[X68] XM6i 2.06 0.33

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[X68] XM6i 2.06 0.33

XM6i jest kraczkolubiącym emulatorem komputerów PC SHARP X680xx, bazującym na kodzie emulatora XM6, w stosunku do pierwowzoru prawdopodobnie   wzbogacono go o emulację FDD i kooprocesora matematycznego. Język japoński jest ciężkim przeżyciem ale parę fajnych tytułów jest dość dobrym wytłumaczeniem aby przebrnąć przez menu w niektórych emulatorów tej platformy. Jeśli ktoś ma problemy z biosem, powinien zerknąć w zestawie biosów MESS.

XM6i ver 0.33 (2011/12/29)

  • Host scheduler renewed. Bugs and high speed operation of the VM in Windows. I think the frame rate is not up bug probably healed. Review the scheduling of a host of rendering.
  • A review of the host scheduler, "no-wait only works MPU" feature. Does not work, temporarily disable.Fixed so the frame rate was incorrect o that appears in the status bar. Values ​​such as 50fps so far has been displayed is incorrect, in ver 0.33. Not drop in frame rate.
  • The status bar progress of virtual time, try to show the accumulation of delay minutes.
  • "View> Virtual Hosts> Scheduler" to implement a window.
  • "View> System> Scheduler" Frame Rate field of the window is removed.
  • Has been under review since the original gap.
  • Returning from a bus error o Improved the save process for re-execute the instruction register. This
  • MPU (with 68000/68030) average about 15% better performance.
  • The exception vector word indicates o (pre) and double the bus will fetch address error
  • So that the fault correction.
  • Improved screen redraw routine version o Windows.
  • Fixed garbage when you enter the zoomed o.
  • Nereid-implementation of the DIP SW 5,6,8.
  • "Nereid" by setting new page, move the relevant settings Nereid.
  • RTL8019AS (NE2000) bytes of unimplemented registers, unimplemented bits to correctly implement.
  • RTL8019AS (NE2000) of RCR register, DCR, IMR (page 2) implement.
  • RTL8019AS (NE2000) implements memory access from the debugger.
  • RTL8019AS (NE2000) Fixed it universally accessible and odd addresses.
  • RTL8019AS (NE2000) a little closer to the actual contents of the EEPROM.
  • Network configuration changes to allow drivers on the host o VM.
  • The extension .2 hc floppy image (lower case) out of the list that did
  • Fix the bug.
  • Fixed in o ver0.32-f option is ineffective. Work better.

XM6i ver  0.32 (2011/12/05)  - google translation

  • corresponding o NetBSD 5.x.
    • Implementation of a floppy MRU ....Fast-forward to fix the symptoms become clear when the power supply from. Also various small changes around the screen drawing of improvement.
  •   Fixed timing of clearing the space around the screen.
  •   Fixed to not depend on the main screen and when to draw the status bar.
  • Change the timing of the sub ... drawing.
    • various minor changes around the bus access improvements.
  • Inside a bus going properly separated access 68000/68EC030/68030.
  • The DMA access might be incorrect when the 68030 MMU on Correct.
    System clock (CPU clock) from 10.0MHz to 50.0MHz can be set up.
    was fixed in the status bar may flicker o wxMSW.
    Nereid Ethernet emulation of the formal implementation
  • NE2000 yet. Host driver tap driver (for NetBSD) only implemented.
  • debugger disassembly instructions support 68881 / 2 FPU some.
  • "modify> replace the blue power LED type" restore.
  •  "extension XM6i> expansion board to use Nereid" option is implemented.
  • "extension XM6i> character code in the console" abolished.
  • wxGTK, wxMac is determined from the environment.
  • "Debugger> Enable Debugger" option is implemented.
  • "Debugger> EXG.L SP, breakpoint instruction to SP" option
  • The implementation.
  • Benchmark # 1 abolished.
  • Added-T option for debugging.
  • XM6i ver 0.30 for Win32
  • Major changes:
  • Configuration file format, the format changes were made. v0.22 and previous configuration files are not compatible. v0.22 hard disk image before, SRAM is possible to use the file as it is.
  • Improved operation of 68 030.
  • Improved performance of the 68030 MMU.
  • Menu "Tools> Full Speed ​​" was implemented.
  • 0.30 (2011/05/16)
  • significant change around the configuration file.
  • Launcher configuration files are provided. VM configuration file is incompatible with the old one.
  • The-c option to accept change only the configuration file.
  • Host Requirements PentiumMMX more limited. CMOV instruction.
  • 68000/68030 address error, bus error general review.
  • 68000: Odd addresses on a PC-relative access to the address error
  • Fixed.
    • 68030: implementation of the program space longword.
    • 68030: (at least) BFINS, BFEXTS, BFEXTU, BFFFO bug fixes.
    • 68030: Complete rewrite of AltiVec instructions. I should have taken into consideration and aligned with bus access.
    • 68030: exception frame a little and experiment with different $ B writes.
    • 68030: PTESTW descriptor is not modified to operate in the M-bit instructions.
    • 68030: MMU and improve the performance of ATC.
    • menu "File> Shut off the power" to implement.
    • menu "Tools> full" implementation.
    • Fixed handling periodic recalculation of the event.
      "Ev.remain <= (ev.time + 625)" Fix unauthorized end.
    • o Fix a 4GB disk image is it just a bad ending.  (Incidentally, 2GB or more images are not supported) 
    • corresponds to the logical address of the debugger disassembler.
    • Pluto-X SCSI ID at the start of D4 is set to Fixed.
    • XM6: SRAM is write-protected writes to correct the weights.
    • Add # 6 benchmark mode.
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