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Retro - Donkey Kong Junior (Commodore 64). Mr. SID (HVSC Crew, Megadesigns Incorporated), Music Encore (Undone), STE'86, 2014

Retro - Donkey Kong Junior (Commodore 64). Mr. SID (HVSC Crew, Megadesigns Incorporated), Music Encore (Undone), STE'86, 2014

Nintendo:GBA:Gameboy:Advance:Super Mario Advance:Nintendo of America Inc.:Nintendo R&D2:Jun 11, 2001:

Nintendo GBA Gameboy Advance Super Mario Advance Nintendo of America Inc. Nintendo R&D2 Jun 11, 2001

Nintendo:N64:Nintendo 64:Rice Video:Project64:Shadow Man:Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.:Acclaim Studios Teesside:Jul 31, 1999:

Nintendo N64 Nintendo 64 Rice Video Project64 Shadow Man Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. Acclaim Studios Teesside Jul 31, 1999

GB:CGB:Nintendo:Gambatte:R-Type DX:Nintendo of America Inc.:Bits Studios Ltd.:Jun, 1999:

GB CGB Nintendo Gambatte R-Type DX Nintendo of America Inc. Bits Studios Ltd. Jun, 1999

Sony:PSX1:Playstation:PSXJin:Mod:Feos:Rollcage:Psygnosis Limited:Attention to Detail Limited:Mar 31, 1999:

Sony PSX1 Playstation PSXJin Mod Feos Rollcage Psygnosis Limited Attention to Detail Limited Mar 31, 1999

Sony:PSX1:Playstation:PCSXR Reloaded:TopGun:Spectrum Holobyte, Inc.:Spectrum Holobyte, Inc.:Jun 12, 1996:

Sony PSX1 Playstation PCSXR Reloaded TopGun Spectrum Holobyte, Inc. Spectrum Holobyte, Inc. Jun 12, 1996

Sony:PSX1:Playstation:PCSXR Reloaded:Rollcage:Psygnosis Limited:Attention to Detail Limited:Mar 31, 1999:

Sony PSX1 Playstation PCSXR Reloaded Rollcage Psygnosis Limited Attention to Detail Limited Mar 31, 1999

Nintendo DS:NDS:DeSmuMe:x432:Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters:Warner Bros. Interactive:Griptonite Games:June 10, 2011:

Nintendo DS NDS DeSmuMe x432 Green Lantern  Rise of the Manhunters Warner Bros. Interactive Griptonite Games June 10, 2011

Sony:Playstation:Psx:PCSX:ReRecording:Feos:Grand Theft Auto 2:Rockstar Games, Inc.:DMA Design Limited:Oct 26, 1999:

Sony Playstation Psx PCSX ReRecording Feos Grand Theft Auto 2 Rockstar Games, Inc. DMA Design Limited Oct 26, 1999

Nintendo:N64:Nintendo 64:Rice Video:Project64:Starshot: Space Circus Fever:Infogrames Europe SA:Infogrames Europe SA:Jun, 1999:

Nintendo N64 Nintendo 64 Rice Video Project64 Starshot  Space Circus Fever Infogrames Europe SA Infogrames Europe SA Jun, 1999

Nintendo:N64:Nintendo 64:Rice Video:Project64:Super Smash Bros.:Nintendo of America Inc.:HAL Laboratory, Inc.:Apr 27, 1999:

Nintendo N64 Nintendo 64 Rice Video Project64 Super Smash Bros. Nintendo of America Inc. HAL Laboratory, Inc. Apr 27, 1999

N64:Nintendo 64:Plugins:Project64:RiceVideo:Nascar 2000:Electronic Arts, Inc.:Stormfront Studios:Sep 15, 1999:

N64 Nintendo 64 Plugins Project64 RiceVideo Nascar 2000 Electronic Arts, Inc. Stormfront Studios Sep 15, 1999

Nintendo:GameBoy:Advance:Higan:F-Zero:Nintendo of America Inc.:NDCube Co., Ltd., Nintendo R&D1:Jun 11, 2001:

