Handle larger INQUIRY sizes (Solaris 2.6 requests 48 bytes).
  • 2023-02-11 14:29:27 capcom/tigeroad.cpp: verified ROMs/PROM dumps, dumped PLDs, corrected clocks and ROM labels for pushman [f205v] [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-02-11 12:48:21 amstrad.cpp: palette fix (MT08506) (#10887) [holub]
  • 2023-02-11 12:41:51 the other usgames: add "corporation" to companyname [hap]
  • 2023-02-11 09:22:44 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Ms. Pac-Man ('Made in Greece' Enavi bootleg) [H4M573R]
  • 2023-02-11 01:16:32 usgames: add "inc" to companyname [hap]
  • 2023-02-10 23:50:03 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Games V25.1 [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
      - misc/usgames.cpp: Identified the Play and the Cancel buttons [Brian Troha]
  • 2023-02-10 23:30:25 atari/skydiver.cpp, atari/skyraid.cpp, atari/sprint2.cpp, atari/sprint8.cpp, atari/starshp1.cpp, atari/subs.cpp, atari/tank8.cpp, atari/thunderj.cpp: consolidated drivers in single files [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Diffstat
  • 2023-02-09 19:14:55 z8000: fix m20 word io writes [cracyc]
  • 2023-02-09 18:05:45 atari/toobin.cpp, atari/triplhnt.cpp, atari/tunhunt.cpp. atari/videopin.cpp: consolidated drivers in single files [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-02-09 08:43:32 Revert "i8255: update interrupt state with acknowledge/strobe inputs" [Patrick Mackinlay]
    • This reverts commit 80e0114cc49d561f384c75473e65f1ab7cd42ee8.
  • 2023-02-08 20:17:46 regence: add power-off nmi [hap]
  • 2023-02-08 18:04:18 atari/ultratnk.cpp, atari/vindictr.cpp, atari/xybots.cpp: consolidated drivers in single files [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-02-08 15:55:55 bus/nabupc: Added hard disk controller card. (#10880) [Brian Johnson]
  • 2023-02-08 15:47:40 Miscellaneous cleanup: [Vas Crabb]
    • Got rid of a few more unnecessary uses of simple_list. bus/amiga/zorro: Got rid of a pointer member that would make adding save state support unnecessarily difficult. nichibutsu/cop01.cpp: Remove need to remove devices from machine config.
  • 2023-02-08 15:39:43 megaphx.cpp: Added ASCII PCB diagrams and placeholders for PLDs on YoYo Spell. (#10881) [ClawGrip]
  • 2023-02-08 12:40:24 New systems marked not working [Patrick Mackinlay]
    • Tadpole Technology TP881V [Plamen Mihaylov]
  • 2023-02-08 00:24:35 New working software list items [hap]
    • - ggm: Gruenfeld Edition: Master Chess Openings, Odin Edition: Master Reversi [Berger]
  • 2023-02-07 20:06:58 misc/nabupc.cpp: Add three additional BIOS options. (#10877) [Brian Johnson]
    • Two 4K ROMs (ver 14 and ver 17), which support floppy and hard disk booting. One new 8K ROM (ver 29), which supports floppy and hard disk booting.
  • 2023-02-07 19:48:35 - nichibutsu/clshroad.cpp, nichibutsu/cop01.cpp, nichibutsu/magmax.cpp, nichibutsu/seicross.cpp: consolidated drivers in single files [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - misc drivers: used standard ROM loading macros
  • 2023-02-07 06:16:04 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Find Out (Version 4.04, set 2) [f205v, The Dumping Union]
  • 2023-02-07 04:30:47 m3002: Fix leap year determination [AJR]
  • 2023-02-07 04:30:30 rtc9701: Use device_rtc_interface for system time acquisition [AJR]
  • 2023-02-06 17:40:35 Fixed VIA_IFR write (#10875) [Massimiliano Zattera]
    • These 3 datasheets:
      http://archive.6502.org/datasheets/mos_6522_preliminary_nov_1977.pdf http://archive.6502.org/datasheets/synertek_sy6522_via_1978_jan.pdf http://archive.6502.org/datasheets/rockwell_r6522_via.pdf
      state that:
      The IFR bit 7 is not a flag. Therefore, this bit is not directly cleared by writing a logic 1 into it. It can only be cleared by clearing all the flags in the register or by disabling all the active interrupts as discussed in the next section.
      but this is what current code does. If more updated datasheets are available, please share the links.
  • 2023-02-06 16:35:19 galaxian/galaxian.cpp: Dumped and added a new Spanish Moon Cresta bootleg. (#10876) [ClawGrip]
    • Not working due to failing program ROM.
      New NOT_WORKING clone
      Mutacion (Explomatic Spanish Moon Cresta bootleg) [Recreativas.org]
  • 2023-02-06 16:29:31 misc/opercoin.cpp: Dumped and added an Oper Coin slot machine. (#10874) [ClawGrip]
    • New NOT_WORKING machine - Super Pirulo [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
  • 2023-02-06 16:00:39 i386: emms should trap too [cracyc]
  • 2023-02-06 06:11:37 3c505: avoid excessive 82586 resets [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-02-06 06:09:46 am9516: start dma cycle after chain on hardware request [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-02-05 23:02:46 ibm5170_cdrom.xml: 25 New working software list additions (#10871) [ArcadeShadow]
    • Alien Incident (Europe, v1.01) [redump.org] Alone in the Dark (Europe) [redump.org] Alone in the Dark (Europe, rev. 1) [redump.org] Alone in the Dark (Europe, Pay as You Play version, CD-ROM User) [redump.org] Alone in the Dark (Europe, Pay as You Play version, PC Power) [redump.org] Alone in the Dark 2 (Europe) [redump.org] Alone in the Dark 2 (Europe, English only) [redump.org] Alone in the Dark 2 (France) [redump.org] Beneath a Steel Sky (USA, Slash release) [redump.org] Epic Pinball (Europe, Romware release) [redump.org] Epic Pinball (USA, Mail Order release) [redump.org] Formula One Grand Prix (Netherlands) [archive.org] Gobliiins (Italy, Collezione Cd-Rom) [redump.org] Gobliiins (USA, Sierra Originals release) [redump.org] Goblins 3 (Europe, Sierra Originals release) [redump.org] Goblins 3 (Italy, Collezione Cd-Rom) [redump.org] Gods (Europe) [redump.org] Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Europe) [redump.org] Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards (USA, SierraOriginals release) [redump.org] PC Rally (Europe) [redump.org] Prince of Persia 2 - The Shadow and the Flame (France) [redump.org] Pyrotechnica (USA) [redump.org] Soccer Kid (Europe) [redump.org] Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego? (USA, Deluxe Edition) [redump.org] Wrath of the Demon (USA) [redump.org]
  • 2023-02-05 21:51:29 cpu/arcompact: Cleanup: [Vas Crabb]
    • Moved common instruction field accessors used by the CPU core and disassembler to a shared base class and made them constexpr. Got the inline member functions bodies file out of the public CPU header so they aren't pulled in by everything using it. Got most of the disassembler handler declarations out of the public header so they can be changed withut excessive recompiling.
  • 2023-02-05 19:15:25 -cpu/arcompact: Rewrote core. (#10808) [David Haywood]
    • Split into files by opcode encode type/group. Refactored out macros. Added additional opcodes. Added interrupt logic. Added stub handlers for used but unknown opcodes.
      -leapfrog/leapster.cpp updates: Put some data uploaded by the leapster BIOS somewhere for debugging purposes. Removed a read handler that was only there because of previous bad handling. Noted some used Leapster side addresses.
  • 2023-02-05 09:09:53 Add apple/imacg3.cpp and apple/powermacg3.cpp to mess.flt [Justin Kerk]
  • 2023-02-05 02:51:04 f1gp: added notes on link mode and banners (#10609) [FMecha]
  • 2023-02-04 21:57:09 xtal.cpp: Update notes [AJR]
  • 2023-02-04 21:44:25 New machines added as NOT_WORKING [arbee]
    • - Power Macintosh G3 [R. Belmont] iMac (Bondi blue) [R. Belmont, Guru]
  • 2023-02-04 20:58:30 macquadra700.cpp: Minor updates to the 53CF94 SCSI hookup. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-02-04 20:25:49 namcos12: fgtlayer romdump had 1 bad bit [hap]
  • 2023-02-04 20:22:34 namcos12: correct soulclbr region [hap]
  • 2023-02-04 18:50:30 Small batch of input refactoring: [Vas Crabb]
    • emu/input.cpp: Fixed regression in display of some joystick inputs.
      osd/interface: Split up interface classes into a few more files to reduce where the input device interface class needs to be included. Made OSD independent of concrete input_device class.
      osd/modules/input, emu/inputdev.cpp, emu/ioport.cpp: Allow input devices to provide tokens for controls without standard item types and additional default input assignments. Fixes issues assigning Yen and Backslash on Japanese keyboards.
      ui/textbox.cpp: Added a fixed-content text box menu class for future use.
      Got main.h out of emu.h as it’s only used in a very small number of places, mostly for getting the application name. Added eminline.h to attotime.h as it's used without emu.h. Cleaned up forward declarations in emufwd.h a little.
  • 2023-02-04 17:26:00 i386: nm fault if ts is set [cracyc]
  • 2023-01-24 04:10:36 i386: don't change x87 stack pointer until after memory access in case of a page fault [cracyc]
  • 2023-02-04 08:40:59 Miscellaneous fixup: [Vas Crabb]
    • video/i82730.cpp: Fixed misguided "fix" that broke category-based logging. bus/macpds, bus/nubus: Eliminated use of simple_list. konami/k053246_k053247_k055673.cpp: Moved assert to work around Konami GX games failing to start - the code is still dodgy.
  • 2023-02-04 04:45:10 another Clang fix [nw] [Peter Ferrie]
  • 2023-02-04 04:01:15 RTC interface updates [AJR]
    • - dp8573, mc146818, mm58274c, rtc65271, s3520cf, smpc, timekpr: Use device_rtc_interface to acquire base time - device_rtc_interface: Add machine configuration option for synchronizing to UTC instead of local time (was previously only an option for mc146818, and always enabled for dp8573) - mc146818: Eliminate the set_binary_time configuration parameter - mm58274c: Correct operator precedence in calculating m_clk_set; allow disabling side effects of status read
  • 2023-02-04 03:43:43 fix Clang compile [nw] [Peter Ferrie]
  • 2023-02-04 02:14:08 mc88200.cpp: More clang fixes [AJR]
  • 2023-02-03 19:13:35 bus/vme/vme_mvme327a.cpp: Fixed clang build (unused lambda capture). [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-03 19:06:40 osd/modules/render/draw13.cpp: Fixed leaked/double freed texture data. [Vas Crabb]
    • The texture malloc's its own storage if the copy info doesn't have the passthrough flag set - the test was reversed.
  • 2023-02-03 18:54:48 osd/render/draw13.cpp: Got rid of a simple_list. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-03 18:08:04 ap_dsk35.cpp: enable 1.44Mb dc42 images [Peter Ferrie] [Peter Ferrie]
  • 2023-02-03 18:05:24 New working clones [hap]
    • Tekken 3 (World, TET2/VER.C) [Guru, Heihachi_73]
  • 2023-02-03 17:25:01 Cleaned up some recent changes. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-03 11:09:36 mc88200: appease clang [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-02-03 08:46:55 sys1121: add some new motorola cards [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-02-03 08:44:53 New systems marked not working [Patrick Mackinlay]
    • Motorola MVME327A [Bitsavers]
  • 2023-02-03 08:37:49 New systems marked not working [Patrick Mackinlay]
    • Motorola MVME181 [Plamen Mihaylov]
  • 2023-02-03 08:28:38 mvme180: add cmmu [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-02-03 08:23:49 m88000: add basic cmmu support [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-02-03 08:15:19 mc88200: new device [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-02-03 08:02:45 docs: Added an introduction to the input system for developers. [Vas Crabb]
    • emu/ioport.cpp: Removed a long-outdated comment that is now rather misleading.
  • 2023-02-03 06:17:37 BGFX: Check window manager type returned by SDL. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-03 06:02:06 ncr53c90: better guess at sequence logic for macqd700 [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-02-03 04:52:18 upd7810.cpp: Fix clang error: shifting a negative signed value is undefined [-Werror,-Wshift-negative-value] [AJR]
  • 2023-02-02 23:13:27 New working clones [hap]
    • Tekken 2 (US, TES3/VER.A) [Guru]
  • 2023-02-02 22:36:23 Fix upd7810 serial input failing to detect the start bit of the next byte if there are zero serial idle state bits sent between the serial bytes to the upd7810 receive line. [Lord Nightmare] [Lord-Nightmare]
  • 2023-02-02 18:27:40 docs: Clarified documentation of input options. [Vas Crabb]
    • Made explanation of interaction between device class enable options (-[no]mouse, -[no]joystick, -[no]lightgun) and automatic device class enable options (-*_device) more explicit. Also documented that -mouse_device mouse is set by default in both relevant places.
      Provided a better explanation of the purpose of -dual_lightgun.
  • 2023-02-02 18:20:03 nichibutsu/hyhoo.cpp, nichibutsu/pastleg.cpp: consolidated drivers in single files [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-02-02 17:19:53 tools/ldresample.cpp: Don't try to allocate a 1MB object on the stack (fixed GitHub #7722). [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-02 16:59:18 osd: Don't swallow text input with -keyboardprovider win32 (addresses GitHub #7911). [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-02 16:03:54 nichibutsu/terracre.cpp: Labelled amazon debug controls (see GitHub #9697). [atrac17, Vas Crabb] [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-02 15:27:31 sanritsu/jantotsu.cpp: fix SN76489A clock (#10863) [negunma]
    • sanritsu/jantotsu.cpp: Correct SN76489A clocks to match reference video
  • 2023-02-02 08:30:29 render/drawd3d.cpp: Fixed prescaling without HLSL - WRL COM pointer has some surprises. [Vas Crabb]
    • Also added some additional error checking.
