[arcade] Mame32 0.67 + Kaillera, warte zerknięcia

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[arcade] Mame32 0.67 + Kaillera, warte zerknięcia

FxxKing Rabbit, z poprawkami Creamymami, opublikowali nową wersję swojej mutacji MAME32 (lub jak kto woli MAMEUI), którą wzbogacili o obsługę klienta Kaillery. Co prawda, wersja, którą dostajemy do użytkowania jest leciwa, ale... co za prędkość w porównaniu z dzisiejszym mameUI. Nie do pogardzenia jeśli ktoś potrzebuje tylko połowy tego, co w tej chwili MAME nam oferuje z obsługiwanych gier.

Mame32k - Mame32 with kaillera support

Mame32k official release is kaillera support kaillera networking game mame revision
The last official release version is 0.67 (http://www.kaillera.com)
In mame32 0.67 kaillera added support on the basis of the last official version

The modified version of the mame32k 0.67, based on the changes, the following changes:

  • cps1 cps2 neogeo pgm synchronization latest official mame, added and fixed some cps1 hack games
  • Support neogeo decrypted games (kawaks standard), supports multi-bios switch, support 320x224 resolution
  • cps1 neogeo pgm system is built a lot of game hack (no need to modify the rom, you can only have the original rom)
  • Update hook (hook captain), s1945 (color Beijing 1945), viostorm (midnight storm), tmnt (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles),
  • tmnt2 (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2), ssriders (sunset Knight), powerins (high blood Temple family), snowbros (Snowman Brothers),
  • aerofgt (Four fighters), denjinmk (electric mythical puppet), tkdensho (Ji fighting heritage), tankfrce (tank unit),
  • shadfrce (turned ninja), mystwarr (Wrath of the Ninja), vasara (Basara), vasara2 (Basara 2),
  • nslasher (midnight killing), moomesa (cowboy), aliencha (Battle of the stars) and its clone to latest version
  • Updated cave system (high blood Temple 2, rumor, peak leader, etc. ... ...), suprnova system (Reincarnated S series, flash forward, dragon armor, etc. ...)
  • fuukifg3 system (Xue Jian Dynasty), galpanic system (Reincarnated), taito_b system, taito_h system, taito_z system,
  • crystal system (Crystal King), toaplan game system
  • Add cps3 System games (NOCD + Region hack)
  • Add the 68000 core switching that switch C or ASM core, the core part of the game to run properly only C (eg, NeoGeo games viewpoin)
  • The game is only part of the core in ASM only under normal (eg, CPS1 games captcomm the demo)
  • Adjust the volume of all games (2 times), add key functionality bursts, add search game features
  • Add the Direct 3D display mode (the default games Properties -> Advanced)
  • If you use Windows Vista, Windows 7 and other new operating system must use this mode can make the picture smoother
  • Part of the game by adding a built-in hack, if you refresh the list when the game has a built-in hack rom,
  • Will also brush a hack version of the game, it's rom rom is consistent with the standards,
  • Networked or stand-alone run the game, the game will automatically patch, version, etc. into the optional boss
  • With multiple versions of kaillera client, such as to enable your own renamed kailleraclient.dll
  • On-line adjustment of dip set (note to make clear the difference between dip switch and eeprom):
  • By default, the left shift + F10 is the transmission dip set
  • Online, everyone into the game, the host starts the game, when the game began to host press tab to adjust the game after the dip switch settings,
  • After adjustment, press the "left shift + F10" transmission dip settings to all players, then you will see a successful dip switch changed the words,
  • The host then press F3 reset the game, we also reset, a new dip switch to take effect.
  • Online need to set eeprom directly press F2 (host), set up and pay attention to single-line setting is irrelevant,
  • Online does not use stand-alone game set to save the dip and eeprom
  • As kailleraclient.dll theme does not support the system, will lead to on-line interface to some of the button turns black block, right-click the program,
  • Select Properties -> Compatibility, check "Disable visual styles", you can run the program again to determine the solution

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