Nintendo GameBoy Advance Higan F-Zero Nintendo of America Inc. NDCube Co., Ltd., Nintendo R&D1 Jun 11, 2001

Nintendo 64:Muppen:Mpy:WWF Attitude:Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.:Iguana Entertainment, Inc.:Aug 31, 1999:

Nintendo 64 Muppen Mpy WWF Attitude Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. Iguana Entertainment, Inc. Aug 31, 1999

NeoGeo:Pocket:Color:Dark Arms: Beast Buster 1999:SNK Corporation of America:Noise Factory:Nov, 1999:

NeoGeo Pocket Color Dark Arms  Beast Buster 1999 SNK Corporation of America Noise Factory Nov, 1999

Sony:PSX:Playstation:No$PSX:Final Fantasy VIII:Square Electronic Arts L.L.C.:Square Co., Ltd.:Sep 09, 1999:

Sony PSX Playstation No$PSX Final Fantasy VIII Square Electronic Arts L.L.C. Square Co., Ltd. Sep 09, 1999

Nintendo 64:Project64k:WinBack: Covert Operations (a.k.a. Operation WinBack):KOEI Corporation:Omega Force:Sep 30, 1999:

Nintendo 64 Project64k WinBack  Covert Operations (a.k.a. Operation WinBack) KOEI Corporation Omega Force Sep 30, 1999

NeoGeo:Pocket:Color:NGPC:NeoGPC:Dive Alert:SNK Corporation:Sacnoth:Aug 19, 1999:

NeoGeo Pocket Color NGPC NeoGPC Dive Alert SNK Corporation Sacnoth Aug 19, 1999

NeoGeo:Pocket:Color:NGPC:NeoGPC:Fatal Fury: First Contact:SNK of America:SNK Corporation:May, 1999:

NeoGeo Pocket Color NGPC NeoGPC Fatal Fury  First Contact SNK of America SNK Corporation May, 1999

Nintendo 64:Muppen:M64py:Xena: Warrior Princess - The Talisman of Fate:Titus France SA:Saffire Corporation:Dec 06, 1999:

Nintendo 64 Muppen M64py Xena  Warrior Princess - The Talisman of Fate Titus France SA Saffire Corporation Dec 06, 1999

Sony:Playstation:PSX:hps1x64:Toshinden 4 (a.k.a. Toshinden Subaru):TAKARA Co., Ltd.:Tamsoft Corporation:Aug 12, 1999:

Sony Playstation PSX hps1x64 Toshinden 4 (a.k.a. Toshinden Subaru) TAKARA Co., Ltd. Tamsoft Corporation Aug 12, 1999

Sony:Playstation:PSX:No$PSX:G-Police: Weapons of Justice:Psygnosis Limited:Psygnosis Limited:Sep 24, 1999:

Sony Playstation PSX No$PSX G-Police  Weapons of Justice Psygnosis Limited Psygnosis Limited Sep 24, 1999

Sony:Playstation:PSX:PCSXR:F1 World Grand Prix - 1999 Season:Eidos Interactive Ltd.:Lankhor:Dec 17, 1999:

Sony Playstation PSX PCSXR F1 World Grand Prix - 1999 Season Eidos Interactive Ltd. Lankhor Dec 17, 1999

Sony:Playstation:PSX:PCSXR:Toshinden 4 (a.k.a. Toshinden Subaru):TAKARA Co., Ltd.:Tamsoft Corporation:Aug 12, 1999:

Sony Playstation PSX PCSXR Toshinden 4 (a.k.a. Toshinden Subaru) TAKARA Co., Ltd. Tamsoft Corporation Aug 12, 1999

Sony:Playstation:PSX:PCSXR:Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver:Eidos Interactive, Inc.:Crystal Dynamics, Inc.:Jul 31, 1999:

Sony Playstation PSX PCSXR Legacy of Kain  Soul Reaver Eidos Interactive, Inc. Crystal Dynamics, Inc. Jul 31, 1999

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