  • 2023-02-01 23:59:33 Systems promoted to working [hap]
    • - Computer Othello [hap]
  • 2023-02-01 23:31:48 cothello: add coin handling and sound [hap]
  • 2023-02-01 20:07:25 cothello: add buttons [hap]
  • 2023-02-01 19:31:13 cothello: add notes [hap]
  • 2023-02-01 19:21:01 bgfx: Refined configuration handling: [Vas Crabb]
    • Sort screen chains by none, default, then collation order (rather than whatever order the filesystem yields). Correctly persist settings across fullscreen toggle when explicit screen chains are configured. If chains are specified for a single window only, apply them to all windows. Treat empty string for screen chain as "default" rather than crashing. Changed default setting for bgfx_screen_chains to an empty string so chain selection will be saved/restored per system with mame.ini file created by -cc with no other settings.
  • 2023-02-01 19:25:41 misc/discoboy.cpp: Added clone DJ Girl (#10865) [David Haywood]
    • New working clones - DJ Girl (Promat license) [Buenrip, Recreativas.org]
  • 2023-02-01 18:00:33 - vsystem/crshrace.cpp, vsystem/f1gp.cpp, vsystem/taotaido.cpp: consolidated drivers in single files [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - mame/*: further updated #ifndef guards to the current tree structure
  • 2023-02-01 17:41:15 osd/windows/window.cpp: Allow BGFX to bounce cleanly when toggling fullscreen on Windows with multiple output screens/windows. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-01 17:23:36 osd: Fixed BGFX crash on toggling fullscreen on Linux. [Vas Crabb]
    • Also fixed draw13.cpp upsetting older versions of clang.
  • 2023-02-01 15:56:16 New working systems [hap]
    • - Saturn: Space Fighter 3D [Dillweed, SNESNESCUBE64]
  • 2023-02-01 15:06:19 Updated Chinese UI translations. [YuiFAN] [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-01 14:43:13 render/bgfx: Fixed texture object lifecycle issues. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-01 13:27:49 New systems marked not working [hap]
    • Computer Othello [hap, Dillweed, SNESNESCUBE64]
  • 2023-02-01 08:25:59 softfloat: de-conflict include guards [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-02-01 07:30:24 font_sdl: better fix for variable-length array [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-02-01 07:19:55 font_sdl: avoid variable-length array [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-02-01 06:12:58 Use EQUIVALENT_ARRAY to avoid issues with std::size on member arrays, enable warnings for VLAs in C++. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-02-01 04:00:25 osd/tools: msvc fixes [Patrick Mackinlay]
    • xinput.h depends on windows.h avoid use of non-standard variable-length arrays
  • 2023-02-01 00:53:58 ncr53c90: updates [R. Belmont] [arbee]
    • - Transfer counter semantics were incorrect for async mode - DRQ wasn't updated after all operations that could change it
      Mac Quadra 700 now gets to "Welcome to Macintosh" from HDD, and SPARCStation-1 can still boot Solaris.
→ NOWSZY [Arcade] DevMAME [log only] 2023/01/31 20:00
  • 2023-01-31 18:26:17 Implemented probe for D3D module to detect lack of D3D9 sooner. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-31 18:07:43 mame/v*-z*: put drivers in anonymous namespaces where applicable, updated #ifndef guards to the current tree structure [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-01-29 20:23:19 osd: Turned video modules into actual modules, fixed various issues. [Vas Crabb]
    • Don't ignore the return status of OSD module initialisation. Attempt to fall back to an alternate module if the selected module fails to initialise. Log more useful diagnostic information at verbose level.
      Fixed BGFX crash on exit after toggling fullscreen. Also persist more settings than just the selected chains across toggling fullscreen.
      Turned video modules into OSD modules in the same sense as all the other OSD modules. They now use the same selection/fallback mechanism as all the other modules without special extra code in the OSD implementations.
      Untangled some object ownership mess. Windows own renderers, OSD objects own windows. Fixed a refrence loop that caused the first window object to always leak.
      Don't create renderer object until after underlying window has been created. Fixed issues with order of creation/destruction when toggling fullscreen or changing prescale in fullscreen with -switchres in SDL builds.
      Use more smart pointers in BGFX and Direct3D render modules. Most of the code now reutrns a smart pointer when handing over ownership or a naked pointer when retaining ownership. Fixed a few leaks and simplified cleanup code.
      Encapsulated various OSD modules better.
  • 2023-01-31 10:03:31 z80dma: improved end of block test [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-01-31 02:06:22 spclforc, spcfrcii: Add sound device [AJR]
  • 2023-01-31 01:14:11 se3208: Execution code cleanup [AJR]
    • - Remove most macros, replacing a few important ones with coretmpl inlines - Eliminate some unnecessary operand masking
  • 2023-01-30 20:14:01 moof: Fix the flux tracks [Olivier Galibert]
  • 2023-01-30 18:14:52 New software list items marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Pre-Computer Speller [Sean Riddle]
  • 2023-01-30 18:02:54 mame/t*,u*: put drivers in anonymous namespaces where applicable, updated #ifndef guards to the current tree structure [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-01-30 15:28:01 plib/plist.h: Stop using deprecated std::iterator template. (#10864) [Miodrag Milanović]
  • 2023-01-30 14:03:03 z80dma: correct end of block test again [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-01-29 21:33:29 msx1_cass.xml: Updated metadata and notes on a lot of software releases. (#10860) [wilbertpol]
    • Moved 7cardstd and 7cardstda to B sides of Samantha Fox Strip Poker. Renamed cityconj to citycona. Renamed queenglf to golfa. Renamed bumpygts to juegue03. Renamed maziacs to msxsof02. Renamed cubik to msxsof06. Renamed 007agesp to msxsof07. Renamed batespac to msxsw13. Renamed ean info lines to gtin. Fixed duplicate part name in tutor. Added developer info to Base de Datos.
  • 2023-01-29 09:05:16 New software list items marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • misterx: Mega-Quiz [Team Europe]
  • 2023-01-28 21:20:51 render/bgfx: Fixed Linux build. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-28 20:53:43 render/bgfx: Got rid of a lot of unnecessary object copying during setup. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-28 17:59:25 Major D3D and BGFX code refactoring and bug fixes: (#10858) [Ryan Holtz] [MooglyGuy]
    • render/bgfx: Improved clearing and blending. Added prescale support. Fixes MT07586, MT07587, MT08084. render/bgfx: Fixed blend and tint handling. (Fixes Github #1953). render/bgfx/blendreader.cpp: Support non-separated blend mode specification for BGFX effects. render/bgfx: Reworked how horizontally-padded screen textures are handled. Likely fixes MT08512 and MT08505. render/bgfx: Ensure that a texture's width margin is updated in all cases. render/d3d/d3dhlsl.cpp: Fixed tinting in HLSL post-processing mode. render/d3d/d3dhlsl.cpp: Avoid most redundant state-setting calls. Reduces D3D API calls by about 90% on fruit machine drivers. render/d3d/d3dhlsl.cpp: Assign SourceDims and QuadDims uniforms to only those effects that use them. machine/laserdsc.cpp: Always add video quad to screen container, adjust tint based on m_videoenable instead.
  • 2023-01-28 17:51:34 pinball/inder.cpp: Fix date in note about "Mundial 90". (#10851) [ClawGrip]
  • 2023-01-28 17:40:05 osd/modules/input: Fixed Linux build. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-28 17:02:02 Various input and OSD refactoring: [Vas Crabb]
    • osd: Supply OSD object to modules on initialisation. Encapsulated some event handling in the OSD objects rather than leaving it in free functions. Put various stuff in namespaces.
      osd/modules/input: Enabled dinput, xinput and winhybrid modules for Windows SDL builds, and enabled background input for dinput and xinput (and by extension winhybrid) modules. Also fixed some COM and X11 resource leaks.
      osd/modules/input/input_sdl.cpp: Flipped SDL mouse button order to match Windows, and exposed vertical and horizontal scroll as Z and rZ axes. Moved SDL UI event handling out of input devices into OSD object.
      osd/modules/input_rawinput.cpp: Changed lightgun Z axis token so it's correctly identified as a relative axis (it maps to the scroll wheel equivalent).
      osd: Added an option to choose the network provider module. Mostly useful if you build with both TUN/TAP and pcap support included, or if you want to disable emulated networking completely.
      emu/input.cpp: Use a better strategy for assembling input code names that uses fewer temporary strings and doesn't require use of the non-Unicode-aware space trimming function (fixes MT08552).
      osd/modules/input_dinput.cpp: Improved polling logic.
      osd: Made various parts of the input code less dependent on concrete emu objects, and reduced inappropriately passing around the machine object. Made input modules less dependent on OSD implementation. Encapsulated some stuff and got rid of some vestigial newui and SDL1 support code. Cleaned up some interfaces. Moved OSD options classes to their own files.
      Prepare to remove main.h from emu.h - it's mostly used to get the application name, which the vast majority of emulated devices don't need to do.
  • 2023-01-28 09:33:23 New systems marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Primus Expert mit Stimme [Team Europe]
  • 2023-01-27 22:00:27 Miscellaneous fixes and refactoring: [Vas Crabb]
    • ui/analogipt.cpp: Fixed bar graph display for fields with ranges that wrap through zero.
      emu/inputdev.cpp: Separateed analog axis deadzone and switch threshold settings, reduced default deadzone, and fixed a potential division by zero if the deadzone and saturation settings are equal.
      emu/ioport.cpp: Fixed behaviour of absolute analog fields where range passes through zero - it previously only worked for specific combinations of mask, minimum and default. Removed a workaround from universal/getaway.cpp that is no longer necessary.
      emu/input.cpp: Fixed unintuitive behaviour when an absolute field is assigned an OR combination of a relative control folled by an absolute control (e.g. Mouse X or Joy 1 LSX). Also fixed reading axis input sequences where an axis code is followed by a switch code (these can only be produced by manually editing configuration files, not through MAME's UI), and fixed the returned type when multiple relative axes sum to zero.
      osd/modules/input_dinput.cpp: Fixed hat switches being stuck in up position when input is suspended in the background
      taito/taitoio_yoke.cpp: Give throttle control a distinct type, and don't auto-centre.
      osd: Added option to select MIDI provider module (currently only PortMidi and the dummy module are available). Also put various things in namespaces, and fixed builds including SDL sound module with native Windows OSD.
      emu/validity.cpp: Added check to catch I/O port fields using UI input types.
      emu/inpttype.ipp: Renamed inputs that were causing confusion. "Bill" and "Track" were causing confusion for translators and hence likely causing confusion for many users, especially those who are not native English speakers. "Track" as an abbreviation for "Trackball" was frequently being mistranslated, e.g. in the sense of a CD track selection button or even in the sense of a railway track. There's no reason to abbreviate it. "Bill" in the US English sense as a banknote is too ambiguous and was causing confusion for translators. It's better to use the less ambiguous "Banknote". Corrected Greek translations of "Trackball".
      Don't run GitHub Actions on issue template changes.
  • 2023-01-27 21:57:56 gladiatr: patch mcu roms to fix coin issue [hap]
  • 2023-01-27 18:42:51 New systems marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Fruit Genie (Version 1-1-03) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • 2023-01-27 18:32:52 mame/o*-s*: put drivers in anonymous namespaces where applicable, updated #ifndef guards to the current tree structure [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-01-27 17:36:05 dynax/ddenlovr.cpp mmpanic: fix AY8910 clock (#10856) [negunma]
    • dynax/ddenlovr.cpp mmpanic: fix AY8910 clock According to video from PCB, AY8910 clocks need to be corrected. Also, Animalandia Jr. PCB Notes shows all clock values already verified.
  • 2023-01-27 06:15:41 labtam: add serial ports [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-01-26 23:53:31 ggm: add lasvegas keypad [hap]
  • 2023-01-26 21:53:30 gladiatr: update notes [hap]
  • 2023-01-26 19:29:59 New working software list items [hap]
    • - ggm: Capablanca-S Edition: Master Chess Endgame, Las Vegas 21: Master Blackjack [Berger, Berger]
  • 2023-01-26 19:21:15 New systems marked not working [Lord-Nightmare]
    • DECtalk DTC-03 [Lord Nightmare, crazyc]
  • 2023-01-26 05:42:36 labtam: fix z80sbc fdcset/fdcclr/fdcatn logic [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-01-26 05:36:51 z80dma: correct end of block test [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-01-25 15:09:11 New machines marked as NOT_WORKING [AJR]
    • HP 7596A DraftMaster II [Bitsavers]
  • 2023-01-25 03:09:40 labtam: vdu/comm refactoring and more firmware changes [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-01-25 02:59:34 Add -listbios command to list alternate BIOSes for drivers and devices [AJR]
  • 2023-01-25 02:49:25 nios2: Fix execution of 'or' instruction [AJR]
  • 2023-01-24 09:22:00 labtam: various improvements [Patrick Mackinlay]
    • added 8086 CPU card variant of VDU/COMM card added additional firmware versions for z80sbc and ns32k cards
  • 2023-01-23 18:31:32 bus/nabupc: Fixed debug builds (const violation in assert expression). [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-23 17:59:41 Sorted mame.lst by project - location of all new additions has to make sense now. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-23 17:08:37 misc/nabupc.cpp, bus/nabupc: Added support for NABU PC and simulated host. (#10676) [Brian Johnson]
    • New working systems - NABU PC
  • 2023-01-23 16:33:55 midway/omegrace.cpp: Added a previously unknown version of Omega Race. (#10838) [mdeslaur]
    • New working clones - Omega Race (set 3, 7/27)
  • 2023-01-23 16:23:15 misc/babysuprem.cpp: Added skeleton driver for an Andra Z80-based slot machine. (#10839) [ClawGrip]
    • New NOT_WORKING machine - Baby Suprem [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
  • 2023-01-23 16:18:56 amigaecs_flop.xml: Replaced abbreviated country names in descriptions with full names. (#10847) [ArcadeShadow]
    • Replaced countries' abbreviation by their full name
  • 2023-01-23 16:18:07 cd32.xml, cdtv.xml: Cleaned up descripitons. (#10848) [ArcadeShadow]
    • Replaced "Euro" with "Europe", use lowercase for descriptive text.
