[AMIGA] Winuae 2.5.0

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[AMIGA] Winuae 2.5.0

Zgodnie z wcześniejszymi zapowiedziami Toni Willen opublikował kolejną pełną wersję emulatora całej gamy modeli komputerów Amiga - WinUAE 2.5.0. Z nowinek nowe opcje konfiguracji okna GUI, poprawki w emulacji układów 68060, poprawki obsługi standardu AmigaCD i masę innych usprawnień, z którymi można się zapoznać po wnikliwym wczystaniu się w changelog;).

Paradroid 90 (Hewson Consultants Ltd., 1990)

WinUAE 2.5.0 released (02.12.2012)

New features and updates:

  • GUI is finally fully resizeable! GUI font is configurable.
  • GUI position, size and fonts saved separately for windowed, fullwindow and fullscreen modes.
  • GUI CD audio volume control added.
  • Syncronize clock option does full time sync when emulation is unpaused or exited from GUI.
  • Memory configuration can be fully modified (on the fly, loading state file or using Restart button)
  • without need to rerun the emulator.
  • RTG screenshot and video recording directly from emulated VRAM if capture before filtering ticked.
  • RTG monitor (if multiple monitors) selection added to GUI.
  • RTG hardware sprite and hardware vblank emulation are now optional.
  • Chipset "Wait for Blitter" too fast CPU workaround added, enabled by default, fixes most graphics
  • glitches if program does not wait for the blitter, more compatible than immediate blitter.
  • Optional fake 1G directory harddrive size limit for old programs that think drive is full or has
  • negative space if drive is bigger than 2G. Can be changed on the fly.
  • Added disable notification icon option.
  • Added blank unused displays(s) (opens full screen topmost black window(s)) option.
  • CD32 CD controller emulation improved (Missing Guardian and Universe CD32 CD audio)
  • AutoVSync 100Hz/120Hz capable monitor support added.
  • Low latency vsync and legacy vsync stability improved.
  • Full PC hardware interlaced mode support.
  • 68060 missing integer instructions are not anymore emulated if more compatible CPU checkbox is checked.
  • Chipset emulation improvements. (EyeQlazer/Scoopex, Blerkenwiegel/Scoopex, No Way Demo/Academy, Brian the Lion AGA, SuperPlus monitor mode)
  • Sometimes appearing Windows "no disk in drive" dialogs that point to missing harddrive path are gone.
  • Audio emulation quality improved.
  • Parallel port sampler emulation audio quality improved.
  • GamePorts panel remap option allows separate axis configuration and multiple events.
  • Game Ports panel Test mode can be used to test any kind of input event, not just joystick events.
  • Lots of Input panel improvements. (qualifiers, custom events etc)
  • Easy to use debug logging option added to Paths panel.
  • Optional MIDI In to Out routing added.
  • 64-bit build supports 2.5G address space, allowing up to 2G of Z3 expansion memory.

2.4.x bugs fixed:

  • Add Harddrive dialog didn't list all harddrives on some Windows XP systems.
  • New CDFS didn't work with DVDs (2G size limit) and Joliet CDs.
  • Extended ADF write support was accidentally disabled.
  • "ALT-TAB or middle mouse button untraps mouse - F12 opens settings" window title was missing.
  • Directory filesystem 64-bit seek packet implementation was broken.
  • USB HID game controller [-] and [+] input axis movement was broken.
  • SPTI + built-in CDFS crash.
  • uaescsi.device error codes fixed (MakeCD)

Older bugs fixed:

  • RTG palette (if 8-bit mode) wasn't saved to statefile.
  • Disable screen saver option haven't worked properly since 2.0.
  • Warp mode didn't work in all vsync modes.
  • CD image mounter MDS image CD audio tracks didn't play if subchannel data was not included,
  • MDS image data tracks with subchannel data didn't work at all.
  • CD/CD image on the fly switching was unreliable. (Again)
  • Random unexplained graphics glitches when cycle-exact CPU enabled and bsdsocket emulation was in use.
  • Some chipset mode on the fly configuration changes caused blank screen when returning back to RTG mode.
  • Volume control in WASAPI exclusive mode didn't work.
  • Windows XP blank screen after ALT-TAB back to Direct3D fullscreen mode.
  • Direct3D pixel alignment errors in some modes. (Again)
  • Many Input configuration fixes.
  • Windows Mouse mouse mode sometimes stopped at invisible barriers.
  • CD32 CD audio was delayed.
wstecz02/12/2012 21:39
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