[FRONTEND] EmuLoader 6.7

[1] @ środa, 20 Lutego 2013 22:10CET

[FRONTEND] EmuLoader 6.7

EmuLoader jest frontendem, uznawanym za jeden z najwygodniejszych tego typu rozwiązań, pozwalającym ułatwić nam obsługę emulatorów Arcade  - MAME, Demul a także SuperModel 0.2a.

version 6.7 change log - February 20, 2013


  • Random application crash after selecting games
  • Menu option "Enable MAMu_ Icons" was grayed out after selecting folders for icons
  • Image Layout "tripple 6" was not loading/saving image 3 width correctly
  • Games splitter bar disappears when making the games list panel too small
  • Auditing multiple selected games was showing the system selection window. It's not necessary as the system of the first selected game is used. Games of different systems cannot be scanned together on this feature!
  • No more script error messages when using web browser game info (ProgettoEMMA) on certain games (88games and others)
  • It was as simple as enabling the "silent" mode in the TWebBrowser component
  • A few buttons in images tool bar should not be visible when viewing game web info
  • Clicking the close button in message box window was not returning the correct "abort" message
  • Unfocused lists had wrong sized selection bar
  • Images tool bar buttons still visible after disabling preview images, while info game docs panel enabled
  • Images panel messed up when disabling preview images, while internet game info is being used
  • Preview images being loaded twice at startup. Startup is now 2 seconds faster


  • Button "Toggle view mode" in images tool bar moved to a fixed position (second button). Easier to switch between view modes as it never moves to another position
  • Finally updated the Graphics32 component to latest v1.9.1. There are no speed improvements though
  • Renamed "Enable Layout Dimensions" to "Show Layout Dimensions" (images popup menu). You'll need to re-enable this setting
  • User interface back to the good old looks. No gradient backgrounds, glowing texts or glass buttons
  • Fixed background color of many controls to pure white RGB(255, 255, 255)
  • Main image panel does not change color anymore, it's always black... as it should have been
  • Replaced the last semicolon char " ; " by the special " � " char. Now EL can have game titles with semicolon (Japan titles ?)
  • Games list files are updated automatically at startup


  • Showing preview images on selected games is a bit faster. If the game image is already loaded in images panel, it is not loaded again (parent + clones related games). This is good for zipped images and when "load using threads" is disabled
  • eg.: selecting "Elevator Action" and its clones. If you only have the image for the parent game, selecting its clones will not reload the parent image... if it's already loaded
  • Switching between image layouts is lightning fast now!
  • Replaced the "Lanczos" resampler filter by "Hermite". It's faster and it looks better. No noise, phantom pixels or over-sharpening added to the image
  • Expanded the "Interface Type" filter in "Misc" filters (tool bar button) to include fruit machines in the mechanical option, and added a "Fruit Machine" option. Also, for better filtering, catver.ini is also used if available


  • Setting "Show Image Border" is gone. 7 pixels border in images panel is always enabled from now on. It looks more professional...


  • Load preview images using threads
  • Preliminary feature, disabled by default. To enable it, check the first button in images tool bar buttons
  • It works great for images layout view mode and zipped images, as all 3 images load at the same time
  • Unzipped images are also supported, but the speed gain is less apparent
  • One nice side effect, no lag when scrolling the games list (if images panel is enabled)
  • If you select games too fast, sometimes images of the last selected game might not load. This was necessary to prevent the application from crashing
  • a 2 milliseconds delay was added before loading each image panel, to avoid crashes when switching between image layouts views
  • Best used with multi-core CPUs
  • New filter: "Games ROMs" ("Misc" filter button) -> you can choose to show only games with ROMs/CHDs or only games with no ROMs (pong ?).
  • For MAME Plus! this is handy since it has more than 30 games that do not use ROMs
  • Re-added the function to select random games. Access "Select a Random Game" in games popup menu (mouse right-click) or with the "Ctrl+R" hot-key. There will be no tool bar button for this. It does NOT work with the grouped view mode!
  • Support for "languages.ini" from AntoPISA Progetto-SNAPS. Place file in "emuloaderini_files" folder
  • new column in games list (details, grouped views)
  • new "Language" option in "text bar" filter settings (tool bar buttons)

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