  • 2023-01-23 16:17:03 amigaaga_flop.xml: Replaced abbreviated country names in descriptions with full names. (#10846) [ArcadeShadow]
  • 2023-01-23 07:19:29 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Raiden II (Australia) [Ben Maff]
  • 2023-01-22 08:34:07 Clones promoted to working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Image Fight (Japan, bootleg) [Brian Troha]
  • 2023-01-22 00:56:05 Improve NTSC parameter descriptions and ranges in OSD (#10782) [benrg]
    • Correct units of some parameters (they are MHz, not Hz) and correct one default (color carrier should be 3.57 MHz, not 35.7). Use a step size of 1/8800 MHz for the color carrier so that the NTSC value of 315/88 MHz can be exactly represented (to float precision).
  • 2023-01-21 23:26:07 ibm5170.xml: 8 New working software list additions (#10726) [ArcadeShadow]
    • ibm5170.xml: 8 New working software list additions
      New working software list additions
      Caesars Palace for Windows [Ihatediskettes, sarchive.org] PC Plus (Issue 80 - May 1993) [Tkrns, archive.org] PC Plus (Issue 96 - September 1994) [Tkrns, archive.org] PC Plus (Issue 102 - April 1995) [Tkrns, archive.org] Syndicate (Europe, alt) [The Good Old Days] Syndicate (Germany) [The Good Old Days] Syndicate: American Revolt [The Good Old Days] Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego? [The Good Old Days]
      Update ibm5170.xml
      corrected typo on "pcplus9409" note
      Update ibm5170.xml
      note correction (missing comma)
  • 2023-01-21 21:21:23 macrtc: fix clock not telling time on Windows for Mac and Apple IIgs systems. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-01-21 20:28:06 amigaocs_flop.xml: Cleaned up descriptions. (#10843) [ArcadeShadow]
    • Replaced countries' abbreviation by their full names. Corrected some descriptive text.
  • 2023-01-21 17:41:48 sgi_mips.xml: Added three Onyx2 demo CDs. (#10724) [Michael D]
    • New software list items marked not working (sgi_mips.xml) - Onyx2 - As Real As it Gets Demo CD - Volume 1 Onyx2 - As Real As it Gets Demo CD - Volume 2 Onyx2 - As Real As it Gets Demo CD - Volume 3
  • 2023-01-21 17:32:29 vtech/vsmile.cpp: Use the same SYSTEM port inputs as vsmile. (#10844) [KanedaFr]
  • 2023-01-21 17:04:01 nakajima/nakajies.cpp: Modernised code and added a BIOS option for drwrt400. (#10845) [wilbertpol]
    • Use memory views to select between ROM/RAM banks, use object finder arrays.
      Added v3.1 BIOS for drwrt400. [AbortRetryFail]
  • 2023-01-21 09:21:39 - mame/irem/m72.cpp: dumped MCU for bchopper [Ordyne, rtw, TeamEurope, The Dumping Union, David Haywood] [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - mame/irem/m72.cpp: corrected MCU clock for imgfightjb, game boots [Brian Troha]
  • 2023-01-20 21:44:28 Update rapidjson to 012be8528783cdbf4b7a9e64f78bd8f056b97e24 (#10842) [Miodrag Milanović]
    • Co-authored-by: Milo Yip
  • 2023-01-20 20:24:33 misc/globalvr.cpp: Note about two games and typo fixes. (#10840) [Michael Sanborn]
  • 2023-01-20 13:10:57 New working software list additions [Dirk Best]
    • - svi318_cass: Blastar [archive.org]
  • 2023-01-19 23:01:12 pc/igspc.cpp: rearrange base setup, fix CPU class family [angelosa]
  • 2023-01-19 21:57:30 ti74, misc handheld: remove use of utf8.h [hap]
  • 2023-01-19 19:24:57 k28m2: move module notes to hash file [hap]
  • 2023-01-19 18:43:50 mame/m*,n*: put drivers in anonymous namespaces where applicable, updated #ifndef guards to the current tree structure [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-01-19 17:36:52 source org: move spellb to ti folder [hap]
  • 2023-01-19 17:04:28 spellb: disconnect from hh_tms1k_state class [hap]
  • 2023-01-19 15:47:18 QA cleanups for various PC-based Arcade skeleton drivers (#10830) [Angelo Salese]
    • New clones marked not working - Hydro Thunder (1.01b) [archive.org] Hydro Thunder (1.00d) [archive.org]
      - gaelco/gaelcopc.cpp: add an alternate BIOS set for tokyocop [Gerald (COY), The Dumping Union]
      - misc/neomania.cpp, misc/playcenter.cpp, pc/quakeat.cpp, midway/midqslvr.cpp, misc/comebaby.cpp, unico/unianapc.cpp: demote HDD images to BAD_DUMP having bad chs geometries.
      - funworld/photoplys.cpp, funworld/photoplysx.cpp, ice/frenzyxprss.cpp ,misc/bntyhunt.cpp, misc/cavepc.cpp, misc/chameleonrx1.cpp, misc/ez2d.cpp, misc/gfamily.cpp, misc/globalvr.cpp, misc/neomania.cpp, misc/odyssey.cpp, misc/playcenter.cpp, misc/radikaldarts.cpp, misc/rawthrillspc.cpp, misc/rfslotspcpent.cpp, misc/silverball.cpp, misc/skopro.cpp, misc/startouch.cpp, misc/xtom3d.cpp, namco/rbowlorama.cpp, pc/quakeat.cpp, pinball/newcanasta.cpp, taito/taitotx.cpp, unico/unianapc.cpp, midway/midqslvr.cpp, misc/comebaby.cpp: rearrange driver base setup and QA notes, for future conversion to PCI drivers.
  • 2023-01-18 19:31:06 mame/f*-l*: put drivers in anonymous namespaces where applicable, updated #ifndef guards to the current tree structure [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-01-18 18:58:56 osd: Better scaling factors for XInput DJ Hero turntable dials. [DarkMoS] [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-18 14:52:58 ibm5170_cdrom.xml: 13 New working software list additions (#10826) [ArcadeShadow]
    • ibm5170_cdrom.xml: 13 New working software list additions
      New working software list additions
      Humans 1 and 2 (Europe, OEM) [redump.org] Humans 1 and 2 (Europe, re-release) [redump.org] Prince of Persia 2 - The Shadow and the Flame (USA) [redump.org] Prince of Persia CD Collection (Europe) [redump.org] Prince of Persia CD Collection (USA) [redump.org] Prince of Persia Collection: Limited Edition (Europe) [redump.org] Prince of Persia Collection: Limited Edition (Europe, alt) [redump.org] Prince of Persia Collection: Limited Edition (USA) [redump.org] Prince of Persia Collection: Limited Edition (Netherlands) [redump.org] Prince of Persia Collection: Limited Edition (Brazil) [redump.org] Telstar 10 CD ROM Box Set [redump.org] The Humans (Europe) [redump.org] The Humans (USA) [redump.org]
      Update ibm5170_cdrom.xml
      Notes cleaning (removed obsolete text and update information)
      Update ibm5170_cdrom.xml
      Normalized the "Windows 95" value of the 'platform' tag. Corrected the redump URL for the "10 Game CD ROM"
  • 2023-01-18 13:46:29 osd: Still more XInput rhythm game controller support for Windows: [Vas Crabb]
    • Added support for DJ Hero turntable controller. Added support for Rock Band keyboard controller pedal. Fixed pickup selector switch on guitar controllers.
  • 2023-01-18 07:22:01 mame/b*-e*: put drivers in anonymous namespaces where applicable, updated #ifndef guards to the current tree structure [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-01-18 06:17:29 osd: Better XInput rhythm game controller support on Windows: [Vas Crabb]
    • Better support for extended controller type information. Support for velocity sensitive six-drum controller. Don't ignore button capabilites for keyboard controller.
  • 2023-01-18 04:07:12 Apple II: factor out NTSC color simulation and add config options (#10835) [benrg]
    • Make most video modes produce a 560x192 monochrome bitmap that goes through shared artifact color simulation code, and add some dip-switch options to control the algorithm. This allows for combinations that weren't supported before, such as color fringes on text and lores block boundary artifacts.
      This also implements the Video-7 foreground-background hires mode, since it was easy to do with the shared code.
  • 2023-01-17 22:04:48 stmpc: Add RAM and preliminary AVDC hookup [AJR]
  • 2023-01-17 19:12:18 osd: Improved XInput guitar support and added XInput Rock Band keyboard support. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-17 13:52:10 stmpc: Update hardware notes [Dirk Best]
  • 2023-01-17 13:21:30 m88000: add variants of some triadic instructions with un-decoded bits [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-01-17 13:11:20 New machines marked as NOT_WORKING [Patrick Mackinlay]
    • - Motorola MVME180 [Plamen Mihaylov]
  • 2023-01-16 23:09:25 ti89: simplify input ports read [hap]
  • 2023-01-16 22:41:29 ti89: remove unneeded header file [hap]
  • 2023-01-16 22:17:11 tispeak: move k28m2 to its own file [hap]
  • 2023-01-16 18:27:28 mame/a*: put drivers in anonymous namespaces where applicable, updated #ifndef guards to the current tree structure [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-01-16 18:11:38 misc/rfslots8085.cpp: Dumped and added a new 8085-based Recreativos Franco slot machine. (#10834) [ClawGrip]
    • Also identify unknown game on 53/3297 PCB as "Baby & Bombo".
      New NOT_WORKING machine - Baby Formula 2 [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
  • 2023-01-16 15:32:14 osd: Added support for guitar and drum kit controllers via XInput. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-16 08:01:56 jazz: rtc and dma bug fixes [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-01-15 21:44:08 plus1: identify sensor positions, correct 1 rom bit [hap]
  • 2023-01-15 16:05:38 chessking: invert beeper frequency [hap]
    • vcc: remove undumped note
  • 2023-01-15 07:37:40 Updated Japanese UI translation. (#10829) [k2-git]
    • Added new message translations and fixed some spelling inconsistencies.
  • 2023-01-15 05:57:32 osd: Work around another observed invalid XInput capabilities report. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-14 18:51:31 -debugger/win: Cascade positions of new debugger windows. [Vas Crabb]
    • -osd: Better button names for NVIDIA Shield and Xbox One controllers with SDL game controller module.
  • 2023-01-14 09:38:47 Fix utf8 company name for tnshc08 [Miodrag Milanovic]
  • 2023-01-14 08:31:34 - dataeast/cbuster.cpp, dataeast/metlclsh.cpp: consolidated drivers in single files [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - konami/konmedal.cpp: updated dsw definitions for pikkaric
      - misc/majorpkr.cpp: enabled save state support
  • 2023-01-14 06:23:22 osd: I am officially incapable of keeping track of which OSD I'm working with on each change (fix SDL build). [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-14 05:57:22 osd: Added option to accept SDL game controller/joystick input when losing UI focus. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-14 02:09:57 bus/thomson/cd90_015.cpp, tecmo/tehkanwc.cpp: Misc. notes [AJR]
  • 2023-01-14 01:06:43 New working machines added [arbee]
    • Pokkari Chance [SpinalFeyd, R. Belmont]
  • 2023-01-13 23:12:48 bus/isa/s3virge.cpp: add Sn ROP for Windows 98 invert colors in Magnifier [angelosa]
    • New working software list items - ibm5170_cdrom.xml: The Adventures of Down Under Dan [archive.org]
  • 2023-01-13 22:19:38 nes.xml: Updated some PCB label details. (#10803) [0kmg]
  • 2023-01-13 21:42:16 bfm/bfm_bd1.cpp, bfm/bfm_bda.cpp: Fixed window/clear operations. (#10818) [James Wallace]
    • Fixes graphical issues in SC5 games.
  • 2023-01-13 21:28:01 Hopefully fix SDL version detection macros for controller types. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-13 21:10:02 docs: Updated default joystick providers. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-13 20:50:54 New systems marked not working [Miodrag Milanovic]
    • JZD Slušovice TNS HC-08 [Miodrag Milanovic]
  • 2023-01-13 20:21:09 osd: Fixed constant name (helps to build the right OSD). [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-13 20:19:27 New systems marked not working [Miodrag Milanovic]
    • Iskra Delta Partner 1F/G [Miodrag Milanovic] Iskra Delta Partner WF/G [Miodrag Milanovic]
  • 2023-01-13 19:34:33 osd: Recognise Joy-Con pairs with sdlgame input module. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-13 19:10:51 vsmile_cart.xml: Added UK versions of ten V.Smile games. (#10779) [ClawGrip]
    • New WORKING software list additions (vsmile_cart.xml)
      Alphabet Park Adventure (UK) [TeamEurope] Disney/Pixar Cars - Rev It Up in Radiator Springs (UK, alt) [TeamEurope] Disney's Aladdin - Aladdin's Wonders of the World (UK) [TeamEurope] Disney's Mickey Mouse - Mickey's Magical Adventure (UK) [TeamEurope] Disney's Winnie de Pooh - The Honey Hunt (UK) [TeamEurope] Marvel Spider-Man & Friends - Secret Missions (UK) [TeamEurope] Nick Jr. Dora the Explorer - Dora's Fix-it Adventure (UK, 2005) [TeamEurope] Nick Jr. Go Diego Go! - Save the Animal Families! (UK) [TeamEurope] Scooby-Doo! - Funland Frenzy (UK, 2004) [TeamEurope] Zayzoo - My Alien Classmate (UK) [TeamEurope]
  • 2023-01-13 19:03:36 vtech/vsmile.cpp: Corrected On and Off button I/O port bits. (#10796) [KanedaFr]
  • 2023-01-13 18:22:12 osd: Work around bad XInput capabilities report from Retro-Bit Saturn pad. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-13 16:49:12 New machines marked as NOT_WORKING [Dirk Best]
    • STM Electronics STM PC [Dirk Best, Santo Nucifora] STM Electronics STM PC (prototype?) [Dirk Best, Santo Nucifora]
  • 2023-01-13 17:30:38 merit/merits.cpp: Fixed ROM label for 'pubtimed2ch'. (#10827) [ClawGrip]
  • 2023-01-13 17:29:22 edevices/fantland.cpp: Dumped and added a new 'Born to Fight' clone. (#10828) [ClawGrip]
    • New WORKING clone - Born To Fight (set 2) [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
  • 2023-01-13 17:07:57 osd: Added support for mapping files to sdlgame joystick provider and made it default with SDL. [Vas Crabb]
    • This changes behaviour, however I think it's a net positive: Most games using Steam Input or SDL2 to read game controllers have this behaviour, so users have come to expect it. This module is better at giving meaningful names to buttons on common controller, and assigning axes consistently. Button/axis mapping files using a widely-used format are supported. The old behaviour is still available with `-joystickprovider sdljoy` if anyone wants it.
      The new option for controller mapping files is in the general OSD options rather than SDL options as it can be extended to DirectInput in the future.
  • 2023-01-13 07:26:33 -osd: Improved SDL Game Controller joystick provider: [Vas Crabb]
    • Allow fallback to joystick API for devices without game controller mappings. Detect controller reconnection. Force Switch Pro Controller ZL/ZR to act like buttons. Added button names for Google Stadia controller. Also fixed dumb copy/paste error on my part in Windows clipboard code.
  • 2023-01-13 04:49:26 New machines added as NOT_WORKING [arbee]
    • - Apple IIgs (1991 Mark Twain prototype) [R. Belmont, anonymous]
  • 2023-01-12 21:06:40 osd: Fixed names of DualSense controller buttons with SDL Game Controller provider. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-12 20:41:02 osd: Fixed names of face buttons on Switch Pro Controller with SDL Game Controller provider. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-12 18:04:57 3rdparty: Suppress unused variabe warnings for SQLite3 - clang 15.0.5 for Windows considers sqlite3_os_type unused. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-12 17:20:57 osd: Include mapping string in verbose output when enumerating SDL game controllers. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-12 17:14:14 misc/majorpkr.cpp: removed tag lookups and bankdev use [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-01-12 07:59:59 -osd: Better XInput and SDL game controller input enhancements: [Vas Crabb]
    • Added initial support for XInput controller subtypes, starting with driving, arcade and flight controllers. Check XInput capabilities to ignore buttons and hats that aren't present. Added preliminary SDL Game Controller joystick provider. Reconnection and mixed Game Controller/Joystick devices are unsupported. Show the input token for the highlighted control on input device menus.
      -ui: Allow menus to set required space above and below menu when metrics change. Fixes the initial bad layout on the system selecton menu, or bad layout after resizing windows.
  • 2023-01-12 01:31:10 Separate Apple II video config from system config (#10806) [benrg]
  • 2023-01-12 01:06:16 netlist: update static solvers [hap]
  • 2023-01-11 22:49:27 nl_bship: use dynamic timestep instead [hap]
  • 2023-01-11 18:05:40 tch/speedspin.cpp: consolidated driver in single file [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-01-11 17:56:22 vcs_ctrl/paddles: Swap ports and button bits at runtime. Avoids multiple input defs per-device. [Ryan Holtz] (#10825) [MooglyGuy]
  • 2023-01-11 16:43:40 bship: add netlist sound [hap]
    • Systems promoted to working - Electronic Battleship (TMS1000 version, Rev. A)
  • 2023-01-11 06:47:53 Fix compile error on mingw due to invalid setting for ASTCENC_SSE (#10824) [Justin Kerk]
  • 2023-01-10 20:35:57 -ncr53c90: Drop ATN during the message phase of Transfer Information command, per OG's suggestion. [Ryan Holtz] (#10823) [MooglyGuy]
    • Co-authored-by: Ryan Holtz
  • 2023-01-10 18:20:00 sun4c, SPARC, and NCR53C90 bug fixes: (#10821) [Ryan Holtz] [MooglyGuy]
    • machine/ncr53c90.cpp: Renamed to ncr53c90 to avoid confusion about the actual NCR part name. machine/ncr53c90.cpp: Fixed 'Select w/ ATN and Stop' command in DMA mode. cpu/sparc: Avoid using temporary C-strings as address space names. machine/sun4c_mmu.cpp: Fixed l2p debugger command by removing inadvertent narrowing conversion. sun/sun4.cpp: Switched to NCR 53C90 from 53C90A, and fixed DMA byte-address masking - fixes Solaris 2.4 booting.
  • 2023-01-10 17:59:21 New working clones [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Gals Panic (unprotected, ver. 2.0) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
      - capcom/tigeroad.cpp: derived clocks from actual XTALs present of PCBs [Brian Troha]
  • 2023-01-10 16:52:47 Revert "stupid git" [AJR]
    • This reverts commit 52ed9d21fb1eb82eba91684a2f329b1a5ef02c76.
  • 2023-01-10 16:47:37 scmp: Fix device name [AJR]
  • 2023-01-10 16:44:52 Merge branch 'stupid_git' [AJR]
  • 2023-01-10 16:44:46 stupid git [AJR]
  • 2023-01-10 14:10:57 video/virge_pci.cpp: fix remapping, allow pcipc with ibm5170_hdd:win98se to boot without hacks in 256 color mode (#10804) [Angelo Salese]
    • video/virge_pci.cpp: fix remapping, allow pcipc with ibm5170_hdd:win98se to boot without hacks in 256 color mode
      bus/isa/s3virge.cpp: implement DPna, DSna, DSno, DSPDxax and DSo ROP opcodes
      video/virge_pci.cpp: hookup VGA ports to MMIO, makes HW mouse cursor usable
      bus/isa/s3virge.cpp: fix device_reset inheritance, make s3d to start in idle state
      bus/isa/s3virge.cpp: fix source pitch stride
      bus/isa/s3virge.cpp: make bitblt_colour_step / bitblt_monosrc_step a bit less verbose
      bus/isa/s3virge.cpp: stride follows up what's reading it
      bus/isa/s3virge.cpp: clip against de bit
      video/virge_pci.cpp: update BAR fix to catchup lower address config
      bus/isa/s3virge.cpp: initialize pattern variable in mono mode
      bus/isa/s3virge.cpp: fix mistake with shift << 8 in 8bpp pattern path, fixes Windows tooltips/Windows XP welcome setup screen
      bus/isa/s3virge.cpp: QA notes
  • 2023-01-10 02:50:44 i8087: clang fix [cracyc]
  • 2023-01-09 23:22:26 i8087: fix fpu here too [cracyc]
  • 2023-01-09 21:08:08 i386: fix fpu log2 and atan [cracyc]
  • 2023-01-09 18:53:25 -Input code cleanup: [Vas Crabb]
    • dinput, xinput: Use proper item IDs for hat switches rather than "other switch". xinput: Map right thumb stick to Z/rZ for consistency with SDL and DirectInput. xinput: Map triggers to additional absolute axes 1 and 2. xinput: Map start and back buttons to start and select. Added default assignments for player 5-10 start/select. Added default assignments for 5P-8P start and coin 5-8.
      -namco/namcos2.cpp: Changed collective pitch control to AD Stick Z.
  • 2023-01-09 18:28:07 New systems marked not working [Ivan Vangelista]
    • Bonus Talker [Boge, Hammy, LewisB]
  • 2023-01-09 17:56:22 fix for 08543: megablst and clones: Shield powerup aura on option is missing (#10810) [David Haywood]
  • 2023-01-09 15:23:04 scmp: Rewrite disassembler; change CPU endianness [AJR]
  • 2023-01-09 00:06:11 pinball/inder.cpp: Add note about 'Mundial 90' (#10813) [ClawGrip]
  • 2023-01-08 21:34:48 debugcon.h: Remove long-obsolete macros [AJR]
  • 2023-01-08 21:30:44 Make all clients of a2_video_device use screen_update (#10809) [benrg]
    • The superga2 and tk2000 drivers called hgr_update directly. Instead set the appropriate mode and call screen_update, and make hgr_update private along with the other mode-specific functions.
  • 2023-01-08 19:00:31 pic16c62x: correct copyright holder [hap]
  • 2023-01-08 18:51:47 pic16c5x: no need for m_old_data class variable [hap]
  • 2023-01-08 18:35:03 pic16c5x: shorthand variable types [hap]
  • 2023-01-08 18:19:35 pic16c5x: lowercase function names that aren't macros [hap]
  • 2023-01-08 17:22:53 pic16c5x: improved RTCC pin timer count [hap]
  • 2023-01-08 14:18:12 pic16c5x: writing to reg 2 takes one more cycle [hap]
  • 2023-01-08 14:17:20 sfxphasor: tweak some parameters [hap]
  • 2023-01-08 05:32:15 a2_video_device: make some accessors const (#10807) [benrg]
  • 2023-01-08 05:14:54 macadb: remove unnecessary debug helper. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-01-08 05:09:27 macadb: support telling ADB devices to enable/disable SRQ. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
    • Eliminates the need for the "iigs_mode" hack since the IIgs firmware knows the MCU program is buggy and disables mouse SRQs.
  • 2023-01-08 01:20:19 apple2gs: support the Control Panel disable jumper that ROM 3 machines have. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-01-07 22:03:54 Apple II: fix Video-7 RGB card double hi-res modes (#10797) [benrg]
    • Fix an off-by-1 error in the 160-column mode that caused the rightmost 2 pixels to be omitted. In 140-column color and mixed modes, use custom logic to make 140 wide pixels instead of simulating blurry artifact color. In mixed mode, each high bit controls 7 narrow pixels according to the manual.
  • 2023-01-07 21:54:53 pic16c5x: make it easier to write in the comment block [hap]
  • 2023-01-07 21:18:25 pic16c5x: statusreg high bits are 1 on old GI PIC [hap]
  • 2023-01-07 21:02:07 Fixed a bug in the OS-9 file systems file name validation function that caused it to incorrectly tolerate characters with the seventh bit set (#10802) [npwoods]
  • 2023-01-07 20:20:44 debugbuf.cpp: Don't use paged formats for addresses in disassembler output unless logical address width exceeds page size [AJR]
  • 2023-01-07 19:27:10 macadb.cpp: Initialize and save variables properly (fixes reported regressions) [AJR]
  • 2023-01-07 19:17:18 bgfx: Back out some formatting changes to minimise conflicts. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-07 19:06:50 bgfx: Save values of most sliders per-system. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-07 17:44:07 New working software list items [angelosa]
    • - ibm5170_cdrom.xml: Sid Meier's Civilization II, Myst, Princess Maker II (Japan), Sonic & Knuckles Collection [archive.org]
      New software list items marked not working
      ibm5170_cdrom.xml: Archimedean Dynasty, Destruction Derby 2, Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games, Lomax, Triple Play '98, Virtua Fighter PC [archive.org]
  • 2023-01-07 14:54:14 apple2gs - make kmstatus match actual IIgs behavior; (#10798) [ksherlock]
    • mouse data register is full until both x/y are read X/Y bit set after X is read, cleared after Y is read X/Y bit was accidentally dependent on the KGS_ANY_KEY_DOWN bit
  • 2023-01-06 17:52:51 -Added GitHub issue template for bug reports. [Firehawke, Vas Crabb] [Vas Crabb]
    • -sega: Got rid of some unnecessary and contradictory member initialisations. Having members initialised in the constructor and also at declarations just leads to confusion.
  • 2023-01-06 17:29:35 sfxphasor: added netlist sound [hap]
  • 2023-01-06 16:06:43 misc/magic10.cpp: Added Super Petrix (stealth gambling game). (#10785) [Paul-Arnold]
    • New working machines
      Super Petrix (ver. 1P)
  • 2023-01-06 07:30:23 rtpc: wip, now able to boot from vrm floppy [Patrick Mackinlay]
    • rtpc: improve keyboard/locator/speaker adapter emulation romp: fully decode memory and i/o access from processor channel iocc: use emumem flags for isa bus i/o width detection iocc: correct isa bus access endianness iocc: internalize tcw and csr
  • 2023-01-06 06:15:36 - misc/smd2144c.cpp: documented that the sets are actually missing the H8S internal ROM [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - pinball/by35.cpp: added actual sound CPU ROM for cosflash [PinMAME]
  • 2023-01-06 03:44:12 -sun/sun4,cpp: Fixed array-bounds oversight. (#10794) [Ryan Holtz] [MooglyGuy]
  • 2023-01-06 02:42:25 SPARC and sun4 fixes and boilerplate cleanup: (#10793) [Ryan Holtz] [MooglyGuy]
    • cpu/sparc: Implemented STBAR opcode as a no-op. Fixes illegal instruction error in Solaris 2.4 installer. sun/sun4.cpp: Converted to logmacro. Added FDC dor_w hookup, fixing Solaris 2.4 installer hang. sun/sun4.cpp: Cleaned up duplicate handlers, split handlers, removed tags, use abbreviated integer types. machine/sun4c_mmu.cpp: Converted to logmacro.
  • 2023-01-06 02:04:37 Better Apple II artifact color table (#10792) [benrg]
    • Replace the "old" (committed just a few days ago) artifact color lookup table, which was designed in a somewhat ad-hoc way for hires graphics only, with a table based on simpler rules that can be used in any Apple II (not GS) video mode, though at the moment it is still used only for hires. Move it upward in the file in anticipation of other uses.
  • 2023-01-06 01:09:05 macadb: much better SRQ semantics. Checked with all supported MCU types. Fixes GitHub #10790. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-01-05 19:18:39 Fix parameters for mingw build [Miodrag Milanovic]
    • (cherry picked from commit a864b4e5d420893b603d590867720f21d7b21f5a)
  • 2023-01-05 15:47:01 apple2gs: return the last keypress in the low 7 bits of $C010. Fixes Winter Games. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-01-05 15:32:40 Update BGFX, BX and BIMG (#10789) [Miodrag Milanović]
    • Update to bgfx a93a714632b79b5ddbf5c86ac323fa9b76ed3433 Co-authored-by: Бранимир Караџић
  • 2023-01-05 10:01:02 technos/ddragon.cpp: Added Double Dragon II layer priority PROM to clones. (#10784) [JOTEGO]
    • These systems work correctly using the same PROM as ddragon2, but marked as bad until dumps from these versions can be obtained.
  • 2023-01-05 09:59:26 machine/sun4c_mmu.cpp: Removed non-functional cache emulation. (#10788) [Ryan Holtz] [MooglyGuy]
    • sun4_60 can install and boot SunOS 4.1.4 again.
  • 2023-01-05 05:29:18 Revert "Update BGFX, BX and BIMG (#10750)" (#10787) [R. Belmont]
    • This reverts commit 5581eaa50a42256242f32569f59ce10d70ddd8c2 due to link failure on macOS.
  • 2023-01-05 05:12:10 Update BGFX, BX and BIMG (#10750) [Miodrag Milanović]
    • Update to bgfx a93a714632b79b5ddbf5c86ac323fa9b76ed3433 Co-authored-by: Бранимир Караџић
  • 2023-01-05 05:03:00 nintendo/nds.cpp: Added two prototype fireware dumps. [HudU, MasChief, Forest of Illusion] (#10592) [0kmg]
  • 2023-01-05 01:20:06 apple2gs: remove mouse button hack, the Event Manager was being tripped up by a now-fixed macadb issue. [R. Belmont, Kelvin Sherlock] [arbee]
  • 2023-01-05 01:17:42 macabd: fix mouse x/y naming and don't show button 1 as always down (#10786) [ksherlock]
  • 2023-01-05 01:11:12 apple2video: Created an actual API for video state information so the classes have better separation. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-01-04 23:45:46 apple2_flop_orig.xml microz35: remove illegal character from filename [hap]
  • 2023-01-04 23:06:31 i8085: fix problem with daa opcode [hap]
  • 2023-01-04 18:44:50 pic16c5x: don't do a double read with swapf [hap]
  • 2023-01-04 18:40:21 pic16c5x: remove bitpos arrays [hap]
  • 2023-01-04 18:03:58 Win32 debugger: don't skip a history item when initially pressing down. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-04 17:45:00 More UI cleanup: [Vas Crabb]
    • Got rid of more UI globals. Cache more metrics in system/software selection menus. Don't lose a BDF font specified on the command line when changing font size via the UI. For win32 debugger, behave as though most recent history item was just entered when restoring session state.
  • 2023-01-04 16:25:36 abc1600: Connect BUS0X PRAC callback, and break into debugger on bus error. [Curt Coder] [Curt Coder]
  • 2023-01-04 14:58:35 tubep: remove some tag lookups [hap]
  • 2023-01-04 06:21:15 ui: Give menus an opportunity to recompute metrics on window resize. [Vas Crabb]
    • Also reworked calculation of menu geometry in general, and limited width of left panel on system/software selection menus.
      Fixes images in the right panel and icons on the system/software selection menus not being scaled correctly when the window is resized (MT08539 is an example of this).
      Fixes bad font size selection at low resolutions when using bitmap fonts like uismall.bdf (GitHub #7105).
      Fixes collapse/expand arrows on left/right panels of system/softwre selection menus getting bigger if the window is made narrower.
  • 2023-01-04 01:40:11 Apple II double lo-res: work around issue #10760 (#10761) [benrg]
    • This implements the same workaround for double lo-res that was already used for double hi-res: shift the whole image right by one pixel (losing the rightmost pixel) in monochrome mode so that the NTSC shader is happy. This doesn't affect color mode.
  • 2023-01-04 01:38:54 Merge copies of Apple II screen_update function (#10777) [benrg]
    • Following the merge of text_update and plot_text_character (93500d7), this merges apple2_state::screen_update{,_jp,_ultr}, apple2e_state::screen_update, and a2_video_device::screen_update_GS_8bit into a single function in a2_video_device.
  • 2023-01-03 19:21:31 pinball/by35.cpp: redumped sound ROM for suprbowl [inkochnito, PinMAME] [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2023-01-03 19:06:58 konami/nwk-tr.cpp: racingj2 and clones numeral update (#10701) [Michael Sanborn]
    • Despite the Arabic numeral shown at boot, the Roman numerals are shown in most other cases.
  • 2023-01-03 19:03:44 wwfsstar: fix spriteram oob access [hap]
  • 2023-01-03 19:02:44 new working clones (#10730) [David Haywood]
    • new working clones - Jungle King (Japan, earlier, alt) [CWorks]
      improve description
  • 2023-01-03 19:01:29 New working clone (#10774) [ClawGrip]
    • - Bank Panic (Tecfri bootleg) [Eduardo Anay, Recreativas.org]
  • 2023-01-03 16:24:34 hd6309: Fix STBT instruction (#10781) [tim lindner]
  • 2023-01-03 14:32:22 m10: simpler irq handling [hap]
  • 2023-01-03 13:57:54 chessking: add note about testmode [hap]
  • 2023-01-03 06:05:24 Updated png.py to 0.0.20 (last version before Python 3.4 support dropped) [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-03 01:18:11 New working software list items [angelosa]
    • - ibm5170_hdd.xml: Windows 98 Second Edition
  • 2023-01-02 22:16:34 casio/ctk551: better default velocity controls (#10776) [Devin Acker]
  • 2023-01-02 21:14:47 Improved Apple II hires graphics color simulation (#10773) [benrg]
    • This algorithm decodes the scan line to 560 bits in the same way as the hardware (and MAME's monochrome modes) and uses a 7-bit sliding window on the decoded bits. The result is the same as before if all high bits are clear. If high bits are set, the output is shifted right by one pixel as it should be, and the unique artifact colors at the boundaries between bytes with opposite high bits are simulated. (For more about those colors see page 8-20 of Understanding the Apple II by Jim Sather.)
      The monochrome modes are rewritten to use the same decoding logic, which incidentally fixes some bugs: the left pixel of a 14-pixel group was not updated at 0-to-1 bit-7 transitions (leaving old pixels on the screen), the test against cliprect was incorrect, and m_dhires was ignored.
  • 2023-01-02 16:05:25 distate: max_length() has no use for value() either [hap]
  • 2023-01-02 15:52:25 upd765: unify data_irq and other_irq (#10765) [cracyc]
  • 2023-01-02 08:12:32 i8255: update interrupt state with acknowledge/strobe inputs [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2023-01-02 08:10:02 m68kfpu: add support for fmove.p (d16,An), Dn [Patrick Mackinlay]
    • fixes frequent floating point errors running HP-UX 8 on HP9000/370
  • 2023-01-02 07:56:50 emu/romentry.h: Got rid of long-obsolete ROMENTRYTYPE_CARTRIDGE, and improved comments on ROM entry type constants. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-02 02:16:15 Fix various headers after 3f9fa672a4e20533a44abc795706c7697ad75c9c [AJR]
  • 2023-01-02 02:12:47 diimage.h: Move a few macro and delegate definitions down into subclasses [AJR]
  • 2023-01-02 01:58:17 Bump dates to 2023 where appropriate [Vas Crabb]
  • 2023-01-02 01:08:01 distate: don't try to read unused value() during formatstr [hap]
  • 2023-01-01 22:46:04 tms9900: fix crash at start [hap]
  • 2023-01-01 18:36:19 wy50: add beep (#10771) [goldnchild]
  • 2023-01-01 15:00:57 pic16c5x: small cleanup (1-line comments C++ style, switch/case spacing) [hap]
  • 2023-01-01 03:08:59 apple2gs: workaround for Finder thinking the mouse button is initially stuck down. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2023-01-01 02:21:56 macadb: added the Ins/Del keys and fixed some keypad keys. [R. Belmont, Kelvin Sherlock] [arbee]
  • 2023-01-01 01:54:44 Remove a2_video_device::m_dhires_artifact_map (#10767) [benrg]
    • m_dhires_artifact_map was just a rotate-four-bits-by-2 lookup table. The code that used it was already doing four-bit rotations by arbitrary amounts, so it is slightly simplified by eliminating the table.
  • 2023-01-01 01:54:07 Merge copies of text_update and plot_text_character in a2_video_device (#10766) [benrg]
    • a2_video_device::{text_update,plot_text_character} already had a template parameter to distinguish II/II+ from IIe/IIc. Extending it enables {text_update,plot_text_character}{_ultr,_jplus,GS} to be merged in as well.
  • 2022-12-31 23:12:00 andromed: add coinage dipswitch [hap]
→ NOWSZY [Arcade] DevMAME [log only] 2022/12/31 22:00
  • 2022-12-31 21:42:27 m11: assume video timing is same as m15 [hap]
  • 2022-12-31 20:47:41 m10: add PORT_ADJUSTER for irq freq [hap]
  • 2022-12-31 19:40:57 m15: change 6502 clock to 733khz [hap]
  • 2022-12-31 17:04:54 megaphx: remove ppi reset workaround, remove vector table ram copy workaround [hap]
  • 2022-12-31 16:44:35 andromed: Changed the ship and "ATTACK !" text colour & moved "ATTACK !" to the top of the screen, to match the video from a working board. Set the dip switch default so you don't receive free credits [smf] [smf-]
  • 2022-12-31 14:36:14 misc/megaphx.cpp: Adde YoYo Spell (prototype of Little Robin). (#10763) [David Haywood]
    • New working clones
      YoYo Spell (prototype) [Opernet, Recreativas.org]
  • 2022-12-31 14:32:11 igs/pgm.cpp: Use logmacro.h for logging. (#10762) [cam900]
  • 2022-12-31 09:34:35 New working systems [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - Bowling Gum [augitesoul]
  • 2022-12-31 01:24:30 Machines promoted to working [smf-]
    • ============================ Andromeda SS (Japan?) [Dillweed, smf]
  • 2022-12-31 01:07:40 Oops, these aren't quite ready yet (nw). [Philip Bennett]
  • 2022-12-31 01:03:52 New working machines [Philip Bennett]
    • Vs. Super Captain Flag [Phil Bennett]
  • 2022-12-31 00:47:26 Remove a2_video_device::hgr_update_tk2000 (#10764) [benrg]
    • It was not referenced anywhere in the source tree, and was just a copy of hgr_update with the address of page 2 changed from $4000 to $A000. If support for this is ever needed, it could be handled by adding a parameter to hgr_update.
  • 2022-12-30 21:13:40 ttfball: add volume gate [hap]
  • 2022-12-29 12:22:50 meijinsn: correct audiocpu irq freq, add unemulated protection flag [hap]
  • 2022-12-28 20:05:00 maletmad: add some dipswitches [hap]
  • 2022-12-28 19:03:40 - nmk/cultures.cpp: updated to use memory view instead of bankdev and other small cleanups [Ivan Vangelista]
    • - wing/lucky37.cpp: put the driver in an anonymous namespace
      - wing/superwng.cpp: used finder instead of tag lookup for memory bank and other small cleanups
  • 2022-12-28 16:44:47 chessking: assume lower global sound pitch [hap]
  • 2022-12-28 16:20:15 chessking: update note [hap]
  • 2022-12-28 15:09:44 chessking: add button panel note [hap]
  • 2022-12-28 13:28:10 chessking: simplify cartridge emulation [hap]
  • 2022-12-28 11:10:09 chessking: add savestate flag [hap]
  • 2022-12-28 09:11:07 new WORKING Software List additions (Chess King) (#10756) [David Haywood]
    • new WORKING Software List additions
      chessking_cart.xml: Chinese Dictionary [David Haywood]
  • 2022-12-27 19:57:31 chessking: assume 0x7f is cartridge rom bank [hap]
  • 2022-12-27 19:38:14 chessking: add section headers [hap]
  • 2022-12-27 19:19:32 chessking: small cleanup, add driver notes [hap]
  • 2022-12-27 18:55:25 chesskng.cpp: rename to chessking.cpp [hap]
  • 2022-12-27 18:42:05 new WORKING machines: Chess King (#10753) [David Haywood]
    • new WORKING machines - Chess King (Model ET-6) [Ankos, David Haywood, hap]
  • 2022-12-27 14:55:55 cpu/nec: remove logerror on HLT opcode [hap]
  • 2022-12-27 05:07:37 macadb.cpp: improved SRQ behavior, added many of the Extended Keyboard keys including function keys. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2022-12-27 01:45:48 tickee.cpp: remove duplicate screen update function [hap]
  • 2022-12-26 23:30:45 tickee.cpp: correct rapidfir/maletmad pixel clock, add maletmad ticket dispenser [hap]
  • 2022-12-26 21:05:57 New working software list additions [angelosa]
    • - ibm5170_cdrom.xml: Diablo, Shanghai: Great Moments, Skull Cracker (Windows) [archive.org]
      New NOT_WORKING software list additions - ibm5170_cdrom.xml: Road Rash (Italy) [archive.org]
  • 2022-12-26 18:57:45 rapidfir: add ym2151, used by maletmad for bgm [hap]
  • 2022-12-26 13:13:02 Revert "-bgfx: Adjusted per-pass blending handling - fixes MT07586 and MT07587. (#10747) [Ryan Holtz]" (#10748) [MooglyGuy]
    • This reverts commit 2d893a60b4675359285737be173dfa632269cab3.
  • 2022-12-26 12:47:41 mcs48: correct opcode cycles for IN A, DBB and OUT DBB, A [devsaurus] [hap]
  • 2022-12-26 04:40:43 -bgfx: Adjusted per-pass blending handling - fixes MT07586 and MT07587. (#10747) [Ryan Holtz] [MooglyGuy]
  • 2022-12-26 03:39:08 video/pc_vga.cpp: fix pixel_xfer transfer shifting, makes Windows 95 to be usable in SVGA 8bpp mode [angelosa]
  • 2022-12-25 23:52:34 apple2gs: remove the old HLE keyboard/mouse microcontroller and run the real microcontroller code. [R. Belmont, Peter Ferrie] [arbee]
    • This has been extensively tested, including with Zip acceleration
  • 2022-12-25 21:29:55 bus/pc8801: move list of known cards in markdown file [angelosa]
  • 2022-12-25 19:50:46 ms7002: Use u8-type literals and Unicode escapes for Cyrillic characters; add translations for some key names [AJR]
  • 2022-12-25 19:49:22 braiplus.cpp, textelcomp.cpp: Use u8-type literals for strings containing accented characters [AJR]
  • 2022-12-25 19:32:42 bus/pc8801: preliminary implementation of HAL HMB-20 sound card, addresses #10703 [angelosa]
  • 2022-12-25 12:57:28 braiplus: Add preliminary keyboard [AJR]
  • 2022-12-25 02:25:32 misc/gamtor.cpp: rearrange SVGA map layout, allow beetlem to show video [angelosa]
  • 2022-12-24 20:33:59 formats/hp300_dsk.cpp, formats/hp_lif.cpp: Added HP 300 floppy format and LIF filesystem. (#10729) [Sven Schnelle]
    • Added support for various disk formats used with HP computers. Named 'hp300', but also contains formats used with HP85 and HP150 computers, using the same floppy drivers as the 300 series.
      Most of the information was taken from "HP Flexible Disk Formats" by Martin Hepperle.
      HP LIF was used in quite a lot of different HP products like the HP 9000/300, HP85/87 and HP150 computers. Added support for reading this filesystem.
  • 2022-12-24 19:20:53 tceptor: remove input tag lookups [hap]
  • 2022-12-24 18:57:08 tceptor: correct audiocpu type [hap]
  • 2022-12-24 15:33:31 srcclean in preparation for 0.251 branch [Vas Crabb]
  • 2022-12-24 14:53:04 adc0808: one logerror was missing n [hap]
  • 2022-12-24 14:27:06 digiblast_cart.xml: Use lowercase for things that aren't proper nouns in list description. (#10739) [ArcadeShadow]
  • 2022-12-24 12:52:04 new NOT_WORKING machines [MetalliC]
    • - Heat Up Hockey Image (Ver.1.003R) [Darksoft, MetalliC] Yataimura Shateki (1-player, Japan, Ver 1.000) [Darksoft, MetalliC, rtw]
  • 2022-12-24 10:15:16 hp/hp9825.cpp: Added support for HP 9825A and HP 9831. (#10595) [fulivi]
    • bus/hp9845_io: Added HP9871 printer.
      New working machines
      Hewlett-Packard HP 9825A Hewlett-Packard HP 9831A
      New working software list items
      hp9825_rom: 9862 Plotter/Gen I/O ROM for 9825 hp9825_rom: General/extended I/O ROM for 9825 hp9825_rom: General/extended I/O/9862 plotter ROM for 9825 hp9825_rom: General/extended I/O/plotter ROM for 9825 hp9825_rom: Plotter/Gen I/O ROM for 9825 hp9825_rom: String/Advanced programming ROM for 9825 hp9831_rom: Mass storage ROM for 9831
      New not working software list items
      hp9831_rom: Matrix/plotter ROM for 9831
  • 2022-12-24 09:40:59 cdi.xml: Don't abbreviate "Europe" in descriptions. (#10736) [ArcadeShadow]
  • 2022-12-24 09:34:28 vtech_storio_cart.xml: Use lowercase for things that aren't proper nouns in list description. (#10737) [ArcadeShadow]
  • 2022-12-24 06:22:47 macpwrbk030.cpp: fixed CPU/MCU comms and improved video. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2022-12-24 04:44:01 video/pc_vga.cpp: identify gamtor SVGA chip [angelosa]
  • 2022-12-24 02:06:03 misc/gamtor.cpp: offset bit 1 in VGA memory bankswitches to char RAM, make it to display initial POST messages [angelosa]
  • 2022-12-24 00:09:18 New working machines [Nigel Barnes]
    • Micro-Professor I/88 [Nigel Barnes]
      New working software list additions - mpf1_rom: FORTH-I/88, VIP-I/88 [Nigel Barnes]
  • 2022-12-23 23:50:55 spectrum_cart.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions. (#10735) [ArcadeShadow]
  • 2022-12-23 23:49:09 x68k_flop.xml: Added an alternate version of SX-Window 3.1. (#10733) [Brice Onken]
    • New working software list items - SX-Window v3.1 (alt 2)
  • 2022-12-23 22:40:11 einstein.xml: Metadata cleaning (#10734) [ArcadeShadow]
    • Lowercase on descriptive words like "Alt" or "Cracked"
  • 2022-12-23 22:39:57 midway/omegrace.cpp: Replaced input lookup table with encoder function. (#10728) [0kmg]
  • 2022-12-23 22:39:43 tvgogo.xml: Countries and zone full name (#10732) [ArcadeShadow]
    • Replaced US and EU abbreviations by their full names
  • 2022-12-23 21:17:25 -emu/diimage.cpp: Fixed dumb regression in open plan (stray else). [Vas Crabb]
    • -machine/micomxe1a.cpp: Added notes about how software reads inputs.
  • 2022-12-23 17:20:22 subroc3d: improve internal artwork score panel [hap]
  • 2022-12-23 16:59:08 msx1_flop.xml: Improved metadata and removed disk conversions: (#10731) [wilbertpol]
    • Marked double-sided images for single-sided releases as bad dumps. Added notes and serial numbers. Added ‘disk conversion’ to the descriptions of disk conversions. Removed disk conversions for software present in original form in other software lists. Removed non-working images made single-sided by cutting a double-sided dump in half: msxdosb, burgkilla, spacewlk, ballblaza, diamine2a, mj05, phstripa, raththaa, safarixa. Renamed spacewlka to spacewlk, mj05a to mj05, and pm1_asia to pm2_asia. Marked Spectravideo SVI-738 fully supported.
  • 2022-12-23 16:33:22 imagedev: Allow command-line creation for tapes/memory cards/printouts. [Vas Crabb]
    • Also made image devices not request read access when creating files for write-only devices.
  • 2022-12-23 16:23:01 turbo,buckrog: improve internal artwork score panel [hap]
  • 2022-12-23 05:18:03 aristocrat/aristmk6.cpp: convert video to RGB565, misc notes [angelosa]
  • 2022-12-23 04:26:41 rtpc: fix mmu invalid i/o access handling [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 2022-12-23 04:11:16 nec/pc8401a.cpp: update notes [angelosa]
  • 2022-12-23 03:37:48 pic8259: Treat slave IRQs as level-triggered even when LTIM = 0 [AJR]
  • 2022-12-23 03:37:05 nec/pc6001.cpp: Correct YM2203 clock [AJR]
  • 2022-12-23 02:56:05 nec/pc8801.cpp, nec/pc88va.cpp: default DE-9 with joystick since way more common [angelosa]
  • 2022-12-23 02:53:48 hash/pc88va.xml: QA updates [angelosa]
  • 2022-12-23 02:03:03 mz2500: Correct FDC type; add various XTAL clock sources [AJR]
  • 2022-12-23 01:26:17 mz2500: Correct PIT clocking; use MSX-style port for joysticks [AJR]
  • 2022-12-23 01:23:16 subroc3d: add viewfinder to internal artwork [hap]
  • 2022-12-23 01:25:25 nec/pc88va.cpp: run irq7 thru the same 0 -> 1 logic as the other irqs, makes system to be more stable during SW intros [angelosa]
  • 2022-12-22 23:05:43 mz800: Separate from mz700 state class; use MSX-style joystick ports [AJR]
  • 2022-12-22 22:57:55 turbo: add the gear shift to internal artwork [hap]
  • 2022-12-22 20:59:07 subroc3d: put score panel view in a collection [hap]
  • 2022-12-22 20:48:45 nec/pc6001.cpp: Fix joystick multiplexing; add port outputs and HSYNC and VSYNC readback [AJR]
  • 2022-12-22 20:11:40 Revert "sharp/x68k_v.cpp: Cleaned up screen_update: (#10719)" (#10725) [Vas Crabb]
    • This reverts commit 023fed7901f120b68882128ffe4a06f315ae111b.
      Backgrounds are completely broken in Super Hang-On.
  • 2022-12-22 20:01:40 sharp/x68k_v.cpp: Cleaned up screen_update: (#10719) [grantek]
    • Removed initial PCG bitmap fills these are always fully filled by later code. Use default PCG palette colour directly instead of pre-filling PCG bitmap. Combined per-pixel branches of logic based on "blend gfx with PCG/Text layers".
  • 2022-12-22 18:54:24 gomoku: remove unused input ports [hap]
  • 2022-12-22 18:10:02 nec: Converted PC-6001, PC-8801 and PC88VA controller ports to slots. [Vas Crabb]
    • nec/pc6001.cpp: Converted joystick ports to slots. nec/pc8801.cpp, nec/pc88va.cpp: Converted mouse port to a slot. Mouse works beautifully in Ishido now, no jumpy movement.
  • 2022-12-22 16:58:46 equites: move splendor blast to its own driver [hap]
  • 2022-12-22 16:49:34 housekeeping: Use proper SPDX ID for CC0 license. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2022-12-22 16:30:20 equites: remove function name prefixes [hap]
  • 2022-12-22 16:18:48 equites: disconnect splndrbt_state from equites_state [hap]
  • 2022-12-22 15:44:29 equites: merge driver files [hap]
  • 2022-12-22 13:07:55 tceptor2: let's default to 2d mode [hap]
  • 2022-12-22 12:20:30 othello: remove a tag lookup [hap]
  • 2022-12-22 12:19:53 namcos1: yokai->youkai [hap]
  • 2022-12-22 10:04:52 C++ guidelins update and cleanup: [Vas Crabb]
    • docs: Expanded C++ guidelines following suggestions by P. Mackinlay.
      ui/inifile.cpp: Got rid of the check for "arcade" systems - it broke managing favourites for the slotted Neo Geo.
      luaengine.cpp: Removed the "type" property from system driver metadata. It's effectively deprecated.
      bus/vme/vme_fcisio.cpp, commodore/mps1230.cpp: Fixed inappropriate use of machine type flag constants.
      megadriv.xml: Made notes about the two Galaxy Force 2 sets more explcit.
  • 2022-12-22 08:12:19 nes.xml: Added five builds of an unreleased prototype. (#10718) [0kmg]
    • New working software list additions (nes.xml) - Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators (prototype, 19930709) [ICEknight, steem69] Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators (prototype, 19930630) [ICEknight, steem69] Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators (prototype, 19930616) [ICEknight, steem69] Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators (prototype, 19930528) [ICEknight, steem69] Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators (prototype, 19930528, alt) [ICEknight, steem69]
  • 2022-12-22 02:16:06 meijinsn: add voice dac [hap]
  • 2022-12-21 23:12:19 splndrbt: get rid of tag lookup in screen update [hap]
  • 2022-12-21 22:05:56 decocrpt: undo lopsided tables (older version of srcclean) [hap]
  • 2022-12-21 22:05:34 docs: Fixed editing errors in C++ coding guidelines. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2022-12-21 22:03:39 dataeast/decocass.cpp: Cleaned up BIOS macros, fixed bit error in cnebula tape image and added bootlegs. (#10681) [David Haywood]
    • Reworked BIOS macros - added missing 'older' types, sorted new to old Added support for a different aftermarket multi-game kit.
      New working machines - DECO Cassette System ROM Multigame (Darksoft, v17) [David Haywood]
      New working clones - DECO Cassette System ROM Multigame (Darksoft, v16) [David Haywood] DECO Cassette System ROM Multigame (Darksoft, v15) [David Haywood]
  • 2022-12-21 21:26:08 nintendo/dkong.cpp: more notes about dkong3 sound. (#10716) [0kmg]
  • 2022-12-21 21:17:55 docs: Added preliminary guide for would-be contributors. (#10717) [Ryan Holtz, Vas Crabb, O. Galibert] [Vas Crabb]
  • 2022-12-21 20:32:14 jpm/jmpsys5cpp: Start working on inputs inputs, and added reel interface. (#10709) [James Wallace]
  • 2022-12-21 17:15:56 More MC68EZ328 work for palmm100 and iqunlim (#10696) [Ryan Holtz] [MooglyGuy]
    • palm/palm.cpp: Promoted palmm100 to working. Split Palm LCD into a separate device. machine/mc68328.cpp: Improved LCD controller emulation. Fixed reported Coverity issues vidoe/mc68328lcd.cpp: Added a generic device to handle MC68328-style LCD output signals. vtech/iqunlim.cpp: Hooked up MC68EZ328 device.
      Clones promoted to working - 3Com Palm m100 [Ryan Holtz]
  • 2022-12-21 16:57:18 nes_apu: remove wrongly placed dpcm irq clear [hap]
  • 2022-12-21 15:11:05 sega/sg1000.cpp: Converted Othello Multivision FG-2000 second controller to 9-pin port, and restructured code for fewer optional object finders. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2022-12-21 14:05:45 util/options.cpp: Fixed issue when copying options that don't carry values. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2022-12-21 10:41:46 romp: various improvements [Patrick Mackinlay]
    • record branch with execute address for exception caused by branch subject optionally defer interrupt recognition after lps halt lm/stm on exception implement condition codes for abs tighten up system control register reserved bits
  • 2022-12-21 09:29:31 sound/nes_apu.cpp: Implemented frame counter interrupt. (#10715) [0kmg]
    • Fixes MT06186, MT07625 and MT07658.
      Software list items promoted to working (nes.xml) - Akagawa Jirou no Yuurei Ressha (Japan) [kmg] Castelian (Europe) [kmg] Door Door (Japan) [kmg] Door Door (FMG pirate) [kmg] Dragon Quest (Japan) [kmg] Dragon Quest II - Akuryou no Kamigami (Japan) [kmg] GeGeGe no Kitarou - Youkai Daimakyou (Japan) [kmg] GeGeGe no Kitarou - Youkai Daimakyou (Japan, prototype) [kmg] GeGeGe no Kitarou - Youkai Daimakyou (FMG pirate) [kmg] The Guardian Legend (Europe) [kmg] The Guardian Legend (USA) [kmg] Guardic Gaiden (Japan) [kmg] Jesus - Kyoufu no Bio Monster (Japan) [kmg] Mahjong Taikai (Japan) [kmg] Ninja Jajamaru - Ginga Daisakusen (Japan) [kmg] Ninja Jajamaru - Ginga Daisakusen (Japan, prototype) [kmg] Ninja Kid (USA) [kmg] Mendel Palace (USA) [kmg] The Mutant Virus (USA) [kmg] Qix (USA) [kmg] Quinty (Japan) [kmg] Portopia Renzoku Satsujin Jiken (Japan) [kmg] Squashed (USA, prototype) [kmg] WWF WrestleMania (Europe) [kmg] WWF WrestleMania (USA) [kmg]
  • 2022-12-21 09:19:59 Software list update: [Vas Crabb]
    • megadriv.xml, pce.xml, pcecd.xml, x68k_flop.xml: Added cotroller support usage notes for a few games. pcecd.xml: Noted the required CD-ROM system cards in usage notes, fixed capitalisation and removed unnecessary markup in descriptions. megadriv.xml: Added compatibility tag for gforce2a (broken graphics on PAL consoles).
  • 2022-12-20 23:19:44 subroc3d: add internal artwork 3d scope views [hap]
  • 2022-12-20 22:26:53 bus/pce_ctrl: Added PC Engine Mouse support. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2022-12-20 20:26:05 turbo: increase steering sensitivity [hap]
  • 2022-12-20 19:54:58 sega/turbo_v.cpp: another minor code simplification (#10712) [0kmg]
  • 2022-12-20 19:32:32 subroc3d: swap left/right [hap]
  • 2022-12-20 19:32:07 vtech/vsmile.cpp: Added machine configuration switches. (#10660) [KanedaFr]
    • Added controls for three bits of I/O port B. Confirmed language setting values. Added notes, including how to access BIOS test mode.
  • 2022-12-20 18:56:44 subroc3d: add 3d scope shutter output [hap]
  • 2022-12-20 18:11:24 capcom/cps1.cpp: Added proper B board GAL fusemap to run ffightae hack on hardware. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2022-12-20 17:12:21 capcom/cps1.cpp: Added 3-player Final Fight hack. [Vas Crabb]
    • New working clones
      Final Fight 30th Anniversary Edition (World, hack) [Gregory Lewandowski]
  • 2022-12-20 16:40:37 ui: Rationalised right panel behaviour: [Vas Crabb]
    • Removed the "default" state for the image tab where it would show different things for different types of machine - it just confused users.
      Remember the selected tab and image in the right panel. State for system selection menu is remembered across sessions. Last used state for software selection menus is remembered across sessions. Within a session, state is remembered separately for recently selected machines, similarly to the way filter selection is remembered.
      Fixed some focus order issues in the software selection menu.
  • 2022-12-20 08:17:49 kiwako/mrjong.cpp: Fixed horizontal sprite offset when screen is flipped. (#10705) [Pierre Cornier]
  • 2022-12-20 08:15:26 apple/apple2gs.cpp: fixed compile [Ivan Vangelista]
  • 2022-12-20 04:28:10 apple2gs.cpp: revert testing change that slipped into the previous commmit. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2022-12-20 04:13:35 macadb.cpp: add reset (IIgs) / power/NMI (Mac) key, and swap Command/Option keys to match Apple II layout. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
    • apple2gs.cpp: Building with the ADB MCU actually running instead of the HLE now works 100%. [R. Belmont, Peter Ferrie] This is not yet the default config to rate-limit MAME to one major IIgs change per release. To try it out early, change RUN_ADB_MICRO and ADB_HLE to (1) and rebuild.
  • 2022-12-20 03:24:44 ibm5150.xml: 11 New working software list additions (#10698) [ArcadeShadow]
    • ibm5150.xml: 11 New working software list additions
      New working software list additions
      Arcade Hits [The Good Old Days] Bombuzal [The Good Old Days] Mega Man (3.5") [The Good Old Days] Pole Position [The Good Old Days] Street Fighting Man (alt) [The Good Old Days] Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (5.25") [old-games.ru] Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Spain, 3.5") [Abandon Socios] Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Spain, 5.25") [Abandon Socios] Zeliard (3.5") [The Good Old Days] Zeliard (3.5", v2.0) [old-games.ru] Zeliard (5.25") [The Good Old Days]
  • 2022-12-20 03:04:56 upd934g: use device_rom_interface instead of a read callback (#10700) [Devin Acker]
  • 2022-12-20 02:52:48 nes.xml: Configure useful slot defaults for software items using Famicom Keyboard, Family Trainer or R.O.B. [AJR]
  • 2022-12-20 02:48:21 emuopts.cpp: Work around reevaluate_default_card_software trying to purge XXX_default values; reword some comments [AJR]
  • 2022-12-20 02:43:47 Clear BIOS option setting when reloading empty pseudo-driver to prevent spurious ROM loading errors for this and other drivers [AJR]
  • 2022-12-20 01:57:51 bus/msx/ctrl, bus/sms_ctrl: Use AD Stick Z type for XE-1AP throttle. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2022-12-20 01:31:59 More Micom XE-1AP adjustments: [Vas Crabb]
    • Reversed default throttle direction. On the desktop version, pulling the throttle towards you accelerates. Fixed a bad bitfield extraction that stopped right shoulder buttons working in Thunder Blade for PC Engine.
  • 2022-12-19 22:27:18 bus/msx: Fixed mislabeled button on FM Towns 6-button Pad. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2022-12-19 21:19:36 gunsmoke: make game string build date more readable [hap]
  • 2022-12-19 20:55:22 sega/model3.cpp: Added drive board ROMs from Scud Race to Dirt Devils (uses the same PCB). (#10677) [Museo del Recreativo] [ClawGrip]
  • 2022-12-19 20:53:12 parodius,gokuparo: add sub-title to game string [hap]
  • 2022-12-19 20:52:30 capcom/gunsmoke.cpp: Dumped and added a new North American Gun.Smoke set. (#10690) [ClawGrip]
    • Also fixed years and names on other sets
      New working clones - Gun.Smoke (USA and Canada, 1986/01/20) [Victor Fernandez (City Game), Jordi Beltrán]
  • 2022-12-19 19:56:49 ibm5170_cdrom.xml: Fixed misspelled game title. (#10699) [ArcadeShadow]
    • Corrected "Peristroka" to "Perestroika".
  • 2022-12-19 19:49:33 device_state_entry::format: fix wrong value when used with callexport [hap]
  • 2022-12-19 19:48:30 sega/turbo.cpp: Clarified turbo lives DIP switch setting name. (#10707) [0kmg]
  • 2022-12-19 19:29:49 skeleton: Renamed Vector 4 to Vector 3. (#10697) [Eric Anderson]
    • It appears Vector Graphic Monitor 4 was confused with Vector 4.
      Fixed some of the easier Vector 4-isms, but it will need more thorough work.
  • 2022-12-19 19:22:31 yamaha/ymdx9.cpp: Resolved issues with incoming MIDI. (#10702) [Anthony]
    • Added divider on 500 kHz midi serial clock. Added missing MIDI data read handler.
  • 2022-12-19 18:47:03 turbo: no need for port_0_r [hap]
  • 2022-12-19 18:25:49 sega/turbo.cpp: Added missing pedal inputs. (#10704) [0kmg]
    • - turbo: Added pedal. Made shifter start in low gear by default. - buckrog: Added configuration to select (upright) button machine or (cockpit) pedal machine. Corrected cabinet type DIP switch.
  • 2022-12-19 18:11:07 New clones marked as NOT_WORKING [Ivan Vangelista]
    • White Water (P-6) [Matt’s Basement Arcade, PinMAME]
  • 2022-12-19 17:15:33 nec/pc8801.cpp: promote machines to working status (#10685) [Angelo Salese]
    • - video/upd3301.cpp: fix off by one attribute bugs happening for pc8801 N-88 Basic and several other entries; - nec/pc8801.cpp: backported centronics hookup from pc8001, allows supporting Jast Sound thru Covox interface in some Jast entries; - nec/pc8801.cpp: fix 1bpp graphic layer drawing when uPD3301 is not in color mode, fixes byoin regression;
      Machines promoted to working
      nec/pc8801.cpp: PC-8801mkIISR, PC-8801MH, PC-8801MA [Angelo Salese, Oliver Galibert, Carl]
      Clones promoted to working
      nec/pc8801.cpp: PC-8801mkIIFR, PC-8801mkIIMR, PC-8801FA, PC-8801MA2 [Angelo Salese, Oliver Galibert, Carl]
      New working software list additions - pc8801_flop.xml: D' (cracked) [Neo Kobe], Donkey Kong 3 - Dai Gyakushuu [Game Preservation Society, Carl, Disk Blitz]
      New NOT_WORKING software list additions - pc8801_flop.xml: D' (alt) [Neo Kobe]
  • 2022-12-18 21:14:34 buckrog: correct sprite priority 74148 [hap]
  • 2022-12-18 21:09:17 globalfr: Back out fading effect, hardware doesn't support it (nw) [James Wallace]
  • 2022-12-18 20:57:24 machine/micomxe1a.cpp: Fixed a dumb editing error with delays. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2022-12-18 19:57:34 machine/micomxe1a.cpp: Fudged timings to work with buggy CRI games. [Vas Crabb]
    • CSK Research Institute games on FM Towns don't follow the same sequence as other games when reading inputs. They depend on the data lines not being updated for some time after /Ack goes high, and can miss transitions if the timing is too tight (ironic that 16MHz '386 software has these issues when the 7MHz 6502 in the PC Engine gets by fine). This fudges the timings to work with the these buggy games without breaking the other use cases.
      Also for some reason, these games expect an XE-1AP in MD mode with a Sega controller adapter - they won't work wth an XE-1AP in Personal Computer mode, and they won't work with the XE-1AJ or its NEC-branded relative. In MAME you can flip the Interface setting to MD in the Machine Configuration options without needing to use an adapter device.
  • 2022-12-18 19:32:49 emuopts.cpp: Correction for 42adf5d51de36560547449c6c279a8df9df7dcfe [AJR]
  • 2022-12-18 18:45:22 Software list-provided default option fixes [AJR]
    • - Give "slot_default" option values default priority rather than maximum priority, so command line option specifications can override these - Silently ignore software list-provided default options or values that don't exist in a particular system configuration
  • 2022-12-18 17:06:07 m6809: rename *.ops to *.lst [hap]
  • 2022-12-18 16:59:06 machine/micomx1a.cpp: Slightly better timings. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2022-12-18 16:06:18 machine/micomx1a.cpp: Confirmed Digital MD mode emulates a 3-button Sega pad. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2022-12-18 14:46:53 util/options.cpp: Fixed overriden default option values from OSD. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2022-12-18 13:14:53 m6809: srcclean *.ops files [hap]
  • 2022-12-18 12:46:28 m6809/konami: add IMM_IM from hd6309 [hap]
  • 2022-12-18 12:21:33 More Micom Soft controller wrangling: [Vas Crabb]
    • bus/msx/ctrl: Added XE-1AP pad with defaults for personal computers. bus/pce_ctrl: Added XHE-3 PC joystick adapter.
  • 2022-12-18 00:36:41 Update snes_slot.cpp (#10695) [Tom]
    • fix fast/slow rom reporting
  • 2022-12-17 22:07:03 bus/sms_ctrl: A few refinements for the XE-1AP controller: [Vas Crabb]
    • Game pad version omits the fourth axis from the cyber stick. Remumbered analog input ports to match documented channel names. Improved notes.
  • 2022-12-17 20:33:38 bus/sms_ctrl: Added support for Denpa XE-1AP controller. [Vas Crabb]
    • This is the "horsehoe crab" game pad version of the Denpa Micom Soft Analog/Digital Intelligent Controller System (the other version is the desktop "cyber stick").
      Mega Drive games only support this controller in analog mode (the default). Digital mode is designed to be used for games on computers with MSX-style controller ports that don't support analog controls.
  • 2022-12-17 20:39:22 sega/sg1000.cpp: SG-1000 only has one control port; prevent Othello Multivisions from segfaulting. (#10694) [0kmg]
  • 2022-12-17 20:21:13 ginganin: reduce 6840 clock [hap]
  • 2022-12-17 18:13:08 se3208: Add exception hook callback [AJR]
  • 2022-12-17 15:19:30 sega/sg1000.cpp: Slotified controller ports. [Vas Crabb]
    • Replaced built-in controllers with Sega controller ports for SC-3000 and SG-1000. Fixed inappropriate default assignment of SG-1000 pause button to P key, conflicting with the default emulator pause assignment. Got rid of half a player 2 D-pad that was somehow polluting the Othello Multivision FG-2000. Hooked up SF-7000 Centronics busy line to previously unused function.
  • 2022-12-17 13:58:20 tceptor: correct cpu type [hap]
  • 2022-12-17 13:23:23 ibm5170_cdrom.xml: 16 new software list additions (#10419) [ArcadeShadow]
    • ibm5170_cdrom.xml: 16 new software list additions
      New working software list additions - 5 Plus One: Pack 10 - The Blues Brothers [redump.org] 5 Plus One: Pack 25 - TV Sports Football [redump.org] Delphine Classic Collection - Adventure [redump.org] Hocus Pocus (Europe) [redump.org] Hocus Pocus (Germany) [redump.org] Hocus Pocus (Germany, shareware) [redump.org] Hocus Pocus (Spain) [redump.org] Hocus Pocus (USA) [redump.org] Hocus Pocus (USA, rerelease) [redump.org] Hocus Pocus (USA, rerelease, alt) [redump.org] Hocus Pocus (USA, mail order release) [redump.org] id Anthology (rev 1) [redump.org] id Anthology [redump.org] The Bitmap Brothers Compilation [redump.org] Zool: Ninja of the "Nth" Dimension [redump.org] Zool 2 [redump.org]
  • 2022-12-17 13:05:59 New machines marked as NOT_WORKING [Ivan Vangelista]
    • The Castle [caius]
      New clones marked as NOT_WORKING
      The Rock [caius]
  • 2022-12-17 04:26:57 macrtc.cpp: return seconds update logging to LOG_GENERAL. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
  • 2022-12-17 04:19:44 macrtc.cpp: if the time is set by the host system, count from that time for the rest of the session. [R. Belmont] [arbee]
    • - This means changing the time in the emulated system now will actually take effect. Restarting MAME will return to real time. - The "Clock RAM" test in the Apple IIgs Diagnostics now passes.
  • 2022-12-17 02:36:36 upd765: clear wc if the found sector has the correct cyl in the address field [cracyc]
  • 2022-12-16 21:56:52 bus/sms_ctrl: Added Konami Hyper Shot for Sega, too. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2022-12-16 21:21:59 bus/msx/ctrl: Added Konami Hyper Shot controller. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2022-12-16 20:25:54 vendetta: correct some input ports [hap]
  • 2022-12-16 20:03:59 osd/modules/file: Don't magically substitute environment variables when opening files. (#9859) [npwoods]
    • util/options.cpp: Added option types for single and multiple paths. util/options.cpp: Substitute environment variables in values from defaults and INI files. ui/dirmenu.cpp: Removed hard-coded list of multi-path options. plugins: Don't substitute environment variables in path options.
  • 2022-12-16 19:41:36 macrtc.cpp: Updates [R. Belmont] [arbee]
    • - Cleaned up, modernized, converted logging to logmacro.h - Improved documentation comments - Supports both the original 343-0040 (Mac 128/512) and the 343-0042-B (Mac II, Apple IIgs) with unique behavior
  • 2022-12-16 18:56:42 nintendo/playch10.cpp: Added separate gun trigger input. (#10691) [0kmg]
    • Also fixed incorrect Zapper-like trigger behavior and made gun alarm wire machine configurable.
  • 2022-12-16 15:58:03 -bus/sms_ctrl: Better 4-player adaptor and mouse emulation: [Vas Crabb]
    • Latch and reset mouse axis counts on first falling TR edge while selected. Added mouse support to 4-player adaptor. Fixed a bug when reading control pad buttons with 4-player adaptor.
  • 2022-12-16 15:23:47 osd/windows/window.cpp: Fixed a crash when toggling fullscreen. [Ryan Holtz] (#10692) [MooglyGuy]
    • osd/windows/window.cpp: Check for a non-null renderer before issuing a draw request to the renderer. [Ryan Holtz]
  • 2022-12-16 15:12:24 tmnt: improve sound nmi [hap]
  • 2022-12-16 13:44:37 palm/palm.cpp: Improved Palm IIIc support. (#10684) [Ryan Holtz] [MooglyGuy]
    • machine/mc68328.cpp: Split MC68328 device into a base class with shared functionality, and derived MC68328 and MC68EZ328 models. video/sed1375.cpp: Added roughly-functional implementation of the Epson SED1375 LCD controller.
      Machines promoted to working
      3Com Palm IIIc [Ryan Holtz]
  • 2022-12-16 13:42:12 ay8910: add machine().describe_context() to some logerror [hap]
  • 2022-12-16 07:52:06 bus/sms_ctrl: Added support for Sega mouse and four-player adaptor. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2022-12-15 19:52:05 mo5_flop.xml, mo6_flop.xml, pro128_flop.xml: Correct floppy image interfaces [AJR]
    • thom_dsk.cpp: Add DSDD 5.25-inch format
  • 2022-12-15 19:29:52 epos: add tristar8000 coin latch [hap]
  • 2022-12-15 14:03:12 vsmileb_cart.xml: Add info about missing game (#10689) [ClawGrip]
  • 2022-12-15 13:35:57 m6809/konami: no need for those safe_shift functions [hap]
  • 2022-12-15 13:16:05 m6809/konami: don't use m_opcode as a temp variable [hap]
  • 2022-12-15 10:24:09 msx1_cass.xml: Fix leading space in rom name label for dogfights [Scott Stone]
  • 2022-12-15 01:32:31 imgtool/stream: Remove some unused functions [AJR]
  • 2022-12-15 00:50:20 cpc_flop.xml: Fix up a few things from poorly imported "good" sets. [Vas Crabb]
    • Also some other minor cleanup.
  • 2022-12-14 22:16:06 m6809/konami: fix looped shift opcodes indexed mode [hap]
  • 2022-12-14 21:25:40 msx1_cart.xml, msx1_cass.xml, msx1_flop.xml: Cleaned up metadata. (#10509) [ArcadeShadow]
    • Use full country names in description. Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions. Removed zero offsets in regions with a single file loaded.
  • 2022-12-14 19:41:07 bus/megadrive/jcart.cpp: Fixed include guard typo. (#10687) [0kmg]
  • 2022-12-14 19:19:55 konami/crimfght.cpp: fix lives default dip [Angelo Salese]
  • 2022-12-14 19:16:02 namco/mappy.cpp: Undid DIP switch setting reordering from PR #10166. (#10665) [eientei95]
  • 2022-12-14 19:12:25 tvgames/xavix.cpp: Added Gun Gun Adventure (inputs not hooked up). (#10683) [David Haywood]
    • New machines marked not working - Gun Gun Adventure (Japan) [Sean Riddle]
  • 2022-12-14 18:26:04 bus/a7800/rom.cpp: Use proper bank order for Activision 128K cartridges. (#10686) [0kmg]
  • 2022-12-14 18:15:41 bus/sms_ctrl: More plausible TH responses for export Sports Pad. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2022-12-14 16:19:14 More Sega cleanup: [Vas Crabb]
    • bus/megadrive/jcart.cpp: Turned controller ports into slots - no need to simulate controllers in the cartridge device. sega/megadriv.cpp: Simplified wired 6-button controller to use a single input port per pad. megadriv_rad.cpp: Changed to use A/B/C/X/Y/Z button labels like the real systems, added reset buttons to a couple of units that have them. puckpkmn.cpp: Considering boards without the U6612 exist, assume it uses a Mega Drive II VDP clone with integrated FM sound.
  • 2022-12-14 12:33:48 tehkanwc: remove tag lookups [hap]
  • 2022-12-14 09:26:21 sega/sms.cpp: Refactored Game Gear handling. (#10682) [Vas Crabb]
    • Use a memory view to switching between Game Gear and Master System compatibility I/O space mapping. Got rid of most of the conditional code checking whether it's a Game Gear driver.
      Got rid of the special Game Gear EXT port slot. It's the same thing as a Mega Drive controller/expansion I/O port with a different connector.
      sega/mdioport.cpp: Added a variant for the Game Gear with the TH/PC6 interrupt latch, and added it to the Game Gear.
  • 2022-12-14 04:30:45 nec/pc88va.cpp: overhaul, make most software to start running with pc88va2 (#10656) [Angelo Salese]
    • - nec/v5x.cpp: add ICU slave ack readback;
  • 2022-12-14 03:37:08 to_flop.xml: Fix floppy image interfaces (assuming that all larger images are 3.5" for now) [AJR]
  • 2022-12-14 01:38:16 tehkanwc: reset msm together with soundcpu [hap]
  • 2022-12-14 01:19:43 tehkanwc: merge driver files [hap]
  • 2022-12-14 01:11:16 tehkanwc: remove unneeded trampoline for writing leds [hap]
  • 2022-12-14 00:49:10 tehkan: add shared addressmap, remove soundcpu reset timer hack [hap]
  • 2022-12-14 00:02:13 tehkanwc: remove old joystick hack [hap]
  • 2022-12-13 22:33:25 triton_rom.xml: Corrected fastvdu rom size. [Nigel Barnes]
  • 2022-12-13 20:39:25 nintendo/cham24.cpp: Added save state support and cleaned up code. (#10670) [0kmg]
    • Also cleaned up sprite RAM DMA trigger trampolines in all NES-like drivers.
  • 2022-12-13 19:55:24 m6809/konami: fix carry flag on LSRD, ASRD [hap]
  • 2022-12-13 19:46:37 video/ppu2c0x.cpp: Improved behavior of OAM writes during PPU rendering. (#10678) [0kmg]
    • Noticeably improves high hopes demo.
  • 2022-12-13 19:26:03 Fixed MESS and Arcade builds (#10680) [MASH]
    • Fixed MESS build
      Fixed Arcade build
  • 2022-12-13 19:14:02 m6809/konami: update prev commit [hap]
  • 2022-12-13 19:06:14 m6809/konami: match indexed opcode timing with hd6309 [hap]
  • 2022-12-13 18:18:14 bus/thomson/cd90_015: Further customization of floppy drive [AJR]
  • 2022-12-13 17:14:43 m6809/konami: enable 'hd6309 native mode' [hap]
  • 2022-12-13 16:42:59 mc6843: Clear STRB bits when read (mostly reverts 05803c61309319e5a6dd86d074620a3b324be7ec) [AJR]
  • 2022-12-13 16:19:05 mc6843: Clear STRB at command start [AJR]
  • 2022-12-13 15:48:59 bus/thomson/cd90_015.cpp: Correct floppy drive type and name [AJR]
  • 2022-12-13 14:27:01 tmnt: remove useless define [hap]
  • 2022-12-13 13:17:40 ygv608: clean up some indentation [hap]
  • 2022-12-13 08:19:32 sega/puckpkmn.cpp: Note actual silkscreens on sound chips. [Vas Crabb]
  • 2022-12-13 07:47:15 -More Mega Drive cleanup: [Vas Crabb]
    • Moved YM sound out of "core" Mega Drive state, and made more devices required in "base" Mega Drive state. Made Pico/Copera derive from "core" Mega Drive state so they aren't carrying unnecessary baggage (all it uses is the CPU and VDP). Corrected title for puckpkmna.
      -cpu/avr8: Mask ADC samples to ten bits on acquisition.
  • 2022-12-12 22:00:03 -bus/sms_ctrl: Added raphnet DIY SMS/Mark III paddle. [Vas Crabb]
    • -cpu/avr8: Added minimal ADC support (in particular, ADC interrupts are not implemented).
      -sega/megadriv.cpp: Further broke up base Mega Drive class. Created a light-weight base class with just the core functionality, used for "Genie" hardware (Puckman Pockimon). Moved built-in controller emulation to a derived class so it isn't lurking underneath the consoles with pluggable controllers. Moved the Sun Mixing Mega Drive bootlegs to their own source file - they're substantially different, not using the I/O blocks for input.
      -sega/sms.cpp: Untangled SG-1000 Mark III slightly.
  • 2022-12-12 21:44:33 bus/archimedes/podules: Added Ethernet podules (not working) [Nigel Barnes]
    • - Acorn AEH50 Ethernet II - Acorn AEH54 10Base2 Ethernet Podule - ANT Ethernet 10base2 mini-podule
  • 2022-12-12 21:03:42 New working software list additions [Nigel Barnes]
    • - bbcm_cart: Master SD R2 [Ramptop]
  • 2022-12-12 20:51:05 mtx_cfx: Replace HDD with Compact Flash device. [Nigel Barnes]
  • 2022-12-12 19:47:14 mdcr: Moved philips/p2000t_mdcr.cpp->machine/mdcr.cpp to allow use with other machines. [Nigel Barnes]
  • 2022-12-12 19:13:59 New machines marked as NOT_WORKING [Nigel Barnes]
    • MiniB Computer [Nigel Barnes, Sprow]